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Narconon Suncoast

This is a Scientology fraud, a quack medical fraud where the Scientology corporation attempts to hide who they are and what they're doing behind the fake name "Narconon."

For many unfortunate victims who did not use Google to find out what this fraud actually is, their mistake has been a deadly one, the number of people that Scientology has killed because of this fake "drug treatment" scam they run is high, so much so that Scientology crooks have been indicted, their offices have been shut down, medical investigations continue and there are seemingly endless numbers of civil lawsuits for wrongful death and other injury caused by Scientology's "Narconon" fake front.

At core what these people don't tell you is that they're selling their victims Scientology, they don't inform people that what they're doing is scraping off invisible murdered space aliens which Scientology says people are infested with and cause all of people's problems, using rituals they called their "Purification Rundown" and other titles for the same thing: Quack medical fraud dreamed up by their notoriously criminal ringleader L. Ron Hubbard.

If you want detailed information about this fraud, check out Wikipedia's entry or go to Tony Ortega's blog which contains court documents and further details about this, also check out the crackpost.us web site and so many others.


The Skeptic Tank web sit has been around for a long time, it was actually a BBS back before the DARPANet became the Internet, so the accumulated documents -- over half a million of them -- on the web site go back quite a long time.

The only bad thing is that the web site does not get updated any more, tens of thousands of other web sites link to it for detailed documentation covering the debunking of claims of the paranormal, so the web sit can't change too much, it's still a highly valuable web site but it is no longer updated.


The Scientology crime syndicate has at most some 20,000 surviving customers world wide thanks to the advent of the wide dissemination of information about the enterprise that is possible using the Internet, including detailed information about the syndicate's gross human rights crimes and abuses as well as their massive financial frauds and scams which, despite the small number of customers, reaches across numerous countries.

Of particular notice is Scientology's quack medical frauds they call "NarCONon" which tricks people in to thinking that they are giving tens of thousands of dollars to actual drug treatment and rehabilitation facilities when in fact they are handing their money to Scientology and using Scientology's bizarre "Purification Rundown" quack medical frauds to literally scrape invisible murdered space alien fragments off of themselves, aliens which the enterprise calls "Body Thetans."

Thankfully no United States entity considers the enterprise to be a religion, it is classified as a "tax exempt charity" in the United States which, on its face, is also fraudulent.

If people want actual information about Scientology, the Xenu.Net web site gives good coverage of what these crooks sell to the rubes, marks, and suckers who don't bother to find out what they're buying when they hand their money to Scientology.

Also the "Underground Bunker" run by award-winning journalist Tony Ortega is a wealth of information about what Scientology actually is, what it does, the endless criminal and civil cases instigated against the criminal enterprise, as well as highly detailed information about Scientology murders and associated fatalities, often committed under Scientology's "NarCONon" banner.


I was "invited" by someone to join NextDoor and looking at their web site and the information they request and make available to anybody was frightening, I can't believe a web site created for STALKERS and for IDENTITY THEFT exists and, even worse, I can't believe that something around 175,000 people, according to the web site's claims, actually gave these $#*!ing people their private information.

Utterly amazing.

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