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[Source Picture from: KCP&L Smart Grid from Missouri Public Service Commission]

Missouri Public Service (MPS) has accepted KCPL's 5-year plan for sustainable smart grid development. The DOE funded MPS version can be accessed here. (http://files.newpatriotsblog.com/200004101-31a7a339b2/KCPLSMARTPresent.pdf) What does this mean to you as a consumer?

There are few benefits for the electric consumer, the majority of infrastructure is aimed at collecting utility customer information and transmitting it via WIFI back to the Great Plains Subsidiary. KCP&L claims increased system reliability and fewer outages to their smart grid: "There will be increased information about customer energy usage and the ability to monitor, manage and ultimately reduce energy consumption and bills."

But how's that different from the histogram of usage that already appears on my monthly bill? The answer is KCP&L can determine exactly what is being operated in the home. The company is marketing the smart grid as advantageous to customers but what are claimed as benefits actually favors KCP&L not the consumer. The KCP&L plan version is available here. (http://files.newpatriotsblog.com/200004106-023b7042f0/KCPLSmartGrid.pdf)

For the system to produce the greatest economic benefit, individual homes must allow KCP&L to remotely control their household thermostat. There is a good possibility that participation will become mandatory at some point just as smart meters have been mandated by the company. Can you refuse? I was told by the KCP&L installation technician that I couldn't opt out. When companies dictate to you what you must do in order to receive their services, you are ruled by fascism. In a similar event in Nevada, the power company took the smart meter and left a hole where the meter was, leaving the woman without electrical power. (http://stopsmartmeters.org/2012/09/12/smart-meter-or-no-power-at-all-power-company-sends-three-armed-men-to-disconnect-power-just-for-opting-out/)

One wonders what payoff the KCC and local politicians are getting to ignore consumer health and security issues and just look the other way.

KCP&L 's plan states that the thermostat is one way communication but MPS indicates that it's bi-directional as it has to be to cycle your AC compressor and provide feedback data to the company. KCP&L has the ability to send a signal providing instructions to the thermostat in to reduce cooling demand... programmable via the Internet " Note that cycling your air conditioning unit benefits KCP&L because you pay for the surge current (inrush) for each 15-minute cycle as well as the added wear and tear on the unit. Inrush current can be as much as 3.5 times as high as the normal load current, so if your unit typically uses around 20 amps during operation that amounts to 70 amps-4 times and hour plus the normal operating current.

KCP&L claims that "Cycling event-cycle compressor off and on for 15-minute increments, for no more than four hours." However, if KCP&L and its affiliates don't like your politics, you could be 'off' a lot longer than 4 hours.

There are some 25 additional disadvantages for the smart meter consumer as documented in a sample utility letter from stopsmarmeters.org (http://stopsmartmeters.org/sample-letter-to-utility/) concerning Pacific Gas and Electric customers who have a similar program. PG&E issues are common to KCP&L's five year plan and it's no surprise that KCP&L omits the disadvantages of their smart grid program. Utilities stand to make enormous profits long term from smart grid technology, so it's understandable that they'd hide any consumer disadvantages. Here is a brief summary of customer concerns:

* [Smart Meters] individually identify electrical devices inside the home and record when they are operated causing invasion of privacy. Smart Meters" are, by definition, surveillance devices which violate Federal and State wiretapping laws by recording and storing databases of private and personal activities and behaviors without the consent or knowledge of those people who are monitored.

* Smart meters are not protected from EMP attacks, large EMPs or localized EMPs as simple as a kid with a battery and a coil (Electro Magnetic Pulse)

This second case will be a lot of fun for the consumer trying to prove that he or she hasn't consumed the kilowatts that a compromised meter is now claiming. Note that the KCPL system permits the company to download whatever EER/ECA cost factors are desired directly into your meter and who's to know? Remember, that the social mindset is always to believe the machine because computers, etc... don't make mistakes!

* They {Smart Meters] transmit wireless signals which may be intercepted by unauthorized and unknown parties. Those signals can be used to monitor behavior and occupancy and they can be used by criminals to aid criminal activity against the occupants.

