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When you dare to write a bad review at a bad product, Emag tells you that that review can't be published due general reasons which allow them to protect a bad product and a bad seller from the potential buyer which has trust in advertising, which is far away from the realty! Why they protect bad products and bad sellers! The client is not important for them! Only his money!


I've made a visit to Jumbo shop from Romania. Big mistake!
First of all, the lady from the entrance told me to let my bag (it's a Samsonite bag) at her, but I explained to her that I have there personal documents and keys and money, so I will enter inside with my bag, like the other people which had no problems or discussions with her. Maybe, like a revenge, at the exit of the shop, 2 security agents ask me to open my bag! I asked them why me and not all other people which was there, and I refused to open my bag, considering this an offense and I asked to came the manager! The person which told me that was the vice manager of the shop told me that this is a security problem and they can ask me to open my bag! I asked to came the police, but I realized that was under my dignity to go down to their level and I've open my bag. Was nothing! With this bag I was from 2015 in all of Greece and Europe and also in Thessaloniki Jumbo shop, without any problems! I l
I've tried to explain to them that they have security measures which can assure a discreet surveillance and is not possible to stop the clients as they want!
I would like to know if this attitude is representative to Jumbo shops from Romania or only for this one?!
Jumbo security works only like those 2 agents and the manager cover them? This is the representative personal for Jumbo shops?! They can't assume a mistake and say:"I am sorry, it was a mistake!" They said only: "Go from here"!
Very disappointed for this attitude and for me is the last visit to Jumbo!


I've charged a Pre-Pay from Orange, but after over 48h h the phone is not in function because to Orange-Romania. They told me that is a malfunction at them and... I have to wait! How much? They can't told me! And the persone who answer at the telephone told me that he represent Orange, so he can tel me anything and I have no other way! The number of the problem registered is: 147516642/03.04.2021
Orange-Romania have disastrously services! Run from them! Take another option: Vodafone, Telekom, Digi.
Avoid Orange!


There was 2 packs from the same seller, camed in the same time: 1 with DHL and the other with TNT, both from China. TNT was delivered after 3 days but DHL... keep the pack, saying that it have to make custom clearance and they made it in 15 days! I.ve sent them 4 times all the documents they ask for, but they don't want make their job!
For only 6 bath towels! For this, DHL wasn't able to deliver the pack arrived in Romania from 15 days!. Why TNT was able to make the custom and to deliver the pack in 3 days and DHL no?
It seems like they don't want to make it! Why? It can't take 15 days to make a delivery in Romania, but for DHL all is possible. It's a rigid, unpleasant and the bad service that DHL make in Romania!
Avoid them!


Don't order from this site! Is a clone and you will loose your money! The contact address has a link to the original site, but the rest is cloned, so you will loose your money if you don't care.
Their name is: GZJX Trade co., LTD from China!
Getmypaintbynumbers is the "Name "on Internet!


After the payment( the order: *******772) they disappear! No communication, no estimate time of delivery! You don't exist for them after you pay! This is the way they trait a client! I've paid DHL Express and I receive... nothing after 1 week (EU space)!
Is not a problem about money lost! Is a problem of honesty! And "Conrad" missed this!


I dare to ask why before the payment was a term of delivery and after... another! The answer was "automatically" and without any kind of involving! "The term is this!" Something as: if you don't like... bye! You're good until you pay! After: stay quiet and wait! Don't ask why you pay for speed transport and the pack was sent by ordinary mail! Don't ask nothing! Just pay!
Even in their nerve answer to my comment they prove that the client is important only before he pay: they even don't know that they sent the pack by DHL (not by other post or Roumanian post) and the pack is until Fri, 11/13/2020, 7:15 pm, in Saulheim, Germany!? It was enough to track it! But... they don't care!
And they forget to mention that the term was changed only after payment! Before was another!
And this tell all about " deltatecc.de "!


