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Online Businesses Reviewed on Sitejabber for "geth" to "getr"

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I went through exactly the same process as the preceding comment, Frank. They make it sound as if I am paying five dollars each pair, and then extra five dollars for "silicon" pair that you saw on TV commercial. I ended up paying $60.00 for three pairs + shipping. You won't have an opportunity to see the total charge and confirm until they have charged you. It IS a sham.
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HULU shows popping back to the home page(Netflix, Disney, Philo, etc.) and we would to reselect HULU and go to the show we were watching, My wife called GetHuman, and told them about the problem. We did nothing else to solve the the problem here at home. The next day, HULU worked fine.
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A few days back my cistern got broke and I was in urgent need of replacing it. But, I didn't have time to visit a sanitary store. So, one of my friends suggested to purchase it online. While browsing the internet, I came across the site of getinhours and ordered a PVC flushing cistern online from them. The price was reasonable and the delivery time was also less than expected. When I received...
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I sold my two phones here and got the amazing price with instant payment and quick pickup facility. I got better price than cashify on InstaCash. Recommended to all to sell your phone at InstaCash only. happy with the deal and services and system of working.
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Some websites are safe, some contain good content, som are user-friendly.... We've all seen one of these positives in websites. But have you seen all of them in one website? I know I have. On this one :)
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I asked them if they wanted to change their logo. They said that the sample that I gave them was awesome and they asked me how much. a couple days later they took my sample (that had a watermark on it) and posted different objects from my sample to their logo (without paying me) I strongly urged them to take it off and within minutes they did so or else I was going to take legal action... Thats...
1 review
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It's great to save $$$ AND... when a site says if you add it, it will 'read and change' things on the sites you visit (INCLUDING) your home page .... believe them! I made a mistake doing this (once) and had a dreadful time ridding the computer of that extension!! Thank heaven MalwareBytes got RID of it!!!
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Great opportunity to check your IQ level. I also decided to complete test on your site. It was interesting and exciting for me. Thank you for making it.
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Click endless survey questions and never get anything in return! All this site does is clog up your email and send useless text messages by selling your personal information to numerous companies. Not worth the effort or hassle!
3 reviews
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"Get It Free" needs to be shut down for multiple reasons! One being, false advertising! 2 being, harrassment! They are liars. They are misleading. They will not stop emailing you. They pop-up everywhere online. Stay far away. I have submitted a complaint to the B.B.B.. there are a lot of complaints about them.
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Very smooth and so natural, used everyday, and i hope you give me one hehe for my girlfriend, so beautyfull
14 reviews
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This site promotes or lets people promote fake game hacks, that will make you fill in surveys and waste your time. Also these scams are promising you free stuff for games, but give you nothing.
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I'm not one for writing reviews usually (I'll admit, it's because I'm a bit lazy haha), but my experience with Jupiter has been above and beyond what I expected. I broke my bottle on the third day of using the product and they overnighted me a free replacement and shared a private discount code for a new order. No need to do that, I was really touched. I couldn't be happier with this company....
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Everyone I have spoken to cares about my situation, whether you are an individual customer or a business customer. It does not treat the customer as a burden that needs to be disposed of quickly. In fact, they listen and they solve problems. I would also like to mention a few sentences about high quality services. They are highly flexible and incredibly efficient. The platform is also...
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Lean in 12 claims to be a fitness and diet regime. The truth is the whole program is built on half truths and lies. What the worst thing about the program is the scam Pricing. It looks like you pay a one off payment only to find money deducted from your bank each month which is not clear at the out set. Full of American Christian hype. In one section it claims that you will live longer if you...
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To check, I bought myself 100 likes - I paid and in 30 minutes I received all my likes. The accounts that gave likes are not bad.
1 review
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These guys were working on a CRM project for my business, and their lone wolf approach ruined it all. Every member of the project wanted to outsmart the others. Lack of teamwork unnecessarily delayed my project. I am not happy.
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Phone Number for companies and tools for Skip Waiting On Hold, other contact information Postal Address with Map, Email and Working Hours on GetListing.
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These guys are greedy! Everybody knows that ALL worthless junk on TV sells for $19.95! These guys want $19.99???? Sheesh! That is greedy!!!! Maybe they were out on the day when pricing was discussed at worthless junk marketing school!
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The customer service is terrible. They treat you like total crap. They don't try and help out they just attack. They didn't send me all that i ordered. I didn't even bother trying to ask about it. It came LITERALLY a half a year later. That was a huge deal for me. I ordered it a month in advance from my birthday so novemeber... and i got it in may... it is just terrible. And its not real...
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MagicBox is by far the best digital publishing platform for me. Website is with a very neat design. One should definitely go for this for their digital publishing needs.
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I paid for this program. I didn't find it user friendly, it loads slowly, it doesn't have emojis, it doesn't update as other email clients do and you cannot change these settings.You cannot put a priority on a message or read receipt and there are no spam filters. When I went away for my work I loaded mailbird onto my laptop and ensured all my email history was loaded too, when I got to my...
1 review
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Forget the enrolled in an auto refill membership program by placing an order. If you open the FREE sample bottle you owed them $99 for each SAMPLE. https://getmaximumtest.com/ is an online scam, beware.
1 review
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I use the website all the time. Before I wanted to review this website, I checked whether it's safe or not. No problems at all, the website is fully safe according to Norton Antivirus.
100 reviews
160 helpful votes
These guys are fairly new. They try to pitch how customizable their devices are advertising different sizes for everyone. Not True. According to their sizing, they only have 3 sizes, no more, so if you're not form fitting into one of these sizes, you may as well go with a rubber ring. So this stuff isn't leading edge, but really bleeding edge because guys don't come in just 3 sizes. I gave them...
1 review
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If you read the reviews, these are all people that have just signed up. They're thrilled and excited, because they think they now have good health insurance. HOWEVER, the people that actually try to use their insurance realize it's crap, those are the real reviews you want to read! I signed up a few days ago in a moment of weakness. Received some really strange emails regarding things I never...