Once a hacker gains access to your programmable thermostat via any internet connection, he's uniquely positioned to know the best time to burglarize that home and sexual predators could know when young children might be alone. Those with access to the smart meter databases can review a permanent history of household activities complete with calendar and time-of-day metrics to gain a highly invasive and detailed view of the lives of the occupants. Those databases may be shared with, or fall into the hands of criminals, blackmailers, [NSA] corrupt law enforcement, private hackers of wireless transmissions, power company employees, and other unidentified parties who may act against the interests of the occupants under metered surveillance.

Newer appliances with microchips will broadcast their ID so the utility (and others) will know exactly what you're doing in your own home in real time. And, like Microsoft, Google and other collaborators who have given the NSA access to their customer databases, KCP&L will lie to its ratepayers, denying that NSA or anyone else has acquired such information. Even if KCP&L's smart meter employs encrypted WIFI signals, the NSA will be provided with the encryption keys and/or direct access to the consumer's account at KCP&L's data hub despite a particular customer not being a terrorist threat. KCP&L is bringing the public a step closer to the government's Total Information Awareness system.

There are also health and fire hazards associated with smart meter use but simply chalked up to the cost of doing business. "The Saskatchewan government has ordered its power utility SaskPower to remove 105,000 so-called smart meters installed at homes and businesses across the province, following concerns about eight unexplained fires associated with the units." (http://news.ca.msn.com/top-stories/saskpower-to-remove-105000-smart-meters-following-fires-1)

Then there are reported health problems due to the radiation emitted by the devices. (http://www.wnd.com/2012/12/health-hazards-linked-to-utility-meters/)

There are some 25 stakeholder lobby groups involved in the Great Plains Smart Grid project, ". Including neighborhood groups, Congressman Cleaver, MARC, MEC, KCP&L, MGE, KCMO water, UMKC" but no mention of the KCP&L pledge to cooperate with the radical Sierra Club on legislative and regulatory changes that would reduce the company's overall emissions of carbon dioxide by 20 percent by the year 2020. (http://files.newpatriotsblog.com/200000775-556ca5666d/KCPLtoJumpStartcapmTradePayoffs.htm)

The George Soros driven Sierra Club association tends to explain why KCP&L wants so many EER/ECA type surcharges. The KCC has already approved 99% of KCP&L's surcharge requests. The latest request is for Time of Use (TOU) because smart grid development and operation costs are driven by fringe environmental groups to the detriment of ratepayers but you won't hear that from the utility or local media outlets. Currently, KCP&L profits are more than adequate to enable them to pay some $1.65 per shareholder as listed in the Great Plains Energy Corp 2nd quarter 2014 report. (https://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/great-plains-energy-reports-second-211100461.html)

The KCPL smart grid is clearly an Agenda 21 sustainable development program that will impose cap and trade on the American public via subterfuge. The EER/ECA/TOU surcharges are simply a hedge against lawsuit and regulatory threats. Utility rates will continue to increase to the planned benefit of the electric cartel owners, not the consumer. Rest assured, the smart grid concept is planned to be the electric supply standard across North America including all rural areas.


Today's insurance market is simply the pits especially where automobile coverage is concerned. Consumer complaints are on the rise and even though one can get a feel for how he or she may fair under insurer policies from these complaints, there is little relief from industry abuses. One such example is Farm Bureau Financial Services of West Des Moines. Iowa, a holding company that has acquired a number of state farm bureaus through the years including Kansas in 2001.

Farm Bureau is a financial conglomerate that provides Home and Auto coverage through its subsidiaries as well as questionable innovative technologies like driveology': (https://www.fbfs.com/insurance/auto-insurance/driveology)

What's that you may ask? View the FB Driver real time monitoring brochure here. Note that the company's safe driving software will be rating YOUR contribution to global warming as a qualifier for premium auto discounts.

We now live in a technological age where government and its affiliated partners can render total information control over every individual. Under real time driver management surveillance, most people will never qualify for any significant discounts. It will be nothing more than an intrusive incursion into ones privacy.

