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Online Businesses Reviewed on Sitejabber for "beth" to "beyo"

Nick P.
1 review
0 helpful votes
The Service Was Good, but the Treatment At The Door Was NOT! My close friend Mike Winberg used to go to this synagogue and be a member with his family many years ago and had suggested that I attend there. Well, I made the decision to go there for the Shabbat Services back on Saturday, July 28, 2018 and arrived there at approximately 10:00 A.M. because I had assumed that they would have...
1 review
0 helpful votes
the recreation department has been very entertaining particularly for the holidays christmas and new years was blast
38 reviews
70 helpful votes
This woman will constantly try to sell you cheap tacky items that will supposedly change your life. Don't waste your money on them. I fell for it and got an item that looked nothing like the picture and was extremely poorly made. I regret sending her any money.
3 reviews
9 helpful votes
On 07/25/2018, I purchased a Lace Front Wig from Bethel Wigs (9121 Stella Link, Ste. B) (Kim) but was defective. When I went in to see the wig, Kim had cut bangs on it to hide the damages and washed it to appear clean/new. Kim did not disclose how long she'd had the wig but I took her at her word it was a new wig. The following day the hair in the wig started coming out by the handful so I took...
Samuel P.
96 reviews
183 helpful votes
Bethesda is currently selling a faulty title that cannot be played as is and is refusing refunds to customers that are clearly indicating that they did not receive the product advertised. The game is currently in an unplayable state for most if not all players that try to play the game. The game is also missing features and content that were advertised due to bugs within the game. Would highly...
1 review
0 helpful votes
Signed up: login credentials said I still needed to make payment. Payment was deducted from my account. No response to multiple attempts to contact site admin ( all service emails, site owner email, site host customer service; even the billing site has no contact info for site) did this everyday for around the first month. Had billing company cancel. Figured try again. IT WORKS! for one...
1 review
2 helpful votes
I'm first, nice. So yeah, I pretty love the services they are providing. However, still needs some features to stay longer on the web. And I would love to get more notifications to my email inbox when I win something just for example, because right now I need to check web constantly to see if there is any changes on my bets. So hope to see you growing and wish you best luck!
1 review
2 helpful votes
Personally don't think taking millions of shillings from Kenyans each day with the false hope of winning is ethical.For shillings,poor Kenyans can place bets on both local and international games.No jackpot though
4 reviews
10 helpful votes
Betsabeh's hair salon in Mission Viejo provides everything good about a hair cut/color/style and none of the bad. Betsabeh hears what you want and is able to execute it in a private, comfortable environment. It's almost like doing it yourself, but knowing how to do it right. Price is totally reasonable. I'm lucky she's close, but I would drive cities away to go here. Tracy
1 review
0 helpful votes
I placed an order with BJ and they just replaced them with some random item (cheap plastic sunglasses) It is my responsibility now to return these even though I didn't order them. Ridiculous!
655 reviews
3,169 helpful votes
This one is a trainwreck. Office address is fake, registrant address is fake, telephone numbers are not fake but, contrary to appearances, are cell phones probably not in the UK at all. One is a "premium" number for which they can charge you as much per minute as they like when you call. Product photos are laughable - MacBook Pro photo is of an empty box; Sony camera is a Nikon. iPhone 3Gs is...
1 review
1 helpful vote
Bought an oven unit off these people in January. Never delivered so cancelled order and asked for money back. Refund never made. Took them to court in Leicester, they ignored CCJ. Issued warrant but baliff unable to enforce because firm had upped sticks and transferred to Wokingham. Baliff in Reading visited firm address but discovered it was only a mail handling office . These people are...
4 reviews
14 helpful votes
I purchased a kitchen from this company in September 2015 mostly I am happy with the kitchen even though there are still a Few items missing. However if there is a problem it doesn't get sorted out they say they have ordered parts when they hadn't. They never call you back when they say they will. I was waiting for week for some hinges they said it was because the order included a replacement...
3 reviews
4 helpful votes
I purchased a white (TABOR) basin & toilet,the charge for delivery was £34.95, on delivery I immediately noticed the colour was not white but more of a grey colour, I have many tradesman working at my property who all agreed that the colour was not white and that the quality was of an extremely poor standard. I requested an uplift and had to chase after my refund often having to hold on the...
2 reviews
1 helpful vote
Please spend your money in the right place..if you have any doubt in your mind please go and cofirm about it first
1 review
2 helpful votes
It is a very good and emphatic website. They offer a program to help with osteoporosis and other ailments. There are lots of free information on the Website. Also a phone number you can call not just for orders only.
Clara R.
517 reviews
309 helpful votes
Ive heard good things about this brand from the ladies at the salon who say that the sea pearl gloss is excellent for any hair type wether frizzy..thin..damaged..and a pea size amount is all you need to tame the beast
1 review
0 helpful votes
Got 2 braces for my mom Returned the same box I received with two different return labels they provided (don't ask me why two if I received them in the same box i returned them) 2 months later i still fighting my money back and every day a different person "handles" my case and ask me again and again for the same information I have provided million times DO NOT BUY FROM THIS PEOPLE !!!!!"
1 review
1 helpful vote
We had Better Built build our garage in 2013. First of all, the crew showed up without any garage plans which is an odd way of building a structure. I watched daily as it was put together and had to correct them when it came time to build the rafters. I had to get my paperwork out to show them how it was supposed to be built when I shouldn't have to do that. We were supposed to have a loft...
8 reviews
24 helpful votes
I have mentioned this before on this website about online review site in general and NOW I am going to focus on the Washington DC "Better Business Bureau"! It is DISCRIMINATELY CENSORING posts about certain businesses that I have submitted complainant reviews of DESPITE STATING in my online account that they HAVE been posted! But wherever they are in the BBB's website cyberspace, they are NOT...
