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About Me

plain and simple... Game Freak i am.. Angrynoob is best nickname for me as i find it, because i tend to get angry at anyone that is there to give customer service but refuses to anwser your questions or dont give you a stright answer.

How I Can Help

depends on what it is, i may be able to help but i may not be able to. it really depends on what it is about.. eg. Q. Have you played call of duty? A. yes i have but none of the new one's the last one i played was call of duty big red one. reason because i find them all the same and within a two to three weeks the game has already been hacked into thats is the reasons for ppl flying above you in the sky and shooting you though so i really find it a waste of time buying them or renting them. a


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8 Reviews by Angrynoob


Wargame 1942 (also known as Desert Operations) is a new browser-based strategy game featuring the historical WWII. Set in the European battlegrounds during that war, it places players in the role of Commander who develop bases, research techs, build army, and maneuver both military and diplomatic power to survive and grow in the thick of war. Return to the frontline of WWII and make an impact on it.

At start, the storage of resources – crude oil, gasoline, diesel and gold – are zero, but a certain amount of Money is offered as starting capital. Constructing buildings costs Money only. As indicated in the base panel, you click to build what the marked plot is pre-set to be built on.

But once you have set up one building, you finish the construction faster if you are to build more of the same building. It doesn't take x-times to build x amount of the structure and meanwhile the x-amount just takes one slot with an utmost amount limitation though. To build the factory, for instance, you need 36m to construct one factory, but only 39m for two and 42m for three. In fact, you will know this shortcut if you follow the mission list.

There is no direct tutorial; instead, the listed missions are sort-of guide. Some missions introduce the basic mechanics, like depositing Money in the Bank to get interest or University for research of ground, air, sea and defense units, etc. The beginning missions not only include requests of adding structures to base but also feature some easy game-related questions like how many Achievements are in the game, what follows Arms Factory in the building Tech-tree, or which building the hanger belongs to. Answers can be found in the game wiki and usually reward you Diamond, while other forms of mission, once completed, win Money or add structures to the base.

The base is shown only in a fixed area. While some missions require extra construction of a certain type, you don't build them in separated plots but click on the first built to add. The building types suit the modern setting well, and serve their same role as in reality. Base is filled by the limited yet necessary facilities, but there are a rich variety of ground, aerial and maritime units and vehicles to research and train. Moreover, it provides many setups to enrich the game experience, such as winning various titles by completing certain task, joining an alliance for help in base-construction and better coordination in war, and the influence of ever-changing weather on the army deployment time, etc.

The building times may take a while (hours), but the game is worth it a try. Im playing this game right now been playing it for about 3-5days, It's a free game, In game chat is moderated so that nothing childish shows up without them getting a banned from chat from the mods, the chat also clean.

You can join a alliance but some alliances don't chat ingame, but tend to use skype ect. You will be taxed for being in a alliance but the alliances don't tend to tax you that much.

I give this game a rating of 8 out of 10


Grainger Games started in Grainger Market, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England in 1997 as a small market store buying and selling 2ed hand games since them they have expanded (mainly in the North East) to nearly 100 stores.
The website is bright orange and easy to get around, Buying online is cheaper than buying in the store with free UK delivery.
They guarantee to have the lowest price and they have met this as they are cheaper than GAME, Gamestation and HMV their main competitors. But in the Stores in Towns and Cities they will always be £1 cheaper than other Stores (except supermarkets).
They let you Pre-order online and it will more than likely be cheaper than in store.

I would recommend going to them to check out the prices for Games and a little few DVDs they have before you buy from other sites.


Even though it is not the cheapest place to buy Games and DVDs. It is the best place to go to rent if you have a store near you mainly in the Town or City you live in so it saves money from traveling.

Now we are talking about the website not the store but there will be a little maybe just a line about the store's they own from here on.

The website has a great layout it is easy to get around when your looking though it, colour is goes well as is is mainly white so everything is easy to read.
But if you want to buy Games or DVDs new and not rent them, it is cheaper to do it online as the store prices will always cost you more.
Renting Games and DVDs online from them is as easy as buying them but may take around a day or two get to you.
If you pre-order a new game or dvd you will also get some money off vouchers that you can use next time you buy. Best to pre-order two or three things you want if the release dates are fairly close to each other (around a month or two) it will end up cheaper for you.

If you live in the United Kingdom delivery is free. Dont know if delivery is free anywhere else in the world.


Runescape.com or runescape.co.uk is a british owned online game based in Cambridge created in 1998 and is the largest MMORPG game in the world.

When you made a account for the first time you had to go around a island before you could start playing on the main map of the game and you could get certain skills on the island to a max of level 3, since then they have changed the start point when you make a new account, you help a knight defend and kill a dragon that is living under the city of lumbridge.