Farm Bureau has a history of making promises which never materialize. I was involved in several rate saving programs in the past promising discounts but about halfway through, a general rate increase nullified the discount. I even requested a 7500 mile travel limit option but it didn't result in any noticeable rate reduction (Update 6/19) as I wound up with double digit rate increases of 18%, 13.5%, 13% and 36% for the last four years. See my complaint filed with the Kansas Insurance Commissioner.: http :// files. Patrioteponym. Webnode. Com/200010164-7f88d8082f/Consumer%20Complaint78756. Pdf UPDATE 7-15-19: On June 6th, I received notification that my case was being investigated. The end of June I received notice from the insurance company that my 36% increase would be just 10%.

The company raises insurance premiums on drivers with no accidents to help offset its uninsured loss claims. As you might imagine in new technologies, the Farm Bureau website doesn't give any system details on its driver monitoring package. Their safety brochure mailed to potential insurance renewals is all the information that is available. They want you to talk to their agent where nothing promised is in writing to establish that the insurer wasn't acting in good faith in the event of future litigation. I'll define what that means a bit later.

Now before one can actually qualify for the kind of savings they hint at with their driver monitor (up to 30%) you need to own the right car. What might that be you respond? Well the advertisement I received with this years 13.5% rate increase infers that I may only expect to receive the maximum discounted savings IF my car qualifies. Now given the fact that Farm Bureau raised my auto rates 18% last year with no claims for the last 15 to 20 years that Ive been insured, I have to conclude that one must have the latest vehicle technology in addition to their software if any real savings are possible. So, what must a person do?

Well for starters I must accept their electronic surveillance package in my car (it could be as simple as a flash drive plugged into my cars USB port, if I had one) that would query and store my vehicles health, environmental and operating data.

Expect this to be a points based rating system not unlike trading carbon credits. For example, you just had a new CO exhaust monitor installed in the vehicle, that's +5 points but you also have a substandard performing catalytic converter and that's -50 points. Get the drift or am I going too fast?

In addition, the FB insurance system records how often the brake pedal is actuated, your distance traveled, the speed of the vehicle and if the driver is wearing a seat belt. I bet it will also test driver alertness on long trips as most new cars have a camera screen which is perfect for receiving visual messages and alarms from your driving safely monitor. It will send various messages that need to be responded to in a certain amount of time along the lines of a drunk detector on start-up which requires you to type in a random series of numbers in sequence in 10 or so seconds or you can't start the car. Or continue driving. Remember, older drivers with arthritis and other physical impairments will be challenged to satisfy such tests. And, it would most likely result in a serious penalty (-1000 points, etc) in the driveology system if you fail it.

The Farm Bureau software surveillance system is capable of virtually infinite expansion as any new WIFI device can communicate with your vehicle WIFI. So say, there's a new device marker for a school zone, the marker will notify the FB system in your car enabling it to determine if you're speeding in that region, and if so - 100 points. And lets not forget that weather is available across the WIFI network which allows insurers to determine that you're driving too fast on wet slippery roads and then more point penalties. Also, they'll know what you're listening to on the radio and if you're texting because these are all WIFI access devices. And because most fast food restaurants also have WIFI, the company will be aware of what you're eating and drinking. This information will be sold to their business partners per their privacy notification policy.

The Farm Bureau driver monitor will also know the last time your car was serviced and if the environment is being harmed by using the AC too often. [UPDATE 7/6/17] These intrusive measures are being offered as a 'social responsibility' effort but also a 'profit enhancer' for companies. Telogis offers real time monitoring.
Here's an example of what's already underway in commercial fleet operation: "Using Telogis Fleet (https://www.telogis.com/solutions/fleet) you can measure progress on green metrics. Using baseline data, ongoing collection and record-keeping of GHG outputs, you can report on your current carbon footprint and track green fleet initiatives... It all adds up to shrinking your carbon footprint and minimizing carbon emissions. Calculate your potential CO2 reductions using our GPS ROI calculator."