Tip for consumers: Run away from this company.

1 review
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I bought 2 stalls tickets in May for a concert on 12th November for my Mum's 70th Birthday. 2 incorrect circle Row X tickets arrived on 24 October (worse seats in the theatre). After multiple phonecalls, emails, stress and dispute centre, they have stated they will refund within 15 working days. I have said this is not acceptable and that on their website they guarantee that they offer...
1 review
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Just wanting to share Getmilk review and experience I had with them. The example website designs they present as past work are on a completely higher level of quality to what they actually provide. So I decided to contact a few of the websites that they sent me examples to and turns out they never heard of Getmilk and said they did not build their websites, false claims by Getmilk Getmilk...
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They are out there with national advertising saying that for older or late model cars they will pay 100% of the repair bill depending on which level of "protection" you buy into. What they don't tell you is that they will actually only pay 100% of the bill -- UP TO THE CASH VALUE OF YOUR CAR. You can buy into their expensive program expecting to have them cover all the costs, but not really. ...
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i mean the side is going to analyse all activity. i ever used its before. its about the following: users get inventions for getting someone to klick on their link and that its about 50 different users and real persons to get clean floating to the site and link and its for a proof by inviter. because, he never knows about the pay out of their ! if anyone make a wrong way to use the klick,...
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This is great app for freelance. I've been hanging around with this app more than 3 years now. You can get money by doing simple task and they have many offer to finish and thus make us easy to gain coin lot faster. Totally recommended app.
1 review
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He was able to identify the issue I was having with product installation and did not leave until problem was resolved. Thank you so much Tim! Great job!
5 reviews
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Installed and activated my software in a jiffy. Never experienced a snag. They helped me with removing excess softwares in my pc also. Now my pc is working very fast!
1 review
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Verified purchase
After 12 days of not receiving my product, I contacted them. They said they had gone out of stock. Well, it was in stock when I paid for $184 for it. They said it would ship the next day. Here I am, 18 days after my order date and I've yet to receive my product. The tracking info, last I checked about 10 minutes ago, still says it's in pre-shipment. So I can only imagine how long it will be....
1 review
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Getmyappz is a web design and Development Company located in Bangalore, the company provides various mobile application services for any business, we also provide digital marketing services. We designed many quality apps for various reputed companies.
1 review
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I placed an order on September 3, 2017. It took 3 months to get only part of my order. I have sent excessive emails to the company with no response filed a complaint with the Attorney General of my state they would not even respond to my attorney general office. I have been screwed out of money no product provided. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!!!!! BEWARE
1 review
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They found my Coco!!! Best website out there, period
1 review
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UK at Get My Flights was exceptionally helpful. Got us an extremely competitive price for the flights we wanted. Excellent service, Staff was very helpful.
1 review
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Its such a wonderful website which gives high quality products especially leather jackets of all kinds. I demanded star war movie jackets and they delivered my order prior the dead lines.
1 review
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Scam scam scam i invited 5 people like they asked and clicked on the unlocked code and it said enter to win this xbox so we know your human and can give u this code so i did and nothing unlocked i ended up doing 7 surveys and still nothing and i heard they hack. Ur facebook and give your cell number to advertising companies anyways the website is BS just leave it alone
1 review
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recently i brought a number from getmynumber.com i really iked to get from them service and delivery everything is absolutely fine, but the sim i received is not working at the time i received lateron i replaced sim in service store , they might have checked it properly before delivery, but i always recommend this site for your desired number, thank you getmynumber.com
5 reviews
