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WE have to ban all of these sites selling what appears to be an authentic NBC or NFL jersey. I asked them in chat what the deal was and they claim to ship all the way from china a 20 dollar authentic jersey. You can't even ship a letter to china for twenty dollars. I think they are trying to steal money and give us nothing in return.


Now with football season approaching I bet these scam jersey sites are getting all of our hard earned US dollars. OEM jerseys? Cmon guys... it seems like you have an OEM fake software site and now you have moved on to OEM fake jerserys for NBA and NFL. Free shipping internationally? You expect people to believe they will wire you money and you will ship them for free an official NFL jersey from China? Stay clear of this site.

Buy a cheap FAKE NBA jersey wholesale from China and then keep your little fingers crossed they even bother to ship you a jersey at all. 22 dollars for an authentic super bowl jersey? Yeah right. Free shipping from china? Yeah right. Avoid this site like the plague and don't bother with doing a bank wire money to them either. You will lose your money.


20 bucks for an "authentic" NBA jersey? These things retail for $180 usually and I know first hand the actual wholesale cost of an NBA jersey is typically over $60 so I'n not too sure how these can really be authentic. Maybe really good copies for only twenty bucks and in the end I guess it doesn't matter. You won't probably get that hologram symbol on the tag, but if you are just going to have people think you bought the real thing then I suppose knock yourself out and support these fraudsters.


Horribly unsafe way to use bots... guildy got banned using these bots and I suppose he deserved it but I would stay away from these hacks.


I'm not too sure why the good people over at dragon with all of their speech recognition software have not done something like this yet. Being able to embed all of your speech in a video as text so it becomes searchable on google has to be extremely valuable.


Nice to see some competition come to skype and its near dominance of the future of video conferencing. I like gmail video chat and all but that will never be available on my iphone or ipad so I will doubtfully ever use it. Vidyo is banking on everyone going the way of the iphone and ipad for its video conferences while skype has partnered with cisco and their tablet for enterprise. Big companies are more likely to go with a cisco/skype product that can be custom tailored to its needs rather than the limited ipad, but I guess only time will tell. Certainly most employees these days carries around sleek iphones and never want to part with them. Once dec 2010 rolls around with the new ipad with a camera then the game will be on!


Great low cost tool for enabling many users to work together on project development. Good at tracking bugs as well. I can see what so many companies use this application for project management.


I think this is a good idea in concept with the "tracking" system of hours so you can pay people buy the hour instead of per project but the problem is that how can you really trust someone to really be working when he is logged in? He could be playing starcraft for all you know and just logged in. Paying per project makes much more sense and because of that I'm not really sold on the concept of logging in to work. Maybe I am missing something but it seems to be elance or guru with a log in button.


Auction sniper program for ebay has to be the most appealing idea to those who don't understand ebay and how ebay works with auction programs like this. You have a bid bot on ebay that can bid for you and I don't think this auctionsniper does anything more for you than that, but for FREE.


Maybe some people have made money writing online but that is always a little tricky. I think most of the money goes to the sites that offer these services to writers. They are the real winners. But out of all of the sites that do this at least xomba claims to give about 50% of the ad revenue to the writer. But it is tough to really tell if they are really going to do that or not. Would be nice to be able to install an independent page counter or your own google ad words on the site to hold them accountable. Xomba is still a decent service and deserves to be in my work at home list of websites.


Ubid is a nice site with some decent deals online but as an auction compared to ebay is really doesn't offer much more. You also really need to know the value what you are buying as an auction on ubid. Ubid had this Sony VAIO VAIO VGN-SZ120P 13" T2400 1.83GHz 2GB 160GB PCG-6J2L and the bid was up to $799 and I found that same laptop on other internet sites like tigerdirect for less money. Sure it is a good deal compared to best buy but not to other internet stores. I would buy cautiously from ubid though they do have some good auction deals.


Most people looking up this site will probably be people trying to figure out if buzzle is a good way to make money online by writing blogs or partnering with them. They run a site where people write articles which have good SEO and then they just link to a ton of google ad words and hope to make money. The writers in theory can make some money doing this by linking to their own blog or elsewhere. I am not sure that is the case though and I would also be interested to hear what others have done on this site. The site design isn't very good and looks very outdated but they still seem to get quite a bit of internet traffic and have a high rating on google.


This site is trying to be a combination of gmail and facebook but sharing ad revenue with the users of the site. Peoplestring could catch on if enough people use it and want to profit from it but I highly doubt it. The product just isn't good enough to compete and peoplestring just can't do it without a high enough budget. No harm in checking it out but it was a waste of my time.


More bars and clubs need to start using bartab or webtab so guys can more easily pick up on girls using this service. Screw foursquare... that is useless to meet people at bars. Bartab you can wink at a girl and buy her a drink all through your iphone. Even if you are using a droid phone you can virtually buy a girl a drink even before going to a bar.


Gotta hand it to these people at booyah they have done what foursquare has not accomplished so far in their social app for the iphone and other mobile phones. They created a game where you really want to visit the locations and stores so you can buy the real estate just like the old fashioned monopoly game. Stores of course want people to visit them and with their GPS location based system they really know if you are there, unlike foursquare.


This is a groupon clone site that has daily deals, bargains and coupons for the masses. The difference is this site claims to give a portion to charity and as such hopes to become more viral as people want to give back. Groupon could just copy this idea if causeon does do a good job.


Finally a Blizzard Diablo knock off that is actually fun to play and cheap. I have seen over the years dozens of companies trying to rip off diablo and make a clone game that is fun but this company pulled it off. Amazing game... really. Simply amazing. I highly highly recommend it and you will be playing for hours. The only thing missing is multiplayer. If you have ever played diablo, stop reading this and download the free version of the game and you will then be buying it within minutes.


This is getting to the point of being ridiculous. These penny auction sites are designed to be a gambling site and to make money off people just like casinos. Even worse, venture capitalists are getting in on this game and investing big money into these sites. Makes sense I suppose, all of vegas is one big company now. I think the bad part is that these websites are just not regulated. At least the nevada gaming is regulated by government.


These sites never cease to amaze me in how they convince people they are just participating in a regular auction. If you spend you money and only have a slim chance of winning. That is a lottery. An unregulated lottery. Read about how everyone lost their money here

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