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4 Reviews by Aleksandar


I have been using their streaming service for several years and happy with how it works. My only issue is that it has intrusive ads, but you can solve it by using uBlock Origin to obstruct them. I wish they could make their service available globally as DEEZER did many years ago. Otherwise, it is a great service and his recommendations are superior to lame last.FM. If you want to get good recommendations, mixes, awesome features, and suggestions use Spotify. They also offer you an annual report that pulverizes the report, which last.FM offers you. They are also very strict when it comes to inflating charts of popular musicians. For that, they have zero tolerance, unlike last.FM.

Tip for consumers:
I recommend everyone to use this site if they are a music nerd like I am. Their catalog is colossal, and it's getting bigger each day.


I wouldn't have much against this company and their method of promoting, but a look at these negative reviews changed my mind. If their company worth something, then they wouldn't rely on advertising themselves so much and posting generated comments. Doing that explains enough that this company is a fraud. Horrendous customer support, inability to postpone your subscription, yielding zero results for the material that you wanted to find, but they claim they have it, aggressive advertisement, and the like. There are multiple websites, articles, and complaints about this company. They are blackmailing their customers and threatening to file charges against them if they don't pay a lousy subscription that costs up to 100 Euros. The only solution to save your money is to terminate your credit card. Better that than to lose your money.

It's a shock that they weren't sued and extinguished for their actions. I noticed this odd behavior on other platforms for downloading "free stuff" as well. When you visit any of those sites, they tell you that you must create an account on usenet.nl to download the material. Comments are auto-generated, which proves that they are fake. I created an account on their platform years ago to find something I needed, and the experience was horrendous. Poor internet speed, poor search results, and an annoying download limit. The UI of their software looks like it came out from the 90s. It's slow and unusable. People need to see the truth and stay away from them and their advertising because it's a fraud. Their response to complaints is also fascinating. They are playing the victim (saying people have no empathy for their service and their support) and going as far as individually mentioning people that called out their fraud. Do not subscribe to their service. If you spot on some sites that are affiliated with this fraudulent corporation, report them to the Federals for malicious advertising.


I do not know where to start. I could write a book about this update that was forced on us half a year ago. So much is dysfunctional, unusable, and broken that it makes the whole site unusable. I understand that we need to go in step with the time, but what they have done is more setback than progress. People have been sending feedback for months, but the "engineers" have fixed none of that. I also forgot to mention that they will censor you if you dare to use "derogatory terms." I also forgot to mention that they would censor you if you dare to use "derogatory terms." If you dare to call them out, then they will send you another warning. I don't know who is working at the devious office, but this oppression and repression are getting out of control. Be careful what you are doing on that platform. They cannot wait, to on a request of a snowflake, mute you. I can't wait for this site to be shut down, and for everyone who works for the company to be arrested by Interpol and the feds. Back to the Eclipse.

Many of the functions they have "adapted" are unusable. They removed the categories, making it impossible to find what you need. You get millions of results that don't match what you wanted to look for. I don't know who thought of removing the categories and replacing them with tags. Every day, 380,000 deviations were placed under each category. Many of the illustrations are fifteen years old and now it is impossible to find them because there are no categories.

The tags are useless and don't help many illustrators get noticed. Many features that allowed less popular illustrators to be noticed have been removed. "More like this," was the best feature ever! It was my favorite feature. I used to spend hours browsing thousands of illustrations. You could find and discover many exceptional illustrators. It was a blast when they launched that in 2009. Many illustrators thanks to that feature became noticeable. Now they have zero chances that anyone will notice them unless they share their work on social networks and thus increase the number of visitors on their profile. The administration is arrogant. They do not care about the users; there is no copyright protection, which doesn't surprise me because their manager was arrested twice for copyright infringement. Pornography is on every corner, and it is almost impossible to avoid.

The user interface is bad, complicated, and unusable. When senior members and volunteers have to make a guide and tutorial to explain to you how to use the new interface, then that explains enough that this update is a complete failure! The overhaul was supposed to bring DeviantArt into the new 2020s decade, but it now looks and operates like a free template website from 2005. The entire website is a gigantic downgrade in every possible way. That is right; not one aspect of it has been improved. The new design is far too frustrating to adapt to it and is no longer worth the time of any artist, casual, enthusiast, student, or professional.