1 review
0 helpful votes
I got a tremendous response while working with them. Not only did my business inquiries increased but also they promoted my business to certain heights.
1 review
0 helpful votes
I sent a few gift baskets to say thank you to a number of clients that entrusted me to help find them the perfect home. They really loved the cookies and the way they were presented! I will definitely order again from BetterCookies.ca
Marija M. – Better Cookies .ca Rep
Thanks a lot for your review Doug. It was my pleasure to work on the cookie gifts for you.
1 review
0 helpful votes
Jesse and his crew saved me and my credit. I can't be happier price was decent, he got more then a hand full of debts removed from my report. Great job guys! Thanks again.
1 review
1 helpful vote
DO NOT Order From Company! order a pair of frames online. says it will be processed in 3 days. After 3 weeks of waiting with no response and my order still saying "processing", i had to reach out the company to get an update. They tell me that my order was sold out and on back order and would be in, in two weeks. i said ok, waited two and a half weeks, and reached out to them again because...
2 reviews
0 helpful votes
This company is a sister company of Nationwide minibus hire who took a £279 deposit and cancelled 12 hours before departure which was at 4am. Still waiting for my refund, i have been blocked on Whattsapp as thats how i was contacting them, their accounts team do not take calls and seem to leave half hour before i call multiple times a day. ABSOLUTE FRAUDSTERS!!!! Companies like these need to...
1 review
0 helpful votes
"A friend told me about betterFX, a business that hunts down the best FX deals on the market. I thought I was getting a reasonable deal, but betterFX found me another provider that cut the cost for me by almost 40% I only needed to switch NZ$ 18'000 into GBP but they still saved me a substantial amount."
1 review
4 helpful votes
Yes, the same story. The offer was either $35 or $45 a month. At NO STAGE was there an advertised amount of $175 one off payment, which is what was taken from my account. This is preying on the vulnerable- can you imagine how much this might compound your sense of failure or depression, having found yourself scammed? A terrible terrible company. I have shut down my account, but will be telling...
Should-Use-A- D.
11 reviews
22 helpful votes
Right now I'm listening to a podcast on dealing with trauma; it's on the above-referenced website. Also, today (Feb 4) is World Cancer Day. Scroll down the site to find cancer-screening information. Great site - it's streamlined and easy to navigate.
1 review
1 helpful vote
Unfortunately they seem to just be able to charge you when they want and NEVER respond when asked about the wrongful charges. I contacted them six times to try and correct a charge they made and never received anything in return from them. Conviently they dont post a telephone number to reach them so they can just ignore you no problem!!
Michael K.
2 reviews
0 helpful votes
Absolute professionalism and a top quality product at a fair price. It was a pleasure doing business!
1 review
0 helpful votes
Look for bangles for a long time after mines were stolen , they were a gift from my great Aunt , I had 30 of them and been trying to replace .Jewelry is beautiful , Easy to order , Great quality , fast service , kept me inform of delivery
1 review
0 helpful votes
We contracted Better Living Concepts of Brainerd, MN. to install an awning over our front door. A storm tore it off and they did come back to reinstall it but during the following storms, any driving wind caused the water to come over the awning and into run down between our storm door and entry door because the weatherstripping above the door was not installed correctly. We phoned them a...
1 review
0 helpful votes
You cannot cancel and apple will not help. There is not place to end the subscription. So it auto renews without your permission.
11 reviews
55 helpful votes
Betterment.com is a new online investment site that is very different than other online brokerages. Designed to work like a savings account (but not FDIC insured, these are investments in stocks and bonds), Betterment is meant to generally offer a better return on your money than an online savings bank. As you 'deposit' money, Betterment.com invests your cash in a portfolio of stocks and bonds...
1 review
1 helpful vote
Install and tuning support was a HUGE help. Saw 24% increase in mileage using BMPG6 and Maxim on my Nissan. This guy knows his stuff. Maxim is a great product. Will purchase again soon for Volvo. Thank you MPGMike.
1 review
0 helpful votes
One of the worst companies I have ever had come to work for me, and his name is Michael Gilk with Better Paving Co. All payments were organized properly and executed for him. My driveway was done, but the first rain storm I noticed he left out an entire process causing my driveway to form massive puddles within it. When contacted he continued to push back on coming back to fix it for WEEKS!...
1 review
1 helpful vote
At one time this was a good site for hosting a photo website. No longer. I'm unable to update my bio photo and text. The text that I enter correctly shows up run together on my website. I don't dare try to edit my selection of photos. It's almost impossible to find contact information. They do respond to an email (always during the night, so I suppose they are half way around the world) and...
1 review
0 helpful votes
Ms. Daphne did an amazing legal work for me. I applied for PR under Ontario Master Nominee program. The processing time was expected to be 20 months. However, with the professionalism and legal expertise of Betterplace Immigration team, the processing time for my case was so much faster. I got my PR in 14 months. The team responded to my emails and inquiries very quickly and guided me through...
4 reviews
9 helpful votes
worst company ever, my daughter just started her first year in college, and since I've been to college a lot of things have changed, she needed a math book for her class, she was recommended to this site to save, about $120 on the cost of the book, she's trying to do this on her own, without any help, she ordered a book from this website, and just to be very clear, on the website it shows a...
1 review
1 helpful vote
I run a small business online and my inventory was depleted so I needed to outsource an order from another online retailer betterproductsonline.com seemed like the best choice their webpage stated that they had my products in stock and I ordered $700 worth of merchandise and found out the next day that they only had a lot of six for my inventory and zero of my 11 remaining orders at $41.50 per...

