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I had 5 items I wanted, and had a minor question on 1 item that the description didn't cover. The chat bot doesn't offer thorough choices or Ala carte questions so I asked to speak to a human. It was 11am on a Friday. I was "connected" with a supposed rep that never spoke or answered me. I thought "oh well its probably a minor technical issue, no biggie", and I placed the order anyways... this was over 3 weeks ago. 4 business days ago I recieved a email stating that one item in my order was now out of stock. I don't even mind that, I know it happens, no biggie... It provided me with a sku number. When I went to my order summary, it shows actually TWO items in red, which I'm assuming are both out of order but I only got an email for one. I put in the sku and nothing comes up. I click on both and nothing happens. I join chat again to see what's going on and I wait and wait and wait, and again, no customer service person, no response, even though it says right on the chat that I'm first in line. I wanted to also ask if they knew about when the order would ship (as it still said proccessing. But that's normal for some oversees companies, so no biggie there either, I was just curious). I wrote an email asking about this and it was never replied to. I wrote an email asking which item was cancelled, and it was never replied to. I don't know what items are cancelled and what items I would be getting. The customer service is horrendous but the real problem is that even though they have a bot to pose as CS, there really just isn't ANY. We at this point were heading into 4 weeks. One of the items in red that may or may not be out of stock was the reason I placed the order, and even though that's a chunk of the reason, the nonexistent customer service is the other reason I cancelled my order and requested a refund. This was 4 business days ago and the order still says processing... Even though on the website the posted refund policy clearly sates I should have a refund within 24 hours... it's been 4 days and nothing.

If you're a person that likes transparency, likes to have someone answer any questions you might have about shipping or the products themselves, order statuses, out of stocks, cancelations or refunds, or really someone to ask ANY questions at all, likes to get your cancelation money refunded in a reasonable timeframe, this is NOT the company for you.

Tip for consumers:
Only use it if you are ok with lengthy delivery times, unclear communications, ZERO customer service and indeterminate refunds.


I ordered a $50 multiple person meal. Ordered ribs, $6 salads, appetizers, etc... I got a "salad" with literally 16 baby leafs, see pic, pen for scale. I got no dressing provided. I ordered a blooming onion, which really I order for the sauce, and the onion was crazy burned, and had no provided sauce at all. I called the store it came from, they said they had no doordash orders under that type of order. I asked to speak to takeout, who blamed pickup and hung up on me. I called again and spoke to the female manager, who said they disnt have that order, and it must have come from a store 30 min away. Screwing around with me. I ordered from the closest store and I know it. Their last ditch effort was to say doordash altered the order... wtf. Once religious attendees, to never again.

Tip for consumers:
Dont expect sauce, salad dressing, plastic utensils, or condiments of any kind, even if they come with the item

Products used:
Only the half rib


My package, which was a MANDATORY work safety item at my new job, which I HAD to have to start working, came to a city 20 minutes away from me (milwaukee) and then left and traveled away from me to another state. Even though I was laid off for 6 months bc of covid and am about to lose my house, and finally got another job, I was fired for not having my protective gear on time... I might lose my home. Thanks, speedee


I ordered for the first time from here bc of a recommendation. I asked for rangoons which were burnt, silverware which wasn't there, and they charged me $3.50 for a delivery fee of 4 blocks but still strong armed me for a tip. I got chicken broccoli (which was ok) and Singapore noodles, which was by comparison to other stores, terrible, and incorrectly seasoned. I do like spicy, but if you put spice on poop it's still poop. The base should be good food before covering it up with heat. Very disappointed would NOT recommend. Spouse also disappointed.


I'm writing this out of concern for my personal information's safety...

I contacted Amazon Prime, who I've been a long term member of. They delivered my time sensitive wedding package to a "back porch" that I don't have. It caused me great distress. I spoke with logistics who stated they would replace it one day before my wedding. This date hasn't occurred yet so I hope its correct, but I was instantly sent an email saying "thank you for using pissedconsumet.com"... to my knowledge I never used this site. I don't feel good about feeling my information is passed out like a menu.