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I've uploaded my song and got several impartial reviews, with drastically helped me improve it. I uploaded it second time and got much better reviews, and now I am about to release it. I would use them again the future
1 review
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Awful product, terrible customer service. Do not buy off this site!! Stated necklace was silver, It would turn my skin green if I wore it, which I haven't as the only place it belongs is the bin!
1 review
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My interaction with them has been absolutely great. They take the time and trouble to talk and make sure that the customer is happy with their purchase. @www.getnatty.com
1 review
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One useful locomote that you can swear on your off-days - so on the 4 days a week that you are not masses the 3-day diet - is to commute what you eat when. So, instead of feeding your heaviest aliment in the daylight, try consumption it at noon. The content that you eat in the evening is the most tough for your embody to pain off, so why not use your embody a disruption and administer it fewer...
2 reviews
5 helpful votes
I made a purchase from them in the past with absolutely no problem. However, I went to make another purchase and because the transaction went smooth I assumed they were legit. The second purchase I made was for a beautiful wig in which I purchased for a wedding that I was in. The wig never came and I then received a refund back to my card. I tried calling the company to inquire about the...
1 review
0 helpful votes
1 review
3 helpful votes
1 review
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They claim you'll get a free trial of their product but they have a $89 "renewal fee" that'll take place twice within a month and then it goes monthly. Don't even consider this site.
1 review
2 helpful votes
aggressive marketing, but makes you pay before you get most of the information. Foe me, the final price jumped from the advertised $395 to $945. After canceling, they charged a $50 processing fee.
1 review
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First time bought DJI ND Filters / CPL Filter / Lens Filter for DJI Phantom from this site. Got the product on the 12th day and i loved it. they should work on their delivery times, but as per the prices, its worht to wait.Thanks, great service! Ive never waited longer than 15 minutes for a reply on mails.
1 review
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Norton is an Antivirus, Anti Malware and internet security software that is designed and developed by Symantec. It uses techniques like signature and heuristics to identify the potential virus. In addition, it has more features like email spam filtering and anti-phishing. Norton is next-gen antivirus security software that offers powerful protection for all your PC, Mac, tablets and smartphones.
1 review
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I contacted customer service and they replied my quickly.They were so kind and helpful.They got good selection of maxi dress, I loved them.Highly recommended.
1 review
1 helpful vote
This is the worst company I have ever dealt with in my or have heard anyone have to deal with. They make Tax Masters look like nice guys. The argent sales rep called me back 12 times yelling and picking a fight with me. After I explicitly canceled the order and advised him never to call my number again. Threatening me on how he was going to change my credit card for the approved order...
1 review
2 helpful votes
I am 100% satisfied with my experience with GetOne APP STORE.I really appreciate his patience and guidance he gives.
1 review
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I bought 3 hoodies of which 1 broke immediately (seams broke), second one was broken within the package (had dragged between something) and third one was just pretty poor quality overall. Wont recommend and will encourage others not to use it since their customer support didnt respond in anyway within 2 months of my contact towards them.
5 reviews
1 helpful vote
Very quick and easy process. Orchard made the selling process fast and simple! Everything was much easier than I expected. Orchard did exactly what they agreed to do in the contract, plus they were very cooperative in meeting all of our need
59 reviews
1,337 helpful votes
• Updated review
UPDATE # 3 - Aug. 17th. After I read this goodg guys latest reply I realized how Comical this whole thing is. It's gotten so over-blown with extraneous garbage I thought maybe I should just delete all but the original review, but instead decided to leave it for your entertainment. ( ͡^ ͜ʖ ^) I applaud Mr Goodg for his apparent desire to continue (on & on) spin-doctoring the real...
Steve R. – Get Out of Debt Guy Rep
The reviewer mentioned getoutofdebt.com but I have nothing to do with that site. I believe he meant GetOutOfDebt.org. The reviewer continues to make mention of some advertisement with something regarding TrustPilot and some bank advertisement. As I believe I previously explained, the advertisement Google displays are based on a number of factors out of the sites control. When I visit the site I do not see those advertisements mentioned but that does not mean the reviewer is not. Ads displayed by Google vary greatly by the visitor.

