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Process Engineer; Book Lover; iPhone Fanatic; Camping Enthusiast; Outdoorsy yet a Beach Bum; Ex-Tennis Player; Disney World Extraordinaire; Animal Protector; Bunny Momma

How I Can Help

I like GOOD deals that are LEGIT. I love supporting causes that deal with animals and republicanism. Yes, I voted for Trump. However, regardless of my personal beliefs, anyone can build a bogus company and rip people out of money. For the amount of time's I've lost money on online "deals" I want to share these experiences to make everyone's life when shopping online just a little easier!


Camping; Online Shopping; Beach Laying; Poolside Margs; Republicanism; Animals; Disney; Sports

15 Reviews by Autumn


While searching for a lot of things online that I want, Etsy comes up as a suggestion on Google Shopping. I know several people that sell on Etsy, but I never have, so I can't speak for that aspect which is why I gave this review 4 stars instead of 5. However, every time I've bought from a seller on Etsy I've gotten the quality and promised item. I've never had a problem. In fact, once I wanted to change a personalized product after purchase and the seller was nice enough to correct the order right away and fix what I had done wrong in the description. Everyone I've bought from has been very nice and gives the quality they promise!


I've had the Walmart app since it first came out. Essentially, it has the same information that is stated on Walmart.com. I use the app for almost everything from finding what is sold in my local store, to refilling prescriptions, to locating and isle number I can find my item in. I absolutely love being able to simply go to the store and instead of bugging a busy shelf-stocker, I can just open the app, search for whatever I'm looking for, and see which isle the item is in. Also, being that I'm on numerous medications and they all seem to need refilled at different times, Walmart makes it extremely easy to request a refill online and emails you as soon as it's done so you don't have to go to the store waiting forever and a day for your refill to process. Overall, Walmart.com and the Walmart app are completely innovative and have a great user interface that makes it easy-to-use for all ages! Again, HIGHLY suggest the app!


My family and I have been ordering from Small Pet Select since our little guinea pig Poochie was told he has a "sensitive stomach" and needed high quality hay. Aside from hay, we've ordered a plethora of treats, toys, and houses. Later, we added my baby bunbun Penelope to the mix of animals and although she's pretty shy when it comes to toy's she absolutely LOVES the grass mat and most of the hay balls. However, neither of our two guinea pigs or our rabbit are shy when it comes to treats and they haven't had a healthy snacker from Small Pet Select that they haven't liked! Although I'm sure you'd say our pets are "spoiled," at least they're spoiled with high quality snacks, houses, toys, etc. that we know we can trust!


First of all, I just want to thank all of our first responders out there. My boyfriend of 8+ years is a firefighter/EMT and I'm always looking to support him, my firefighting friends, my police friends, and all my friends in emergency medicine. Thin Blue Line USA sells numerous products, reasonably priced, that support all of our first responders out there and their families. Quick shipping, quality items, love. Always looking for more to add to my collection and this is my first stop!


My boyfriend and I spend maybe boring weekends watching Fortnite steamers on Twitch. I think the idea of it is absolutely amazing! Of course, I have my favorite streamers that I watch almost everytime they stream and it gives me endless hours of entertainment (S/O to Hamlinz, Daequan, Nick Mercs, High Distortion, and Dakotaz). Anyway, I refuse to put my card on my account anywhere. Although I'd absolutely love to support some of my favorite streamers, I've gotten countless emails about my account being hacked somewhere in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, or other 3rd world countries. Therefore, I don't trust putting money anywhere near my account. I've been gifted a few subs which is fine by me, but as far as putting you card onto your account, I wouldn't. So, in case some streamers are wondering why the subs are dwindling, not subbing anymore, or why they have so little subs, you may want to contact Twitch about their hacking issues. If they can fix that, Hamlinz will most definitely be my first sub!


I've always been a HUGE advocate for "anti-animal cruelty." In fact, the shirt that had that statement was the first thing I bought from Arm the Animals. After that, I fell in love. A certain percentage of proceeds goes to No Kill Shelters and I think that's the best of all. This site inspired me to get a rescue rabbit from a No Kill Shelter and she's now like my child. I love how much this site inspires, loves, and cares for people. The quality it great, the shipping is at a "can't beat" price, and the products fit as promised. I can't say enough good things about this company! (I actually have a necklace from Arm the Animals on as I type this)


I subscribed to the normal glam bad subscription and I loved it WAY better than the Sephora bag. I had the Sephora bag for about a year and the stuff started to repeat itself. I had three shades of the same lipstick that I never used and the products just weren't pleasing me anymore. I switched to Ipsy and the glam bag is MUCH better. I'm not too much for veering away from what I like meaning I wear the same makeup pretty much everyday, but if I find something in the glam bad I like, I'll opt for the full sized product. If you like sampling different products at a low price every month, I suggest Ipsy for you. Now, why did I give it 4 stars instead of 5? Probably because some of the products can be found at cheap drug stores such as Walmart, Walgreens, etc. However, as long as no more than 1 of the products in the glam bag are cheap, I have no problem with that. The way I look at it, if I like the makeup enough and I'm willing to buy it (which I don't do often) why not go the cheap route if it makes it that much easier?


Being an engineer, calculating some things such as differential equations, thermal conduction, and statistics can be challenging to remember from the college years. When looking up equations online, sometimes the variables cause you to solve multiple equations before using the final equation and in a busy workday, that can take a lot of effort. However, thanks to Wolfram alpha, those calculations can be done in, essentially, the click of a button. To find things in Wolfram is a different story. I find it hard to find the exact equation your looking for so often I look to Google and type in what I'm looking for followed by "Wolfram" and that usually brings up the calculator or the set of equations I need. Wolfram needs to stick around and from the use I know a lot of people get of it, I think it will. High five on a great tool!


