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21 Reviews by Ann

I was sick and couldn't go out, so I hired IC to get me a few items from a store that is 3 minutes from my house. I received the wrong items. They bought more than I ordered, and I was charged for things I didn't buy. I was charged $3 for cans of soup that were $1 in the store. Yup, I was charged 300% of the items' actual prices -- on top of all of their other charges. Attempts to communicate with the IC shopper were ignored, likely because he did not understand English very well. When I attempted to complain, I got a lot of extremely phony and condescending emails asking me to jump through all kinds of hoops obviously designed to put me off. That a total SCAM company like this can even remain in business shows what low status the consumer now has in this country. Don't support these horrible people. Pay a kid in your neighborhood to do the shopping for you.
Wow. These people are unbelievably bad. I understand that it's the holiday season, but not only do they not respond to communication, when I FINALLY reached someone, they were snarky and just flat out lied. The delivery date for my order changed multiple times. It arrived today, and one of the items is broken. I'm not even going to do anything about it because they are so difficult to deal with. Also, don't try calling them for missing information about a product. They'll read to you from the website. They used to be a respectable company with quality service and merchandise. Not anymore. I'm beginning to think I'm going to have to go back to shopping at retail stores and not online. They take your money and then F you.
Bought a pair of slippers for $100. Liked them a lot but within a year, inside sole was wearing. Wrote to company about buying replacement insoles and the response was "they are meant to last." Subsequently wrote a negative review. They did not publish my negative review and when I wrote to ask why, the response was, "you are welcome to try again."
I don't trust a company that withholds reviews.
I was in search of a supportive flip flop/sandal that I could throw in the washing machine. Based on all of the wonderful reviews on Telic's site, I gave their shoe a try. I did not like it at all. Extremely squishy; felt unstable to me. I got ready to return the shoe but realized that Telic's return policy read (still does, as of today), in part:

"Returns must be unworn, in the state you received them, and in
the original packaging. We will not accept returns for items that
are not in new unworn condition with original packaging."

I wonder how they expect one to evaluate a shoe without wearing it? I wrote a one star review and submitted it to their site. A while later, I checked and saw that my review was not shown on their site. So I wrote to them to ask why.

A while after that, I received an email from them, saying that they read my review, were sorry I wasn't happy, and were refunding my entire purchase price.

Yes, I was very happy to hear this; however, they never posted my review, which I consider dishonest. I don't know about you, but I am sick to death of fake reviews. Had I known I was receiving a refund in exchange for deleting my review, I may not have agreed.
Poorly organized and mismanaged site with many non-English speaking mods. Don't waste your time trying to navigate or understand it. It's a deep dark hole of stupidity.
Placed two orders, as I wanted to try two different styles. Received confirmation emails, as well as notices from my bank that authorizations totaling ~$350 had gone through.
Two days later, I receive emails from HR saying my address is wrong, my orders are on hold and I have to call them.
When I do, I'm told my zip code is wrong, which, if that WAS the case, they aren't capable of correcting?? However, I checked my orders and zips were correct; told CS person. Ummmmmmmmm. Puts me on hold. Comes back and tells me my address is incorrect. Same rigamarole. Then she says she doesn't know what the problem is and will put orders through again. That will tie up another $350 in authorizations. Nope.
Then she gives me the wrong order number on the cancellation (cancellation email has no specific info as to items or $ amts), which turned into more time trying to figure all that out. I finally asked if, bc one item was on backorder, they might have created a separate order for that item. She "thinks so."
So I wasted all the time shopping on their site and trying to fix their errors and now I have nothing. I will now have to closely monitor my account to make sure I'm not charged.
The girl I spoke to was nice and helpful, but poorly informed.
I knew that I shouldn't have filled out their evaluation immediately after placing my order. How completely bogus.
Whenever I try to call Miele "support," there is usually no support at all. I have a canister vac. For the second time, I have extended the wand and it will not go back in. The first time, they promptly sent me a new wand. Now, they want me to run off to a service center to have it looked at - bc, yeah, that's so convenient. It's not only happened to me twice, but is well documented on many sites on the web that this is a problem, yet their solution is to inconvenience me.
I also have a Miele washer and dryer. It took me many phone calls to finally find someone to fix my washer and in the laborious process of trying to arrange service, Miele was NOT in the least helpful. I live near a large metropolitan area, so apparently servicing Miele products is not something repair companies like to do.
So, to summarize -- very expensive products AND accessories (ck out the price of their vacuum cleaner bags), very expensive service that is difficult to find, and BAD Miele customer service. I won't buy from them again. They must be related to Apple.
Another website that won't verify payment unless you give them your phone # - supposedly for security reasons, which I think is total BS.
Cancelled my order and I didn't find out for several days. They also lied and told me they sent me an email to let me know, which they did not.
I've spent thousands with them in the past, but I won't anymore. Plenty of other shoe sellers out there.
In recent years, Macy's has stepped up their game. Although sometimes I wish they had a better selection of better quality items, I've been pleasantly surprised by many very reasonably priced purchases there. They are always a go-to, and their customer service has actually improved!