Driver monitors can interface with the police license scanner system ALPR
(http://www.theiacp.org/ALPR) alerting an expired license -1500 points (plus a ticket). Or perhaps, you didn't schedule that emissions test when told to by the system within the time window allotted -500 points. The FB driveology data is viewable externally as their brochure claims but you can't correct it. It will testify against you in any legal proceeding resulting from a citation or an accident.

Now after your car has spied on you for a period of time, I mean monitored your driving habits for a year or so, you become eligible for advanced premium discounts. But I'd be surprised if anyone could qualify for a dime of rebate under such a program, more than likely the FB system will document scores of reasons why one can't earn a premium break and will then be justification for endless rate increases just as one experiences each year for those over retirement age.

Statistics is the lifeblood of the insurance industry; these people are always looking for ways to minimize their risks and boost profits at the drivers expense so your personal freedom and privacy under the 4th amendment is of little concern. So, don't be surprised if the insurance industry is already lobbying government to require this invasive technology under penalty of law. Forcing individuals to upgrade equipment and purchase services they don't need or want is a time honored globalist tradition right along with getting the government to do their dirty work. (If you've forgotten that principle just revisit Obamacare.)

Companies like Farm Bureau also force you to subscribe to their quarterly Kansas Living magazine as a condition of purchasing their auto insurance. Kansas Living is no longer the voice of agriculture but a paid platform of partner advertising subsidized by the policy holder. You can't cancel it because your FB auto insurance is contingent upon remaining a Kansas Living subscriber.

So, how effective is Farm Bureaus claim management you may think? Well, in short, they almost never return your phone calls. Particularly, if you have a question about their rates don't expect to get an answer in your lifetime. For a supposedly rural company they come off like the snobbish global company they truly are. One recent user named Rachel from Kansas (https://www.consumeraffairs.com/insurance/farm-bureau-homeowners.htm) laments: Extremely dissatisfied with Farm Bureau. We have paid additional to get residential home equipment breakdown coverage. Our heat and air unit outside needs replacement. It has been eleven days since we have filed our claim. We have tried to contact the insurance agent several times. He does not pick up his phone and neither does he answer back. I certainly have to agree with her assessment based on my personal experiences with Farm Bureau.

Then there's Debra (https://www.consumeraffairs.com/insurance/farm-bureau-homeowners.htm) from the Indiana branch of Farm Bureau: I've had Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance for 6 SIX years, paying approx $200/month which equals over $14k and had NO ZERO claims, not even 1 speeding ticket, yet my insurance rates keep increasing - on my 11 yo vehicle! I am even over 50. Called my agent and he said "Well, I can't explain it. Sorry. I'll even shop around for you!" Here are more FB complaints from the consumer protection website (https://www.consumeraffairs.com/insurance/farm_bureau_auto.html).

Folks there's a reason behind Farm Bureaus rude and callous behavior, they simply don't have to perform because if there's any misdoings you're the one (or your attorney) who has to prove that the insurer wasn't acting in good faith and its just about impossible to prove given the legal boundary conditions that have to be satisfied simultaneously. Now you know the value of insurance lobbying. Yes, state governments have provided some cushy legal protection for the insurance cartels deep pockets. Here's an excellent example from Findlaw as to how the claim game is played.

On October 9,1999, Roger Bellville (Bellville) and his wife, Sue Ellen, were involved in a motor vehicle accident with Guy Schueler. Ellen died at the scene Bellville was unharmed. (http://caselaw.findlaw.com/ia-supreme-court/1256710.html)

2. Subjective element: knowledge of lack of reasonable basis. Even when the insurer lacks a reasonable basis for its denial of a claim, liability for bad faith will not attach unless the insurer knew or should have known that the basis for denying its insured's claim was [Sampson, 582 N. W. 2d at 150; Kiner v. Reliance Ins. Co]., unreasonable. An insurer's negligent or sub-par 463 N. W. 2d 9,13 (Iowa 1990). Investigation or evaluation of a claim is relevant to the fact finder's determination of whether the insurer should have known its denial lacked Reuter, 469 N. W. 2d at 254; Bad Faith Actions a reasonable basis. 5:08, at 5-42 ([A] breach of the duty to investigate constitutes a § But an improper investigation, standing substitute for knowledge.). Alone, is not sufficient cause for recovery if the insurer in fact has Reuter, 469 an objectively reasonable basis for denying the claim. N. W. 2d at 254-55; accord Seastrom v. Farm Bureau Life Ins. Co., 601 5:08, at 5-42 (stating N. W. 2d 339,347 (Iowa 1999); Bad Faith Actions § a negligent investigation does not constitute bad faith by itself). With this background, we turn now to an analysis of the plaintiff's bad faith claim.