In college, we tried using Google Groups for a group project that consisted of multiple documents. Google Docs or Google Slides would have been appropriate, but to share these slides and docs we needed to use something everyone could access. We had issues trying to add people to the group, some people couldn't edit certain things, other's couldn't even see the groups content. Overall, it was kind of just, well, a mess. Google Groups needs some work to appease it's users. If I'm an engineer and couldn't figure it out, I'm sure not everyone in Google's customer base can.


In college, for shared documents, Google Docs was always the way to go. It made group projects easy to share and avoided the "File to Large" error in emails. However, it can be tricky when sharing a document with multiple people at the same time. I think this might simply be user error more than product error, but I haven't exactly had the best of luck when multiple people are editing. There were format errors, the words were not being underlines to indicate incorrect spelling, the curser for other people's typing would be in the wrong place, pages would merge, etc. So, as the title of this review states, I think Google Docs is good in theory, for people using it simply as their form of Microsoft Word, since it is a free service. However, for working in groups, it's not exactly the "best" way to go. Hope this helps!


When iPhone's started getting more expensive, of course I had to opt for the cheaper of the storage plans. Also, iCloud only goes so far to store your photos before you have to begin to pay for extra storage. Although it's only $1/month to store those extra things, when you're a broke college kid, that $12/year could be used for way more useful things. My dad told me about Google Photos and I tried it thinking there's no way I'd like it. Well, luckily, I was wrong. Google Photos stores pictures in chronological order, by face ID, and by keywords and names. Anytime it's someone's birthday and I'm looking to post a picture on social media, Google Photos makes it extremely easy to do so by simply searching by their name or their face. Google Photos is an underutilized service that works great even with iPhone's that don't run off Chrome. Just download it, you'll see!


When I was younger and Spotify first came out, I of course HAD to get the free trial. After that, I absolutely fell in love with being able to play whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Now, my family has the family plan and it works great. The price is unbeatable. I often use the playlists for nights with friends around a fire at camp, pool parties, and to go to the gym. I've made a few playlists, but most of the playlists and the suggested songs after are right on point. I don't even have the "YouTube" app on my phone because Spotify is quite simply AMAZING. Also has the Bobby Bones Show on it which keeps me completely entertained at work, in the car, and anywhere else I want to listen. Spotify has always gotten an A++ review from me.


Wish is, like I said, okay-ish. Shipping is HORRIBLE and takes forever to receive, however, you get what you pay for. Wish advertises extremely low prices and I'm not exactly sure what you expect when you pay $2 for a shirt? Been there, done that, no thanks. However, when you pay $5 and get a packet of makeup brushes, that's not too bad of a deal. Need a certain color eye shadow or some kind of small costume makeup or jewelry? This is a perfect place to get it. Given the stuff is coming from China, as stated, it is extremely cheap and does take forever. But, if you're willing to wait for something you paid next to nothing for, then this is the place to do it. Only once did I not receive a product. I emailed customer service and they told me if I didn't get my product by a specified date, then they would refund me. I never got the product, and, as promised, they refunded me the full amount. Yes, it took a while to get through the process (2 months if I can remember correctly), but, what can I say? $2 is $2 and you get what you pay for! (Insert "I don't known" emoji)


Anytime I want anything I go straight to Amazon. I've tried other sites to try and get a better deal, but with Amazon Prime's free shipping, I really CANNOT beat the prices I get. Everything I've ever ordered, and I've ordered a lot, has come with promised quality, size, and value. However, I ONLY order stuff that is labeled Amazon Prime since I know I can get the free shipping and, as always, great quality! I started with a student account promising I'd get rid of it after college to avoid the rising cost, but yet, I continue to use it. Amazon Prime is a great tool on the internet I suggest everyone use!


I bought a case for my Kindle (that I also purchased the same day). Wanting to keep my Kindle safe, I ordered the expedited shipping and paid extra. Here I am, 2 weeks later, still waiting for my item to ship. DONT ORDER THE EXPIDITED SHIPPING. I can tell you right now, if I ever order from this site again I won't be paying extra for something that's not worth it and doesn't work anyway. I should be reimbursed for my extra I paid to ship "expediently".

Update: I put in a ticket for my order saying the expedited shipping is bogus. They replied quickly and said that it takes 4-9 days and closed the ticket. I, then, put in another ticket saying it's been 7 days since my package shipped and there's absolutely no way it's making it to me in 2 more days when USPS doesn't even have an estimated shipping date. THEN when I checked again, on USPS it says it was shipped on an earlier date than the website. However, the dates matched earlier indicating they changed my shipping date. My new ticket was rejected from customer service. This is just getting aggravating at this point. Please DON'T order from them with the expedited shipping.

Mini I. – MiniInTheBox Rep

Hello Autumn,

This is supervisor Fabio. I was informed that you haven't received enough help for your order. I'm sorry for that.

Since I really care about your satisfaction, I'd rather prefer to sort it out for you on my own. Please trust me that I'll try my best to help you.

I really apologize for the misunderstanding. Please note the delivery time does not include the processing of your product, which is shown on the item page and reminded at the checkout.

Your order was shipped out via US Priority Line-LITB-First class on July 19,2019. The parcel code is 9400110200882086991211.

Delivery will take about 4-7 business days.

Tracking: https://t.17track.net/en#nums=9400110200882086991211

Thank you very much for your kind support.

If you have any questions, please drop me a line and I will do my best to assist you.

I would like to help and I have raised this ticket for you, please will you follow up? https://www.miniinthebox.com/index.php?main_page=ticket_after_detail&id=19739063
Thank you very much.

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