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Online Businesses Reviewed on Sitejabber for "nyda" to "nzym"

1 review
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Such a amazing store,Nice service and fair Price, Quality is awesome.If you are in US ,You should go for it at least you should give a try.you get a life long bond

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1 review
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I ordered & paid for 3 samples. One month later, I finally received one sample. It turned out they had run out of the other two in the month that I waited. A refund was issued for the two samples I received, but not for any part of the postage I had paid. I paid $1.99 for postage. The package I received with the one sample was an envelope with a $.55 forever stamp. They don't refund this...
1 review
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I spent $4000 on an overpriced bedroom set in January. I still haven't received the included dresser and mirror. The headboard for the bed was received damaged. I was offered $90 to keep the damaged headboard or they would have it repaired. i wanted it replaced, they refused to replace it. So i decided to have it repaired, as i did not pay $4000 for scratch and dent furniture!!! They...
4 reviews
9 helpful votes
If you are looking for great clothing, this is the best. The clothes come with hangers and are wrapped individually and kept in Dry Cleaners type plastic bags (wardrobe size). I had not shopped for a while and they contacted me via email , told me they missed me and offered me 40% off of my entire order, if I wished to place one. Which I did. I received $700+ worth of clothing for $385.00...
9 reviews
37 helpful votes
She has stolen my art for heat transfers. When I addressed this the first time she removed items infringing on my copyright from her store, she later republished them and I had to file DCMA's with her website host to get them removed. Not a fan of dishonest business people. Much of what she sells infringes on other copyrights, which can get other small businesses who purchase to resell in...
2 reviews
3 helpful votes
After having worked with some rental agencies in Paris, this one was an unpleasant surprise. It seemed like they have an answer service with one agent who keeps her phone off. We were looking to rent an apartment for one month in Paris. Somehow agency fee was 40% of the total rental, and not the customary 5%. When I mentioned that to her, she never realized that and was surprised by the...
1 review
0 helpful votes
Nykaa blocks customer if you return products, even if they send wrong products or duplicate your orders. No porper communication to customer, they directly block block.
1 review
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One word - trash. When I read the article about Elon Mask one thig cam to mind. They try to sink him. Fake news it is!
2 reviews
3 helpful votes
I was given a strong sales pitch and encouraged to try a 10 day trial. I was assured that I would become a gym membership unless they contacted me first. Also, as a precaution, I visited them before the trial period expired, asking to not become a gym member. After received the annual fee, I called the manager multiple times. Eventually when I finally caught up with him, I was asked to...
5 reviews
11 helpful votes
They have old listings thats not currently active. So I emailed a lady named Dawn to see why the website has nothing but old listings. she asked for a few examples and I gave her some and she never responded back to me.
1 review
1 helpful vote
the website is wonderful, pretty easy to use and i love the fact that the information is so accurate. the website also provides me with enough information that i didnt even need to call the company.... i like it needs a bit more improvement but overall its nice
1 review
1 helpful vote
Shopping at this website was a great experience overall,although most of the experience was great some parts of the experience were not so good,The good,I got a great deal, a $5 discount and free shipping,the perfume arrived in great condition and was very well packaged to avoid damage.the one page checkout was very easy to use,and credit card orders are processed through paypal so I didn't...
0 reviews
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This paper is no better than the enquirer they couldn't tell the truth if their life depended on it ! They don't have a journalist in the building !! They are nothing but URINALIST"S !!
1 review
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I got a speeding ticket doing 20-30 over speed limit. It was a 6 point offense but the lawyer I hired took care of it and it was dismissed. great result for minimal amount of money. Would definitely use their service again and would recommend them to family and friends
1 review
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I ordered the watch! They charged my card! The person processing the payment enetered the wrong country name! Then they asked me to send them a copy of my ID and bank card, which a complete nonsense, or otherwise to cancel the order. That is complete B.S.! I decided to cancel. It may cost me EUR 20.00 or EUR 30.00 for nothing, due to exchange rate conversions. Simply, avoid this company!
1 review
6 helpful votes
Terrible terrible company. They sent me the incorrect order and then tried to scam me with the return shipping. When it came time to send me the correct order they said it was out of stock and I had to cancel the order. Do not use them! Very unprofessional!
18 reviews
16 helpful votes
I wasn't sure what to expect by ordering straight from the company, but I was pretty happy with the results. The only negatives were that it took a while to ship, at the same time I placed an order at the busiest time of year so free pass on that. Their pricing was quite good, sometimes Well.ca was cheaper for NYX items oddly enough so look at both. Still got a fab deal and they have a very...
62 reviews
36 helpful votes
NYX liquid lipsticks are some of the best affordable liquid lipsticks out there. I recommend them to anyone on a budget.
1 review
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In last months many good Usenet sites were down I used for search of NZB files. NZBFriends is rather new Usenet search engine. It has nice interface, most populat newsgroups indexed, about 1500 days retention and some options that make search easier. It's surely not the best Usenet search engine at the moment, but a rather interesting alternative for people who search for new solutions.
1 review
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I was planning to remodel my house windows as they have started to show their age. Therefore I was searching for suppliers of New Zealand made roller blinds. Then one of my friends suggested me about NZ Blinds. I called them & got the details about roller blinds and placed my order at their website for the same. Their roller blinds are of high quality and something to recommend to others.
1 review
0 helpful votes
I'm very satisfied with my purchase. Customer service replied promptly to my requests and queries. I gave custom measurements for 5 dresses and they were perfect. They even arrived earlier than expected. Thank you seller!
C T.
1 review
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My experience with NZCU South was excellent. Customer service are friendly an cheerful people an I am very satisfied with them. Also the service on applying for a loan are top notch an efficient. 5 stars all the way. Thanks NZCU
1 review
0 helpful votes
NZD take your money and without explanation stop you from continuing to use the site completely. After an onslaught of emails they finally reply with a pathetic excuse but still will not refund what you have paid after only 24 hourd use.Regardless of the reason, no one has any right to keep fees/money paid for a service that they have decided to cancel. This is surly a fraudulent act and an...
1 review
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on datechat.co.nz .we always have someone to chat all the time .In new zealand people disappeared after 10 pm on all site and some on datechat also but we can get people from worldwide Try it today.
1 review
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I ordered a dress in good faith, chose from the colour samples listed and when it arrived the colour was nothing like it said, it looks like something I bought in a cheap Asian shop. This is NOT a New Zealand company, they don't treat their customers this way. I made contact and asked to return the item and I have been fobbed off. Reading the reviews I believe they were written by the same...

