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Adelita"Hairfreek" V.

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About Me

Barber/stylist in Downtown Los Angeles.

How I Can Help

I'm an avid writer happy to review companies, good and bad. I'm tired of getting burned, poor customer service, and low quality products. Aren't you? I also need to give credit where credit is due. Check out my reviews.


Coloring, cutting and styling hair. Hiking, biking, swimming, camping, fishing, and singing in the r

55 Reviews by Adelita

I've been shopping on Wish for about six months. I was very unhappy at first. The products were super cheap and took months to be delivered.
But they've improved everything. I get my orders in about two weeks, now. I stopped ordering clothes and buy things I can use for my trade. They're actually pretty good quality. I'm finding stuff I don't find in stores. I found a special tool I've wanted for $1. They run $20 and up in the store. I'm a barber, I get cutting capes, towels, blades, spray bottles, barber themed jewelry, signs...They also sell bigger items like barber chairs and stations. There's nothing I can't find on Wish!
If you own a business and are thinking of paying for Facebook or Instagram advertising, save your money.
I've been advertising with them for over a year. I've spent hundreds of dollars on advertising with them.
1) Paying for advertising doesn't bring people to your storefront.
2) Trying to resolve issues with them is impossible.

I've been trying to get an issue resolved for several months. They don't respond to help requests.
The number of followers you have directly effects the outcome of your advertising as friends of your followers are targeted in your advertising.
I get dozens of new followers each week yet my numbers stay the same.
I harassed Instagram through their bug reporting system a few weeks ago. They didn't respond to me but my number of followers finally increased by 5 followers. Then it stopped again. Now my reports won't go through. I just get an error message.
I bet they'll get a hold of me when they can't collect what I owe for advertising. It's not free! I pay for services for my business. I can't wait for the class action lawsuit. I'm opting out and suing!
In store or online, they sell low quality products and have poor customer service practices.
In store- I bought a $50 razor handle. It came with a few refill razor blades, but when I needed more, Sally's didn't carry them. Instead, they sold me other brands of replacement blades promising that they'd fit. I purchased three different types of replacement blades and none of them fit. Once the five blades that came with the handle were gone, I was never able to use it again. Sally's refused to give me my money back for the handle or the useless blades they sold me. One employee even called the owner in front of me and changed the story in front of me to make it sound like I'm trying to get over on them.
Online- I found the equipment I was looking for at the lowest price anywhere. Their web site claims they offer free two day delivery on equipment purchases. Today is day four. I tried looking into it. There was no tracking number. The shipping status read "complete". I tried calling customer service. They have none on the weekends. I had to log on from a computer to find the tracking number. Trying to track the package was another ordeal. I kept getting prompts to upload an app. I almost signed up for a bunch of junk mail in the process. I finally found my package and it's in transit. It's still somewhere in Nevada right now. I'm in Los Angeles. I won't be getting my equipment any time soon.
I sent an email and tried calling the nearest store for help. They are helpless!
And talking about helpless, most of the employees are either uneducated or undereducated, with little to no salon experience. Buyer beware!
First off, you cannot count on the star rating system they use. If you're trying to learn about a business, you need to read the reviews. But that's not always helpful. Most people aren't specialized in the services they pay for. For example, I own a barbershop. I face my customers away from the mirror for several reasons; one, I encourage my customers to engage in conversation with each other. Two, I face them towards the tv's. Third, we hate when customers stare at the mirror and try to touch their hair during the cut or color. But we got a bad review from a customer who swore we were hiding something. He claimed he got a horrible cut, but didn't include a picture and still paid and tipped the barber. Not a credible review, but it does effect the business.
I was able to remove some similar reviews when I was paying yelp. But I cancelled my service with yelp because they were deceitful about my charges. Now they won't give me the time of day. But my business is still listed and getting reviews.
Now that I know the insides of yelp, I no longer go to yelp to search anything. As a matter of fact, I haven't searched my own business in months.
Yelp encourages business owners to get their business app. Then they send deceiving offers claiming you can get hundreds of dollars in free advertising.
During the sign up process, they ask for the budget you agree to. Obviously, I chose a budget to match what they claim I would get for free, $300. Nowhere did it say I had to pay out of pocket or that I had to call and cancel.
Two months later I look at my bank statement and find a charge for $247 debited from my account. They had my account information from a previously authorized purchase.
What you get for your money;
Your listing is close to the top of the list when someone does a search on the services or products you offer. THAT'S IT!!!
The person would have to search the name of your business for it to come out on top.
I was so shocked at the unexpected charges. I couldn't figure out what went wrong. I disputed it with my bank, but the charge was still pending so they couldn't do anything for me. It was the first, rent and bills were due at home and at my business.
