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10 Reviews by Ahuda

"Yelp" is the perfect name for them. Suits the cowardly dog that they are (sorry dogs). This is a totally corrupt company that blackmails you by hiding good reviews and making negative ones prominent, unless you pay them advertising money. Then they lie about it. Now they are going to defame companies they, or their hired trolls, do not like, by calling them racist. Truly nauseating. It's high time we all boycotted "Yelp".
Their products are amazing. I am particularly fond of the 2% Hyaluronic Acid Serum. It is the only product I ever found (and I have tried numerous expensive, all natural, brand names, etc. etc. Ones) which truly hydrates my super fine and dry skin. The facts that also gets absorbed super quickly (the skin just drinks it) leaving zero residue, that it has no perfumes or any scents, and that it's super inexpensive are just added bonuses. My skin is very delicate and sensitive and this product works like a charm without any problems at all.
Been using them for years and was quite happy with the results and the service. The only problem I ever had was that after coloring my hair was sticky and oily for several days no matter how many times I washed it. But recently they improved their formula to such a degree that I am now 100% thrilled. I am saving so much money and time not having to go to a hairdresser - which right now, in California, I couldn't if I wanted to. Great cover of grey too. Highly recommend.
Between a slanted, biased, opinionated "Mainstream" media and Google News cherry picking the headlines that suit their own agenda, the "news" is just a vomit of one-track ulterior-motives propaganda. Be careful what you wish for Google, the so called "Liberals" (who are some of the most narrow-minded bigots I have ever encountered) always end up turning on their "friends".
My husband bought a laptop on Amazon with extended protection by Asurion. He called Asurion Tech support for help with a simple the installation issue. After 14 minutes they said they needed to conference another company. That company - Grimsoft - claimed his password has been compromised and they would handle it for $600 but no need to pay till they fixed the problem. Isn't that sweet? They would send him an e-check the next day. My husband has recently had a heart attack, so he was not quite "with it". He let them into his computer and since it took forever, didn't even watch them. Luckily, there was nothing on on the computer and since his cell had no sensitive info on it either, and is not connected to the internet, they were unable to steal anything even or cause any harm even after they, as we found out later, uninstalled his virus protection!

At that point I got home and took control of the situation, but seriously!
Should have checked the reviews first... I wish I read their reviews elsewhere first. The rudest nastiest "service" by what appeared to be the owner. I was never notified the item shipped, so a couple of weeks after I ordered I sent a polite question re when would it ship - no answer. A week later I called and the machine said to leave a message, but only if you wished to buy. So I decided it was a scam and asked my credit company to stop payment. A few days later it finally arrived - not at all like the picture, by the way, the model must be wearing either a different product or several of this super skimpy scrunchie. I immediately called my credit card to go ahead and let the charge go, but they said they couldn't, the merchant needed to respond first. Since the payment ran through Paypal, it created some complications: Paypal wouldn't let me drop the dispute. There followed a stream of the most disgusting abusive emails with her refusing to understand that I couldn't cancel via Paypal (even after I sent her an email from Paypal stating this clearly), refusing to respond to my bank's query and refusing to accept a check or a direct Paypal deposit. Instead, she called me a scammer, liar, stupid, a person who doesn't understand English, on and on. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black...
Always liked this bank until I had to deal with their IRA department. They are either totally criminal or totally incompetent or both. They emptied my husband's IRA on August 29th, per our request, but as of today (September 20th) the money has yet to show up at its destination! Repeated attempts to handle wasted a lot of time and patience, netted many excuses but still no money. They supposedly put a stopped payment on the first check and sent another. Either has yet to arrive. Even the US post couldn't possibly have lost two different checks in a row or have taken this long to get something from Minnesota to Florida, for crying out loud. Is someone investing our money on the side for a little extra profit? How can a bank operate this way when all it actually can provide for all the money it makes is trust?
Between a slanted, biased, opinionated "Mainstream" media and Google News cherry picking the headlines that suit their own agenda, the "news" is just a vomit of one-track ulterior-motives propaganda. Be careful what you wish for Google, the so called "Liberals" (who are some of the most narrow-minded bigots I have ever encountered) always end up turning on their "friends".
On July 9th I paid for a dress. I knew it would take forever and that the photograph was plagiarized from the original creator so the item would not quite look like it, but I was willing to live with that. It is now August 25th. There is no item. There is most likely no company or factory either. Just a website and someone who once in a while responds to inquiries (each time with a new different lie), but not to requests for a refund. They probably make their money by: 1. People who forget or do not want to bother disputing the charge. 2. So much time passing from the charge that a dispute can no longer be filed, and/or 3. Investing our money and using it as capital during the period between the order and the eventual refund. They certainly do not make their money in any honest way, that's for sure.

Aug 26: As soon as I posted the bad review, they responded to my previously unanswered requests for a refund, and told me it will take them 15 to 20 working days for their financial department to "deal" with my refund! Completely outrageous. Needless to say, I will get my refund in other ways and I am done buying anything from China. It's Made in America for me from now on!

Aug 27: They now want me to cancel my Paypal claim or they "cannot" refund me and they never responded via Paypal resolution center. They must think everyone is as dim as they are. Case in point, immediately after somebody said (in the Q & A section of my review) that they couldn't possibly have either one star or 5 stars reviews and nothing in between, they posted (Aug. 26) a 4 stars one, yet it's an all glowing report and all the subcategories of the same review got 5 stars! And I just noticed they claim to be based in England. Ha ha ha. I did some reading online and apparently the Chinese culture considers it completely legitimate to cheat as much as possible and whenever possible. My encounters with this outfit, and others on eBay, seem to support that observation. My guess is it's a one person criminal operation and she/he has to wait for other suckers before she can refund. IF she ever refunds. The Paypal account must be very new, because I am sure they will terminate her as soon as they figure out what she is up to. And by the way, the clothes look so great because they steal photos from the very high end and expensive legitimate designers and cut off the model's head to avoid being easily recognized and prosecuted. If you do a little bit of searching you will find the actual design with the same photo listed for hundreds of dollars. I should have never tried to get a knock off in the first place as it encourages the Chinese to keep producing shoddy substitutes. Or in this case, producing fraud only.
Luvyle C. – Luvyle Rep
Thank you for your order and post here.
Very sorry for the inconvenience to you.
Your order has been checked and our customer service has sent an email to your register email address ahu*****@gmail.com
Please pay attention to your email box.
Thanks for your cooperation.
Any question, please feel free to contact us via contact@luvyle.com

The lamest customer "service" ever. My account got locked. I couldn't unlock it as the only given solution was to accept a text. Apparently it never occurred to their ITs that some of us prefer to have texting disabled. The super-moronic virtual "assistant" wasted 20 minutes of my time, and trying to get to a live person through the Microsot site was more than I was worth. I finally got a number off a direct Google search and got to a live TECHNICAL support person. I know it was technical because I had to chose from an endless menu before the VM system would let me through. I eventually accomplished this feat by ignoring all the "I am sorry I do not understand" (in response to my explanation of why I was calling), and repeating endlessly "customer service". Yay! A LIVE person at last! Well... after asking me a couple of inane questions and me explaining the problem again, he told me he couldn't help me as he was not a technical person! He offered to switch me to someone who could help and the next thing I knew I was listening to a recorded message - at around 2 PM Pacific - that the offices are closed and are only open from 9 AM to 9 PM. Evidently these offices are in an entirely different time zone than the US, and maybe are on a different planet all together. I then got thanked and hung up on. Seriously?!

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