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Barber/stylist in Downtown Los Angeles.

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I'm an avid writer happy to review companies, good and bad. I'm tired of getting burned, poor customer service, and low quality products. Aren't you? I also need to give credit where credit is due. Check out my reviews.


Coloring, cutting and styling hair. Hiking, biking, swimming, camping, fishing, and singing in the r

60 Reviews by Adelita


I just wanted to know how much I'd have to pay for service for five lines. There's no information on the web site that explains how much multi line discounts are. There's no way to get an estimate. I asked in the chat but Yesenia kept asking random questions and took a long time in between. I was on the chat for 15 minutes and still couldn't get an answer.

Tip for consumers:
Just go in person.

Products used:
I didn't get to buy anything. It was too time consuming.


Due to the pandemic, TransUnion will generate a free credit report once a week. TurboTenant charges $45 and does not send the applicant a copy.
They also claim to do background checks which is illegal to do online because of extreme inaccuracies and lack of access to legal information.
I have been requesting a copy of the report. The landlord said I'd get a copy.
The agent from TurboTenant has ignored my questioning about the background check, completely. She keeps repeating the same nonsense, "You have to request your report from TransUnion."
What did I pay for?

Tip for consumers:
Landlords- please stop charging people for credit reports. They're free!
Applicants-request your report from TransUnion. It's free. If a landlord insists on having you pay for a free service, it's a scam! This is just a tactic snobby landlords use to decline an application indirectly.

Products used:
Credit and background check.


I went to CircusCircus.com to purchase directly from the hotel. Somewhere along the line Iwas unknowingly moved to this website. I'm sure the hotel is in on this but at the end of my whole crappy trip, I was informed that my purchase was made through a third party website called GetARoom.com.
My card was used fraudulently. I called the number I could find. They posed as hotel staff on the phone call and refused to refund my money. I've lost disputes before and decided to take the trip. It was $933 I would have lost.
I looked over their website and the reservation. Nowhere did it mention there would be a 6 hour wait for check in. I lost a whole day standing in line. My room was the farthest room way in the back, 1/4 mile from everything.
The bathroom sink in my room was missing the drain. It took the hotel a whole day to fix it. There were no other rooms available to move us to either. We lost 2 days of our vacation!
At the end of it all, the hotel still charged me $183×2 for resort fees. When I tried to discuss my issues with the check out staff, they also refused to compensate me, stating they had no record of any repairs being made to my room.
Getaroom.com isn't going to compensate me either.
Vegas was disgusting! I lost $100 in the casino. Spent thousands on food and coffee. The whole hotel had no coffee pots. I had to walk that 1/4 mile every morning and stand in lines and Pau double for a cup of friggin coffee!

Tip for consumers:
You should call the hotel to make arrangements.
Ask about the check in wait time.
Ask for the refund policy.

Products used:
The swimming pool.


I'm a licensed barber and cosmetologist. I know enough about hair to know I didn't get what I paid for.
First, I've installed Bellami hair on a few clients. They've brought their own hair. This is how I became familiar with this brand. They all had double the amount of hair that I received.
The color is advertised as Vivid Red but is actually a light copper blond. Not even close to Vivid Red. False advertising!
Then they throw in a free pony tail weft. The ones my clients recieved were way better quality than the synthetic pony I received. It's ridiculously thick and shiny. It's not even the same color as the other hair. It's so heavy it won't stay up in a ponytail without tons of pins and clips, ripping your natural hair out.
Hopefully, it can be colored. If so, maybe I can use it. If not, it's useless. I know I could have got the same quality product for $100 less. I'm near Crenshaw. Ugh!


Trying to get all my barbers on one scheduling platform, I found this app. I spent hours setting it up. It was supposed to be a free trial offer. But I was never able to gain access after the initial setup.
I spent hours trying to contact someone for help. You can only get help if you log in. They've been charging me for a year. I finally closed that bank account and now they're harassing me. But I can't get a human to help me to this day.

Tip for consumers:
There's other apps that have real help options.

