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Online Businesses Reviewed on Sitejabber for "bych" to "bzza"

1 review
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My weight is 65 kg and my height is 167cm. I ordered size M and it looks absolutely amazing! I am very satisfied with this set and it looks timeless and flawless! The delivery was also very quick so the shipping time was short. The communication with the seller was also fine and your order looks the same as on the picture! I absolutely rate this transaction with 5 stars!
Lisa R. – ByChicStyle Rep
Thank you for coming. We are very sorry for your distress. We look forward to your next visit
1 review
0 helpful votes
SCAM ED HARDY WEBSITE - My daughter ordered a cap for my son for christmas from this website over 4 weeks ago, it didn't arrive. When she checked her bank statement they had taken more than the item had cost at the time of ordering. After 3 emails asking for the tracking number all they will say is "your item has been sent. I have read reviews from other people saying the same thing. This...
1 review
1 helpful vote
This company is the worst. I'm getting married in April so I figure i would do a test order of PRE MADE products. 2 weeks after ordering they tell me that they don't have the bag I want and ask that I select a new one. Ok. Im not unreasonable, so I send them a bag I would want. DAYS later they replay saying they don't have that one either so HOW ABOUT THIS ONE. So, now you're picking my stuff...
1 review
0 helpful votes
I recently ordered a bridal dress. The shipping was on time. However the product is so poorly done, very untidy. The quality of the material is very cheap. The stitching and cutting is so bad, i never expected it to be this bad. Please do not get fooled with the prices, I would strongly recommend not to order any dresses from this dealer. Once they get their money. They do not care about...
1 review
1 helpful vote
I also ordered a dress from this website and never got a tracking number nor did I get the product. Of course they can offer free shipping because they NEVER actually ship anything. I've emailed them but never got a response. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM. UPDATE: I filed a dispute through Paypal, (I used them to pay for this) and they also investigated them. I was able to get my money back, Thankfully.
1 review
0 helpful votes
I ordered a disney baby walker and not only had it been opened and re-taped but also looked used. Not good for business. I would never order from them again. Use Amazon! I put in a complaint but never received any recognition. I had to go into the store to return instead of sending back. They don't make it easy. I miss "Babies R Us!".
Quinn G.
1 review
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I love the pair of boots I got from By Far. I got one for myself and my two sisters too. Had to spend a lot of money on them but hey, they are designer shoes so that was expected. The boots are absolutely wonderful. They are super comfy and goes with any outfit. My go-to shoes
1 review
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I bought a earring studs form bygoods.com. It is a lovely perfect gifts so cool and quality make gotten so many compliments on these they sparkle like diamonds!
1 review
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Verified purchase
It came within a week, very well packaged, with a return address if needed. The shirt fit better then I imagined
1 review
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I had bought the tab of Byjus for std 8 to 10 for 66000 rs. The sales man said the life of the product is till the life span of tab and any damage to tab will be fixed by Byjus at minimal cost. No after the purchase of the product i can find there is expiry date on each standard for 1y. That is after reaching 9 student cannot access content of 8. This is really a big cheating by the company....
1 review
1 helpful vote
It is the first time I come across a website like this! Byodiot does not try to sell you anything, they just select smart products online and create stunning visuals with them. When I want to buy something online I usually check to see if it is on Byodiot before buying, if it is on it, I definitely buy it!
1 review
0 helpful votes
Excellent products, excellent customer service, and run by a genuinely excellent small business owner. Would definitely recommend byOGK! It's a Excellent hotel with excellent location located at the city center, extremely clean & comfortable. Upon arrival we were warmly welcomed by the friendly reception staff Ildiko, she makes our trip more interesting with her advices & tips about the city,...
1 review
0 helpful votes
Absolute horrific experience with BYO Jet. Their customer communication is basically non-existent, there customer service representative refused to escalate my call to his supervisor (advising me that he doesn't have the capability). I called back and spoke to his colleague that connected me with her supervisor right away. Still then: worst customer service I have experienced in my life.
1 review
0 helpful votes
I received my first order from Byourbed and when I took the comforter out and put it on my bed I noticed a stain. Upon further inspection I found 2 more stains. Right away I took pics and sent it to them. Their response was that I can either keep the comforter and try and wash out the stains myself (which I find utterly disgusting that they would even suggest that when I obviously got a pre...
1 review
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I wanted to share with everyone the site that sold the boat for us it was byownerboatads.com someone had shared it with us- we put it on there and sold it- I wanted to pay it forward- if you want to sell your boat without commission put it on there it is really great
1 review
0 helpful votes
This site is so much better than craigslist- somehow they only attract real buyers not a bunch of pikers like Craigslist. I was on Craigslist for months and all i got were calls from people running pay pal and western union scams. BYOWNERBOATSHOW sent me real buyers and my sold in about 2 weeks.
1 review
1 helpful vote
You can sign for whatever amount they offer, but then you are move to another group. You have to pay them. They got our list wrong and it's very difficult to change or update. It's a horrible service.
1 review
1 helpful vote
I was purchasing these shoes for my girlfriend and was worried about getting the right fit. Tiffney was very accommodating.The shipping was on par with other sites. The shoes are beautiful and authentic. I would definitely purchase from them again!
1 review
0 helpful votes
This company is a complete scam. Product is not as seen in pictures. I sent the product back to be returned and have not received a refund despite it being tracked and proof of signature.
100 reviews
380 helpful votes
I came upon Byrdie.com when I was researching how to minimize facial pores. (A friend of mine asked me to do this, ahem... It wasn't for myself!). Anyway, I started looking at several of her or his (I don't really know who Byrdie is or if s/he is a group of people) articles, and I found them to be very helpful, interesting, and practical. Byrdie seems to focus on SKINCARE, at least that's what...
1 review
0 helpful votes
It is not true, I and my friend invest and make profits, every month we got the profit wia wire transfare and bank transactions, fast interactive platfom, very nice broker
1 review
0 helpful votes
Got Samba and Lolly for my Son Jake. Also got my Son his own figure with his name and number on the back. He loves them and they look great Thanks Chris
16 reviews
62 helpful votes
THIS PLACE IS A NIGHTMARE! I paid $1,900 to have my bite RUINED. 4 months into treatment I noticed my teeth grinding against eachother when they never used to do that. I thought it was part of the process of the aligners but this was not the case as my dentist told me by byte was a little off. I also had some jaw pain which I messaged customer service about and they ignored my email. My bottom...
1 review
2 helpful votes
I loved Bytephoto so much, My husband and I purchased it from the original owner. So many wonderful photographers willing to help others with critiques and technical questions. Everyone learns from each other. Its a great community. We upgraded the website from the 2003 software to the latest updates in 2009 and later 2010 We now have a prizes for POTQ winners :)
2 reviews
10 helpful votes
I feel totally disappointed with this site. They sell expensive cosmetics with the worst service ever. I ordered some things a few months ago and one product was missing. I contacted them and after many efforts I got the answer that the product was out of stock and they would give me a refund. Since then, no refund has been given and they do not reply to my emails. They are not trustworthy at...