After you get out of the underground you can start training your skills and save thing up to put in your bank you can only carry 28 items on you (this does not include the armour and weapons you are carrying on your body and in your hands as they don't show in your inven unless you take them off)

Then you can sell your items at the grand exchange and buy other items for protection, doing other skills ect.

Now for the skills each skill starts off at level 1 and you build those skills up untill you get to level 99 (if your a member you can buy the skill cape once you hit level 99 in any skill for 99,000 gold).
Many of the skill you do are free to play but for the rest you have to become a member and pay a monthy fee of £3.50 (for the uk) or $5.99 (usa) these are the cheapest way to pay for membership the other way to pay for membership is by going to game.co.uk, gamestation.co.uk or gamestop.com to buy a 90 day membership card but the only time you can get them is when jagex advertises them on the runescape homepage.

You may have heard people complaining that runescape is full of bots that is true but there is a easy why to avoid seeing them, i tend to play on server 127 the only way to get to that server is by scrolling down to the bottom of the page to where you can see four little flags click on the green one and the whole page will change into the Portuguese Language, or you can click on the French or German flags these will let you play on other servers that don't show up on the english homepage of the site.

All in all it is a great game to play.

Edit. 3/11/11...
Jagex Staff got out the banhammers again last week and terminated an estimated 98% of the botting accounts.
The week when Jagex got out the banhammers for botters they give the players a week long event (monday to friday). The players got bonus xp for shooting stars and evil trees at the rate of 3 times the normal amount and few more. Double the amount of castle wars tickets and soul wars points and many more, the bonuses giving was different for each day, with the triple xp for shooting stars and evil trees on the same day.


joyport.com is the owner to many games that can be found when you go and hit their forums.
All the admins say they are great games, that maybe so as i have only played the one of them but from the experience from playing it and reading the stuff in the forums has made me declear that this is a company that is out their to con you into paying to play they games.

The company has a habit of spilling servers you every other day to two weeks, then they have the nerve to say that the older servers have to be shutdown as they are not making any profit, even though they stated the game was free to play to start with.

So if any of you have made accounts on any of the joyport games
Mythic Heroes,
Infinite Realms,
Hello Town,
Age of Manors,
City War,
Cars Inc,
Tic Tac Toe
I would suggest you to leave them ASAP.

Then when you actully ask about the shutdown, they give no response or the same old response "we will compensate you".
Then a admin named darkcloud said "we will compensate you want you want even 10,000 vouchers" but when we told them what we wanted they refused to answer.


Lords online is like evony but is already into it's second age.

Like evony you can form an alliance, train troops, attack other other players, also you have to pick what race you want to start off as, there is 3 types of race to choose from.

As you are gaining population (prestige or all you evony players out there) you get more feared by the enemy alliance and all the other players in the game even your alliance.

When you are looking on the map you can control this little guy that tells other players what race you have chosen, you can fight NPC beasts and gain xp. Or you can fight helmets and other forms of armour and weapons, wew you will fight beasts that are protecting them, if you defeat all the protectors of these weapons or armour you will gain that item, if you lose you hero will die and you will have to go back to your city and bring you hero back to life via the rally point, and once you have done that you can start going back around the map once more and enjoy more battles with NPC's or players.

As for attacking someone elses city you will have to go to your city after you have recalled your hero, and once you have found the city you want to take over and you have plenty of troops to do so, you type in the city coords you want to take and you send a attack via that way since you can't put the troops on your hero when you just want to go around the map to get new and better stuff.

Thats about all i can tell you about this game hope you enjoy it.
(games marks out of 10 will have to be a nice 8 from me)
Games Reveiwer


Darkorbit were to start that is, right here it goes.

Darkorbit is a created by the known company called Bigpoint, it is a free MMO game to play, you don't have to pay any cash to get better stuff (ships, weapons or ammo), unless you want to that is.

You start of with a litle ship that has around 2000 hitpoints at first, but to get a better spaceship or better weapons or even more ammo you got to go around collecting raw materials that you can find around the area of space you are in or you can get these raw materials from fighting NPC spaceships that are also flying around the area of space you are in.

The area's of space are in levels, as you have just started the game you will only be aloud to go into the level one space area, so you will only be able to fight the weaker NPC spaceships ect. Level 2 will give you better enemy NPC's to fight and maybe better raw materials and they just keep getting better as you advance in the area's levels in space as you advance in rank and level.

But this game is not just for the farmville players but for those that are willing to be attacked even as they are just starting out, as you got to pick what company you won't to be part of (earth, mars or venus), you can also betray your company and become a rouge member of this game, or you can change what company you want to be in for a small price if you have the price that lets you change (small if your been playing for a while and got millions). Here is the charge they take from you for changing company.
Here you can change your company for a 5000 Uridium fee.
Notice: Half you honor points dissapears also!
So you will lose soom of the honor you have gained from fighting NPC's or other players.