Core Memberships: popular and iconic features are either being completely removed or given to non-Core members.
Custom boxes: pointless, limited to three, and I have no option to rearrange them.

The comment is too narrowed, making it impossible for me to read it. A lot of emptiness with padding on both sides of the screen. I more prefer a comment chain to have the same look that it has on the old platform than narrowing it and making it looks worse. There are still too many popup windows to click to view a complete discussion. The navigation tabs on the left side of the screen are missing. Trying to view your messages in the mailbox while you are using eclipse is a headache.

The mailbox is too narrowed with too much padding and space on both sides of the screen. It's going to be a headache for people who wear glasses with a large dioptre to view messages in eclipse. Some people have 2K, 4K, and 6K (retina display) that have a large resolution and zooming. The browsing technique in eclipse is horrendous! Everything is small and compressed. You have to click the download button to download the deviation to zoom in. Edit and delete buttons for illustrations are too small. They are too close to each other, so there is a risk for you to delete the illustration accidentally instead of updating it.

The text in journals in eclipse is too narrow. Too much emptiness with padding. The texts despite, which screen resolution you have, should expand by themselves. It shouldn't remain stuck in the same position. The text should be readable, examined, and spacious, not narrowed to look like a forest of letters and sentences. On the old platform, you could view journals without any issues. Thanks to this padding and tapering, it is impossible to read it, let alone look at it.

Add to the group button is dead. It lacks a search engine that I used to find other groups. Without it, I cannot find other groups. When I click "add to group" the tab freezes and it's unresponsive to mouse commands. The new UI takes too much memory to load properly.

I'm no longer receiving group notifications when somebody uploads a new illustration. I only am notified when I upload my art into the group's folder. When scrolling down my profile page, I could see my entire cover image flashing through the background of my profile. If I do, fast scrolling then the page will start jumping and freezing.

The list that shows you how many people added to the favorites your art on your deviation page is so tiny, and the number count below it is even smaller and almost impossible to find. What happened to the good old list that was big and viewable? Why make it like that? If my computer screen looks so small, I cannot imagine how smaller the mobile device version is.

The banner for the journal is too enormous. I have to scroll down to read the text. I don't need a stupid banner to take almost the whole screen. Remove it because it's useless. Browsing statuses and journals on someone's profile is a nightmare! It lags the browser and the only solution for me is to kill the process by going to the task manager and click "end process."

They also claim that this update is without advertisements. If so, why is the ad blocker obstructing advertisements five times more than before? UBlock origin obstructed 45 while I was browsing my profile and the number is growing, while on the classic UI, he would obstruct only 5-10. Their claim doesn't hold the water.

Speaking of small, why is the "Add Emote or Avatar" tiny? In fact, why even change that whatsoever? The "Add Media" was perfect in size and better with very little load time. With this version, it is constant scroll, load, scroll with poor search results. That did not happen with Add Media.

Why make two Home Pages when one is enough? That home area could have been for the Daily Deviation. Pointless.

Why custom boxes have "Expand" when you got "Theater View?" It's another pointless option and a waste of development time. This is why so many site developers test and bug fix their products behind closed doors before releasing it to the public. So their customers do not have to experience this frustrating and tedious product 24/7. You can no longer easily add someone's icon by typing something like: iconusername: Now you have to click so many more times, and they're in the same place as emoticons, except it takes even MORE clicks. They got rid of so many useful features for no reason. As I said, I could write a book about this update and how it is a big mistake. It would be better if they finished the profile discussion project. It was the most wanted project that people waited for five years to be finished, but they decided to disband it in the name of this atrocious UI.

Tip for consumers:
Stay away from this site if you don't want to have stressful situations. The old communication has long since left this site. Now there are hysterical children and malicious users who can't wait to belittle you and make fun of you. You have many sites where you will have a better experience than here.


CBS took over the platform on May 30,2007. That is when everything positive becomes the opposite. If you are bullied, if somebody harasses you, mobs you, your reports are ignored. If you are raided, it is your fault. If you contact the staff, you MAY be lucky if they answer you next month. They do not respond to your ticket. Even if they respond, you get a copy/paste answer that will never help. When you contact the administration to complain, they will inform you that they take issues that you have with the malicious user "very seriously."

