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Online Businesses Reviewed on Sitejabber for "wynd" to "wzgf"

2 reviews
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Complete fraud... they will ask for personal information and will not tell you they do a hard Credit inquiry and send you an unwanted credit card. They will also give you a voucher for a free resort stay which is useless because it is never available when you want to use it. Don't believe them and don't waste your time.
2 reviews
2 helpful votes
My husband and I cruise yearly. We drive from Canada to Newark when we sail from New York. The Hotel Wydenham Gardens has a fabulous deal for those who dont fly. Stay one night and park for 2 weeks. The cost is very reasonable compared to parking in New York. We keep going back.
1 review
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I am not a timeshare or points member. When I booked one of their cheaper hotels (Days Inn) recently, the operator offered me a 3-night stay at one of their vacation resorts. The deal was I need to pay $199 during the phone call, then when I check in at their resort (choice of 3), attend a 2 hour sales presentation, then they promise to give me an Amex cash card for $200. The Wyndham Grand...
8 reviews
6 helpful votes
The hotel is fine. Just be aware that unless you can figure out the local bus to the Ramada and deal with the location where they stop, you will have to use a local taxi. They do not have a shuttle to the airport. The taxi cost 15 pounds each way for my husband and I, plus tip. Added considerably to the cost of the motel, so factor this in. Like many UK motels, breakfast is not included but...
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In 2016 I stayed at a Wyndham Hotel in Louisville, KY to attend a church conference. When my sister n I walked into the room n I passed by my bed, my ankle struck something which ended up being a metal object sticking from the bed frame. My foot became swollen and all I could do was limp. Now in 2020, 2 ankle surgeries, 3 orthopedic boot periods, 3 physical therapies and a hospitalization 3...
1 review
1 helpful vote
He is the best protector a woman can have! He is very pro-woman, and has helped me a lot with issues in my separation from my husband. He goes to all lengths to help women out in divorce and separation issues. He handles very profesional in his techniques in investigations, support, advice, collecting evidence, surveillance, and much more. He is a great woman's advocate, and really cares about...
5 reviews
14 helpful votes
We spent one night at the Wynn and were impressed with the room, the service and the number of employees available to help with directions and questions. The La Reve show was great. The beef is the same as with most resort/hotel/motel services. The advertised room rate is not the amount you pay for your room. The claim being that various fees are attached to the rate by others and therefore not...
4 reviews
11 helpful votes
I highly recommend this site. I discovered them on instagram and they were offering a 40% off coupon, I decided to peruse their site. It wasn't just 40% off one item, but off my whole order, including sale! Plus free shipping over $40. So I ended up buying several items, all of which were delivered in good time and were very nice. Then they offer you a 50% off if you send them a picture wearing...
10 reviews
12 helpful votes
I bought a pair of shoes from their Wakefield branch for work at the cost of £18. Just over a month after purchase it rained and both my feet got soaked. I took them back and was told they would be sent away for testing and in two weeks they would get in touch. After nearly three weeks having heard nothing I rang them on my day off, a Monday. "Yes they came back last Wednesday and there`s...
654 reviews
3,240 helpful votes
Wynton Marsalis might be one of the greatest trumpeters of his generation, if not the greatest, with an outstanding CV as a virtuoso classical player and jazz musician, bandleader, educator and political activist. Notably he was also the first person to win a Pulitzer Prize for music and has a few Grammys tacked to his restroom wall, too. The whole family is astonishingly talented, though...
8 reviews
6 helpful votes
I am happy or unhappy truly sad customer relationship.It needs to be shut down. Beware anyone who uses these services. Stay away! Frustrating services and bad quality, It is absolutely fraud. Pathetic customer service.
6 reviews
6 helpful votes
It needs to be shut down. Beware anyone who uses this. I was almost going to be hit by there racket. Please don't waste your money here they are not recognized by any organization.
2 reviews
7 helpful votes
I have a friend who signed up with these butt robbers in good faith that they would take him down the road to gainful employment. After only attending their program for 4 weeks, he was called back to work to his great paying construction job. Upon withdrawing from the school, they billed him for $2700, and are coming after him with bill collectors and liens! Need I say more? UTTER BS!
1 review
3 helpful votes
Intimidating owner. They drove into my electric gates and damaged them, this was witnessed by myself and a passerby. WFGB denied this and REFUSED to offer payment towards the damage. Reluctant to give invoices, still waiting for my receipt. Doors to the shed held on with 2cm NAILS! Hardware not galvanised as stated in the website... shall I go on?
2 reviews
3 helpful votes
I am an employee and work in administration department. Once, my boss ordered me to research about Display Receiver so that we could acquire the best one device from market. After wandering over several HDMI devices manufacturers' websites, I thought that researching or finding something best for you on internet is very difficult. But thanks to WyreStorm, it's the perfect website for various...
1 review
1 helpful vote
I have been waiting since April for a refund. Every day I call they say they'll call me back and they never do. Worst managed company and the rudest customer service team. Will never shop from them again
1 review
2 helpful votes
I love this site for both my health supplements and pet care- my dogs and cat love it too- I get all my holistic natural and healthy pet food delivered to my door (including the awesome kitty litter), all of it discounted for monthly auto delivery and though it is a bit more expensive, I am certain each and everyone of these products is exactly as described, made in America and DOES NOT COME...
2 reviews
3 helpful votes
Site showed information for a phone # I listed was found but as soon as I paid the information was not available.
1 review
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Great to work for if you're Caucasian. If not, then you'll probably get you account deactivated with no explanation.
28 reviews
54 helpful votes
• Updated review
After having 4 of these cameras in operation for about 10 months, I'm still relatively happy with being able to use them to see what's going on around m home. But, they tend to lose their connection, forcing e to power cycle them. Which makes using them to keep an eye on things when you're away, or recording events impossible. They're inexpensive and super easy to install. But, if they're...
Wyze Cam V2 Are Great!
• Previous review
These little cameras are the best. 1) They're cost effective - $20-30 each, depending on the model you get. 2) Extremely easy to set up. 3) NO subscription needed to use! This is what I have been looking for, for a couple of years. I unpacked mine, and had the first one up and running in minutes - literally. In my case, I had to upload the BlueStacks app, to access the camera's feed on my Mac. I have all my cameras pointing outside, so disengaged some of the features, such as night vision (reflects off the glass) etc. And I have one is set up outside, under a protected eve, since these cameras are designed to be used indoors - and it's working fine. If you want a bit of security, and would like to be able to record events around your home or business, these work great. The quality of the feed, is a heck of a lot better than some of those security camera feeds you see, and they're in color. Keep in mind, the price and no monthly subscription! Generally, you get what you pay for but in this case you're getting a quality product for a reasonable price. And they're continually strive to improve their app! That said, they're not going to compete with your more expensive security cameras, though they're doing a pretty good job of it.
8 reviews
15 helpful votes
Hit or miss. They have some growing to do. I suggest hitting them up on social media, IG in particular to get help. Their email support doesn't work. They need to focus on stabilizing those pieces before expanding so quickly with other products, when they haven't perfected the ones they have or their basic shipping processes yet. They need a lot more QC with the products, but especially with...

Tip for consumers: Contact them on IG for help, that was the only way I could reach them.

2 reviews
2 helpful votes
We made an order. They ask for a direct transfer and every time they ask for more money. After the second payment, we stop. Alibaba knows about them but doing nothing. Girl name Lala (fake name) done it to many others.