Products used:


Fast, quality service. Connor explained the process and got to it. It's affordable and exactly what I was looking for. I'm getting a quality website for my barbershop.


This was a complete waste of my time! Their support team is useless. It seems to be run by one very young person.
I guess since I didn't post pictures of horizons and bunnies, my photography doesn't count. I don't own a fancy camera nor do I use filters. I love hair. I love my community. I love my job. I take pictures of what I love.
This site censors what you can post. I guess pictures of a barbershop are offensive to those privileged people with the fancy cameras.
The whole site is photographers trying to get a gig, but my photography was called spam. They didn't bother reaching out to me. No warning. Nothing that states what they censor. I WAS BANNED. I didn't even get an explanation.
What a waste of time!


First, I tried to ride one once. I felt like I was applying for welfare. I could have walked to my destination faster than the time it took me to sign up. I never got it to work.
I was feeling like a dumb bunny until I signed up to be a Bird Charger. They claim to pay you to move and charge their vehicles. I signed up and started getting endless emails telling me to download the app and use Charger Mode. There was no such thing on the app. But the emails kept flowing in. I got a hold of support who told me to ignore those emails because I wasn't official yet.
Now I'm officially a Charger and charger mode became available. They gave me my first task to Move a vehicle by a certain date in order to get my charger equipment, but they didn't send me instructions on how to do so till the next day. I was at a funeral. I had only a few minutes available to complete the task on time. I looked at the map and was led to a vehicle that had to be moved for $6. It was inside someone's house. So for $6 I'm supposed to risk my life. I tried another one. I went to the exact location, hidden in the hills behind Dodger Stadium. The only vehicle in sight was a Lime. I spent at least an hour on these two bunk attempts to make a couple dollars. On top of all that time wasted, I'm supposed to use my electricity to charge this crap.
I feel so cheated!
On top of that is expensive to ride. No thank you!


This is a bogus site that'll leave you in tears! I have opened and paid off so many accounts. Im struggling to improve my score. I logged on to this site that offers so many ways to boost your score. I tried their Boost promotion. I linked up as many accounts as I could. I pay everything on time. I don't always use the same card, so my credit score went down. I linked my bank account but keep getting error messages saying that my account isn't valid, and my score went down. I just paid off a $20,000 vehicle in less than a year and that doesn't show up at all. On the contrary, my credit score went down.
Im forced to buy stuff from rent a center and other businesses that don't report credit because our current credit rating system is flawed. Im 47 trying to buy a home but I'll never reach my goal because if this flawed, fake, credit rating holding me down by my tail.
I just waited on hold for ten minutes then got hung up on. The few words that puto said was that there's nothing he can do to help me.


I wanted to help out a young girl in need. She lives cities away and was in desperate need of food for her daughter.
I was able to order food from more than one store at a time. There was a good selection of stores to choose from and the produce was the best of the best.
The order was delivered with no problems. It got there a little early too.
Nice site!


There's an employee at my local Food4Less who rapes my husband with her eyes. She goes out of her way to try to lock eyes with him. She acts all giddy like tinkerbell when he's in front of her but completely ignores me when I attempt to greet her.
I've put in several complaints with Kroger.com only to be ignored.
Besides the atrocious customer service, their produce is always either rotten or unripe. But its the best of the crap that's available in my community.
Kroger doesn't care about its customers in person or online.


My credit score on Credit Karma is 650. My actual score is 552. I went shopping for a vehicle thinking my score was fair. When I finally sat down to sign a contract, I found out that Credit Karma is lying to me. I didn't qualify for credit, I had to pay off half the vehicle as a down payment. My interest rates are ridiculous!
The credit card offer didn't help raise my score at all. It just put money in my hand that I didn't have. That came with a ridiculous interest rate too.
I tried using their income tax service. It was fairly easy to use, but it was nearly impossible to access my money. The card they load it on isn't accepted anywhere near me.
This business should be required by law to come with a surgeon general's warning when they advertise. They're killing me!