So bad faith actions ARE NOT proof of bad faith itself and precisely what insurance adjuster actions could ever be deemed unreasonable in a court of law? And how could you prove that the insurer knew or should have known that his basis for denying the claim was unreasonable? Anything the adjuster does will be deemed reasonable; the appellate court has already affirmed that assumption in this particular case.

Farm Bureaus real time driver monitoring system is a privacy threat and a consumer rip off..


A few weeks ago, I decided to have a look at one of the web visitor data recording companies out there to see what kind of information they could collect. Motherboard reports that a Princeton study revealed that over 400 companies (so far) record your every keystroke and them transmit it to a third party website.
[https :// motherboard. Vice. Com/en_us/article/59yexk/princeton-study-session-replay-scripts-tracking-you? Lipi=urn%3Ali%3Apage%3Ad_flagship3_profile_view_base_recent_activity_details_all%3BfyDHJ5lBRZyN4kY%2Fa5Kivw%3D%3D&utm_campaign=5c6b27f87b-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2'

Typical companies providing this service are FullStory, SessionCam, SmartLook, UserReplay, etc. I opted to try SmartLook simply because the geniuses at Webnode provided a convenient widget to insert their tracking code.

It just isnt enough today that American Intelligence agencies are spying on everyone with their Prism software, but they are partnering with major business and social media like the CIAs 600 million contract with Amazon. Com
[http://www.businessinsider.com/cia-600-million-deal-for-amazons-cloud-2013-3?international=true&r=US&IR=T] for cloud access. We already know that Facebook and until recently Twitter provide information to the CIA. The bad news here is that all purchases through Amazon are retained on their cloud servers and the CIA will have access. You can be certain that any cloud service that your application communicates with will be available to the intelligence services as well as a host of unknown third parties because the data is NOT encrypted.

Its far better to get the mark to provide personalized data on him or herself to the tracking recorder thinking that hes browsing anonymously or at least ignored but many of these companies have dashboards where clients can playback the recordings they collect. Yandex, Hotjar, and Smartlooks dashboards run non-encrypted HTTP pages, rather than much more secure, encrypted HTTPS pages. The biggest liability is that once the data is removed from your site all control is lost, virtually anyone could have access to this data and youd never know.

I was curious to find out just what could be collected by SmartLook. However, I was surprised to find that the actual service is quite haphazard. Either SmartLook is developing their recording software on the fly as the saying goes or you really dont get much on the free side. But upgrading the service means youre paying to have your readers spied on.

Fortunately, the SmartLook collected data is not totally accurate or reliable. Primarily because the staff is not well organized, knowledgeable or well versed in English. After adding their code to The Patriots header and getting nothing, I contacted SmartLook support where a woman named Sofie informed me by email that In one case Only in webnode premium you can add code directly to the HTML header of the whole website. In webnode free, you need to install the code in all pages you wish to track. Anyone, who is remotely conscious or understands the language, knows that free websites dont have custom registered URLs as we do, ergo, we are a premium user! So this individual is likely responding with canned phrases from the companys data forum without any understanding of what was conveyed because they cant communicate beyond an elementary level in English.

In another case, two different users known to me personally, one residing in Kansas and the other in Ohio accessed our site but showed the same IP address in the data collection set. Upon questioning one of the support staff as to how this could happen, I was told that The only explanation is that it was the same person and the two different names appeared because you have wrong code settings. The companys help link indicates that if you want to track a particular user, you have to type their email address directly into the tracking code and they give an example case. The SmarLook tracking code is paste-in and Webnode provides the widget access so unless you cant type an address within the two apostrophe markers, you cant have wrong code settings unless either SmartLook or Webnode made them.

