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Online Businesses Reviewed on Sitejabber for "hyun" to "hzmr"

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I bought this car a few years back. I research Hyundai Tucson's price in Pakistan. The customer service answered all my questions timely, and the delivery of the car was on time. I really recommend this car to everyone, and I am sharing the website which I read before buying it: rentole.Pk/blog/hyundai-tucson-price-in-pakistan

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I found out about the gas promo followed the guidelines and was denied the discount, the 2 clerks even lied about few days later heard it on the intercom. They will not honor the discount I was cheated out of a dollar, lady at restaurant heard me told me cheated out of $3 promo for pepsi products. I notified corporate and the store manage neither reply.

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This company is the most unprofessional, dishonest and fraudulent factory we ever cooperated. Unfortunately we noted to late. We ordered many containers of bicycles with an exact specification of parts. Hangzhou Dongling assembled faked and copied, cheap parts, so we couldnt sell this products in europe. The whole container was defect. We lost more than 60000 USD, and got no reperation or...

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A problem with LED lights is that while they may save money with energy, some can be very bright and closer to that of daylight rather than the warmer, more yellow color that we are used to with regular light bulbs. This company offers a range of colors from the warmer to colder colors. I was able to find a good mix between daylight and yellow that didn't hurt my client's eyes and was a little...

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This company is a scam. I purchased a water hose expandable to 100 feet. What I received is a low quality hose expandable to 24 feet. This seller would not refund my money. This company is scam, do not purchase anything from them.

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Stand up pouches are often resealable, a major plus for consumers. With reclosable sliding zippers, for example, perishable snacks like vegetables stay fresh for longer. Plus, they make opening and closing the products much easier for people who may have disabilities or face challenges with dexterity. Transparency is an option with pouches.