As Google says: <https://support.google.com/ads/answer/1634057?hl=en>
"Reasons you might see an ad

Your info:
Info in your Google Account, like your age range and gender
Your general location

Your activity:
Your current search query
Previous search activity
Your activity while you were signed in to Google
Your previous interactions with ads
Types of websites you visit
Types of mobile app activity on your device
Your activity on another device

Other info:
The time of day
Info you gave to an advertiser, like if you signed up for a newsletter with your email address"

The reviewer mentioned I misspelled SiteJabber in my response. If I did, apologies. My quote from Sitejabber was from https://biz.sitejabber.com/faq which is the same page the reviewer response quote is from. That page has FAQs for responding to reviews. See "Should I write a public response to a review." On the same page Sitejabber says "How should I respond to a negative review? Admittedly, this is much harder than responding to a positive review but if you can respond directly to the customer’s experience and any changes you may have made as a result, this could go far in earning trust and a second chance.

It’s painful to get a negative review, especially if you run a small business. It can even feel like a personal attack. On the positive side, by engaging your reviewer and establishing a real human connection, you can often help the situation and perhaps even change the customer’s mind. We’ve seen time and again positive outcomes from positive, proactive businesses owners engaging grumpy customers. You’d be surprised how often a polite response to a bad review can result in the reviewer giving your business a second chance.

A note of caution: if a reviewer perceives your response to be condescending, rude or insincere, it’s possible they will get angry and further spread their review all over the internet."

If the reviewer, or anyone, has interpreted my response as condescending, rude, or insincere; that is certainly not my intention and was not written in anger. My responses are directed to responding to the criticism from my point of view. I certainly understand the reviewer may have both an alternative point of view and only people reading this page can ultimately reach their own opinion.

Steve Rhode
UPDATE - This Site Has Been Lowered To Zero Stars!
• Previous review
UPDATE - This Site Has Been Lowered to Zero Stars!

June 20th.
Oh man...This guy should Never have challenged me!
He's the "Goodg"...the GetOutOfDebtGuy, but I'm the "ARE!G"...the Always Read Everything! Guy, and boy did I dig up some DIRT on this goodg guy and his site.

I gave him the benefit of the doubt with 3 stars, figuring he wasn't much different than the other mass of sites like this that infest the internet..but I was wrong. This Guy Is A Menace To Society!
Sitejabber warns against challenging a bad review, but apparently this goodg doesn't read well enough to understand that. So let's take what he claims in his Reply (see it below) in order:

His first challenge is that my review, "seems to be in error," that his site, "does not have anything on it about TrustPiolet or managing any sort of rating. I wonder if the reviewer got us (there's no "us," only him, unless you want to include his partner "Consolidated Credit") confused with a different site."