When you have picked you company you have got to be on alert at all time maily when you are just starting out as you will be easy pickings for the other company's out there, that is were the player vs player comes into the game, as you may think this is not really a war game like any over games you will always be at war with all the other two company's and they can come into your companyy's space area and fight all that is there in your company, they will evenattack you if they see you, so this a warning for all first timer's to this game.

When you are in your company they will not attack you unless you go and betray them there for you be a rouge and will have a little simbol that you see and what the other players see as well so if you get that little simbol you will not only have the two other company's to watch out for but also the company you have pick to join.

You can get little robots called drones to help you out, they can help you defeat other ship's or they can heal your ship. Thats all aboutthose that i can tell you.

You can also pay to get a little help to get better ships ect. And you can pay in two ways the cheapest way is by phone (texting) and that is only for the cheapest amount while all the others is for the use of you bank card (credit card)

The rest i will leave for tyou to find out for your self as i don't want to spoil it all for you by putting it in this little review about the game, but i will tell you this if you like darkorbit, don't forget to try out all the other games from bigpoint you never know you might like them all.

Games Reviewer


Ok lets get to the point, yes i play evony for the plain reason that i get to make new freinds and i also fell in love with this lass.

The only good things you get to do on this game is fight other players talk in with your alliance and in the world chat (when it is not out of control, that is very rarely anyway) so that sums up all the good things about the game.

Now time for the bad points.
1) the game does have the use of in game mods to keep the world chat clean and safe for unger players, i give the game a mark of 0 out of 10 for that.
2) when you report anyone for any of the rules you don't get a reply back so the game gets a mark of 0 out of 10 for that.
3) when you report a bug eg. Map not working right when moving along the admin don't care and won't fix it so they get a mark of 3 out of 10 for fixing bugs that appear in the game (since they do fix soom thats why i am giving then a 3)
4) when you are in the forums there is this tread for feedback and if you don't put possitive feedback down on it you get a temp ban for so long and it keeps getting longer untill the ban you for life, so this proves they don't want you give them them anything they have actully have to work to get fix or updated, they get a mark of 0 out of 10 for that.
5) when you a reading the treads you see that soom members of the forums have got temp ban's or are banned for life for telling the truth, this proves that they don't like the truth about the game being told to everyone so they ban you for it they get a mark of 0 out of 10 for that.

So over all mark for evony is a 1 out of 10 (1 being the worst 10 being the best, 5 makes it a ok game to play but evony did not even get a 2 never mind a 5)

The game is poorly managed and they are only in it to scam you out of your perants or your own hard earned cash, they say the game is free for ever but if it was free for ever you would not have to pay $30 to have a 30 day holiday if you wanted to have a break from the game ($30 gives you 300 in game cents, 10 cents aday to be in holiday mode), then you get all these system mails saying about these free packages they have, but you have to pay $30 to get these packages, the game is not free for ever otherwise they would let you go into holiday mode for free and give you the free packages for free and not charge you for them.

So i give you this warning if you decide to play this game, be aware when you ask for help from the admin, that you will get none at all since the game is poorly managed.

As a reviewer of many other games (online and console) this site is not recommended to be play on by the world community and should be avoid by all costs.
If this was a review for any other game that i have reviewed (eg. GTA vice city when it first came out i give that a overall mark of 9 out of 10) the would be getting better marks out of 10 when compared to evony.

There are many other online games that are like evony that have been out longer, such as trible war (6 out of 10 mark) only problem with that is you don't have a alliance chat room for it, there is also lords they have just started a new age they are on there age 2 and they have been out longer than evony and you do the same things, talk in alliance chat recruit for alliance's ect. Also you do other things on the lords game you can walk around the map with your race you pick eg. If you pick human you walk around as a human, there is 3 races you can pick from and you walk around the map as that race, they are the same as evony and have got a over all review mark of 7 out of 10, so this also proves that evony can't be bothered to help its players and sort out the problems.
Also since this game has been around for since may 2009 you would have thought it would have better management that it does now.
After so many complaints about this game from my freinds and other people that still play it for the reason so they can talk to their new made freinds if they don't have msn or facebook, i had decided that i let a this review and a more detailed on to the review comapany i work for, off for to long. I am very sorry for the delay.

You can play the game for free but you will always be at a disadvantage when others are paying and there is many that do pay just to be at that level so that they can have a chance in actally playing this, to sum this game up from free for ever is a scam they trick you into paying them then you get a cost to your bank account (currency charge), no one accally knows were this company is based but we do have a clue that it is run by Chinese or Japanese but are not sure.

Thanks for reading this
Angrynoob (this is not my real reviewers name as a good reviewer you don't inclose your real name)
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