Tip for consumers: If you need your product fast do not trust the availability, or depend on automated emails stating orders are unavailable.

43 reviews
105 helpful votes
Beware of real estate agencies that require clients to come to them to view properties. As with all agencies worldwide that represent a certain area, said agents are usually available to show properties to clients in the respective regions. Better Property claims to represent Abruzzo (among other areas) however not very professional in that regard. After having to take 2 flights to get into...
16 reviews
40 helpful votes
This is a complaint as well as a question. Has anyone ever won anything from this company? I visit several websites daily to be on the look out for free samples and such. Well this site always has daily giveaways to win kitchen appliances among other things but never heard of anyone who has won. It's nice that this website has recipes but quite a bit of advertisements and never mentions any...
1 review
0 helpful votes
This website is outstanding. The products are categorized based on skin type. Each skin type is well researched on the causes, solutions, and products. The regimen is very helpful. Each product has objective expert reviews. You are not just randomly buying whatever and put it on your face. The reviews are based on your skin type. Ever since I used these products and followed the regimen my...
1 review
0 helpful votes
Honestly, I read reviews before I purchase anything from an online company. The reviews for Better than Pants are average at best but their inventory of shirts is awesome. So hey, I took a leap of faith. Well let me tell you , the website was easy to navigate, I ordered 4 shirts picking my size and color, and even was able to use a coupon code . I paid via PayPal which is convenient and I...
5 reviews
7 helpful votes
I love the idea of using the power of social networks to better the world. This website is trying to get its members to provide advertising space on their websites to collect revenue for worthy charities. Little steps can make a difference!!!
1 review
1 helpful vote
first of all DO NOT use this web site, they are scammers. they sell you a traffic package telling you all that you want to hear then after purchase they send you a messege telling you their terms wich are, they don't guarranty your server will count the actual hits the only way you can confirm is using their sistem wich is only numbers and there is no way you can confirm this hits you just...
509 reviews
1,133 helpful votes
A 2nd hand book seller - and this one is a little difficult. I bought there twice, and twice it went wrong. But there are no doubts that the company is honest and want to give good service. I would have no issues to buy there again. Order #1: I ordered the wrong book because their website had a mismatch of the book title and the ISBN. After I got the wrong book and informed them they gave me...
1 review
0 helpful votes
I love better world books! I can find the books I need at reasonable prices! Yes they are used and they may have been library books at one point, but they are in good shape and are what I need! Fast shipping too!
1 review
0 helpful votes
I love vintage and different looking clothes as does my granddaughter but I have been scammed before so I try to be careful. I ordered a couple of tops from this company to give it a try before I ordered expensive dresses. Two at 25.99 each. supposedly free postage advertised London, came from Chino California. they were trash thin silky material, barely crossed our busts. one tie at top...
1 review
0 helpful votes
On August 10 I ordered a jacket from them. They charged my Visa but never shipped. I forgot about the order until recently and emailed them to cancel it. After three months I don't want it anymore. I'm waiting for a response. I'll update if they respond in a timely manner, cancel the order and credit my account. UPDATE - They canceled the order and credited my account.
3 reviews
2 helpful votes
No contact information and form on website is broken. Cloudflare is hosting this website and refuses to provide site owner information besides an email - *******@evoluso.com - both seem rather sketchy to say the least. Godaddy is hosting the domain and have told me that I will need a court order to have the domain removed from their domain hosting service. I am in the process of completing that...