Confused? Nice wording for a cozen, (credit where credit is due) but the goodg is the one who is confused. Look for yourselves. Go to the site. Or search: http://getoutofdebt.org/112518/401k-loans-borrowing-your-money.

There's more than one way to find this..Right there on his front page... there's his #1 "Sponsor".. "Consolidated Credit" (a Bank, but there's "no loans made from this site") with a big ad, the entire corner of which says, "TrustPiolet" and has 5 large golden Stars under it.
Now read my review, here, on this criminal outfit and you'll see why I wrote this into my review. Need any more proof? Search: getoutofdebt.org complaints & review for the one from TrustPiolet, and There it is. But don't tell the goodg, he doesn't know anything about it.

And did I say his Answers, Counseling, and Advice are canned? You bet I did. I asked a few questions onsite, looked at some of his "advice"... Click a few buttons and here's what you'll find:
"Budget Your Money"
ADs! "Sponsored" ads, All of them..12 in a row, each and every one nothing but sets (dozens) of search links to his sponsors.
"Making Money" button...same exact thing, except These Go To Scam Sites!
"Work From Home. Start Now-Earn An Extra 3K Per Week" Ya, Right. Click my profile and take a look at a few of my reviews on sites that tout making Fast Money.

He mentions his too cool association with "Myvesta.org" .
Oh really? Go there. Read this article:
"Myvesta.org Beware Steve Rhode (the goodg) And getoutofdebt.org June 13, 2010...This company is a fraud Internet.
Here it is, check it out:
https://getoutofdebt.org/19733/steve-rhode-getoutofdebt-org-myvesta-org-beware-steve-rhode-and-getoutofdebt-org-this-company-is-a-fraud-internet .

Then while you're there, just below that is:
The GetOutOfDebt.org & Steve Rhode FAQ
"Steve Rhode and getoutofdebt.org had a previous Scam....

But to stay in order I've got to go to the loans:
"The site does not make loans...and I give away books...sells no consultations or counseling."

So let's look into this. He does not deny the affiliated Bank sells consolidation loans..his #1 "Sponsor" ..only that he does not. And what does my review say..that I doubt this site gives loans themselves.... but almost comically the goodg goes on to post a button that rats him off on this; the "terms," the Fine Print he expects no one will actually read, where it states unequivocally that he gets money from his sponsors, his "Sponsored" ad affiliates. And now look at his front page!
"Best Loans," "Consolidate Your Debt," "Get Your Free Consultation Today!" in the ad bar at the bottom.
Well of Course the consultation is free; that's how they talk people into taking out the loan..and where do they get this consultation? Take a guess. There's nothing But loan ads.. "Credit Repair" "Student Loans" "Debt Settlement" plastered all over the page.
This Goodg is a Shill for them, and he wants us to think he doesn't get Paid??
Read on. Scroll down past the phone #... "FHA LOAN" "Tax Appeal" "Money Loans" (another site to..)"Help You".
Go down some more..past the "Ask the Goodg" button (which is 3 old questions, with button/preinstalled answers) and you'll see:
"Top 3 Consolidation Firms" "Top 10 Debt Consolidation" another "Free Consultation" + more. Every segment of any title has another set of these ads - all the same - all selling Loans. This guy is a liar! Loans Do originate from this site, and there's no way he's going to make me believe he's not profiting from it.
But don't take my word for it; after his statement, "The biggest issue is if someone objects to the free advice..." trying to make it sound as if there are No Issues with this site left, after he's dismissed the ones above...but let's just look online to see about That. Search:
getoutofdebt.org+ complaints :

Right under the Goodg's many ads and cozens.. that are there to try and spin doctor the following.. (and please excuse the contraction, "good.org" as writing all that out is tedious):

"Ripoff Report | Steve Rhode - good.org Complaint..."
from: "Ripoff Report > Scottsdale-Arizona-8..."
"Steve Rhode-G O O D.org @ goodguy Sells Private Information To..."

"Ripoff Report | (ditto above)--Washington...
good.org goodg Steve Rhode Bait and a Switch, B.S. Fraud Washington DC..."