I called Yelp. I thought my 7 year old pressed something and ordered some ridiculous service. Regardless, they wouldn't budge. I got no warning, no email, nothing.
Eventually, I figured out what happened and remembered I had fallen for the same scam a few years prior.
I spend hours advertising, including advertising yelp. I get lots of business, but rarely do I get customers through yelp.
I cancelled the service and that same day I got my first bad review. It was an unknown customer who made claims that were impossible. I tried to dispute it worn yelp and the wouldn't help me.
Yelp is bias and only benefits your business when you pay. Otherwise bad reviews from uninformed people, or revenge reviews are permitted. I was even extorted for free services by a person threatening to give me a bad review, later to find out that person was never a customer.
I opened an account with Go Daddy over a decade ago and I can't seem to shake them.
First problem was when they started changing their password requirements. They change them so often I could never remember my password. I always need customer service you help me log in. Their customer service is rude and impatient. The reps talk down to me like I'm stupid for not remembering my passwords. They're impatient and have poor communication skills. They repeat themselves sighting unimportant information over and over as if I can't hear or understand.
I have completely abandoned my website due to inability to update it.
Now I'm stuck having to do business with them just to keep my domain name. They advertise cheap renewal prices but don't allow you to manage the length of your renewal. They just go ahead and charge for several years.
When I called about the latest robbery, the rep told me they can't give me my money back. I mentioned that I tried to pay a week ago but Go Daddy didn't allow the payment. It said it would automatically renew in a couple of days, but didn't mention it was taking three years worth of payments. The rep still asked why I didn't call sooner when he can clearly see they just robbed me yesterday.
I don't have a solution right now. If anyone can help, send me a message.
This place advertised all over my facebook page. Their items look cute in three pictures. I ordered 3 shorts suits for about $20 & free shipping. I got two of the same outfit inn different sizes. I normally wear a medium, but I also ordered a large. I figure overseas sizes run small. But both of them fit like bikinis! I got the third one in large. It fits like a girdle. The material is super thin! Even if they fit, it's a one time use type of item.
Their clothes are cute, but you have to order 3x your size. You get your money's worth.
Netflix offers lots of great movies and programs for the whole family. We can watch anywhere. A lot less expensive than dish or cable.
I have been in debt with the department of education for decades. I've tried working with loan agencies. But if I fall on hard times I wind up owing them too.
This business keeps sending me emails claiming my student loan is totally forgiven. Or another one claiming my student loan has been flagged.
I fell for it a few times only to find out it's a loan agency trying to sucker me in to some payment plan.
The last one I hung up on, so she called me back from this number *******225, to taunt me. I called that number back and its a personal voicemail of the operator whom I had asked to remove me from their list.
Don't fall for it!
If you pay for advertising, you will not receive any support when you have issues.
It's better to word your posts correctly, use eye catching pictures, and relatable content in order to captivate your audience rather than pay too much for advertising with bugs and issues.
I just spent hours over a period of three days working on what was advertized as a free resume builder. These sites are so upsetting! I'm spending precious time only to find out it was all a scam to make you feel forced to make a purchase.
I'll just waste my time on another site and probably write another bad review.
Laura T. – LiveCareer Rep
Hi Adelitza,
Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused.
Stressfull, time consuming, long drives to find a payment center.
Why does it take five days for them to deduct the payment from your bank account? They have a, beat around the bush, explanation. I say, there's room for improvement! Fix it!
Why do we have to find a Wal-Mart, to stand in hour long lines, and deal with inexperienced cashiers, in order to make a walk in payment? Fix that!
I utterly regret my purchase! Check out my Drive Time review on yelp.
I went to their website to buy a dress. I don't shop online often. I hate returning things! I looked at their size guide, chose my measurements and purchased a dress according to their size chart. The dress looked nice on that cute little model.
The dress I got was very good quality. But it didn't look half as good on me as it did in the picture. It hangs everywhere! That's odd because I'm large breasted. It's way longer than in the picture. That's odd because I'm tall.
It's kinda nostalgic when I think about it. My mom used to buy me all my super conservative, oversized clothes from JCPenny.
I signed up years ago, and they keep sending me tempting job offers. I'm keeping up with only the companies I'm interested in. Good place to look for work.
Indeed-Support S. – Indeed Rep
Thank you for sharing this positive feedback, Adelita! We are glad to hear you enjoy using Indeed. Feel free to let us know if you ever have any questions.
I'm raising 5 children whom are not mine. Any money I spend hurts my wallet. So, to spend $35 on some Christmas lights that I was planning on allowing the kids to decorate with, is a lot!
Obviously they didn't work. The company won't respond to my complaint. So, we have a dark Christmas tree.
Pissed off right now!
Tmart T. – Tmart.com Rep
Dear customer,
It is our honour to help you solve the problem quickly.

