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For the past month customer support has been giving me the run around about my own account. Just one big, massive headache after the other with lies and no answers. Than when I finally get an answer, it turns out they were the reason why I was locked out to begin with. Locking me out of my own account just because my computer crashed at a payment screen... really? Couldn't they have just told me this when I first called in instead of wasting hours of my life I will never be able to get back?


Last week I shared an account with my friend there. Now? It's only me thanks to the fact she was bullied and harassed off the RGSS3 Script Requests Forum by entitled elitist programmers who refused to leave her alone. And kept mocking the fact she didn't know how to code or read script after she asked once for help on that forum. And if anyone was willing to help her. According to them? 'We're not being paid to help you. If you don't know how to read scripts? Don't use them because no one is going to spoon feed you.' Well, I'm sorry. But not everyone can learn how to code. And if it wasn't already obvious from her broken English, the person who you were bulling is disabled and has learning disabilities. You entitled jackasses!


I never gave out my cell phone number to this company. Yet they some how got a hold of it and have been flooding me with countless text messages from multiple phone numbers and it's the same message over and over again. Stating
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The thing is even if you ask them to stop, they won't they only just use a different number to keep spamming you with the same $#*!ed message. And i see now the only way to get them to fully stop is to change your number. But from the look at the complaints on their fb page, i'm not the only one these idiots have done this to.


This is an auction site that lists jewelry and other goods at prices that seem too good to be true, with the promise of 'Authenticity guaranteed!' But in reality? It's all a scam. All the listings are fake. You aren't even informed of where the items are being shipped from. And if there ship at all? Your lucky to even get an ugly bootleg version of the item you bid on. And good luck even trying to reach anyone for help because that's non existent.


Honestly, aq was a site i wish i never stumbled upon in the early 2010's. There was a lot of problems that happen there. Between stalking, harassment. Accounts being hacked and wiped clean. (they also added gambling to there site. And yeah this is a site that is suppose to be rated 10 and up.) and worst of all? Because artix entertainment staff is incompetent when it comes to things like 'coding' and making sure there site is secure to keep hackers out. And when issues like that arise involving these matters? They tell you your out of luck. Or it's not our problem.

How i know this? That's because in the past when technical issues happen with users accounts that i knew. They refused to help. My one friend's account was even wiped clean by a hacker for everything but his badges and current level. And he ended up just having to rebuild back up everything he once had. And with the latest issue that i am aware of. Was with my own account when i contact support last year. I honestly hadn't logged in for a couple of years only to come back to find out my entire friends list was wiped clean. At first i wasn't going to bother contacting them for help knowing there past history with how they handle things. But after talking it over with a friend, i decided to do so. When i contacted them though? I was pretty much was told it wasn't our problem, and instead it was my fault for being inactive for so long. But when i pointed out to them that even if what they said was true, it would still be impossible because that would require myself to log into my own alt account and remove myself off my own list. (which keep in mind, i hadn't been online in a couple of years.) and instead of just admitting that they were wrong? They still refused to help and told me that it's not there problem. And then people wonder why users leave and just don't come back.

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Well. Gaia has hit a new low. I didn't believe was possible... Even for them.

I saw with my own eyes an GaiaOnline Administrator on Site Feedback, of all places. The section of the site where your suppose to be allowed to give criticism of ideas users submit. And they decided to reprimand users for speaking out against wanting proper pronouns to be placed on the forums.

My only advice to anyone that is left who is still using this site and you have conservative views, or you just don't lean left when it comes to things like political correctness? Get out! Just leave now! Because there is nothing left for you here besides head aches, heartbreak, and disappointments.

A site I wished I never joined or knew about
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Where do I even begin with this? Moderators and Gaia Online staff have no problem turning a blind eye to those spending money, massively popular, or their using them. (It's been this way for too long.) But for everyone else, they have no issue treating you like garbage the moment you even make one wrong move. Gaiaonline moderators (some of them) are so badly ill informed on what the site's Tos and what Gaia's policies are. That even if you try to explain to them and submit proof, you get talked down to. The current site owner has been known for ignoring criticism and complaints if it doesn't a line with what his goal/beliefs are.

And the user run market place, (for those who don't use the site. It's where you go to buy and sell items from your inventory.) Is littlerly a hell hole right now. No one really logs in anymore which has made most items hard to come by. The inflation is really bad to the point where, unless your willing to spend big money on virtual currency, then your out of luck. All ways of earning in-game gold outside of events have been nerfed heavely to the point where unless you have friends to help you or if you haven't been black listed by certain people. Then your screwed. Flash games for a while now have been broken. It's boring on the site inbetween events. And I guess at this point? I'm just sticking around to the end watching to see their downfall.


I created an account there to be able to enter a give away contest. But not even 5 minutes after account creation, they locked my account. They refused to allow me to unlock it with out a phone number. (Despite being told things when I sign on that submitting information like things like your phone number was optional...) I contacted twitter staff for help. But was ignored. And soon afterward asked them to just delete the account. But they refused and I am to this day being spam with notices and alerts from their site. Despite the fact I can't log in.

And oh yeah. On a side note. I found out that If I was able to actually be able to enter that contest. I would have won because I had the right answer...


I was locked out of my own account. I contacted support for help, but was treated like $#*!. And they even refused to allow me to close my own account too when I requested it.

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