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Lady simply locksmith, website magic locksmith, credit card receipt Avenue locksmith, yellow sheet 24/7 mobile locksmith
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RIP OFF! If you see any of these names Run! I just wonder how many people have gotten ripped off with this false ad about pricing.


Amazing, another banker walks away with a multi million dollar package, while adding to pay with fake numbers. The little guys get fired and the big guys get fatter.!
The inability for these major banks to adhere to rules and compliance is worrisome, then need to be torn down to the base with 0 compensation. This story will continue as it did from 2007 & 2008, 8 years later same ending. Any financial institute that has salary or bonuses tied to compensation is asking for the same outcome. Goals. Just like during the housing collapse, bonuses were tied to loan goals and then forclosures, modifications. Are we that stupid as a society? This did not work well for the general public, who were taxed with the bail out. So here we are again, Fraud from fake accounts, and credit cards by a bank that is insured... Quick solution! Stop providing monetary incentives for goals. All banks: Fair pay for a honest days work, stop out sourcing financial products, and customer information..


I called to see if they had time to run a Diagnostic on a car, the fans had stopped. I prefererced all my input with this information, so I would conclude to drive it any distance it would overheat. I went to this location because it had always been quick, fair and effecient. New guy stated he needed to run a block test first. Pretty insistant so the person that took the truck said ok. Now 90 for Diag & 60. For block test, estimate for doing a replacement of a fan assembly (that was new just replaced) and the connectors. 600+. He was told the fan was new, refused to consider connectors only. So why would I pay for something I did not need, or pay for a test I did not ask for? Either the mechanic is not certified to put 2+2 together, and conclude if the fans are no blowing it would overheat. Or the shop is set up to add items not necessary. If they are bonused on sales, that is issue, you will have a lot of 1 time customers. Not a good business practice. Although I am a fairly smart Woman, and will not be taken advantage of. No work authorized


This country is far behind our European neighbors when it comes to life situations: When a corporation puts money before health of employee or child that is a huge issue! Issues, a car accident & then a sick child that was hospitalized and released with instructions to observe for 72 hours were ordered. How do you do that if you are not with them? To have a doctors note, but never asked about it develops a pattern of not needing. The straw for this company was the hospitalization, faxed 12 pages of Dr instructions to support a valid reason. It is inconceivable that any employee has to make a heart wrenching decision to go to work or leave my sick 2 yr old. Stating business goes on in the event of death what pray tell does that tell you about the Values of this Company? Awful practice for any US company!


This is the most unfriendly place, office staff looks to CYA only. If you have any special request be sure to put it in writing. Even though you may special requirements, when looking for a place they are not a permanent record for your file. And the least they have to do is what they do. Then all of a sudden all the support/maintenance staff, that was here like ants are gone. Another area of concern if you have a frequent visitor, be careful this can cause you huge issues. Never in my life have I experienced, such an interference in personal life and space. If you are considering a place to move to steer clear!


The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) became law in 1990. The ADA is a civil rights law that prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities in all areas of public life, including jobs, schools, transportation, and all public and private places that are open to the general public.
As a part of management's consideration of reasonable accommodation or reasonable modification requests received from our valued residents (and/or applicants), sometimes we need to determine if the resident is "disabled" or has a "disability" as defined under applicable law. The law specifically states no one can ask what the disability is, they can request verification, the verification is not contingent making the accommodation. So if you have a vehicle that openly displays the "Blue Placard" that designates a permanent disability. To acquire this through the Tax accessors office you must submit a notarized doctors statement, options are just the placard or license plated plus placard.

What barriers still exist for people with disabilities? Too many, ignorance is primarily the first, mobility issues could be anything from Heart, walking distance, climbing stairs, climbing a curve that is why they have ramps. Second is the belief accommodation request being contingent proof other than what is openly displayed to the public. More publicity needs to be aired, to educate multi- family housing managers, and staff to avoid retaliation or significant hardship to the person requesting the accommodation.
Here we are in 2014> and forward still issues putting the person at risk

Tip for consumers:
https://www.dol.gov/general/topic/disability/ada ** correct site


American Airlines, is selling tickets on Ghost planes and no seats. A ticket purchased in August 2015 for a flight in Dec for the holiday so early purchace should be no issue. Flight 1442 going departs 10:15 12/19 round trip DFW. So dropped off passenger at 8:30, as I was going returning and just went back through toll, call came in flight was missed? How can you miss a flight that according to the AA 800 number that morning was still logged as being ontime. Swung back around to pick up passenger and they had been put on a stand by flight. Due to age I went back into the airport and spoke with the ticket agent, who informed me the process was policy to be put on stand by. So here is the million dollare question? Is there a seat available? Oh no it is sold out and over booked. WOW! Customer service at its best! So I requested we try a novel route since the flight was book and paid for 90+ days earlier, lets look for a flight 12/19 or 12/20, that actually has a seat available. She (Ami) requested that I add a PLEASE, after that, awesome service. She hcame up with a flight at 3 pm 12/19, with a seat I verified, yes she put them on it. So on the 19th 10:00 going through the parking an all day event two round trips to DFW. Fun Day.On the way back to the garage I pointed out the cots in the area that apparently this issue was larger than just this one. Now DFW is AA's hub, but I don't think it is their palyground! To sell bogus ticket on flights that do not exist, and to actually have the recording verify the flight. I think that is fraud, and Delta as I understand from a co-worker does the exact same thing. FAA and DOT need to look into these practices looking for attorney for class action the idea of this being acceptable is insanity, causing undue stress and anxiety. As if Holiday stress is not high enough, AA your Dallas home needs to be be treated with respect, and courtesy to your customers..


This used to be the most desired vehicle for durability! OMG I have a 2012 that has 4 recalls, and a 2014 that is the L now I know what L means = Low Low end. The 14 does not come with remote access, key locks (when was the last time your saw that) needed new tires to pass inspection something about soft tread? Then the recalls. To add insult to injury, if anyone has been following the pictures of the fleet of trucks being used in the war. Hummm Toyota has branded itself as a supporter, they have fleets of Toyota Tacoma's, the question has been raised who is sending? Who is supporting this transfer of vehicles, I'm not happy being a owner, Toyota at minimum should issue credits to owners as the value of the vehicle is diminished by the recalls and shoddy workmanship. Not mention unknown support for the attacker, legally against the law to assist known enemies of the USA


I contacted him on Craigslist, to move a washer and dryer I found an awesome deal! 85.00 to pick up, deliver, & install (I thought a little high but I needed to pick up quickly). My old units were still in place I was not able to loose the hose. So he had no tools and said he would be back the following day. When I messaged him he noted he would move and haul away for 75. 00. 160. 00 total. I requested just finish the install. He wanted to wait until the other units were gone, they were completely out of his way. After multiple texts I realized he was not going to respond or come back, even when I told him I was 64 and did not have the additional. So the last message was you will get a terrific referral! He showed up, after I had moved and install the hoses myself. So if this guy responds run!

Johnny- *******252


The response is quick, and they took the washer & dryer free of charge! Polite and punctual

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