Individual email identification is no better as I have seen a whole day of data collection of 6 or more people with the same email but different IP addresses. Guess the user has multiple identities so he or she switches every couple of hours throughout the day. The responses Ive received from their support staff are disingenuous and you cant really trust their assessments.

After some $#*!ering back and forth with their support personnel to get things working the way SmartLook advertised, I indeed found that I could watch a visitor enter our site and view virtually everything he or she clicked on. This kind of information can and will be abused down the road and It's already happening as "The CBS report suggests in no uncertain terms that the personal information pertaining to millions of Americans collected by one of the Worlds largest ad agencies is sold to the CIA." [https://www.cbsnews.com/news/social-media-is-a-tool-of-the-cia-seriously/]

SmartLook claimed their software only retained three days worth of data but thats because I wasnt paying them to collect it. Data was collected from approximately Nov 3rd to Nov 24th obviously more than 3 days. There was no data collected beyond Nov 24th, 2017 by their system even though I still had their code installed on the site for several more days. At first, I thought it was yet another glitch but when nothing more was recorded, I removed the code. On Nov. 27th, all archived data subsequently disappeared from the SmartLook control panel or at least was interred somewhere where I couldnt access it. You can be reasonably certain that its still archived there even if I no longer have access to it.

UPDATE 12/12/17 Why Have you Stopped Using SmartLook?

I have noticed you removed our code from your website. Can you tell me why did you stop using Smartlook? Just pick a letter:

A) Smartlook doesn't record my website properly
B) I dont have time to watch the recordings / I find no added value in Smartlook
C) I just removed Smartlook temporarily - plan to use it again
D) I am missing feature X (please fill in)
E) Neither of those, let me tell you why...

I will be glad for any feedback, even if it's negative.

Best regards,

Vladimir Sandera
Cofounder, optimist

I received this correspondence from one of the SmartLook co-founders in early December after removing their code from our header. Why was this an issue? Could it be that they wanted me to leave the code installed to keep recording visitor data whether or not I chose to use it?

Update 1/24/2018

[Smartlook] We're excited to tell you we're migrating all our data to more powerful cloud service (AWS)! Your account included. The process is time-intensive, but we're working hard to complete the migration by the end of next week.

While the long-term benefits will be great, we wanted to let you know you might experience a few bumps and minor interruptions along the way. (Might.)

The good news:
AWS provides us with more safety, stability, and speed
Your data will be better serviced and stored securely
Smartlook features will run faster
This migration is a lot of work, and we appreciate your patience during the next few days while we finish up Your Smartlook Team

Long term benefits for whom? This move simply presents more opportunities for data to be accessed by more persons unknown as its unlikely that Smarlooks new AWS storage is any more secure than Yahoo who experienced a major hack.

I recommend readers give serious consideration to a good AD blocker: If you want to block session replay scripts, popular ad-blocking tool AdBlock Plus
[https://adblockplus.org/] will now protect you against all of the ones documented in the Princeton study.


Recently, I had to upgrade my automobile air conditioning system from R12 to R134a. Getting AC parts for a 1991 Nissan is no easy task. After some research on the Net, I happened upon Parts Geek which seemed to have exactly what I needed at reasonable prices.

I did most of the AC work on my own car, flushing the lines, installing a new compressor, o-rings, etc. I ordered a new Filter-Drier from Parts Geek and it arrived promptly, now note their return policy:

We have a 30 day return policy. We must be contacted within 30 days of receipt for an RMA number. We will not accept any returns after 30 days, no exceptions. All returns including cores require an RMA number. You MUST fill out a support ticket on our website for an RMA number. We will NOT accept return requests via phone. DO NOT send back any parts without first obtaining an RMA number via e-mail, or else your credit will be delayed significantly. Please visit our website and click on Customer Service for further details."

I installed the new filter-drier and pulled down the system to 29 inches of mercury but the AC system began to leak as soon as the vacuum pump shut off. I checked the system for leaks but couldn't identify any even though the system had green dye in the PAG oil and had been run briefly.

