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Online Businesses Reviewed on Sitejabber for "puzl" to "pziz"

1 review
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When setting up my new business venture, I was lacking a website to advertise my activity online. I joined Puzl's platform and found the interface easy and functional. The customization options and all the widgets available, helped me make my site attractive to my audience. I am able to share my business updates and promotions in all the social media networks and increase the company popularity...

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Bedrijf staat bij Consumentenbond etc bekend als een organisatie die consumenten misleid door te doen alsof je vast zit aan een duur puzzel abonnement. Is ook in een radio1 uitzending geweest die nog met een korte Google zoektocht te vinden is. Niet betalen aan deze club en nummers blokkeren! Voeg vooral klachten toe als je ook slachtoffer bent!

2 reviews
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Een website dat is gemaakt door puzzelgroep fans en liefhebbers. Hier kun je makkelijk al je ervaringen/klachten delen met www.puzzelgroep.com fans en liefhebbers. Zijn genoeg mensen die je er op weg kan helpen. Een berichtje achterlaten is al voldoende!

31 reviews
75 helpful votes

I love a particular line of silver rings. It's hard to track them down. I found them at a Ren Fest 10 years ago and adding to my collection? It's a challenge. I was happy to find one at a great price. Sterling with detailed work. Fast shipping. Great customer service. I will be buying from them again!

1 review
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After many emails to this company to let them know my puzzle wasn't received they still refused to refund me, stating that if I sent the puzzle back they would issue a refund. I disputed the charge with my bank and was able to recover my money.

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Easy to use website, fair prices for all the goods and trustworthy, fast service. I was skeptical at first but in the end I'm glad I went through with it. Pvpbank is the way to go.

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Verified purchase

Very good service, they always are ready to do anything I need, great guys!

1 review
1 helpful vote

In the end have to leave Talk Talk, many times no Interned, tel. Line was cutting off during conversation, bad cracking line for weeks no internet, Badly treated by costume service staff, was put on hold for 40 min then disconnected, many weekends ruined by calling to them for hours!

1 review
1 helpful vote

Thank you so much for all your help. You guys are the best! Dress was shipped super quick, within 2 days from you guys shipping it we received it. Great material and fits perfectly! We will definitely be recommending you guys to everyone we know and will be back to order more dresses in the future. Thanks again, very satisfied customer =) Keep doing what you guys do, dont ever change!

1 review
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Ordered parts that were promised to ship in the next two weeks. Six weeks later i called and asked for partial shipment of parts that were in stock. They never showed. Now over 2 months later I have requested a refund twice and he refuses to do so. DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE!

126 reviews
226 helpful votes

It was easy to get started with them as a publisher and I accumulated a little bit of earnings but my balance suddenly stopped growing and I got the sense it would take too long to earn enough to cash out, if ever.

6 reviews
34 helpful votes

They are always changing domain name to rip off more people. Opened an account with them but wasn't really using it until i got a call from the account manager assigned to me, i was persuaded to deposit some funds into the account and start trading. I decided to give them a try and deposited 18000 dollars which was lost in 2hours. I deposited another 36000 dollars and made 3% profit on trades...

1 review
1 helpful vote

I have made a deposit but never traded. Then completed a withdrawal request over a month ago and didn't receive my money back. Now they are telling me it takes ten days to approve a withdrawal. Its been more than a month though.

508 reviews
1,227 helpful votes

Domain registration scam from China. They inform you that a Chinese company attempted to register a domain name similar to yours. It is simply an attempt to extort money from you. This scam is not new and goes around for a few years now. This domain got just registered on May 22nd 2013 - 5 days ago. http://whois.domaintools.com/pxitech.com

1 review
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Tried to make an order for my elderly mother (she has been a customer for many years and receives a paper catalog through the mail) - want to purchase a coat priced more than a hundred dollars. She wondered if there was some type of free shipping coupon or offer, so I looked online (she doesn't use a computer of any kind). I found some promo codes and telephoned to place an order. Naturally,...

1 review
4 helpful votes

Not sure if this website is legit or a scam but ordered a product a month ago and it hasn't arrived. Customer service takes days to reply. It should be called ‘extra slow or no service‘. The link they supplied for tracking is corrupt and keeps crashing so useless. Also they have failed to answer queries regarding their return policy or if my order has been updated for a change in size. Even if...

1 review
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Fantastic investment found through crowdfunding and have used to invest money since. The process is simple and lets me access investments I might not otherwise be able to touch.

2 reviews
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We came across Pyrabid site whilst looking for best deals for our summer vacation to Egypt. On our way searching the history of Pyramids we landed on Pyrabid online auction site. We got some great offers and free credits to start with and you know what my husband actually won an iPhone6 for just £7 isnt that amazing start to 2016. Support team helped us understand the bidding and how to win...

1 review
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Pyramid Computer Company is ISO-9001 certified - not an easy certification to obtain. It says a lot about the competency of the company. They are based in Germany and everything is made there too.

1 review
3 helpful votes

I was just getting ready to order six items from the latest catalog, but reading the reviews changed my mind. It's so frustrating when customers have a problem with orders and customer service sucks. Thanks for the warning, I'll take my business elsewhere. Customer reviews do matter!

1 review
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Such great customer support and knowledge-base. I'm finally back on track with my financials thanks to them and going to try extremely hard not to end up with terrible credit again. I believe this time is going to be different now that I have all the tools necessary to manage my finances properly.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Really, just replace the pharmacist in charge, and everything will be better. She'd very rude and moody person who will encourage you one minute, then condescend and insult you the other minute. As if the workload isn't stressful enough, the terrible pharmacist in charge makes it a thousand times worse. She badly need to be replaced.

7 reviews
23 helpful votes

I had a Pyrex 9 x 13" pan that a coating was peeling off or deteriorating; it was coated with some non-stick substance Pyrex called: "clear advantage" which is ironic because it is a disadvantage. Pyrex said too bad on the coating coming off and the pan could not be "saved" but offered me nothing as a continuing customer, consumer adjustment or anything as a courtesy. The writer was indifferent...

3 reviews
3 helpful votes

I just got my computer yesterday. Everything is great so far. It was cheap and came fast. The people I talked to were very friendly and helpful. Very good experience.

4 reviews
8 helpful votes

Been trying to learn coding for fun for quite a while. This site was pretty decent at information, the language itself isn't too complicated. There could be a couple more resources for WHY the code works a certain way, so beginners beware, but all in all the site is worth a look~

4 reviews
1 helpful vote

I found the content of the website is very useful but the user interface is of the conventional model. Anyways that doesn't matter as long as the content is quality.

6 reviews
1 helpful vote

Chatted with the support team but I was thrown off that I need to send my assignment to an email address instead of posting on the site. They were able to help me out though

1 review
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Ordered an apple iphone 6s 32 GB space grey delivers a damaged product and when asked for replace no updates from Paytm or seller. You will get frustrated by the service of Paytm. Never ever order from Paytm.

13 reviews
7 helpful votes

For those wondering what this is all about, I'm here to tell you this is one of the sites out here that gives you the best deal you can get on various items you've been looking forward to buy, Imagine buying a new Samsung s9 for $140 And getting an AirPod 2 for $50 on deals from amazon PzDeals is site that helps you find discounted items without going through that stress yourself and it's also...

1 review
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Purchased the year membership to Pzizz. I had trouble accessing the link to the membership once it was purchased, but Desmond with the customer support team responded to me right away and the problem was solved very quickly.