"G O O D.org - Beware, Review 392611 | Complaints Board
from: complaintsboard.com
Nov 13, 2015 · Consumer Complaints and reviews about good.org · Beware · Products..."

"Pissed Consumer
Aug 23, 2011...Steve Rhode G O O D.org is a liar journalist. I live near...."

"Scam Alert:
Aug 8, 2016
GOODG Steve Rhode's Using Cookies to Trap You For Life, by Paul J Paquin - CEO at Golden Financial - states: ...3rd party advertising and tracking firms such as on Steve Rhode's website...."

"Public Citizen > documents:
Apr 14, 2017
verified complaint for Declaratory Judgment..."

On and On...I quit on the third page of these. There are at least ten more... So this goodg guy wants to cross swords with me, I'm ready!

Zero Stars For the Goodg and his Ripoff site!
Steve R. – Get Out of Debt Guy Rep
I applaud Robert and his apparent desire to assist consumers. The world needs more consumer advocates. It appears a number of his concerns or at least the images he describes he saw on the site, surround advertisements that appear on the site. I have no control over the ads that appear and that is determined by Google, based on whatever magic they use. Just recently Google added some more auto selection features. See https://techcrunch.com/2018/02/21/google-debuts-adsense-auto-ads-with-machine-learning-to-make-placement-and-monetization-choices/ As I say in the site terms, "Site visitors should exercise the same level of caution when selecting a merchant or provider from links or advertisements on this site as they would if they found the link elsewhere. The fact that an ad appears and is linked is NOT an endorsement from this site." - https://getoutofdebt.org/terms

In responding to the initial review from Robert I followed the advice from SiteJabber. In their FAQ they said, "Should I write a public response to a review? Definitely! Public comments are a way for website owners to add a helpful comment to a customer’s review. Perhaps more importantly, responding publicly also shows other potential customers that you value their feedback and that you’re always striving to improve."

I attempted to be as helpful as possible and present a different side of the concerns raised to allow any reader to be presented with a different point of view.

Robert is right, I'm not aware of a Trustpilot complaint and if someone could provide the link to it I'd be happy to respond to it as I have with all the other issues people have posted. You can go to those complaints and read my response to them.

If there is no response, at least one of those sites have posted information and will not approve my comments to respond and provide my side of the story.

As I say on the GetOutOfDebt.org website, "This Site is Better When You Participate." I welcome all people to come and provide helpful information if you felt my advice was missing something or you want to add something to a reader question. The comment section is open.

I also welcome Robert or anyone else to go to https://getoutofdebt.org/confidential-tip-form and follow the link to contact me directly with any concerns they may have so we can talk directly.

Finally, if any post is in error or the advice is incorrect, I welcome the addition of any error correction you care to submit by going to https://getoutofdebt.org/report-an-error so I can post your concern on a specific article so we can give the best advice possible information to readers. I always try to get the advice spot-on.

When a complaint is posted on the GetOutofDebt.org site about a company or someplace else about the site, there is a response to concerns and only by ingesting both the complaint and response can a consumer make a more educated decision. This is want any any company I may write about on the GetOutOfDebt.org site to reply. See https://getoutofdebt.org/32199/how-to-handle-a-consumer-complaint-like-a-pro-and-come-out-smelling-like-a-rose

By the way, I have no way to reply to the link for the Declaratory Judgment, on https://www.citizen.org/sites/default/files/hassellpubliccitizenamicusbrief.pdf . Please feel free to read that document which is actually Hassell v. Ava Bird and Yelp. If you read the entire document people can learn more about the issues and getting a better understanding of the full issue. Here is a Washington Post article that describes the Public Citizen defense of the GetOutOfDebt.org website. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/volokh-conspiracy/wp/2017/05/17/more-apparently-fake-defendant-libel-lawsuits-aimed-at-vanishing-material-from-google/

Steve Rhode
Get Out of Debt Guy
Please! Use Only in Absolute Need!
• Previous review
Please! Use Only in Absolute Need!

Review on getoutofdebt.com .