I've made and payed an order (ATX*******885)and, after this, from 3 days I try to receive an answer regarding the delivery day! Every telephone answer at my request was:
"stay quiet, we will call you!"-and is not the only lie!
And, after this... nothing! Silence! Nobody called me from 5 days! At the end, after all my insistences, someone told me that the delivery could takes even more, because in the moment of payment I agreed a term of... 15 days! The pack have to came from the same city! How long it takes from another city?
Is not normal for a company to treat like this it's clients! A little respect is necessary! But Altex don't know this word! They know only to take your money and. That's all! For Altex you are only a wallet!
In romana ar suna cam asa: Mai multa lipsa de bun simt, indiferenta si o lipsa totala de respect fata de client, intalnesti mai rar! Dupa ce mi-au luat banii, a trebuit sa insist sa aflu detalii despre livrare, afland ca in momentul platii am fost de acord, ca termenul de livrare sa fie de maximum... 15 zile!
Mie mi-au trebuit 5 zile de telefoane si de luat peste picior de catre angajatii Altex, ca sa aflu ceva despre obiectul pentru care banii mi-au fost incasati! Si pachetul trebuie sa vina din acelasi oras. Daca venea din alt oras, cat dura? Cumparati de oriunde vreti( chiar din China sau SUA) pentru ca produsele vor ajunge la voi mai repede decat de la Altex-Romania!


I was treaty like a stupid people! How is possible to mock a client? Try them and you will understand!
I've made an order ( W264432-big mistake) and after 5 days in which I had no sign from them, I sent an email asking to be informed about the delivery. I received an answer: sorry, one of the items you ordered are not in stock and you have to wait 2 or 3 weeks! It was about 2 pieces for a heating system in my apartment, so I asked them to send me ASAP the piece they have. And they send me the item: by ordinary mail, instead DHL Premium for which I've payed for! There are more than 2 weeks from the payment! And I'm staying in a cold house because of Insani! The pack comes after 17 days and... surprise: in the pack was only 1 piece, not 2 as was the payment for! They take the money for 2 and delivered 1! With payment for urgent delivery(DHL Premium) they send it by ordinary mail.
It's difficult for me to understand how they think and why they mock me! For me it was the last time I make an order at this company! Worse? Maybe exist, but "Insani24.de" are in "top"! You pay something and receive less! Good job for " Insani24.de"! But is a Police affaire! And court affaire!


Take care of your money and avoid this shop!
Is not normal that only after I ask for my order to "discover"that the product is out of stock!
Only if you ask!
If no,...? Is not normal! Is no correct!
What they "forget" to say in their replay is that only 2 days of silence from their part, I've sent 3 emails in which the question was:"What's happening with my pack?"they sent me an email in which they informed me that the product is out of stock! If I didn't ask for my pack, from their part was the same silence! And regarding the money, I didn't receive a proof for the refund! Only... the sames nice words! This is the way they proceed with a client. Only if you insist to know where are your money, they react! Good way to trate a client! Congratulations!. It's very easy to make a good site, to sell products that you don't have anymore to take the money from stupid people like me(at the bank you have to pay interest, so is better like this) and only and if they claim, to give them money back after 1-2 weeks. It's a free loan from stupid people, like me! If you receive the money back! I didn't! Maybe you are more lucky! If you dare!

Henry P. – B&H Photo Video Rep

Thank you for your order and this feedback. We regret your dissatisfaction. It is quite possible that we would not be aware an out-of-stock item had been discontinued until we received a customer's order and then placed our own with our vendor. Cancelling such an order and receiving a refund is a simple matter of emailing cs@bhphoto.com with a note and the order number. -- Henry Posner / B&H Photo-Video

Henry P. – B&H Photo Video Rep

Web No: 1066401886 Thank you for your order and this feedback. We regret your dissatisfaction. It is quite possible that we would not be aware an out-of-stock item had been discontinued until we received a customer's order and then placed our own with our vendor. Cancelling such an order and receiving a refund is a simple matter of emailing cs@bhphoto.com with a note and the order number. In this casem the order has already been cancelled and afull refund has been issued. -- Henry Posner / B&H Photo-Video