Tip for consumers: Colour ordered was Grape, looks more like Cerise

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The New Zealand eTA Visa is an electronic visa waiver propelled in August 2019. Qualified explorers can now effectively get their NZeTA to go to the nation. As of October first, 2019 it is compulsory for residents of every one of the 60 visa waiver nations, and all voyage explorers to have an accepted eTA to visit New Zealand. All aircraft and cruise group will likewise need to hold a Team eTA...
1 review
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Dont use Courier Post and NZ Post if you can avoid. Sent to wrong address twice. First incident I managed to retrieved but not the second incident. Rang the 0800 line useless. Each time got a different story said no time frame for claims on lost item so can wait for months and years and be kept in the dark. You paid tracking still can go missing. They tried not to take responsibility and revert...
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While I do not buy from them often, they have asked for me to review my order so I am happy to oblige and give them the 1-Star rating they deserve. I ordered on March 12; 2 pairs children's gumboots. Paid using Afterpay. On March 31, they email two emails, both sent at 10.27am. 1st was the order was dispatched, showing both pairs of gumboots. The second was to state that the smaller pair...
Blake S. – NZSale Rep
Hi Trish, thank you for your rating and I am very sorry for the experience. Could you please let us know the order number and we will definitely look into the matter for you. Looking forward to your reply.
1 review
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I really liked the customer service provided by NZ Watch Store and every watch I have ordered from them has come in a brand new crisp condition with all the tags, documents, and box. I will buy again, have already purchased many watches from them.
1 review
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Does nothing waste of money and takes advantage of people that get fooled into the placebo effect. Just think about claims. Cures arthritis , paralysis, anxiety , dengenerativ disc disease give me a break
Mike S. – BIOPET INC. | Nzymes.com Rep
This customer hasn't tried our products. He was upset that we charged $7.95 shipping to his home in Washington. The cart clearly showed this shipping amount. This was, at the time of his order, less than the USPS rate for shipping to his location from our warehouse in Nevada. The customer called to complain and we cancelled his order, but he was unhappy with this result and wanted free shipping. If he had been willing to listen, he would have found out that by signing up for our rewards program he could have taken $5 off his order, reducing his shipping cost to $2.95.