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Will he work hard on your case? It depends who you are. If you are a famous person or a high profile person or a rich person, yes. If you are an average person, no. He didn't do anything on my cases and he destroyed my traffic case. But he will work so hard on certain people's case. How is that ethical or just? He shouldn't be a lawyer if that is how he treats people. It is so sickening. I lost all my property because he lied to me and did nothing on my cases, and I was/am innocent of all those charges. But people who commit awful crimes, he will help depending if they are rich or famous. How does he sleep at night?

I will get Justice for all that he caused me when I sue him.

He knows he already traumatized me so badly by trying to have me falsely charged. After I suffered in silence for over a year and 3 months from what he is doing to me since early 2015, two weeks ago I sent him a one sentence text telling him how hurt I am by his actions towards me; instead of being a man and apologizing, he threatened me again with the police knowing how he already traumatized me beyond words. He threatened me again when I did nothing wrong again.
He threw salt into my open wound (not literally), and re traumatized me again.
Does this make Jason Russo feel like a man to do this to a girl?
I was a client of Jason Russo for many years. He did so much wrong to me in those years and naive innocent gullible me kept forgiving him. He kept doing wrong to me and I kept doing right to him.
I don't know what is worse that he did to me because all he did was so wrong and so unethical to do to any human being, much less a female client. After he intentionally destroyed my minor 3 pt traffic case in which he was so eager to destroy it, he left behind so much evidence, he told me he would never legally help me again(not sure how he thinks anything he did was a help to me anyway). So I asked him for my escrow money back of which he has thousands upon thousands of my money., and he refused and refused. (I never even heard of the word escrow until Jason Russo told me what it was and told me he was putting the money I gave him into an escrow account for me.) At one point he screamed in my ear "I'm not giving it back so take that to the bank! How do you like that!"-(This is word for word.) I kept trying on my own to get my escrow money back from Jason Russo. He told me to take him to Court and sue him for the money or file a Grievance against him to get my money back. I began to but I couldn't do it. Emotionally I couldn't do that to him. I am a good person and I didn't want to hurt him by taking him to Court for my escrow money or filing a Grievance. I kept trying on my own to get my money back by requesting my money through phone calls to him, certified letters to him email, faxes, requests through mutual people. I tried everything I could so I wouldn't have to resort to filing a Grievance or suing him in Court to get my money back. (I am a civilian, not a lawyer). I did right by Jason. What did I get for this? He tried to have me arrested, all because I was trying on my own to get my escrow money back myself. He filed a criminal charge against me knowing how much it would emotionally destroy me. (He was my lawyer for my 3 false charges when I was falsely accused by my ex-landlords.) He saw what that did to me but he did the same thing-he also filed a false charge against me, all the while he knew there was a legitimate reason for me contacting him and that reason was I was trying to get my escrow money back. I shouldn't have had to ask for my escrow money back ever because the same day he told me he will never legally help me again, he should have given me my escrow money back himself as the law states lawyers should do. He filed a criminal charge against me falsely and by the Grace of God, a wonderful heroic angelic lawyer I met saved me from it. This wonderful kindhearted generous caring hero I met saved my life.
My hero kept me out of the harm and danger Jason Russo tried to put me in. Me, his own client-a girl so innocent I have never even gotten detention in school. Shame on Jason Russo. Since then, Jason Russo is doing the worst thing to me. Something that is so awful and terrible I can't even write it on this review or anywhere because I don't want Jason to get in trouble. But Jason knows what he is doing. There is a reason why, what Jason is doing, is not legal. It is the effects of what this horrific inhumane action does to the victim-me. The other day after me suffering in silence for over a year and 3 months with this awful thing Jason is doing to me which he knows is destroying me emotionally inside, I text him letting him know what he is doing is destroying me and I can't take it anymore. Knowing how traumatized I am, what did he do? He threatened me again with the police when I did nothing but send him a 1 sentence text telling him how I feel. Its so obvious the pattern: I have continually looked out for him and he has continually hurt me and traumatized me and he knows how badly he traumatized me, yet he threatens me again. Jason Russo has no remorse or feelings. I need to move on from the pain and suffering Jason Russo caused me emotionally and in my cases, but I am having so much difficulty getting over the pain he caused me because I need justice from what Jason Russo has done to me and is so clearly doing to me, in black and white, since 2/10/2015. What kind of a lawyer or human being would or could do this to anyone, but much less their own female client? I will sue Jason Russo so I will get the Justice and Peace I need to move on.

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