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Online Businesses Reviewed on Sitejabber for "uwig" to "uzzu"

2 reviews
3 helpful votes

There was no ZERO option, so I gave it one star. It is worth NO stars. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. They are frauds. The wig is NOT the same wig as in the photo. And it is NOT human hair. I wasted over £150 on a piece of crap that I threw in the garbage. Don't bother mailing it back. The company is in CHINA, and they require you to use tracking in order to get a refund. So, not only are...

1 review
3 helpful votes

Using customer service is essential for being a happy customer. And UWT failed to provide a good one. Recently I've asked for SIM card replacement and was told that the service is not provided by UWT anymore. Obviously a company should decide for itself which service to provide, no questions here. Naturally I've asked for refund of my credit balance and was told that it would be handled by...

15 reviews
30 helpful votes

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to change a first impression? Let me tell you (OK, I won't) about how *much* I disliked my initial experience with Vitex and our new smart home - all because of one of our first salesmen. That said, ROBERT (as well as some other techs over the past year or so) significantly changed that first impression. Robert was the first tech, however, to go WELL...

7 reviews
10 helpful votes

Good Embrasser. Excellent. I love anything technical support and technology. I am promoter and advertiser uncommon of any products. I can re-brand it even if the brander does it poor. You can trust me. Some people throw their weight of not purshacing some products: *1 High cost of price with poor among the poorest brand. *2 The quality has turned out to quantity. Thinking about this men. You...

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Verified purchase

I engaged them to redo our company's website. Not only did they scored well in design, but they also overdeliver on what we discuss. Keep it up! - Matt

1 review
2 helpful votes

I have yet to read an article on UX Movement that wasn't written by the admin/founder, who, when given any kind of rebuttal or criticism, responds in such a defensive way that it makes it very clear he is just using this site for his own ego boost and could care less about learning from other people's experiences. Most articles don't site any kind of research, but are presented as if they...

1 review
0 helpful votes

I had ordered power supplies and they have cheated me of $ 98.00 and would not respond. They have created another website dixlayer.com which is identical and avoid these sites like plague. Hope these cheaters are punished.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Will take your money and don't send you your order! This is a company supposedly based in Canada that sells a variety of items. My business needed some small motors for prototyping and this website claimed to have them. The lead time on them was several weeks, but my company needed to motors so we went ahead with the purchase. When we did not receive the motors after the supposed lead time I...

1 review
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Its a Hollywood movies blog design its easier comfortable and easily to surfe this site and watch free movies this is designed for beginners blogger for helping how to create free blog and manage it. Every one please vist this blog. Thankyou...

3 reviews
6 helpful votes

The website is so bad, there are even fatal errors appearing on the bottom of the page, highly unprofessional. Not sure, they paid for this website to anyone, who knows how to do it correctly. Terrible graphics, fonts like from the previous decade. Images are even not appearing, probably the wrong format or even bad links. Just do something about it, you are working in Europe!

1 review
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Saçınızın kuru ve kırılgan bir yapıya sahip olmasını istemiyorsanız her daim nemini koruduğundan emin olmanız gerekmektedir. Saçlar tipkı cilt gibi nemsiz kaldığında hasarla karşılaşır. Nemsiz bir saç hem kuru hem cansız hem de kopmaya meyillidir. Bu nedenle saçınızın için nem çok önemlidir. Nemli bir saç hem esnek hem de dolaşmaya daha az eğilimlidir. Aynı zamanda saçın daha güçlü ve sağlıklı...

2 reviews
9 helpful votes

They took my money and did not published my google ads. They are scammers. Never use their service. In turkish: "Uzmantescil.com paramı alıp reklamlarımı yayınlamamıştır. Sözde firma sahibi yusuf barış efe tam bir dolandırıcıdır. 150 TL min üstüne yattı. Telefonlarını değiştirdi, kaçak oynadı. Mali şubeye şikayet ettim. Sakın aldanmayın bunlara."

1 review
1 helpful vote

If you can watch live tv, Uzzu is for you. I only watch sports. Uzzu is, by my opinion the best for that. They have every game from every region available. I don't know how they do it, but they do, and it is phenomenal. I haven't watched this many MLB games and NBA games in my life. It is a little clunky with the apps you need to use to make it stream on your tv, but if you have a good...