The very first thing I found against them when I went to this site, is they are flaunting a 5 star "TrustPiolet" review, (see my review here on Them) who do a lot of other things bordering on criminal, but they SELL the ability to "Manage" reviews to fake a 5 star rating. They should be put out of business, but that aside, I also found this sites URL dot of ".org" is a ploy designed to make ppl think they have to be reputable..but are actually private and the government is not involved at all.
Two strikes toward Scam, but the real skinny on this is that there are likely many thousands of these places, and they don't Have to scam there's so much money in it.

It works like this:
They basically loan the money to pay off all the debt(s), make the payments (to Them now) lower, which adds to the amount owed (Their interest), and takes longer to pay off (so They get that interest percentage for a longer time). These are called "Consolidation" loans. Self explanatory.

But, In fact, l doubt this site makes any loans themselves. I didn't sign up for any to find out, but its easy enough to see those are most likely farmed out, because this "Get Out of Debt Guy," Steve, doesn't need it. He's too busy selling pre-prepared advice, Consultations, and Counseling, (by his computer) articles, books, et al, and taking his cut of the money from the customers he lines up for... (the onsite ad) "Consolidated Credit." Consolidated? As in, Consolidation loan? Go figure.

My advice of this review's title stands...Use only in absolute and immediate need, because these places cost you a Lot of money..the loan..and this site can only add more to that.

I'm still rating it 3 stars for mediocre, (and not less) simply because this site is not doing anything (at all, really) worse than the other thousands of them.
Steve R. – Get Out of Debt Guy Rep
Hi this is Steve from GetOutOfDebt.org. The review above seems to be in error. The GetOutOfDebt.org site does not have anything on it about TrustPilot or managing any sort of rating. I wonder if the reviewer got us confused with a different site.

Another issue raised is that the site uses the .org domain extension. It does. Since the site sells no products or services and it is entirely permissible to use the .org as many companies do, including eBay, there is nothing nefarious about this. It's just a domain name that has been in the Myvesta family for years and years. You can see this article from 2011 for more information on this. https://getoutofdebt.org/32749/is-getoutofdebt-org-non-profit-john

The site does not make loans and I give away all my books for free. https://getoutofdebt.org/17737/my-free-books-you-can-download-to-help-you-with-money-troubles I also don't sell any consultations or counseling.

And the site does have ads on it which I talk about extensively in https://getoutofdebt.org/terms

The biggest issue is If anyone objects to any of the free advice I have provided for readers, I welcome the feedback on the specific reader question in the comments section. Everyone does better when different factual points of view can be presented to readers so they can hear different sides of an issue.

