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I would like to see how the discounts were dispersed. How was the 80% taken
What about the 15% for signing up for the email?

aff j. – JustFashionNow Rep

Thank you for your shopping. Pls input the coupon code to enjoy it. Applying coupon steps: sign in our website--choose size -choose color --Add to Cart--View Cart--Proceed to checkout--edit shipping address--choose shipping method--here there is the coupon option to choose/input and apply the code if you have some available


Sure wish I could leave a MINUS ZERO! If you think you know what IHOP stands
For, you would be wrong! It really stands for I Have One Purpose (to make money!) When you read this account, think of this happening to your Mother, Sister, Wife or Girlfriend. As my husband and I finished our cold meal, we noticed a waitress cleaning the floor right near our booth with a little dustpan and brush. We decided to let her pass before we got up to leave.

My husband went to pay the bill, and I stood up along the side of the table to
Wait for him. When I switched from one leg to the other, my foot slipped on some
Sticky or gooey substance on the floor, and I lost my balance and fell straight back.
In the process, my back hit directly on the floor, and my head bounced off of the iron
Legs of the table next to our booth.

I was screaming in pain, and everyone came running, including my husband.
A waitress called an ambulance, and they took me to the Trauma Center. I was
In and out of consciousness from that point until 2 days later waking up in the
Hospital. I sustained 2 concussions, and a fractured back. This happened in July
Of 2018, and I am still in pain every sngle day!

A week later, upon returning home, I contacted IHOP Corporate Office to
Find out how to open a claim, and the correct mailing address. The Representative
Who answered the phone was very sympathetic, and told me to send the report,
And all my information, and they would handle it. A couple of weeks later, I called
To ask the status of my claim. I was told that IHOP is not responsible for my case
Because their "investigator" said I lost my balance. That seems to prove my case...
Exactly! I slipped on some sticky residue, and lost my balance!

When calling an attorney, I found out that in this great State of North
Carolina, the government is on the side of "Big Business." The injured party
Has to prove their case. Excuse me! While I was on the floor screaming in pain,
I did not think about whipping out my cell phone to take a picture of the slop
That caused me to fall! On any given day, you will find syrup, eggs, butter,
Cream, jam (and who knows what else?) on the floor of the IHOP in Shelby.
Their are plenty of other places to eat in Shelby, NC.

So, I am asking anyone who has had a similar experience to please post
A review. No one else needs to suffer continuously for months like I have. The
Manager at IHOP did not even have the decency comp our mea! L My husband
Paid for it as the ambulance was rushing me to the Hospital.


I've eaten in many Burger King places in my travels. The one is Forest City, NC is by far, the best. What makes it the best, you ask? Cleanliness makes it the best. There is a very active senior woman who washes the tables, sweeps the floor, and takes out the trash. You won't see garbage on the floor from over-flowing trash bins. Nor, will you sit at a sticky table, which is enough to make you lose your appetite. I'm sorry I didn't catch her name because she was busy racing around to keep the place clean!


Who doesn't remember those delicious Candy Apples at the fair? Well, I've scoured all supermarkets, and farmer's markets only to be told "this is not the season." What I did find was chocolate covered apples, which DO NOT compare to the candy apple! So... I use my "go to" place, the Internet. Eureka! I found the most delicious EVER! I got my order yesterday, ripped open the box, and sunk my teeth into the best Candy Apple I've tasted since childhood. Tabitha is a very "sweet"
Person, and she will guide you through ordering. They have the standard flavors and a bunch of new ones. They ship year round. Minimum order is six apples, but
You'll wish you had ordered twelve. This is a great idea for birthday parties, reunions, anniversaries, or just to surprise your guests. I'm planning to eat an apple a day! Here; s the info:


Since BB&B has the best prices for Christmas ornament storage, I ordered 2 sets the beginning of December. Tracking the FedEx packages showed they were delivered on December 29. After searching under every rock, into every bush, and around the entire 5 acres, I called BB&B. They immediately set up a replacement delivery with UPS (which I had requested). My package arrived! FedEx still hasn't responded.


These guys send out an 8" X 10" gimmick "prize" card in full color that must have cost them a bundle. It clearly states that If your scratch-off number matches one of the prize numbers on the card, you win that prize. We matched the barbecue prize. You would think we'd be barbecuing ribs right now on our new grill... right? NOooooooooo!
You must also match a "verification number," which should mean your ID must match the name on the flyer. What it does mean is you haven't really won the big prize, but a lottery ticket instead. If their business was that great, they wouldn't have to stoop so low to get customers. It makes you wonder what other tricks they have up their sleeves after you buy a car!

Tip for consumers:
Buy your next car from a dealership that doesn't play games.


My husband and I like to try different eateries whether we are home or away. The new owners of Fatz Cafe have really stepped up! They have a completely new menu full of delicious items.We had a hard time deciding which ones to choose from, so we'll need to go back a few more times before we can announce our favorites! The entire staff is friendly, and attentive. The "Arnold Palmer" (non-alcoholic) half sweet tea/half lemonade is scrumptious, and you get free refills. If you join their free club, you get a 20% discount on the bill, but ALL those who dine with you have to be members. What's the problem? It's FREE! Ask your waitress about it before you order. While you're at it ask for Sandy. She's so sweet, and she'll take good care of you. Mangia!



CVS sends me a few emails a week about Curbside Pickup. The emails contain a coupon for $10 off of a $15.00 first-time Curbside Pickup order. After going through the entire process of getting an order to the checkout process, the next step tells me I have to put in a mobile phone number to confirm my order. I enter my mobile number, it rings a second later, I click on the message... but it goes NOWHERE. After several tries, I called the customer service number. The manager tells me I cannot place a Curbside Pickup order unless I have a SMARTPHONE!

