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10 Reviews by anna


I agree with the previous commenter.

I ordered a dog toenail clipper from this site on October 5, with a receipt mailed immediately stating to allow them 3 days before checking my order status.

I waited 2 weeks. Nothing.

Haven't heard from them about when this item was going to be shipped (which would be the usual 5-7 business days if/when it does ship by the horrible shipping company they use), so I began emailing them three days ago, with only the rote type email in return, telling me that my problem has been put in "que" and asking me to email back with any concerns, which then results in another rote email.
Even called a rep after about 6 emails, who said this problem was marked "moderate", but that he would put my order on a "critical" list since it had been so long. Received another email, with it still marked "moderate". Went to the site and directly wrote a note of complaint and marked my complaint "critical", which again generated another email, thanking me for my concern and it was still marked "moderate". All in all, I think I've sent approximately 12 emails just trying to get something other than "you are in the que" response, with my problem marked "moderate">
So, here it is... 17 days since I ordered this item, and I haven't even received an email telling me when my item will be shipped... but, they've alredy charged my credit card the day I ordered it. I found out when I call my card company to block the charge this morning. I disputed it so that 3tail will have to deal with them.

Don't do business with this company. No response at all despite their cheery little emails asking for a customer to respond to 3tail's emails, with their concerns.


It's difficult to get posts posted, although they are made within the guidelines. I'd say that about 3/4 of my posts aren't being posted. No reason given. I have no problems with my posts on other forums and even get good responses to the quality.

Not sure if this is a good site except just for reading. Seems a little dishonest to have a comments section, but to have the posts so severely curtailed. A site good to post on that does allow freedom of speech/comments: Iowntheworld.com


The man who owns the site who goes by different names: BigFurHat, Mr. Pinko, AdmnGirl on the whole seems pretty fair, but I've seen him curse out liberals who show up and tell them to go someplace else. Not Good!

Someone else just recently got flamed by him over one sentence she made about Muslims making contributions to science (which they have) and he went on a ranting tear on her accusing her of more or less being a Muslim sympathizer (which she's definitely NOT!) and creating wild scenarios he could refute as if she had said these things. He even deleted some of her posts which backed up her thoughts of one of his favorite authors, which flew in the face of his personal beliefs about this author. And, then of course, the rabbit chase began by other posters who then ganged up on the offending poster, whose only sin was posting a comment about Muslim's contributions to science.

Totally unprofessional and apparently biased, which no one would know unless you cross Mr. Pinko's views. Not the website that I'd hoped to find.

Not professional. Sets the conservative case back if these are the representatives of the cause.


This company is either in China, or has it's products made/stored there.

I ordered a cover for an Ipad2, not knowing where it was manufactured until I was having problems with it's arriving within the 4-7 "business" days as I paid extra for. The messages I received were written in poor English, hard to understand, in which they offered to refund $8 if I was "unhappy" because the cover was late. I didn't accept until the cover obviously didn't arrive on what I thought was the the 5th day, the day I needed it to arrive. It was then that I was told it wasn't shipped until two days later... on the 8th, not the 5th as shops were closed in China on Saturdays, and then there was the "customs" problem... none of which had been mentioned on the website.

Long story cut short: I ordered the cover on the 5th of August, with plenty of time for it to arrive at the destination (I thought) within the 6-day timeframe on the 12th. Not so, it arrived on the 17th, the full 7-days from the 8th (with me thinking it would be shipped on the 5th), having been caught in "customs".

So, I wasted my $17 dollars to ship a $45 Ipad2 cover. If the site had been more truthful, I'd known that the product was being shipped FROM CHINA, and had to GO THROUGH CUSTOMS before being shipped to the United States. No way in hades could it get here in the 4 days as advertised on their website. A complete lie as far as I'm concerned.

It ended up arriving 5 days after I thought it would arrive, simply because I had no idea of where it was being shipped and because it had to go through customs.

Don't waste your time. And, no they didn't refund the $$ although they'd offered to.