But due to privacy issues, they will be unable to share with you the results of their investigation. This is code for we do not intend to help you rectify this situation, and you are on your own. They do not help. They facilitate, and when there are problems, they state that they are not responsible for anything that happens under their platform. I would encourage consumers to contact the FTC and other federal organizations in the US and UK to report this company for treating their customers, artists, bands, and subscribers like trash. If it were possible to rate this shoddy site with zero stars, I would do so because they do not deserve any!

People are harassed and stalked. Spammers, vandalized Wikipedia articles, voting manipulation of comments and galleries, trolls, robotic accounts that are inflating the charts to keep a toxic band on the No. 1 list, expel circumvents, and more. Criminals can do what they want here; they are never punished or banned. Even if users report them many times, they won't do anything to cease them. The administration does nothing to help its members. The only moderator that I saw that is good is liftarn. I saw him locking Wikipedia articles to prevent vandalism. That is the only moderator that does its job.

They are not helping my friends and others, let alone me. Reports are always ignored. They said, "Opinions are allowed to have." I get it, you are allowed to have an opinion, but given how the fandom community is biased, then it's pointless to have it when you are not allowed to express it. It's one thing to have a contrary opinion, but ignoring the facts of what is playing on this site is another thing.

The unprofessional staff ignores many trolls on this site or any violating user in general. Last.FM is turning into another bland social media site. Misuses are on every corner, and the support team has no will or desires to terminate them. They launched the new terms of service last year, which resulted in many bands who are sharing the same page being censored. It takes years for an old bug to be fixed. Even if they fix it, they do it sloppily. They cannot finish disambiguation how incapable they are. A simple request that doesn't take a chef to implement. People have been requesting this since the first day of this update.

They have been waiting for this feature for over +10 years, and the team still hasn't implemented it yet. When it took them five years to implement username change, a basic feature, which every site has, then that tells you enough how horrendous they are. Robotic accounts are running rampant on their platform. Look up the charts, and you will see the same band standing on the No. 1 list for several years. It's a small chance to see another artist or a musician on the charts. A perfect example of this misuse is BTS. People asked the administration to abolish their robotic accounts because they outdid Mr. Brightside. Even regular BTS fans told them to report this issue to the administration. The administration did nothing! They approved their actions by pinning a screenshot on their official Twitter account. That was despicable! What they did was spit in a face!

If you dare to report them, they will mark your complaint as hostile and threaten to suspend or terminate your account. Even if it's an insightful complaint, they will delete it or unlisted it. Someone wrote a thread about this issue, and the moderator locked it up with the threat that they would face the consequences for their "actions" if they continued at that pace. You are not allowed, according to their community manager, to criticize something unless you didn't listen to it. Only a dictator or an inquisitor would say that. That is what this moderator is doing. He is acting like an inquisitor, and he is getting away with it because he is a community manager. People have reported this poisonous fandom for mockery and mobbing, and the administration is reluctant to take action against them. But that's why they take action at the request of this toxic BTS fandom when someone dares to say something bad about their "untouchables." Even if it is insightful criticism, they will delete it.

They took away many notable features from the user base. Groups are nuked; the forum is replaced with a botched forum that never worked well. Fortunately, they launched a new one that works better, but it's still not the same. If you want to talk to someone about music, you need to create an account on other sites. That is a waste of time and energy. Why complicating it when it can be simple? The commentary section needs a complete overhaul.

Even after the redesign, it is something straight out of 2000s websites. They are archaic, don't usually encourage conversation, and overall don't help the users socialize at this site at all. They should become much more expressive and help the users to interact much more freely with each other. Some of the shoutboxes are filled with trolls, and these are very successful at trolling because shoutboxes discourage people from posting quality content. The report button is useless since nobody at the devious office is viewing these reports.

The Old Guard left this site a long time ago. Today on the site, you can see hysterical adolescents, fools, and trolls. The only activity that happens is when a musician releases a new album. Only then can you see signs of activity, but it is short-lived. Those who remained are no longer active. Most of them stopped visiting their profile to see who sent them the message. As many of them said, this site is a ghost town.