I liked that we were getting useful notifications from my children's school, at first. But for some reason, I started getting notifications from several different schools excluding my kids school. I didn't realize it at first so I kept my kids home on the wrong days, picked them up late on other days, and missed important school events.
When I realized those messages were meant for other schools, I called in to clear up the problem. I was met with a rude operator who spoke to me condescendingly as if I was the one who did something wrong. It took three phone calls with those people to get it right.
So, for the past several months I've been getting their proper notifications, but for the last few weeks they started sending them in Spanish. I understand Spanish but my husband doesn't. He can't figure out what they're saying. He passed me his phone to translate the message but with all the grammatical errors, missing spaces, semi colons all over the place, no uppercase letters at the beginning of sentences... Are we supposed to stop flipping tortillas to decipher these messages?
¡Porfavor, aregla la problema!


I used Legalzoom.com to register a trade mark. It was super easy.
Last week I used legalzoom.com to start a non profit. It was already accepted and recognized by the state. Nice!
They have attorneys to help with the process. They provided a registered agent, also. They've been super helpful.
The process has been worry free.

Here's my update...
Apparently I paid over $1000 for quick service. I wasn't in a rush but they presented the platinum package as the package that does it all. But they only did the most basic stuff. I could have paid $300 something for the service I got only it would have taken longer.
Now I'm learning I still have to pay extra for them to complete the process. I explained to several people on the phone that this is my first non profit and I was paying for everything to be done for me. But not once did they inform me that I wasn't getting the completed job done. They didn't tell me that I had to create my own by laws. They didn't tell me I had to fill out the long 501c3 application by myself.
I explained that I wanted to apply for grants. They didn't tell me I could do that without the non profit status. Nobody mentioned that in order for it to be successful I'd have to hire an accountant.
I paid for their legal packages and business pro add ons. For what? I would still have to pay a fee to the lawyer.
My package came all unorganized. There's no explanation as to what each document is for, what I need them for, or how to keep them. They sent me a general book about how to start a non profit after I already paid them over $1000. But the book doesn't even pertain to me because the laws are different in California. It's stated all over the book that I have to purchase the version for California.
I went to the California endowment today and learned that I could only get help if I don't have a non profit.
In order to apply for grants I have to register for accounts with three different government websites. The questions are not understandable. Half of it doesn't seem to pertain to me. I have all kinds of document deadlines and no idea how to fulfill them.
This is all such a dream killer!

LegalZoom S. – Legal Zoom Rep

Hi Adelita, we do our best to make sure every customer is happy and it seems we fell short of that goal in this situation. We’d like to learn more about how we could have improved your experience with us & try to turn things around for the better. We’ll reach out to you directly but please feel free to contact a manager at your convenience via help@legalzoom.com.


I searched somebody who attacked me in the past. I found out he's out of prison, but noticed that my address was listed in his profile. I contacted customer service and explained the mistake and the whole situation. They were helpful and understanding.
An hour later I searched myself and my whole profile is blank. Nice! I searched the assailant and my address was removed from his profile. I also noticed his criminal record was updated to reflect his criminal history. Nice!
I feel safer now!


I happened to find this companies site while searching for security companies. I made the mistake of providing my phone number.
They called within seconds. It was a man with a middle eastern accent. His accent was so thick I couldn't understand a word he said. I asked for someone else and was passed to another personI could barely understand. It sounded like a good deal so I agreed on the service. The next day they call me to scold me about not paying my current security company. I explained that they aren't protecting me and I'm trying to find a better company. He said he had to talk to his supervisor and he would call me back.
At that point I decided I didn't want their service. The foreign man had a rude tone plus I hated that I couldn't understand them.
For the next three days they called at least 20 times an hour, ignoring my employees telling them I was busy, or not there, and not interested. They interrupted me while I was cutting and coloring hair. They even called from other numbers. Finally, they called from a local number and got me on the phone.
They made an even better offer and told me I qualified. I gave them my information thinking I was opening a security account. I was told a technician would contact me shortly. Instead, they checked my credit without my permission. I don't have good credit and I told them that. But they went ahead and took points from my credit score. I never heard from them again.
They are obviously not located in America. They're rude and crooked!


