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19 Reviews by Honest

Hello again, people.

It's been a long time since I have written a review around here.

I am always, ALWAYS trying to find the fake and scam websites amongst all others.

This is the case here. The website called "Tylool.com" is clearly a counterfeit one.

When you visit the main page, you see offers all around the website.

Most of the items have ridiculous discounts, which should inform you that the website is trying to sell you a cheap knockoff product for some quick bucks.

All the images are stolen from legitimate websites. The products on "Tylool.com" are fake and actually, I think they are non-existent.

If you try to order, not only will you support a fraudulent website but, your bank information will get stolen and your product(s) will never be delivered.

I suggest that you stay away from that website!

(Good thing is that the site is now down. It cannot be accessed. I am happy that no people will get scammed anymore. Big F for people that got scammed before.)

Tip for consumers: Do NOT visit and most importantly do NOT share your bank information on that website!

This is a scam website trying to collect your data to sell it to other people/companies and(or) to steal your bank information!

Stay away at all costs!

So, when I opened infinitepods.co website, I saw an immediate red flag. Huge discounts, more than 50% sometimes, very low prices, free shipping. All of that for 5k customers? Other sites make 5000 customers per hour. This site is a scam, as I read in a blog. It is using the customers' information and sometimes they even sell the information, so they can make money. If this is not enough to show you that the website is fraudulent, they steal bank information and addresses too. Please, stay away from that site. Do not provide your information BY ANY MEANS anywhere on that website. It is definitely a scam. Low prices, huge discounts, free shipping. These are enough red flags. Stay safe!

Tip for consumers: Scam website. Stay away! Do not input any personal details there.

This site is a 100% scam. I opened Trust Pilot and you should probably ask what did I see? Oh, I will tell you immediately. 58 reviews, none of which are more than 1 star! And 1 star is the minimum a review can get! You could clearly make up what I am trying to say. I opened their website, checked at the top, and again - "FREE SHIPPING OVER 59$!" it said. How amazing! Isn't that what I saw on ALL of the other scam websites? Yes, indeed! When I scrolled down a bit I saw yet again - the same mistake they did, that revealed who they truly are - THE PRICES ARE ALWAYS CUT IN HALF, SOMETIMES MORE THAN HALF. This is clearly the most obvious thing, that told me the site is fake. Most of the people on Trust Pilot are complaining about very small sizes of the clothes they ordered, also - some did not even receive an item at all. Other people's review is about the bad quality of the clothes, how the materials are so poor and the images have nothing to do with the real product. And so on, and so forth. If you order from here, most probably you will get scammed and you won't receive anything. But if you do receive the thing you have ordered, it will be NOTHING like the picture you saw online. Avoid this website at all costs. It is yet another scam method.

Tip for consumers: Another scam website. Bad clothes quality, some people say they have never received anything at all, don't bother with it. Stay away from scammers.

The website is showing different images of clothes and shoes at the front page. If you scroll down a bit, there are some items on sale (as usual with the other fake sites), that have HUGE discounts. From what I have read on Trust Pilot, the customers are leaving mostly 1 star reviews (67%), next the 2/3 star reviews are only 17% each. There are no 4 and 5 star reviews for them. That goes to show you that most of the customers are not happy with this website. Either because of it's bad service, or because of the poor quality of the items. On scamadviser.com, this website seems to be only 29% safe. It also involves a high risk country as of the based location - China. All of the items on the BelleChloe site have huge discounts. Some of the items' base prices are in the hundreds of dollars. But they have made them to look like they are on sale. Just to make you buy them. You either will get a really, really cheap product with horrible quality or you will get your money stolen from you. And some of the names of the products are hilarious! I will upload an image of one product's name. Just don't bother visiting this site. I think (and many others as well) that it is not worth it.

Tip for consumers: This is probably the same type of a scam website like the other ones before. A lot of negative reviews. Don't bother. Not worth it.

It seems that this site cannot be reached anymore. I searched for some reviews about this website, but I could not find anything. I only found that the site is based in the United States, but it also may be from Pakistan, so it involves a high risk country. I suppose this site was about the universe, space, technologies. It is not possible to reach it anymore. Don't bother visiting it, now it's just a dead end. Also, almost no info about it on the web.