I had to put my car in a local Kansas AC shop and they called to tell me the new Filter-Drier was defective, leaking around the sight glass. The shop replaced the filter drier, pumped it down and charged the system with R134a. It then worked fine.

Now instead of being able to repair and upgrade my auto AC system for less than $200, I wound up paying over $500 because of that defective drier not to mention the time and aggravation I experienced getting an approved RMA number to get the defective part returned for credit. And then they wouldn't pay the shipping for me to return their defective part!

You get a confirming email from Parts-Geek on any order which contains the customer order number, if you don't have that number they won't assist you. They have no other way to identify your order. And Parts Geek has no telephone contact number on their website, I had to do a separate search to acquire their 800 number. When you call, you get their automated menu so they can screen customers by the type of part ordered. Parts-Geek customer representatives are rude, not very knowledgeable and like to make you keep repeating the order number as you attempt to resolve a parts issue.

Here is their order policy:

"Please do not reply to this message. This e-mail was sent from a notification-only e-mail address that cannot accept incoming e-mail. If you need to contact Customer Service, please open a support ticket on our Customer Service page.

To track your package, please visit the carriers website and simply input the tracking number. All UPS tracking numbers begin with 1Z, (e.g., 1Z69R2R*******544) All FedEx numbers are 15 digits long and do not include any letters (e.g., *******8048715). All US MAIL tracking numbers are 20 digits long and do not include any letters (e.g., 0123 4567 8910 1112).

* Please note that ALL tracking information may not be available immediately or at the same time. Please allow 24 hours after receiving the tracking number for the shipping carrier to update their web site.

* As indicated on our website, we do not offer weekend or holiday delivery. Therefore, any overnight or second day orders placed on Friday will not arrive until the following business day.

* If you receive a damaged package, do not accept the package. You can either refuse the package or contact the shipping carrier to refuse the package. You have 24 hours to refuse the package. We will not be responsible for the return of carrier damaged products.

* We have a 30 day return policy. No returns are accepted without a return authorization number. We must be contacted within 30 days of receipt for an RMA number. We will not accept any returns after 30 days, no exceptions."

How would you get an RMA for a carrier damaged package? The answer: You wouldn't and if that carrier turned out to be UPS, you'd likely be out the entire cost of whatever you bought. I had to get an approved RMA to return the defective filter-drier. I included an email from my local AC Shop indicating the filter-drier was defective.as I wasn't certain they'd take my word for it. I also had to pay to ship back the defective filter-drier; they refuse to pay any return shipping charges no matter what the circumstances. Here are some further testimonies to Parts Geek's crappy service, there are plenty of other complaints. http://partsgeek.pissedconsumer.com/

I was asked to rate Parts Geek on Trust Pilot: Click here to rate us on Trustpilot

I gave them one star out of five because that was as low as the system would let me go. Here was the Parts-Geek credit response on the defective filter-drier I returned.

"Please DO NOT REPLY to this message. (we will not receive it) To contact us you MUST open a support ticket on our Customer Service page.

This is to inform you that your credit was processed today.

Invoice Number: 15-xxxxxxxx
Shipping: $9.95
Parts: $12.08
Total Credit: $22.03"

UPDATE ***** Bank ledger entries show the following credits from Parts-Geek. Same order. Same carrier. Same destination

CREDIT 1831 PARTS GEEK, LLC *******352, NJ $9.95

CREDIT 1834 PARTS GEEK, LLC *******352, NJ $22.03

But on the second filter-drier I inadvertently ordered I only received $9.95 credit. When I asked the customer rep why I didn't get the full amount of $12.08, he hung up on me. The next time I called, I asked why is there a difference in shipping charges, i. E. (1st - drier) $22.03 - $12.08 = $9.95 and (2nd Drier) $12.08 - 9.95 = $2.13? He claims I had to pay return shipping on an order that I refused delivery on. This makes no sense! You can also read my complaints on Yelp.at

During the 2nd call to Parts-Geek, the customer rep said he needed to put me on hold while he checks into the shipping discrepancy and then after about 10+ minutes on hold, listening to their endless repetitive elevator music, the connection was terminated. Both of these identical parts traveled via the same carrier to the same location, so the refund should have been the same. The order refund was INTENTIONALLY shorted, there is no other plausible explanation. No doubt, it's how they limit their expenses on damaged or defective items.