You can save your vehicle information on the site making it faster and easier to find what you need. They always have what I'm looking for at better prices than most competitors. Although, most of their products are Made in China, they offer a lifetime warranty on most of their important parts.


I saw an ad for $4.99 framed canvas prints. I ordered a few. They're definitely worth the price. I have had custody of five other kids besides my own three. Printing pictures can be expensive. Now my walls are filling up with new family pictures including all those kids. It feels like family now.


This card was offered as a payment method for tax returns. It's trash! Serve.com sent me two emails a day telling me to enroll in direct deposit. It was confusing because I was supposed to get my check directly deposited anyway. As it got closer to when I was supposed to receive my checks, it got extremely annoying!
Now I got my refund and I can't use this card anywhere. I tried to pay bills, no-one accepts it. I tried to withdraw money from my bank and its ATM. No deal. I can only withdraw up to $400 a day from certain 711 stores.
The MoneyPass app you need to download and use to find compatible ATMs is also trash. They lead you to little hole in the wall places that almost don't exist. I couldn't find one open.
My other option is to drive an hour away to the nearest Wal-Mart, stand in line for hours and supposedly withdraw up to $2900 a day. I hope my contractor doesn't mind getting paid in payments. I hope I don't lose the cash.

Yesterday I spent several hours trying to withdraw money. I went to one Wal-Mart, stood in line for 30 minutes only to be turned away. They said the card wasn't allowing me to withdraw any amount of money. I called the Serve customer service number for the 5th time. Those operators are clueless. She kept asking me if I want a new card or to change my pin. I kept explaining to her, as I did others, that I need to withdraw all my money at once. She said there was nothing wrong with my card. I got transferred over to American Express, waited 20 minutes and when someone finally answered, they couldn't hear me. They hung up on me.
OMG! I lost my sanity at that point!
I drove another 45 minutes to the next Wal-Mart. I figured something was wrong with the system. Same problem. I asked for a supervisor and was ignored. I called Serve again. I got a rude operator and argued with her for a while before she finally told me about the RIA money pick up. Its not called a withdrawal, so nobody knew what I was talking about. Like I said, clueless!

So, the Serve website says you can receive up to $2900 a day. Not true. You can only get $2500 at a time.
Wal-Mart's prices to "withdraw" money and cash government checks are significantly less expensive than using this card.
My plans have been put on hold. I've wasted so much time and gas on this card. I can't transfer my money into my bank account where I can withdraw it for free. It pushed me into an emotional breakdown!
I will NEVER use or recommend this card again. As a matter of fact, I'm taking the American Express stickers out of my shop window and will no longer accept American Express at my place of business.

One photo is a screen shot of the serve website where it says you can send yourself up to $2900. That's a lie!
The rest are in order as you search for a way to access your money. One shows the balance with no options. You have to figure it out yourself.

Then you get some vague options. Look at the silly name for the option I needed.

When you click on ATM withdrawal, it requires you to download an app that doesn't work.

Bottom line, Serve.com and its products are trash!


Mejor no compras de Curacao. Te van a mandar basura y no revuelven el dinero. Van a poner demaciados markas negetivos en su credito. Mejor no lo hagas! Hay negocios que no roban a la jente.
You're better off not purchasing anything from Curacao. They'll send you trash and will refuse to give you a refund. They'll put tons of negative marks on your credit. Just don't do it! There are honest businesses out there.

If you buy something it will be broken or it will break soon and they will not honor their warranty. They will not replace it. They will not give you your money back. If you refuse to pay for the faulty item, they will go above and beyond to ruin your credit. They add false remarks to your credit and renew it every year as if it just happened.
These are the crooks Trump is talking about. Too bad they are already here in the impoverished neighborhoods strong arming innocent people.
They even go into other poor neighborhoods and sit in front of Food 4 Less, wearing diamond studded bumble bee shades, recruiting poor innocent people into signing up for credit.
This business is a pot full of crabs ready to pull people down into the boiling liquid.

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