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Online Businesses Reviewed on Sitejabber for "kwik" to "kyvn"

6 reviews
6 helpful votes
Kwik Trip was my "GO TO" when I lived in KC! It's so much nicer than a usual gas station and they have all kinds of food, snacks, beverages and any random small thing you may need! I made a daily stop there on the way to work every morning to grab my drink.
1 review
0 helpful votes
Sorted out my return and organised an even better product.
43 reviews
132 helpful votes
Fantastic selection of costumes and props and lots more. The owner, Phil, was super nice via email correspondence. And my parcel shipped out on the 2nd day after I placed my online order. Highly recommended site!
1 review
0 helpful votes
I am totally convinced and satisfied with the services of KWS Middle East. The best part of this company is their commitment toward the customers that they deliver their services on time with high accuracy. I would like to recommend to those who want start their new journey in the international market in UAE.
1 review
1 helpful vote
CAROLYN CUTLER ( carolyncutler.com) I DID AN EXTENSIVE SEARCH for the Most qualified Real Estate Broker in the Twin Falls area to sell our Custom Estate in Kimberly. My house is very different from the houses in the area, completely a Custom HIGH END PROPERTY, which deserved to be Represented by an Extremely Experienced High End Real Estate Broker. We chose Carolyn Cutler, Carolyn is a High...
1 review
0 helpful votes
I've been taking Kyani's Triangle of Health system for 2 months and feel like my body has gone back in time 2 yrs! I have more energy, my skin is gorgeous (I get compliments on it), and my thinning hair is growing in again! It's like a time machine healing my body from the inside out. I'll never stop taking it.. In fact my whole family now takes it (my parents in their 60s right down to my son...
1 review
5 helpful votes
They were helpful and understanding with customers during the COVID-19 crisis, which is very much appreciated.a
24 reviews
46 helpful votes
The Kyiv Post website and news paper is one of the propaganda media of the Ukrainian government. They lie and distort the truth every day. I can tell because I live in Donetsk, the town besieged by Ukrainian government troop. According to KyivPost Donetsk was not supposed to be shelled. Bull$#*!. There is not a single day the Ukrainian government fires in civilians with their rifles,...

Tip for consumers: be aware of their intent to manipulate you

1 review
0 helpful votes
Three orders" out of stock" . only got a timely refund by threatening bad reviews. Bait and switch. Bid and win one knife and get another or an out of stock notice. Then Dan Miller either ignores you or only responds to aggressive reviews.
7 reviews
28 helpful votes
I love this website! They sell all sorts of great gift ideas. The best part is you can customize all your selections with different designs. They have over 500 designs, so it is a great place to do all my shopping. I have a big gift list and it seems like all of my recipients had different interests and taste. Shopping from a lot of different sites means many different shipping cost. When I...
1 review
0 helpful votes
Verified purchase
A very prompt and accurate reading. I was delighted with how quickly my reading was sent to me. I would definitely use Kyle again and recommend him to friends.
2 reviews
2 helpful votes
Worst customer service EVER. I do NOT recommend using this site. I ordered products during "special" limited time offer - order was for a gift - i ordered 4 weeks before I needed it to arrive. 2.5 weeks after my order there was still no shipping details and no arrival of product. I had to email back and forth for a week just giving my details. My first email contained my name and order #,...
1 review
2 helpful votes
I purchased 2 tickets on monday for the kylie concert next year, i accidentally submitted the form twice and ended up ordering two lots. I was sent an e-mail from them asking me to contact the acounts dept asap. I spoke to a man who told me only 1 payment would be processed that evening. I checked my bank and no money was deducted, i checked again on the tuesday and the wednesday and still...
1 review
1 helpful vote
They made fraud website, i placed my order, paid a lot, lost my money, never got anything, they disappeared from the internet with the money :(
1 review
0 helpful votes
Their website literally didn't even ask me for my credit card or anything and it went right though without confirmation. I thought oh well I guess I like this lip stick but NOT enough to waste $30 on. Trying to send it back to get a color that I actually would work to order and they won't do a thing. Not opened nothing. I saw the color and didn't even bother. Wow. You must really care about...
1 review
0 helpful votes
False advertisement!!! Boots advertised is NOT by any means what you get! Cheap made and looks nothing at all like the pictures advertised! No contact number. Email is false so you can't contact them. I have tried for months to reach someone for a refund but I can chalk is up as a waste of time and money. Please do not buy from this company!!!! They will rip you off.
1 review
3 helpful votes
I placed an order and was charged immediately and their site claims to only bill you when the items are shipped. I had a slight change so literally 10 minutes after i ordered i emailed the person who sent me the confirmation asking about switching a small decal. NO RESPONSE. I called the next day to be told that that person no longer worked for them and that it was too late that the products...
2 reviews
8 helpful votes
When my son showed me the Kyoto Village website my gut instinct sensed a scam . All the clothing was described as being made of "premium material" without any details of what the fabric actually was. The slashed prices seemed to good to be true (and they were). However to my 18 year old son the site looked legit and he was excited at the idea of being able to purchase the Wanshi Gekyu Men's...
1 review
1 helpful vote
Kyrabridal helped me design the dress of my dreams!! Made the dress according to my measurements and delivered it in plenty of time before the big day! When both dresses arrived perfectly designed...I had 1 for the ceremony and a shorter "fun" dress for the ceremony. I couldn't be happier!! Just know they are working while you are sleeping, so be prepared for some late night email...

Tip for consumers: You may be worried about the quality of the dress from them. Just give them a chance to help you make your dreams come true.

1 review
0 helpful votes
Verified purchase
I haven't slept through the night in a couple of years, always waking up at least two times with hip and shoulder pain. I have had the bed 2 days and have slept through the night both nights. There was a storm last night with thunder evidently and I didn't hear a thing.I also told myself "I don't really need the adjustable part, I'll probably not event use that." I tried the zero gravity and...
Reason I chose this business: Recommended by my brother in law and his wife. The price was reasonable and included the base.
Reason I chose this product: Main reason was price comparison.