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2 Reviews by A


I DO NOT recommend joining this website. There are A LOT of cyberbullies on this mom website. It's a spin off of Cafemom. I've joined this site before. Been banned now for the second time because the Libtard members on this site didn't like what I had to say and continued to run to the administration by button humping my post or responses in an attempt to get me banned which they admitted to doing. Unfortunately, it worked. I refuse to change how I feel about certain subjects or change my beliefs to fit their agenda. If it means I'm forever banned then so be it.

It's funny how the administration chose to ban me after I and my husband told them if they continued to allow cyberbullying that we were going to file a complaint with our local police department including the district attorney's office. About 5 minutes after I posted our intentions, while I was responding to a post on this site, after hitting return come to find out I was kicked off the site. Talk about retaliation. Yep, that's exactly what happened. I was accused of being racist when I said nothing racist at all. I repeat, I said nothing racist at all. Everything is construed as racist if it doesn't follow the liberal agenda on this site.

So yea, if those of you thinking of joining this site are conservative, please Stay far away from this place and don't look back. Look out for members by the name of "ThelmaHarper", "AnnieArk" and a few others that love to jump all over you if you say something you don't like. These two in particular will stalk you from post to post. They will report you again and again until they get you kicked out of the site and will bully you non stop and find a way on top of it to recruit other members to harass and bully you. Don't bother complaining to the administration because they won't do a damn thing about the bullies on this site. I'm done with this site and I hope eventually it gets shut down for good.


I Loved visiting Cafemom until recently when they have banned me all together, and now they have clearly ghosted me all together from even entering the community itself. Why? Well, it was only because I said something that some members didn't agree with or like. I'm not going to say what the subject was about or what I said that some members in the post itself that I was in was freaking out about as they freak out about the littlest things as it is, but it wasn't that serious at all. I was JUST posting a UNPOPULAR OPINION on something.

That being said, its a very Liberal website to say the least. If you lean somewhat or even fully Conservative in your views, and these woman on this site realize that about you, consider yourself as good as done with being liked as a member at all. If you have an issue with any Liberal views what so ever, these woman that lean very Liberal will eat you alive with bullying, put downs, insults and just treat a member like crap for not following and clearly going along with their political viewpoints per se.

Administration aka the Administrators play favorites and I agree with others on this review thing that the Administrators absolutely DO NOT hold to the TOS when it comes to their rules especially when it comes to their "favorite" members getting away with their conduct that is against the TOS. One of these members goes by the screen name of "ReedusStalker". Beware of this member. Once she gets you in her claws, she won't back off. She will troll a member she doesn't agree with or like through a post she is in, and cause trouble with the person she has an issue with. This happened to me numerous times through numerous post and it really affected me in a negative way as it literally caused me distress. I even asked this woman to please back off of me and leave me alone more than once, and that clearly didn't work as she DID NOT respect my wishes. This member also encouraged other members to join in and report my comments as she and others admitted among each other they wanted to get me banned from Cafemom altogether. Of course, since and considering the fact that she is well liked, and clearly a favorite of the administrators, in the end, she and her little followers got their way. I felt so defeated and hurt as they were the ones that had caused problems in the first place and the post itself that I was in with them to spiral out of control. Had the Administrators been doing their job, they would have locked this post up which thus would have prevented anyone from further responding to it any further.

To make matters worse, she this ReedusStalker clearly has many members on this website that like her and like to join in on the Bullying as they feel justified in doing so. These people are sick to say the least. There are other members just as bad as this certain member whom Ive mentioned in this review that well in my opinion just this character herself, that act and behave in inappropriate cruel ways towards members they dont like. Hey, lets put it this way, if you chose to sign up for a membership with Cafemom, youll get to realize real fast the members that are nothing but trouble making, race baiting members.

As far as some of these women go, some (Not all members of Cafemom), but some will use Race Baiting tactics. What I mean by this, is some members of Cafemom, whom are literally obsessed with race issue topics to say the least love to make whiny post about racism issues. Its pathetic. Then they have their little melt downs when they see members whom come into these posts about race issues that don't agree what their post is about. To make matters worse, the opposer who has a different view point in these particular post of topics, automatically within minutes is accused of being Racist because she (the member herself) doesn't agree with the issue that is being brought up about. In fact, one out of two of the biggest accusations as far as words go that some of these members like to throw around is they are quick to accuse a member they don't agree with of being racist all the time, and the other word members of this site like to throw around is accusing someone of being a Troll.

Oh yea, and while I'm on a roll with warning you all about what Ive warned you about so far, also be aware of being name called with things like being called crazy loon ect. This literally gets out of hand. Its hurtful when it happens. Complain to the admins, and unless your one of their favorites, you're lucky if they do anything at all to take care of the issue at all.

As a disclaimer, I dont really know who the favorites are of the Administrators, but youll see other members voice their concern and displeasure at times about that they have themselves noticed that certain members are favorites of the admins.
Some of the members on this site are also grammar critics. These members in particular are so sensitive to grammar mishaps that they will make fun of members in a post that have grammar mistakes or even misspell a word or two.

I apologize for the length of this review, but I just want to give those of you that read this a well-informed heads up of what you may experience ahead of time. Ultimately, its up to whomever is interested in joining this site all together, but please do at your own risk. I don't personally ever intend on even joining this site even if I wanted to. I just don't appreciate how the people whom are running this site all together have now barred me from even entering the community even as a nonmember to be able to read post that I enjoyed doing even before I joined Cafemom in the first place.

Review written on 2/8/2018

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