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My girlfriend recently asked me to buy her a handbag, however I don't know anything about handbags. For me it's an unknown sphere where I can't orient actually. So, I started to explore this topic and found plenty of websites where I can buy a handbag. Well, I have spent lots of time on this activity and finally I found thi service, which is specialized in selling handbags. I explored the assortment here and decided which one I wanted to order. I asked couple of questions and got the answers on them. The shipping was pretty fast and the relation of customer support managers here is awesome.


Incredible selection - and I can always find something special.
And that's without any overpriced items or delivery problems.
Everything is just fine.


I looked through the investment programs from ISEC WM. I want to say that I've not found anything unusual there. Guys are engaged in classical portfolio compilation. Depending on the degree of acceptable risk, they add fixed income instruments, bonds, shares, and other instruments to the portfolio.
The growth of the initial investment is about 400% here. But it should be taken into account that this is for 16 years. On average, the annual growth is 25%. Of course, this is much higher than in the bank. But I know the investment methods that give 50,75, or even 100% per annum.
So, for the time being, I'm looking at the company. I can't say that ISEC WM offers a low return on investment. But I don't see high profitability here either. The most aggressive strategy gives about 15% per annum. At the same time, significant fluctuations in the account are allowed. This will not suit everyone.


The first thing I checked about the brokerage is whether it's regulated. It is. CySEC. So that's good. Next I checked the website. Didn't look suspicious eiher. All the terms of service and agreemnets looked fine. Liquidity providers are mentioned, so you can expect a certain level of transparency here about quotes, spreads and executions.
As for the user experience itself - I guess I can't realy speak much of it as it al runs pretty smooth and I didn't really have a chance to contact support and see if they can deal with some complex issues (competent enough). My small reuqests to help with KYC process and questions about new account setup were answered quickly enough. This doesn't speak for some extraordinary support skills, but as I sead I dindn't have a chance to test the service in a more stressful circumstances with urgent or complicated issues (and I hope I won't have to LOL). SO far all is good to sum it all up.

Support F. – ForexTB Rep

Dear Amiran,
Thank you for your positive feedback and for choosing us as your trusted broker!


Before I discovered Vertex Market, I was used to exchanging cryptos on traditional centralized platforms. Unfortunately, that experience wasn't always hassle-free. You know how trouble-some traditional cryptocurrency exchanges can be. Governments and hackers keep victimizing these institutions. However, I hope that after PayPal made a revolutionary step towards cryptocurrency, the situation with crypto exchanges will start improving all over the world. However, as of now I prefer to refrain from using services provided by centralized platforms.
Instead, I try to make the most of a worthy alternative. That's a nice peer-to-peer site Vertex. It doesn't depend on intermediaries that makes the whole process transparent and fast. Here I can negotiate a trade with a chosen private seller and buyer. It totally suits me.


Many original goods.
Prices correspond to those stated on the site.
Frequent discounts and promotions.
Timely delivery.


If you want a good memory stick then this is the store for you. I am saying this because I have had so many interactions with this store that you sould say that I am a sort of regular customer. Each and every time that I have bought a product I have never bee dissapointed because they have always given me what I want.


Common Lisp is known for being extremely flexible, having excellent support for object oriented programming, and fast prototyping capabilities. It also sports an extremely powerful macro system that allows you to tailor the language to your application, and a flexible run-time environment that allows modification and debugging of running applications (excellent for server-side development and long-running critical software).


It's a good video sharing website but it's still way worse than youtube for example by many params in speed in video quality and all other things like that entirely and absolutely anyway, I do want to make all that possible within that risk. Thanks for that!


I'm a loyal Olymp Trade customer and I like the way this company works. I contacted the support team, but I couldn't get a full and clear answer. If anyone knows the answer and can explain it to me in detail, I would be very grateful. I cannot understand how the multiplier differs from the leverage. After all, both of these instruments mean that the broker gives me money on credit and I trade on them? If so, what is the difference? I also can't understand why I need them and what their specific advantages. If someone has used such features and has detailed information, so please, let me know.

Olymp T. – Olymp Trade Rep

Hello there! Thank you so much for your question.

First of all, our company never loans any amount of funds. You can use only your deposit for trading. The maximum amount of loss per deal cannot exceed the amount of the deal.

We don't have leverage tools on our platform and provide an opportunity to use the multiplier in your deals. Multiplier is one of the major tools in forex. This allows you to increase the profit potential of your deal.
It has a very simple mechanism of work. Let us explain this in detail.

Let's assume you buy EUR/USD, your investment amount is $50, and your multiplier is one. If the price goes up 10%, your profit will be $5 ($50 x 10%).
However if instead of one you specify 20 as a multiplier your investment amount will rise to $1,000 ($50x20).
As you can see, your profit has been multiplied by 20, and this is how the multiplier works.

This is like the speed of a car: the greater it is, the faster you reach your destination. However, high speed brings with it more risk. If you forecast will be wrong your loss will be increase on the multiplier amount as well.

For novice traders, we recommend using a minimum multiplier, which equals 1, in order to avoid risks in case the market moves against you. As you acquire skills and experience, you can also increase your multiplier.

Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

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