Tip for consumers: Avoid this site and if you insist on buying by terry products,you can safely do that through other sites. Otherwise you definitely take a great risk.

1 review
0 helpful votes
I used Bytescout free tools for my work and they are simply brilliant tools. If there were 10 stars, that's the rating I would give. Simply amazing.
1 review
0 helpful votes
It is really the Best online training institute with the top Trainers and they will help the students to get placed in the top MNC and they provide the materials also. Its nice to be a product of it
1 review
2 helpful votes
Totally outstanding, great experience while giving my website project to bytetag.com. Great customer satisfaction, keep it up, will soon bring new projects to you. Thanks
1 review
0 helpful votes
I do not usually write reviews, but I'm compelled to in this case. I received crappy service from By the Sword. I ordered a replica cossack sword for my son's Christmas present. I ordered this item online on the afternoon of December 20th and paid a premium for 2-day priority shipping. The sword finally arrived the evening of January 2nd by UPS ground delivery. My purchase order number was...
5 reviews
4 helpful votes
I certify that this review is based on my own experience and that I am in no way affiliated with this business, and have not been offered any incentive or payment from the business to write this review. This an awesome site. Hope they will make it more better
4 reviews
9 helpful votes
Site works well, kept up to date.
3 reviews
7 helpful votes
Website will glitch out, not letting you go to the assignment list or home screen. I have submitted multiple assignments that have not submitted and I have lost all of my progress on and have had to restart. For a nearly $300 course, I expected better.
16 reviews
46 helpful votes
Have nothing but nice things to say about this site. I actually listed a few of my old dresses on it and it sold very quickly. It's like craigslist except they specialize in dresses.
1 review
3 helpful votes
I checked my bank account and there a charge for this company. It comes through the spokeo website. What a nightmare. I am contacting my bank in the morning to block this charge and fight it. They have no right to charge me for something I never signed up for. I will also file with the BBB about them as well.
1 review
0 helpful votes
I've been a Bzzagent for several years now and I'm honestly shocked that there are ANY bad reviews for them here. I mean, come on people! The samples and stuff that we receive is absolutely free. I've consistently gotten an array of items in exchange for my opinion alone. No, you probably won't qualify for every campaign they email you about. I don't. No, you won't get something free every week...

Tip for consumers: Just remember that you aren’t paying for anything! All they want are your honest opinions about various products. Try to be appreciative of the few things you do get when you get them!

Becky R. – BzzAgent Rep
Hi Kaysie! We totally appreciate your dedication to the Bzz! Sounds like you have really benefited from sticking through this with us. As we know, BzzAgent is always evolving :) We hope that you are able to enjoy many more great campaigns! Keep on Bzzing!