Know it's impossible for anyone under 21 to imagine that there are people who have cheap cell phones, and not SMARTPHONES. CVS is discriminating against an entire group of people who cannot afford a SMARTPHONE. The only SMART thing about this situation has nothing to do with being SMART. The SMARTPHONE is SMARTER than the program designer who cut out the very people who keep CVS in business, and didn't even have the courtesy to post a note on CVS.COM reading, "YOU CANNOT PLACE A CURBSIDE ORDER OR USE A CURBSIDE COUPON UNLESS YOU HAVE A SMARTPHONE" After 40 years, maybe it's time I do the RITE thing, and go shopping somewhere else.


I bought a GreenLife 12" skillet, and I used it nearly four times a week. It is really a terrific skillet. After frying bacon several times, I began to notice scratches in the white non-stick finish. I contacted the company, and provided them with the pictures they asked to see. Their customer service people kept me updated about what they were doing. Low and behold, I received a brand new skillet! Wouldn't it be wonderful if every business delivered such great service? Thanks Jeanne Carter and Green Life! I'll be back for more Green-Life products.


Buyer beware! I wanted a special flower for a friend, so I chose a Christmas Cactus from Teleflora online. I CLEARLY stated in my note that I did NOT want any other flower I received 2 calls from the florist telling me they were sold out of Christmas Cactus. I told the clerk to cancel the order. Low and behold, I got an email stating my flower was delivered! When I complained, they offered me 40% off my next order. THERE WILL BE NO NEXT ORDER! My advice to any who want to give flowers for a gift is: Go to Walmart or Shoprite, and pick some up for about 25% of what a florist will charge. If you have to send a gift long distance, send a gift card. I keep trying to have a Merry Christmas, but dishonest people keep ruining it for me!.


Ordered a 12" Roast Beef with bacon at the Subway in Forest City, NC. The clerk put 3 thin slices of meat on the bread. When I complained about how skimpy it was, the arrogant owner said, "If you want more meat, she would have to charge you $4.00 more. Which do you want, $1.50 or $4.00?" He then proceeded to put one more thin slice on the sandwich.The shame of it is that, back in the day, SUBWAY made sandwiches that looked as good as the ones in the TV ads. I have had similar experiences in NJ. I now make better sandwiches at home for a lot less. If anybody from Subway is listening, or gives a darn, wake up. It's time to have a conversation with the owners who use the SUBWAY name, before it's too late.


After receiving weekly emails from Quicken to refinance our present mortgage, we decided to give it a try. We went through tons of paperwork, emails back and forth, a bad appraisal and hundreds of dollars. In the end, we were not going to get the cash out we had said we wanted right at the beginning of the process! We STRESSED that we wanted $15,000 cash out or we didn't even want to start the process. Their "so-called" problem solver was rude and insulting by reminding us that our 2200 sq foot house was in a depressed area where the value of the neighboring houses is not high. It *is* the way banks and the real estate world work. They did not take into consideration that there is a community of new homes being built a few blocks from us. The area of our State is growing fast, and there are construction, and utilities being worked on all over our city. Anyhow, this process took longer than any of the mortgages we got and paid off over the years! BTW, our FICO scores are 790 and 720 respectively. All we're left with is a checking account less the $400 they took from us and the appraisal fee $100. They were QUICKen to take that! Our insurance policy on our house is the kind that pays to rebuild it. It's for $350,000! Too bad the VERY nice people Sara DeGregory and Cindy White have to work for Quicken! Those two deserve much better.


Recently, I received a prescription for a change in my no-line bifocals. I went into the building that is connected to the Doctor's office to find out the cost of a new pair of glasses with Transitions lenses. I nearly fell over when the clerk quoted me a price of $650.00! When I mentioned that I wanted to keep my current frames, she said they were out of date, and would not be able to cut lenses to fit. I did not tell her that I had planned to get my glasses from LENS FACTORY. I just wanted to compare prices.

The cost of my new glasses was $173.00! I do not know about you, but I can think of better things to do with a savings of over $525.00 ($650.00 + 48.00 tax)! The glasses are wonderful. They are mailed back with a terrific hard case, packed well in a sturdy box. Their website is available on the internet. Customer service is very good at addressing any questions.


No, I do not work for Discover Bank, nor am I affiliated in any way. Just a satisfied consumer. I am tired of paying interest on credit cards, and never seeing the balance dropping by much. I went to a bank I had been doing business with for years (and paid off 2 mortgages) and they gave me the run around. Maybe they ran out of money to lend? Right. So I decided to apply to Discover through an Email I received from them. I found them to be very respectful, professional, and eager to make it work for me. Within the day, I had my approval! Thanks Discover for a pleasant experience!


When I received my tee shirt, I was extremely disappointed in the lack of good quality. It is, by far, the worst tee shirt I have ever ordered. I normally take a LARGE, because I do not like
Tight tees. In this case, I ordered a 2X to have it big, in case I wanted to wear a sleeveless top under it. It would fit a size M very tightly, but that's it! Never again will I buy from TEESPRING! I gave them another chance to get it right, and the shirt was only slightly bigger!
Maybe they design shirts for skinny professional models! All this cost me was $30!

Tip for consumers:
UPDATE: It can be helpful for anyone who has problems like I did with
the joke of a company TEESPRING, to call or write to the Attorney General's office in your state. That office deals with these types of complaints. You can find the telephone number by Googling it.

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