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I ordered an explosion box with cake on January 25,2021 to be delivered for a birthday on February 26,2021. The cake was not delivered on Friday, February 26,2021. It was delivered late on Monday, March 1,2021. I emailed them about this several times. They stated that it was late due to a weather event. The weather even had occurred two weeks previous to the week of the shipment. Therefore it was not some unexpected delay in shipping. Knowing that there had been a weather event, the package should have been sent earlier. Be aware that they ship using 2 day weekday only shipping through Fedex. It will not be delivered on a weekend. It was very disappointing to not receive it on or before the birthday. They refunded the shipping cost of $15.00.

It just didn't make up for the person not getting it until 3 days after their birthday. Also the cake was sent on Feb. 24. If the cake was baked that day, the cake would have been 5 1/2 days old when it was received. Although it seems like it is a prepackaged cake. It was sealed in plastic wrap. I was told it was moist and tasted good. It was the tuxedo cake.

I had ordered the birthday music and party poppers. The music played when the box was opened. I thought the party poppers would explode out of the box, but they don't. It is just placed in the box to be opened by someone. That was my mistake. I like the exploding box cake, but it's not worth it if it is delivered late.

I had also ordered one of the 7" cakes. Be aware that the larger cakes are not from Send a Cake. They are from David's Cookies and shipped from David's Cookies. That is not disclosed anywhere on the Send a Cake website. If I wanted a cake from David's Cookies, I would order one directly from David's Cookies. They at least should disclose that on their website.

Tip for consumers:
Don’t order if you want it delivered on the date you choose. If you don’t care when it is delivered, the cake in the exploding box is kind of cool.

Products used:
3” cake in an exploding cake box and a 7” cake


I received an email on February 22,2021 that was an order confirmation from BodyRock. I was confused as I had not bought anything from BodyRock. The last time I bought something from them was in 2017, and it was the Challenger Bar and sandbags. I looked on my bank statement, and there was a debit transaction in the amount of $99.99 processing to go to BodyRock. I looked on their website and could not find a telephone number, only an email. I emailed them and told them I had not authorized that charge and to cancel the transaction or refund it. They replied that it was for digital content and that they could not cancel or refund it. I told them I had not ordered any digital content. They refused to listen and refused to cancel or refund the amount. I'm stuck with some kind of supposed digital content that I don't know what it is or how to access it and never ordered. Don't deal with these people. If you do, after you deal with them delete your card from their site or they will use it to steal from you.


I have never purchased anything from the Houzz site until recently. I purchased a round barrel mirror. It did ship promptly, and I did receive it, BUT, the mirror was not even attached to the frame at all. It was completely loose and would need to be glued into the frame. In addition the quality of the mirror I received was nothing like the mirror pictured on their site. I sent in a return request, and Houzz doesn't have anything to do with it. They make it between you and the seller. Haven't heard a word from the seller about the return request. Houzz simply says to follow up with the seller. Why is it on their site then if they don't have any accountability?


I used to enjoy Reuters as the most unbiased news reporting. I am a moderate and like to read unbiased news. However, I have noticed that over the past year or more, reuters does not seem neutral anymore. It seems like the stories posted are more biased than before. I want a just the facts news source, but am not sure where to find that anymore since Reuters is so biased now. I want to read the facts and come to my own opinion... Reuters seems to be making judgments and pushing the values of whoever is writing the story. They push a very globalist and countries without borders perspective. The new stories also seem to be based on a perspective that money and financial factors are the only factors that people should value or that should be used when judging the performance of a country when there are so many other things a people of a country may value and want more than money or "financial success". Maybe a country wants lower population in order to have decreased pollution or less of a drain on the country's resources. Maybe a coutnry wants a simpler way of life. While ever increasing populaiton can cause increases in "productivity" and the appearance of financial success or GDP, it also may cause a strain on resources, more pollution, and crowding. Not everyone believes in or values the globalist agendas.


I read the reviews, but loved one of the designs that kept popping up in the facebook feed. I just had to have a tshirt and a sweatshirt. I went by their sizing chart and ordered accordingly.

Shipping didn't take as long as I expected. I give them a star for that. I ordered it on December 19,2016, and received it on January 4.

I am not satisfied, though, for a couple of reasons. The sizing is not very uniform. The sweatshirt was too big, and the tshirt was too small, yet they were the same size and both showed they should fit the same on the sizing chart. That alone would not make me write a bad review.

The tshirt had someone's stick deoderant marks all over it or some kind of white marks. It was a black tshirt, but up by the underarms there were a lot of white marks and again down near the front bottom of the shirt. It had been tried on and made filthy. There was no way a person repacking it for me could not see those marks. I don't see how those marks could have appeared on the shirt during shipping. It was shipped in the same bag as the sweatshirt, and the sweatshirt had no white marks.

On top of that, the quality of the material for both the tshirt and the sweatshirt are horrible. They are stiff, yet thin, scratchy feeling and uncomfortable. In addition, the shirt is not fitted for a woman at all. It is straight up and down and small. If you have no boobs at all it might fit. Yet, the material is not stretchy at all, but stiff, so it won't stretch to fit at all.

I have never felt tshirt material that felt like that before - stiff.


I ordered a lined jean coat with fur around the hood. The shipping was fast.

I tried to attach photos, but they aren't showing up: one showing the coat as advertised and the others showing the coat I received. It is similar to the advertised photo, but not exactly like it. Also, the quality seems poor. The fur looks terrible in person. It is not even and good looking like in the advertised photo. There is a strange smell to the coat also. In addition, I read that they will only give 60% of the purchase price back if I attempt to get a refund. It's not worth it. I think they may bank on it not being worth returning it. I won't shop here again. I'll be giving the coat to some charity clothing thing.

Tip for consumers:
Just don't order from them.

Rosewe R. – Rosewe Rep

Hi Antoinette,
Thanks for your feedback.
First of all, sorry for any inconvenience that it may bring.

We have been devoting to offer good products with low price, but it maybe up to your expectation. You could return anything you want, under the condition it's in original package. Postal service is a good way to return, and I suppose it’s not much expensive. After we get the return package, 100% refund will be issued. But we don’t see any return info yet.

Please contact us by a website ticket. Our customer service will always reply in 1 working day.
Hope for your understanding and best wishes.

Best Regards,
Rosewe Customer Service

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