Verified purchase

I've made a command, i've paid, they take my money and after this... nothing! At my requests to be informed about the expedition I received only 1 message in which i was informed that I have to... wait. The pack(order *******827) is waiting... How long? Nobody knows! Neither Fenni Liang fron Vida XL who tell me to... wait! Read the other bad experiences of other people and you will understand who is Vida XL I will inform the Police and EEC about this kind of "sellers: which want only to take your money! Try to stay away from Vida XL! After they take your money, they lie as they breath in order to convince yo to wait and make nothing. They don't want to loose any other potential suckers, like me!
And they have very good photographers! The products are worse that in the pictures! If it comes to you!

Tip for consumers:
Read,read,read and take care !


Unfortunatelly, it's the second time when I have problems with Carrefour-Romania concerning the return of the amount paied for a comand which was cancelled! They try to say you that the money was sent, but they lie you nonchalantly! I am very dissapointed, but it's the last time whern I try to made a command on Carrefour on-line! Don't trust them! It's easy to take the money, but when they have to return the amount... nothing! It'a about respect and rightness! They don't have both!


If they have no control, could be a lot of frauds"
I; ve tried to buy from:" https://www.ebay.com/str/innov8gbltd" on 29-th of November. Till 05.01.2020 the item has no arrived and when I tried to contact the seller they told me that the item was shipped second time(!) and I have to wait until the end of January.It's about 2 month from the payment and "E-Bay" has no power against this so called on-line shops which fraud you! I asked the shop to give me a proove of expedition... Silent!
Don't trust them, despite the stars they have, because if you leave a bad comment, will not be taken in consideration!
" E-bay" want only the money! The satisfaction of clients are on the last place!
And when you try to inform them regarding the problems, they say: "wait."... From November till now are 2 month! And I have to wait more... say E-bay! Be very carefully with the products from this site!


I've made a reservation with Booking.com and after a discussion with the hotel we agree to cancel the reservation. This was noticed also to Booking, so the amount blocked in my account was refunded. All seems to be OK, until the next day, in which I saw that the amount was charged another time by Booking, without my permission and without to tell me anything, after they informed me that all is OK and the cancelation was finished! If I do not observed that Booking toke my money again after they refunded, and if I do not ask Booking to give my money back, what happens with this payment? It remains at Booking without any notice to me... Is not correct and also is at the limit of the law, to take money from someone account without inform him. I really do not expect this from Booking.com! How can I trust them? Who thaught that Booking can take you money from your account for... nothing!
Be carefully! Do not trust them!


In the pictures is a Samsonite bag after less than 2 months of use. Really, was buyed 1.5 year ago, but was used very, very rare. Maybe the thread resist only this time!
The producer and the seller didn't say nothing, so I have to inform another people about the Samsonite quality!
I've tryed to contact Samsonite to ask their opinion about the quality of the products but... silence. This is the best way to find how a company is respecting their clients!
All the best Samsonite! Thank you for your "kind support and cooperation"!


I've made 2 orders on Jomashop.( 17W8987 and 17Y2131): one for a watch and the other for a pair of sunglasses. After 2 days, when I ask them what it happend with my orders, they tell me that the watch have a delay of 6-7 working days. After another days they tell me that is no in stock! Ok I've cancelled the order I was expecting them to unblock the amount! After 7 days it no happend! I am still waiting to have my money back! The other order has another story. One day in chat room they(Amber) tell me that was shipped and the next day that the shipment will have a delay of 2-3 weeks! And when I've made a request to the person I've talked with, to cancel the order he leave me speaking alone! After this they told me(Maxell) that the order has been cancelled, but it appear as "processing" and my money are still blocked by Jomashop! Even after 1 day the order hasn't been cancelled! They lie as they breath! Maybe this is the company policy regarding the customer satisfaction! Maybe I am a special problem but: Take care! A lot of nice words without cover in facts!
I want that any other people have great attention with Jomashop!

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