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Packers and Movers in Navi Mumbai is one of the recognized names in this industry. Packers and Movers in Navi Mumbai offer services right from taking up parcels from your door step to supplying it at the desired locations, including dealing with all associates issues, like sales, taxes and insurance etc. http://www.getpackersmovers.com/packers-and-movers-navi-mumbai/
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They claim you will be assessing navigation of websites. My test for acceptance had me reviewing my experience with companies of which I had no experience with. In other words, I believe they were asking me to write false reviews for companies I had never used. When I inquired about that, they would not answer. Anybody else have an experience?
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I have been using this program as long as I can remember. It is much easier to understand & use then the well known GIMP. It also works in layers & it great for pretty much all my image editing & creating needs. I especially love that I can make transparent images & text with it. On note of other reviews I have never seen this program try to install anything 3rd party other then .NET...
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I am a client of this service for the past 2 years. Never have they ever disappointed me with bad writing quality or late document delivery. I am consistently taking their services and hope they remain the same.
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Submitted a purchase for hard to get memory card, which was immediately confirmed and my credit card posted. 13-days later, after no further response from GETPARTSFORLESS, I send an e-mail for status. They responded that "don't see this in the order cue ..... Can you please tell me what was ordered" I responded with the confirmed order information that they had initially send...
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Took my $99.00 for a special and I never received a single box! Plus website and phone number don't work... They took my money and I can't get it back! They are thrives!
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Stole my money. 3 Months no puzzle. Can't give zero stars. This is a scam. I believe they are based in China, at least that's what the shipment tracker shows. They asked for my address twice. there is a reason their address is no where to be found.
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I came across this review while googling ford getphotographyjobs.com. I used the site to find my last job and am using it again now to look for more work. I've had some great response - which is why I found this review so strange. Also, I've noticed over the years the quality of postings has improved - more employers, and more long term work. Sound like you may want to give it another shot.
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If you order from them they will call, text, e-mail you like you never seen before. Sometimes up to 8 calls a day with different numbers so you won't know who it is. In an average 3 to 5 e-mails a day. Don't give out your telephone number or e-mail address, delivery address is ok, they don't send regular advertising.
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Pocket allows you to save images, articles, videos with one button click. It is a convenient tool used to manage and store your favorite online content. Interestingly, Pocket improves the reading experience by reformatting the article you saved and making it look better.
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DO NOT order anything from this sorry company. I ordered a part a month ago and they could not get it. It's been 7 days now and they have not given me a refund they owe. Terrible service would not recommend this company at all.
PoolHelp P. – GETPOOLPARTS.com Rep
Hi, this is not entirely true at all, sorry, Your order was placed at 1:32pm on 07/13/20, at 2:01pm same day, we notified you of an error with out inventory and the item was not available for immediate shipment. We did not receive a reply, so we emailed a reminder on 07/14/20 at 6:46am, still no reply. We sent a final reminder at 7:10 am on 07/15/20 and received a response that day at 8:14 am requesting the order be canceled. We replied at 8:15 am, one minute later, that same day advising you that we did cancel the order. The true part is you refund has not hit your card yet, 6 days later, and we are working with our payment processor to understand why as the refund shows complete on our end at July 15, 2020 at 8:15:11 AM EDT. We surely understand you are not happy about this, and we are sorry, but we needed to clear up the timeline for accuracy
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I found this site last week and found some exciting deals & coupons listed on this site which were really hard to find if you directly go the respective stores. Since then I visit this site daily and was able to grab many items at highly discounted price. I appreciate the effort put in by getpricecut.com team. Keep it up.
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Proactive worst thing ever! they state the will refund you but they don't I've been calling for ever and they keep claiming they haven't received my goods now its past 6 months so they can no longer refund me as its past the allowed time very convenient for them. Customer service agent manger Shannon wasn't helpful at all and rude!
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The contacts Getprospect produces are not verified and are super low quality. I get the impression that they guess the email based on the name and companies domain.
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Extremely satisfied with their services . They provide the best services at the cheapest rates.The office staff has gone above and beyond in customer service.

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Samuel P.
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I'm a relatively new subscriber to their subscription service. Their toothbrush is quite honestly the best I've used in quite a long time even if it doesn't have the bells and whistles of those $100+ electric toothbrushes you can buy at the store. Instructions are fairly straight-forward, delivery arrives on time, and its easy to take with me. The toothpaste seems to be perfectly fine and...
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ok here is my experience with the sight. I joined under the assumption that I would earn credits for which I could exchange for referals , I collected the required amount for 1 ref, so I thought I would try to exchange the credits accordingly, no such luck I was reverted back to the main page where I received a message, that I did not have enough earner credits and that to obtain these I had to...
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My business was going through the toughest period before I got in touch with GetReputed.com. After an in-depth analysis, I found few negative reviews on some of the main keywords which were deteriorating my business online reputation; however I took help of GetReputed. The dedicated team ran a successful social media campaign to recover bring the positive side of my business at forefront and...
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I wanted to trial getresponse. Their plans say "try free for 30 days" in tiny writing below the "choose plan" button, which I believed to mean I could trial their plan for 30 days! I chose the mid tier plan and it charged me immediately. When I contacted them immediately about this (without even using their service) they said they wouldn't refund the money or allow me to trial their site...
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I paid for a service and they took my money.and I didn't get provide the product. They took money and ran, and never responded and then blocked me from the site do not use this company
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This app personally is good app i live in iraq and i got review that i can do but others app I can review because iam in iraq. So it useful and i love to review all people and maybe get reviewed. Thank for GetReviewed for a wonderful experience.