EDIT: 6/2019 I'm downgrading my review. Macy's discards negative reviews, and has very inaccurate product descriptions, both of which point to a dishonest company. Attempts to discuss with "customer service" on both issues came up against a brick wall. Done.

EDIT: 11/2019 Against my better judgment, I placed additional orders with Macy's. Checked return policy, and it's 90 days. Now, as I try to process returns, I'm told that for some items, it's 30 days. This was not stated in my order confirmations. I tried to call, and they outsource their phone CS to a foreign country, and because the agent could not really speak English, that went nowhere. I then tried chat, and it's that lovely new, useless automated chat. After going around in circles for a while, I was finally able to get a live agent, who did tell me I could return the items and she sent me UPS labels. We'll see if the refunds go through.....
Macy's does have some great sales, but I don't think it's worth all this hassle. Really shi**y of them to have exceptions to return policy and not indicate that on the order confirmation.
I will often pay more at Nordstrom to purchase something that is less expensive on another website. Why? Because of their superior CS. I've been shopping there for years and I've never been disappointed. I hate to shop in person and do all of my shopping online - so much more efficient. I can shop at Nordstrom without fear of receiving a product that I don't like - for any reason - as they not only ship both ways, but are also extremely reasonable about returns. I have never placed a call to them and not spoken to a CS PROFESSIONAL. Thank you Nordstrom for your quality merchandise and, almost unheard of these days, excellent CS.
Peruvian Connection's clothing is very expensive. Their high quality and unique designs used to somewhat justify an occasional "splurge" purchase. This is no longer the case. Materials have become extremely thin and cheap. Their return policy is a ridiculous 30 days. You'll find that many of their onsite (non-shill) product reviews honestly assess the changes in the quality of their clothing. How unfortunate that greed and lack of integrity are representative of this company now.
Their clothing is expensive, but worth it -- very high quality. Quality workmanship, material, color. Their customer service is impeccable. Any problem I've ever had has been handled quickly, with class. Sizes do tend to run large, but they have a flat fee return shipping policy, which is wonderful. I love to shop with them.
EDIT: Unfortunately, I feel I have to downgrade my review below. As much as I appreciate help from management when I escalate a complaint, I shouldn't have to consistently do so, especially when it's their error. Anthro needs to upgrade their standards for employees, upgrade their training and do a better job of monitoring their CS people. Unless.... all the hassle is calculated to get a customer to give up? Also, some of their items now are of obvious and outstandingly poor quality. I wonder how they can, in good conscience, even offer them for sale - much less at the prices they do. I am giving up - on shopping there.