Tip for consumers: The site could not be reached anymore. It was probably a site about sci-fi things and/or space, but it is not unavailable.

They just have changed the design a little bit (like every other scam site out there), but they've made the same mistakes: first off, the same HUGE picture in the center of the screen, showing off a store of the famous designer brand "Philipp Plein". Next, if you see at the top of the website, you will see the following text: "FINAL CLEARANCE UP TO 60% OFF* FREE SHIPPING". Of course, do not trust this at all, because you should already know it is a SCAM. This text says "up to 60%", but then you hover the mouse over the tab, where you opened the site, it will say "up to 50%" - this is another sign, that there might be something wrong (THERE DEFINITELY IS!). If you scroll to the bottom, you will find clothes, that have huge discounts (some even have more than 50% off), but I can 100% assure you that they are ALL FAKE. Do not buy from this website, do not even input your personal data. It will be stolen! I would suggest that you never visit this website AT ALL. It is not worth it.

Tip for consumers: A 100% scam website. Stay away from it. Do not get scammed by greedy liars.

Well, these websites just don't seem to have an end, huh? If you proceed to the website, you will see some giant photos of jackets. There is also a sign, which says the following: "70% OFF & EXTRA DISCOUNT CODE & FREE SHIPPING". This would be the most obvious sign of a fake website. They would do ANYTHING for a customer to leave their bank details on this site. They will promise you the best possible experience, they will promise to provide you with a discount code, also with 70% off of your order. Just don't trust that. The photos on the website show some jackets, the original prices of which range from 300$ to around 700$, but they are now dropped to half of that, if not even more. Don't get fooled. The prices are made to look like that, so you could buy their fake products and MOST IMPORTANTLY for them to steal your money and your bank information. All of their products are 100% FAKE. Do not visit this website either. Stay away from scammers.

Tip for consumers: Another scam website on the list. Stay away from it!

Well, again (like the previous scam sites I wrote a review about), if you click the link to open this website, you will see some flashy images of sneakers alongside the Adidas logo. If you look on top, you can check all of the currencies they support on this website. But trust me, you wouldn't want to spend a single dime on it. If you scroll a bit down, you will see some clothes/shoes that are put on sale, (again, to attract more customers, who could eventually spend their money on the website's fake items) the price of which is down with 50-70%, maybe even more. This trick still gets people scammed. When they see a high price, which is now 50% off, they think that the item MIGHT be legit. But no. It isn't. It is far from legit. Very, very far. I would skip this site for sure, as it is OBVIOUSLY fake. Again, DO NOT enter any personal data or bank info on this website, because your information WILL get stolen immediately! Also your money along with it. Oh, and if you try to open their Facebook, Twitter or Google pages, you are lead to a dead end - it just opens respectively Facebook and Twitter's home pages and Google's search page. Nothing more to say. Don't bother with this website. Purely a scam.

Tip for consumers: Money laundering scheme again. Don't bother visiting this website. It is 100% a scam.

I looked on Trust Pilot for this website. Well, out of the 26 reviews... Guess how many were positive. If you answered none, hell yeah. You are correct. All 26 reviews are with 1 star. The people are complaining about never receiving their product(s), and/or the site just being a scam. I would have to agree on that. All of the people that left a review on Trust Pilot have a negative feedback. When I opened the website, it just read the following - "Notice: This domain has been redirected". So, I hope no one would ever be scammed again from this site. Stay safe and don't visit it. I will try my best to find similar sites like this one and to make everything possible to shut them down. Many people were scammed before and I really hope this site is shut down. But... you never know, as I stated before - if you close one scam site permanently, 3-4 others immediately pop up as a backup plan. So watch out, offers which are too good to be true most probably aren't.

Tip for consumers: This is the next scam website on the list. It cannot be accessed right now. Many people got scammed by it. Don't EVER visit it!

