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It's been over 5 months and I've sent 5 emails and nothing. I haven't heard from Wayfair and my order is still sitting in the same status as it was the day after I ordered it. No changes on shipping status either. I haven't seen a refund on my account either. At this point I know I won't see my pillow cases, but Wayfair will also never see another order from me.

Order Being Held Captive
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I ordered 4 pillow cases through Wayfair through Walmart. I placed my order on September 20,2017, the UPS label was created September 21,2017. Walmart states that my order should have received between Sept. 27-Oct. 2, well those days have come and gone. I contacted Wayfair on October 9, and received an automated reply that someone would get back to me within 24 hours. I'm still waiting... I just sent another message and I am not holding my breath that I will hear back from them.
Do not use this company! I wish I had researched them first before ordering. I had no idea any company would hold an order hostage this long! I am contacting Walmart next to let them know that this happened and hopefully they will boot this company from their site!


I placed an order on 10/6 and on 10/12 I receive an email that I am receiving 2 refunds. I call the company and am told that even though Jet.com may show a certain amount of items, once the order goes to another company, they may be out of that item. Why aren't these partner sites updating their amounts on jet.com?
Under the order information it stated my order shipped on 10/8 with the arrival dates of 10/13-10/17. When I clicked the tracking number, the USPS site told me the tracking number could not be located. Why was the order marked as shipped and with a bad tracking number, before the item had even shipped?
It's obvious my order didn't ship when this partner company said it did!
I find it unsettling that jet.com does business with partners that don't update their information, marked orders as shipped when they weren't, and give out bad tracking numbers.
I'll save myself the headache and spend the extra money and go back to Amazon.


I was excited when I was accepted to The Artisan Group. Shortly after I was added to Facebook and introduced, I was removed, blocked, and banned by the owner without an explanation. I later found out it was because another member, someone I had partnered in business with previously had lied to the owner. I am not the only one this happened to; another business owner I had partnered in business with had the same thing happen to her, as well.
I find it unprofessional and unfortunate that the owner relies on childish antics of dishonest people when making professional business decisions. I suggest avoiding this group, because it is apparent that the owner isn't really the one running this group, but instead allows its members to set the tone and atmosphere for this business.


Etsy allows big sellers to break the rules. I've reported many shops that claim handmade when items are not handmade. I've included links to the exact items to Etsy and shops aren't being shut down. These sellers are also using the stock photos of where they purchased their items.
Some of these shops have over 3000 sales, which explains why Etsy hasn't shut them down!
Those "leather" wrap bracelets you see all over Etsy, I bet 1 out of 100 shops actually handcraft them. Otherwise, you can purchase them from China for as low as 99 cents each and they aren't even worth that. I had someone send one as a gift to me a couple years back and it was a piece of crap!


I started on Tophatter when they were selling just handmade items. I was super excited to have a platform that was just for handmade, without all the Made in China *** mixed in, which seems to be the theme on all the popular seller sites. When I started it was hard to get your item into an auction; someone had to send it on over to be bid on from what many of us called "purgatory". And this was when we weren't allowed to talk during an auction, unless you were on the block or asking a question. There was a lot of blocking back then! I should have known then that it wasn't a good site!

But I stuck it out for almost 2 years and it did get better, as far as the selling went! I started selling more, Tophatter took notice, and offered me my own auctions, which I took advantage of. I was paying 30% commission, but I was doing well. I had a lot of repeat customers, and my feedback was 99% positive. In over 3000 sales, I had only 2 neutral feedback! The rest were positive! Tophatter took notice and started offering me my own auctions, which I did, with a group of people and later on with just one other person.

I finally decided to leave after they wanted to charge me $1.00 per item listing fee, whether the item sold or not. By this time, I was listing with a friend, and we were doing 100 lots each. There is no way either of us could pay that on top of the 30% and come out ahead!

We were both doing very well at these auctions. We were both making about $1500 for one auction each (before Tophatter took 30%). We were doing 2 auctions a month and had been for about 8 months. So TH would get their cut for 2 night a month, which was about 8 hours of time. They didn't advertise for us. They didn't bring in customers, we did all the advertising! So they got 30% for only hosting our auction! And wanted even more of a cut! NO!

We had set up 6 auctions in advance and were told since we had done so we wouldn't have to pay the $1 listing fee; well that changed! Now we had to pay it or get cut. We fought it and thought we had won. But our next auction was a flop! We didn't make hardly any sales. People were messaging us saying they couldn't bid, were getting kicked off, couldn't pay, etc. In those previous months we had never had an issue! Since we "failed" at that auction, they said we'd lose our auctions if we didn't agree to the $1 fee.

Yes, we could have paid the $1 fee, but on principle we didn't. We weren't going to let a company lie to us or bully us into their terms! This is my business, not theirs! I had put in all the long hours and time away from my family. We also felt that they were just going to keep asking for more and more.

I think all the original sellers that were there when I joined are all gone now. They chased us all off. The owner of the company is known to start businesses and run them into the ground, and then bankrupt them. He's had at least 2 other companies before Tophatter that he did this to.

They are a sneaky company too. They started to contact the drop shipper sellers saying customers were complaining of not receiving their items and wanted to know that sellers drop shipper source so they could research them. Why? So Tophatter could sell it directly themselves and keep all the profits!

Every one of their employees is a condescending liar. Sure we saw a few nice employees, those willing to try to help, but there was also a revolving door of new employees coming and going, usually the nice ones. I got to know one that was very helpful in setting up our auctions and she told me she was leaving, because she didn't like the way the company treated its sellers.

Tophatter use to have a report option; which we would use. But if that seller was a friend to staff, made the company money, or said people were harassing them, it'd get overlooked. The main reason was they were making Tophatter money! Even if they had a lot of negative feedback, it didn't matter.

I wasn't much of a customer on Tophatter. I did buy a few items from people I knew and never really had any issues. Yet, I've heard many customer horror stories too.

So this is my story, as long as it is. I hope it helps shed more light on this fraudulent company.

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