As we all know with retail these days, there is usually a huge disconnect between management and customer service. I absolutely love their style but, yes, their prices are high. I figure that I'm paying a little more for the style, which is unique. There is occasionally a lack of quality control, although if you read the reviews, you can get a fair assessment of a product. They do have good sales, but sale items get snatched up quickly. I've had some terrible problems with their customer service, but elevating my complaints to company executives results in amazing remediation. Despite said problems, I give them 5 stars, bc ultimately, they take excellent care of their customers. All of the above refers to online shopping. Their store in Milwaukee, WI is full of snotty girls who think they're "kewl." I don't go there very often.
EDIT (2019): Well, I've now deleted my account with them. After many years of being a good customer, my order was cancelled bc I would not give them my phone number. If you don't think giving out your phone number is a big deal, think again and search the Inet about it. It is. They have all of my other personal info. They don't need my phone #.
I've bought from this site, as well as returned items to them. All transactions went well. Dishes were packed well. If you're looking for something specific that they don't have in stock, you can sign up for an email alert if it does become available. Website is pretty easy to navigate, although I will they had pictures of everything. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from them again.
What a joke. I bet it's owned by Amazon. Find a product on Amazon that has a lot of obviously fake reviews. Not too hard - there are so many these days. Paste it onto this FAKE site. See what happens. Unbelievable. Integrity is dead.
Yes, they are not cheap. But I'm about to order my fourth one, and I think they are well worth it. You can customize the fabric, size, type of bed, etc. I love that I can customize the materials to match my decor, and especially that I can customize the size to fit in particular spots in my home. They preshrink the fabric (unheard of these days). There are multiple zippers to enable washing all parts. If you order or write to them, they are quickly and comprehensively responsive. The quality is superb. Highly recommend.

Tip for consumers: P.S. Don't buy on Etsy - I've made all of my purchases via their website.
Also, You might miss it, but after you choose fabrics, if you scroll up, you'll see a pic of what the finished bed will look like -- very helpful.
Also, be sure to check out the pics of pre-made beds, bc you can really see what the fabrics, and fabric combinations look like.

Don't waste your time choosing items, bc you won't be able to check out. Just happened to me today, and has happened in the past (a while ago). I called them, and they admitted it is a long-term, ongoing problem. Such incredible incompetence makes me leery of placing an order that may get screwed up, and makes me very leery of letting them have my CC #. I love Nordstrom, but the Rack must be where they send people that can't hack it at Nordstrom. I won't try this site again.
This company must be under new ownership. It is NOT the company I dealt with many years ago. My last several orders have been disasters.

First of all, they LIE on their website about whether or not items are available, indicating that the item is "in stock." However, once you place the order, they then tell you it will be FOUR weeks before they ship the item. If you attempt to cancel an item and reorder something that actually is in stock (supposedly), they charge additional shipping charges. And their shipping charges are EXTREMELY HIGH - no doubt, they pad the charges for profit or don't offer their corporate rate, as most reputable companies do. I went around and around on the phone with one of their "customer service" reps about how it was "my choice" to re-order and, therefore, I had to pay the additional shipping. This after a previous CS rep told me to call back to get shipping waived. Unbelievable.

In the past, when I cancelled an order due to their error, they went ahead and shipped it anyway. I had to dispute that charge with my bank.

I ordered a cover from them, and THREE times, they sent the wrong size - labeled incorrectly. I finally tried to cancel and they fought me on it.

If you try to call regarding an existing order, you will get a foreign call center person that does not speak English well and cannot understand your questions. They just keep reciting from script.

They try to push their frequent buyer program, for which there is a charge, and which is administered by a different company. Impossible to deal with as well. Once they have your money, good luck getting it back.

I can't believe I was stupid enough to try again. Never, ever again. Disgustingly evil people.
First of all, I wrote to them bc I was unhappy that they were selling fur, and their response was that it was a mistake. I guess they think consumers are stupid.

Further to the above, I placed an order with them for a rug. They sent me the wrong rug TWICE. So, twice, I had to wrap the rug back up and drag it outside to be picked up. The CS person I dealt with was unbelievably stupid. I had to repeat myself often, and she was nonresponsive to emails. I finally had to contact my bank and the consumer protection agency to get my money back after 10 weeks.

Their response to the consumer complaint was rife with lies.

Very, very dishonest.
It could be so great, but it's so not. Posts by people wanting to sell their crap: oils, cookies, massages, etc. are not banned. Complaints to them about this were ignored.
And, as someone else indicated below, because they have local yokels running the show, I've often seen that people with opposing viewpoints to those LYs (a certain church, for example) are offensively bullied onsite -- over and over, without recourse.
People are better off starting a group on Facebook or Reddit.
This site is deceptive and poorly run.
The cat catcher post below breaks my heart. That should tell you everything you need to know about this garbage site.

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