Parts-Geek also overcharges you on the shipping, I spent $9.02 USPS charges to use the same carrier as Part-Geek to return a defective filter-drier to the same location that I was charged $9.95 to have it shipped to me originally from a commercial business. It's not a lot of money to be out for sure but if this is done on small orders what might you expect on a large one when returning a defective item?

Apparently, Parts Geek doesn't bother checking anything before it ships out, What's quality control? Basically you get whatever is on the shelf in whatever condition it is at the time. Who cares? They already got your money. And, they'll probably put your item right back on the shelf when they receive it and then ship it out to someone else.

Second Update: I can see why Parts Geek is not a member of the Better Business Bureau but I went ahead and added my complaint to the New Jersey affiliate anyway, complaint ID 11568737. I'd say the following complaints pretty much characterize Parts Geek practices, i. E. problems with Product/Service.

"This business is not BBB accredited.
Customer Complaints Summary Read complaint details:"http://www.bbb.org/new-jersey/business-reviews/auto-parts-and-supplies-new/parts-geek-in-marlton-nj-26001418/complaints#breakdown

628 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 201 closed in last 12 months

Complaint Type Total Closed Complaints
Advertising/Sales Issues 59
Billing/Collection Issues: 31
Delivery Issues: 104
Guarantee/Warranty Issues: 20
Problems with Product/Service: 414
Total Closed Complaints: 628

As long as there are no consequences to their business the customer abuses at Parts Geek will continue. Firing inept and/or rude representatives will not accomplish anything, Parts-Geek will simply train new inept and rude ones to take their place,

UPDATE final CREDIT 1803 07/20/16 74948702 PARTS $12.08
GEEK, LLC *******352

After this article posted on NewPatriotsBlog.com with its BBB Parts Geek complaint history, the company finally saw the error of their ways and repaid me for the expenses of returning the defective filter-drier and the shipping costs associated with refusing a second filter-drier. Now that's properly serving your customers, just as J. C. Whitney and other great companies do without having to be forced through bad publicity. Apparently, Parts Geek had to learn the hard way!


I've had a Webnode site since April of 2012. The last two years, 2017, and 2018 I've experienced many site performance problems. I suspect that I've been sabotaged and I have the film evidence to back up the allegation.

Read my linkedin article and watch the two films (See link at bottom)
It incorporates that I made detailing how Webnode limits the user's ability to convey information. The first film opens with a display of an existing Webnode Text block. Follow the pointer to watch my entrance into edit mode.and prepare space in the block to receive the new photo and headline. Note that this is an existing block that already contains a photograph and external link.

Next I add the new photo, resize it and adjust the supporting text. Follow the pointer to where I save the new information and VOILA - It's not there. Interestingly enough, when confronted Webnode tried to blame the Firefox browser. But, I have used version 48. 0. 2 well before the time of these mysterious failures to incorporate edit changes and I never experienced a problem. Besides the same text block works properly everywhere else on the site except the editorial page where I filmed this event. Next they claim it's an HTML 'source code' problem': Their response

"We have looked at what you mentioned and what would be best would be to send us a copy of the source code in a. Txt file so that we can see what is happening with that. Our thinking is that something in there is causing the issue. We have not upgraded the editing system in over 1 year as we have moved to our newer system. This means that any issues that come up are due to updates in Firefox."

Really? Do they block access to the editor block's source code as well? Watch the second film as I enter a Webnode text block and attempt to access the Source code, something I have done successfully everywhere else.

Read my report on Webnode censorship here:

Https :// www.linkedin. Com/pulse/internet-censorship-real-active-allen-k/? Lipi=urn%3Ali%3Apage%3Ad_flagship3_profile_view_base_post_details%3BpETkUHqtRcqcIU%2FEnU2iNA%3D%3D


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