I had THE. WORST. SCARIEST. Customer service experience of my life today at a Take 5 oil change location AT 1557 E Moorland BLVD WAUKESHA, wi 53168. *******101 My husband and I take both vehicles to take 5. Up until now, we've never had an issue. Today was pretty terrible... I bring in my vehicle 9 miles under the threshold for an oil change. I was quoted $70.34 after tax by Diego. I approve the amount. While I'm receiving services, I clearly loudly hear the heavy-set employee making fun of, and picking on, and mimicking the voice of a female customer previous to me in a most distasteful manner. His friend agrees and joins in. After services I say nothing, provide my card, receive a receipt, and without double checking the amounts I drive away. This was at 4:33pm. At a store a couple minutes away at 4:38pm, I call noticing that the invoice I'm given and the receipt that my card is charged is not the same amount. I was quoted and approved of $70.34, but my credit card was charged $78.73. Diego states that's strange and asks if I can bring the invoice back to show him. Assuming it would be a simple charge reversal on my credit card that i was over charged for $8.39, i agree and return. This could have been handled between the writer and me and we could have moved on. But, I am a petite woman. Upon my arrival, 3 large male employees charge out, with the heavy-set one leading the pack, pointing at me, saying I changed the papers. All 3 members, who are bigger than me surrounded me, no one wore masks or gloves, and although they all agreed that in those 5 minutes I MUST have created my own invoice, the heavy-set guy stated he HEARD Diego quote me the higher price. This is impossible because at that time Diego was at the computer on my left and the heavy-set employee was off to the far right loudly complaining about his schedule and disrespecting customers. I was concerned about my physical safety immediately from being mobbed, as well as with Covid-19 as my papers were taken and handed around AGAIN without masks or gloves, and were well within the 6 feet of social distancing. They all agreed they will not be changing anything and I was out of luck. I asked to speak to the manager, who was "gone" for the day. When I asked when he's in I was told "Every single day from 7A-7p"... Keep in mind this is still before 5pm. I asked for his work voicemail number to which they outright refused to give it to me, stating I didnt need it. I felt unsafe and returned to my car and left. If you review security footage it will show ALL of these events. I have photos of my paperwork I would be happy to include if needed. My invoice number is 46646 and my credit card receipt is transaction #001205, approval code 153151, rrn 530100005. There are about 10 things wrong with this equasion... parts I would like to highlight are that even though the initial mistake was Diego, he was the most professional one of the bunch by far. I would have liked to deal with the individual involved only, and not feel strong armed by the whole large male team. I disagree with them getting too close, and handsy with my paperwork without masks or gloves, I also disagree with them complaining, swearing, and trash talking previous customers in front of other customers. Finally I disagree with the heavy set one stating I didnt need the managers number and he wouldn't be giving it to me. I explained to my husband what happened and showed him my paperwork and it didnt go well. I've secret shopped probably 100+ businesses over the years and this one makes me ashamed that I gave them money. Absolutely the worst customer service experience of my life. The employees other than diego that were working during my "service" were Kelvin, brian, and Brian. I'm not sure the name of the most intimidating, problematic individual but he's the largest of the bunch. As someone who has the responsibility to the public to provide fair and accurate reviews of local businesses, I have no choice but to recommend that at minimum women not use this chain AT ALL to prevent being bullied, disrespected, and improperly charged. I fully recommend that NO ONE visits it. I need some kind of appropriate resolution to this matter as soon as possible please. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.


I placed a single order for 5 simple boquets... my order was shipped in two different boxes. My order then arrived a week apart.

Upon recieving boxes, the first was damaged, the second was completely crushed. I have attached photos. My USPS has handled large loads (hundreds of items of varying sizes) of international orders that arrived in immaculate condition. Yours was the only one in 13 years that arrived destroyed. (See photos).

When I inquired of the estimated arrival time it took me most 3 weeks to receive a response. Looking up the shipping numbers I was given, both came back invalid. When I called to speak to someone I was on hold for an extended period of time and hung up on twice. I cant think of a worse customer service expierience ever.

The first thing I noticed when opening the parcels is that even though I ordered all 5 items at the same time in one order, they were manufactured differently... there were supposed to be an identical rhinestone at the crest of each flower... about 90% of the flowers even had rhinestones (many flowers had nothing) but of that 90%, many were of varying shapes and sizes. They look like something my 4 year old put together. They are not identical, and not even similar. I also noted that they had been crushed and were asymmetrical and side heavy.

When I inquired of the estimated arrival time it took me most 3 weeks to receive a response. Looking up the shipping numbers I was given, both came back invalid. When I called to speak to someone I was on hold for an extended period of time and hung up on twice. I cant think of a worse customer service expierience ever.

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