Completely agree!
I was being harrangued by one of their insane regulars after she didn't like my reply to someone else many posts after my post. She followed me the rest of the evening commenting, insulting on all my past comments and flagging them and threatening that she would "flag every post you've made". I had no idea anyone would find them to be against the rules, but they were... according to the team of 2.
But, her harassment went unthwarted as wellas her flagging every post I made (which created a logjam they said). She even started a special thread to complain of her imaginary complaints that I was following her on the site and giving her thumbs down... I had no idea that I was even "following" her as I'd only been a member for less than a day and certainly had not been giving her thumbs down in that manner. I have no idea of how I began "following" her, but her paranoia seems to have worked.

Never mind, though, she threw a cursing fit and they followed obligingly. They've just fed a monster who will just keep it up. Yes, I'm conservative as well. The horrible, horrible name-calling that goes on there is allowed... if it's against a conservative poster or political figure.

Not a good place unless you enjoy reading myths and untruths with absolutely no research any comment they've read and reposted as it it were the truth, or researching any of their comments before they make them. A total hate fest of anything conservative, making comments that actually mirror what liberals are doing.

Total ignorance, and most likely very young and uneducated.


Beware of this site. Good discussions overall and quite educational. Unfortunately, it is run by a moody, inconsistent owner/administrator who bans people on random enforcements of his rules, while letting other posters do the same thing, with nothing being said. If anyone complains, he bans them. Although the majority of the posters are conservative in nature and post quite well-thought out posts, he consistently caters to a few really far out leftist posters who are allowed to get away with murder. He discriminates against certain posters for reasons only he knows, while overlooking, excusing or refusing to answer why he condones the same actions when committed by others. They aren't the problem. He is.

Also, edits posts by posters which really doesn't help the conversations if someone has replied to a certain aspect or thought of another poster, only to come back later and see that their response is now totally unrelated to the previous post. Why? Because the administrator has changed the post, either one, to reflect what he thinks was the meaning. Apparently, he's famous for all the above (according to other sites that post on the same content as his forum does).

Randomly deletes posts with no reason why. He's lost some very good posters as a result, who see what's he's doing (all the above) and don't want to have anything to do with what he's doing.

Maybe he's going through midlife crisis? Don't know. But, stay away unless you enjoy being treated this way by someone with a God complex.


Very slanted against grandparents, where many of the d-i-l's are allowed to rant and rave and abuse their in-law's (IL's), showing no respect at all for the GP's (grandparents). Sure, the GP's make mistakes, but reading these posts makes the reader aware that they aren't the only ones doing so. But, the fire is held to THEIR feet to correct the problems, with nary a word to the parents of the children to do anything.

Horrible site. I'm surprised the grandparents return to get clobbered so much. I feel for them.


They continue to delete any posts that are derogatory to Muslim, even if only the facts of what happened in the past here and abroad: honor killings of women and the 9/11 attack

Meanwhile, several posters of Islamic faith fill page after page of hate posts against America and threats of how they will take over. The same post for page after page filled with lies and distorted facts. Post to refute these with facts about Muslim's murders and violence are not allowed to be posted.

Yahoo is definitely a leftist news site. And, is contributing to the hate America crowd. I'm convinced that there is either a Muslim or Muslim admirer(s) in the mod team. They just aren't allowing fair and factual posts. The ones that are mainly allowed from portesters of the Mosque are somewhat fluffy and generally very weak from women who just last night admitted they had not known all the facts about funding and breaking of Constitutional rights of other groups by our government while favoring the mosque.

Again, don't waste your time.


I've been posting on Yahoo news sites and have found the moderators there are very left=leaning, favoring what are now Islamist terrorists posting death threats against all non-Muslims over and over. Spammers will post anti-conservative rants over and over and although it's against the rules to do so, the mods will not delete them. However, if someone criticizes our the present man in the WH, it will not be posted. I just got through posting about the media being so self serving to the present administration, stating that Pravda is a much bettor source of unbiased info. It wasn't posted. I posted a link where the author was very critical of some of Obama's policies. Wasn't posted. But there are two pages of one Islamist posting the same threats over and over against the American public such as "We will rape you." I can't post the whole thing, but it's abut how they are everywhere and have the backing of IMPORTANT people, have access to the electronics of this nation and can turn us off immediately. Will take over our government. On and on. Nothing is done about it.

This is a very poor site for any kind of honest commentery on recent news. I've complained and complained. Nothing happens. Don't waste your time.


Please look at the other reviews concerning this site:

Strange that another thread has been started on this site when one already exists. Smacks of the politics that is rife on this crooked site.

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