The mailbox is outdated, obsolete, and it looks like the first mailbox from a social site at the beginning of 2000. You don't have full control when it comes to checking messages. There is no report button to report spam, bigotry or trolling. You cannot see who is responding to you. You must visit the artist's page to see the message. What a bunch of nonsense. If somebody else is discussing with somebody under your discussion, you are still notified even if that response is directed towards someone else, not you. Many features in the mailbox are missing making it useless. They are censoring people who dare to complain. They are treating members of the band like trash. They refuse to give them the full privilege to control the page of a band they formed. Trolls are flooding the commentary section with inflammatory comments, and they are getting away with it. Moderators are worthless. They are only capable of censoring you at the request of little toxic fans if you dared to criticize their favorites. For that, they are experts, but for major things, they are useless. The administration will criticize you and condemn you based on something stupid that you did years ago and you want to forget. I saw that at one user, while I was anonymously browsing the topic, I followed. After his final response, he locked it. The user wants to forget what he did years ago, but the community manager keeps opening his old wounds. It's disgusting!

Look up pages of popular bands like Radiohead and Opeth. They are full of toxic comments that show bigotry and misogyny. It is a septic tank. Tags are misused. Many artists and bands are labeled with all possible tags. You cannot post a comment or start a discussion with someone without the idiots replying to you and eradicating the conversation you had with someone by writing inane replies. Their community manager is biased, arrogant, intrusive, relentless, and unprofessional. They have a support team that locks up topics and complaints.

They use "community guidelines" as a shield to silence and censor you. It's a surprise to see this site has an administration. By the rules, trolling, sending spam, creating robotic accounts to abuse chart features, and harassment are against it, and even against the law. The support team said they had banished these robotic accounts in the past, but they are not doing that anymore. Last.FM doesn't care about you. Instead, they ban users who have reported such users. The only way they will make them see is to take them to court. It's sad to see such a good site go to hell after the launch of BETA in 2015. It deserves to be extinguished forever. When that happens, everybody will be happy. I cannot wait for that day to come. I cannot believe that CBS wasted almost a quart a billion dollars on this lousy trash of a site that died five years ago. They should nuke it after the BETA launch in 2015. Avoid it at all costs. That is my advice.

Update: It happened. A user called Samson-91 is banned. The administrators will not lift the ban. Despite all the reasonable rebuttals, he has given to the administrator, the team, thanks to false reports they received from a troll, bullied him from the site. They refused the ban appeal he sent them nine days ago. They even refused to give him data, which is a violation of the GDPR law. I have concluded that the administrators' support team and maddieman are not qualified to be community administrators. There was ZERO evidence that Samson-91 was, in any way, harassing users as Jon (maddieman) stated. To clarify, Samson-91 did not use an alternative account created by a troll and a ban evader Agent Fourteen in an attempt to "contact people who no longer wished to speak to him."

To my understanding, people thought Agent-Sixteen was a troll account of Samson-91. So, based on that assumption, people reported Agent-Sixteen. The Administrator's interpreted those reports as a sign people (within this group and within Samson-91's circle of friends) didn't want him back on LFM, which was not only incorrect, but was an asinine assumption.

I have been a community manager for various groups on other websites for years. I have dealt with some rather bad people in that time, but, again, I have seen no evidence on Samson-91's part that warrants this sort of behavior from the administrator.

But the behavior of the staff member has been, thus far, unacceptable. I hate to say it gentlemen, but they won: They bullied Samson-91 off of the last FM. So, at this point, we're weighing our options to deliver a formal complaint against the administration to see if we can get the bad apples (such as Jon Hallier) out of the administration. Because if they will continue to be community administrators for the coming future, I worry for the people whom the administrators (such as Jon and the support team) disagree with or do not like. Their regimes are on a communist level. They censor everything they find offensive. Starting from bands to its user base. They refuse to listen to the other side of the story. They want to their word be the first and the last. Who needs communists when you have last.FM? As long as Jon and the support team are in the devious office, there is no bright future, or the progress for the site, and its community.

This is another reason why you should stay away from it.

Tip for consumers:
I do not recommend you to use this site. Stick to Spotify or wavy. FM. Wavy.FM is a new alternative to last.FM. It's faster, stable, and you'll barely have issues with tracking your listening habits, unlike on a botched last.FM where everything is broken. The staff members are not friendly. Those who knew how to do their job are gone long ago.


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