The website is helpful if you want to know more about them or just to browse through the countless food items from their menu. Everything is detailed and described well. I rarely eat from McDonald's, but when I am at work, I buy some chicken nuggets and/or fries. They are tasty. Oh, I also like the cheeseburger, a classic McDonald's taste. On the website you can locate a store near you, so it is easy to find a place to order from. Large menu size, a lot of drinks, desserts. I prefer eating at other restaurants or to cook my own food, but at work I usually buy some fast food. (Either KFC, McDonald's, etc.) For the taste, I can give them 10/10. For price - 7/10 in my country. For healthiness - not really healthy, but hey, you can eat from there from time to time.
This is just another example of a fake website selling sneakers. There are different categories like ''Adidas Yeezy 350 V2 Boost" or "Authentic Jordan 1", which is 100% not authentic. At the center of the screen there are different models of sneakers, which are not authentic either. Don't bother with this website, because it is another money laundering scheme. You will definitely get scammed if you order from the site. I am trying to get awareness. I want to shut down every scam site that exists. Or at least some of them, because they always create new ones. But beware! Do not order from this site! EVER! You will get your money stolen (at least) or even worse: your bank details sold on another source. The "contact" section is just a blurry image of some usernames, 1 email address and a phone number. Even if you try contacting them, you won't get a response. Do NOT bother with this website. It is 100% a scam!

Tip for consumers: Fake website, don't bother with it. They are selling fake stuff. I hope it gets shut down soon.

This was another fake website. It was selling sneakers, but that was in the past. Now it is gone and no one can get scammed. It was selling replica shoes of famous brands like Nike's Air Max/ Air Jordan / Air Yeezy or Adidas' Yeezy Boost / NMD. Like the previous two websites, it was very fishy from the get go. Right when you open the link, you are bombarded with various kinds of sneakers with lowered prices. (Let's say they were 170$, now they are 120$) This is done to fool the customers and to make the buy the shoes. A lot of people were scammed by this method. They either just steal your money from your bank account, or even worse - steal your bank account credentials and sell them elsewhere. I want to expose every single site like this and warn people about it. I am thankful that the site is gone now. No one can get scammed again. But if a site looks too fishy and with too low prices (with discounts) it is definitely a scam. Be careful where you buy from.

Tip for consumers: The photo is an old one I found on the internet. The website was selling fake shoes. Now it is taken down for the better.

I found zero reviews about this website on the internet. It is based in Hong Kong. It also has 0% trust, so I assume it is a site, made not long ago. When you open the website, you are greeted with a lot of different sneaker models, which have huge discounts. (70%; 90% and such) This should be your NUMBER 1 red flag about this site. They want to sell you their knock-off products quickly, or even worse - to make you pay for something you will NEVER get. As I stated in my previous review for a similar website, this is a money laundering scheme. Okay, let's continue. It says at the bottom of the website, that there is "24 hours live chat" available. Nope. No such thing. They don't even answer to the emails they are getting. Also, "100% secure online shop"? How about... NO! Once you enter your card details/PayPal information, I guarantee you that not only you will lose the money for the "imaginary" shoes on the website, but your info will MOST LIKELY be stolen and then sold on another source! This website just screams FAKE. Do NOT ever try to buy ANYTHING from it! One less buyer = one less scam. Stay safe.

Tip for consumers: Money laundering scheme. This site just screams FAKE directly to your face. Do not buy ANYTHING from it. Ever.

I found so much reviews on Trust Pilot for this site. I browsed through almost all of the clothes and shoes, I even saw a pretty good ones! The prices are a bit high, but that should not turn you away. The price you are paying is worth it, because the product is authentic and on top of that, the shippings are fast. I am currently planning to buy something off this site, I found some good looking bags, that I would really enjoy! They are certified sellers, so try them out. I would personally buy from their website, they are legit. (Giglio.com has 9.6 stars out of 10 on Trust Pilot)

Tip for consumers: The site has a lot of positive reviews, a good score on Trust Pilot (9.6), so this should tell you that it is legit. Try it for yourself.