May i ask how did you contact with us about your complaint?

We have online support service and ticket system.

And would you please tell us the order number for better checking?

In order to be more efficient to solve your problem, you can also try our online service:https://messenger.providesupport.com/messenger/1vatm9neo3k4j1nz2v9z1ipqoy.html
I deleted my five Star review now that I have some experience with this company.
Everything seemed wonderful at first. My credit score shot up within the first month of using square.
But I started noticing some of my deposits were wiped off their statements. I thought it was me at first, but I started writing them down as I charged people. Sure enough, I'm being robbed again. Not as bad as the bank was stealing from me, but there should be no money missing from my transactions. Is this the purpose of credit cards, so banks can rob people?
The next issue I'm having is the promise of free processing when others use your referral link to activate square.
They give some lame excuse as to why you see a difference from your transactions to your deposits. I charge on the dollar. No math needed. If my deposits reflect change, I'm not getting the full amount.
Overall, I'm happier with square than I was with Wells Fargo merchant services. But can I get a company that doesn't steal from its customers? I'll keep looking...
Don't get me wrong, the food is great! But I haven't been able to order online, ever. I try and try, but I get different responses. Sometimes my coupon won't be honored. Sometimes I'm told they don't deliver to my home, but I've seen their drivers in the area. They are also limited in toppings.
The last time I tried to order pizza, I had to call in after messing with the site for 45 minutes. I got the rudest employee at the Alhambra, CA site. I was frustrated and he was giggling and telling me they don't deliver to my area. I asked for a supervisor. He said he was the supervisor. I asked his name. He answered "Fabio" as he kept giggling. Unbelievable!
But they've been nice at other sites, I just can't get anything done online.
All these online food ordering sites are a little difficult to navigate at first, but dominos has the easiest one I've tried.
It's super convenient since I have a family of ten and they sell $5 pizza, sandwiches, and pasta.
My phone and personal interactions have all been nice too. The good is always delivered in a timely fashion, it's always hot, and yummy. No qualms here!
I don't order from amazon unless someone gives me a gift card. They have withdrawn money from my account before without notice or an explanation.
I have no gripe with the products I've recieved. But trying to conduct business with them is impossible.
There's no way to view your past purchases. They list them for you, but don't provide the charges. I placed an order yesterday that was processed without me providing financial information.
My mom is getting old and mentioned she might have purchased something through my account by accident. I'm trying to clear it up and make sure I'm not using her credit card for my purchases but those people in India or Sri Lanka can't understand my question and keep transferring me around like a beach ball at a Dodgers game. They are not even courteous enough to warn you that they are about to transfer you or why.
I got transfered four times with no warning right now. One of them canceled my payment method on my most recent order. I had to go back and fix the mistakes they made while they were supposed to be providing support. My order was fine before that incompetent rep went and deleted my payment. I just wanted to know if my gift card was used.
I hate dealing with rude foreigners who don't understand our language and carry no customer service skills past picking up a phone or hitting a key pad.
Is difficult to conduct my business when I have to spend so much time fixing other businesses issues. Plus, the products I'm trying to order are for my non profit. I can't use one item without the other. I bought portable shower bags, a changing tent, and a portable shampoo bowl so I can make people living on the streets feel beautiful again.
Thanks for making my life difficult, Amazon.
I've enjoyed almost everything I have purchased or downloaded free. It's easy to use and they have a great selection of what ever you're looking for.
The only drawback is that it's too easy for my kids to press the wrong buttons on my phone and order stuff. I also got a few scratched records. Lol! Yes scratched. Buy after a few phone calls, they removed the purchase and refunded the money.
It's still my go to music and app store.

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