I own an nVidia GT 1030 2GB GDDR5 video card. I bought it last year, it does a decent job. I am planning on buying a GTX 1050 TI 4GB soon, but for now my GPU is handling everything. I don't play very demanding games, so I okay with it. My first laptop from 2010 had an integrated graphics (express chipset), so it was very, very slow. But my desktop PC right now is so much better, it has a lot of RAM, solid GPU and a decent i5 processor. So I am pretty good with it. I only plan to replace the GPU and the power supply.
On the platform you can find many different types of restaurants. From chinese, to pizza, to sushi, all the way to KFC. They have decent menu sizes and the delivery time is stated in the right corner of the page, when you scroll down a bit. Many people use Just Eat, some are happy with the food quality and delivery times, some complain about these things, but at the end, it really depends on the delivery drivers and the person, who cooks the food. My opinion is, that you don't know what you'll get until you try it.

Tip for consumers: One of the best platforms for ordering food online. You just need to find the most suitable restaurant and you're good to go.

Adidas is a very popular brand. They offer high quality products, but they sometimes come with a high price. Too high if you ask me. One jacket can cost a few hundred dollars/euros/pounds. Some models of shoes are too overhyped and the prices from resellers are absurdly high. If you want for an instance Yeezy Boost sneakers (350 V1/V2; 750), you will have to either buy them from an Adidas store, but they run out of stock immediately, or you can buy them from a reseller way overpriced. Adidas as a brand is highly used by athletes, public figures, people from all over the globe. But their high prices can turn somebody away from them and that somebody can consider a different brand instead of Adidas.
So, where should I start? The pictures on the site look NOTHING like the real product you are receiving. Not only are the clothes different from the actual picture, they are made from very low end materials. The service is bad (by service, I mean the support email), they answer your questions after maybe a full week of waiting. They intentionally lower the prices, so the customers can be fooled to buy from them. They put original price as 70$ (for example) and make it look like the price "DROPPED" from 70$ to 20$, so the customers can say to themselves: "Oh, this item has a huge discount, it must be something crazy good!". Yes, but no. Once you order from them, you wait for another good week. Maybe more. Some people claim that they haven't received ANYTHING from the site. But waiting is not the big deal. The problems are: the quality, the pictures on the site and the lost money. 1) Quality looks stunning on the pictures, in real life - it's trash. 2) You order something, it never comes to your address. You lose time and most importantly - MONEY. // I see how many "1 star" reviews this site has here, so I am not surprised about them. Just consider it VERY carefully when you order from them. And. I would probably suggest you to order elsewhere.

Tip for consumers: They make these huge "discounts", so people can spend more money on their website, and some customers don't even receive their products. The quality is bad, the service is also not good. For me, this is like a money laundering website.

My interest for Apple started in 2010, when I saw my friend's iPhone 3Gs for the first time. I was intrigued. I wanted to know what it is, that makes the iPhone running so smooth. I played around with it, even searched more details about it. At that time, I was with an Android phone (my first one ever) - Galaxy Ace. The specs were identical on both the Galaxy Ace and the iPhone 3Gs. Yes, but the iPhone delivered a far superior experience, whereas the Android smartphone was lagging as crazy and even had missing apps like Temple Run, which you could find with ease on the Apple's App Store. This exact game (for an instance) was missing, because the specifications of the Galaxy Ace were too low to run it. But it never came to specifications. Apple just makes their products run smoothly, because they make their own components and choose their own clock speeds, amount of RAM, etc. Also, the iOS experience is on another level. Until 2016, the Android experience was not that pleasant: for example Samsung's Touch Wiz skin was horrible, other brands like LG and Sony had custom skins for Android too. All Android users can agree that pure Android is always the best. Apple is keeping their OS clean, everything calculated, the hardware is always made to handle the software. Also, the lifetime of their products is amazing. The iPhone 5S from 2013 is still supported in 2019 and has the latest version of iOS. This shows that Apple cares about their products. I personally own an iPhone SE, which I bought last year and I am impressed by it's performance. It has the same specs as the iPhone 6S, but it is in the body of the 5S. I would never go back to Android. When you experience something like iOS and Apple as a whole, there is no going back. At least for me.

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