Tip for consumers: Stay away and report it to abuse@godaddy.com and/or file an abuse report on cloudflare.com until the website is pulled from the internet.

4 reviews
4 helpful votes
Bettie has always been a great store and web site. They've recently decided to rebrand and will be under a new name, but may still keep the Bettie page name up? Not sure. Anyway, I love their clothes and am a huge fan of vintage fashion,so I couldn't be on a review site about shopping and not mention them! I've always gotten my orders in a timely manner, and they've never gotten anything...
20 reviews
4 helpful votes
High quality of nail polish. This company has more of 50 years making differents colors without changing their original formula for remain to the clients satisfied. This nail polish is long lasting. Their colors are beautiful.
2 reviews
4 helpful votes
I love to play betting on football games. But it wasn't easy to make the right prediction to win every bet. A punter suggested me about betting loupe and it really helped me to improve my betting predictions.
1 review
0 helpful votes
Simple to use platform for betting offers. Only UK well known bookies and great bonuses! This website has never given me any problems but only over £1,000 in free bets with the bookies. AWESOME!!!!!!!
1 review
2 helpful votes
I don't want to write this review as I want all the information to myself (hehe) but they have been so bloody good that I need to tell you all. Was just about to give up with betting because my bank had been depleted far too often but speaking to Trevor once gave me a little shot in the arm and I tried again - the rest is history. WINNERS WINNERS WINNERS WINNERS

Tip for consumers: perfect

1 review
0 helpful votes
The clothes arrived quickly and fir as I expected, there was even an extra surprise in the bag for me!!
655 reviews
3,169 helpful votes
The perfect example of a women's magazine that men don't want to be caught reading but read anyway, in the forlorn hope of understanding women better, bettyconfidential.com is unashamedly for women only and has been recognized by Forbes as one of the top websites for women. Not bad for a product that's only been around for a couple of years. Being a man, I probably shouldn't be rating this...
1 review
0 helpful votes
Just making sugar cookies and they are awful looking, the bottom is nice and brown but the top is still white, left them from 7 to 15 minutes and they all look the same, awful. Cannot see expiration day, never could on your packages but never had that problem before. Purchase 4/9/2019 at HEB.
1 review
0 helpful votes
Great fabric and fit, great quality and exactly as promised. Delivery was swift, well packaged and completely recommended.
James D. – Bettyswollox Rep
Thank you for your support David. It's great to hear that you love our products! Stay safe. :)
1 review
0 helpful votes
I bought a Bluetooth beat box on the site, free delivery and no hassle. Seller was UK based good communication I was quite impressed to be honest.
1 review
0 helpful votes
• Updated review
A cricket kit bag is a very essential part of being a player of the sport. Cricket is one of the most popular sport in the world, following association football. There are billions of fans all around the world that enjoy watching their favourite teams play, regardless of what format it is. Most fans will just watch the game, root for their favourites, and cheer if they win. Some fans will...
Best Cricket Shoes
• Previous review
Cricket shoes are one of the most important staples in any cricket player's bag. Cricket shoes help players reach their full potential in the field.

Cricket shoes can help cricket players with their speed, control balance, and avoid injuries. That's why it's important to have reliable cricket shoes during matches.

If you're interested in buying cricket shoes, here's a quick run-through of reliable cricket shoes you can try out.

Adidas Adipower Vector Mid
Suitable for: Pacers

This brand and model are good for pacers. It has a power foot mid strap that locks the shoe in place. It has 10 metal spikes, so it's good for players who want extra traction to their shoes. The cut is perfect because it gives extra support to the ankles.

Adidas Adizer Boost SL22 Cricket Shoes

Suitable for: Batsmen, Wicket-Keepers, and Fielders

These cricket shoes are powered by Adidas Boost Technology, which is reliable in energy return. It's also perfect for cricket players who want to be a score runs because it's very light.

Gray Nicolls GN6 Velocity
Suitable for Batsmen, wicket-keepers, all-rounders

These cricket shoes have good ventilation. The upper mesh of the shoes is made from high-quality PU material. The PU overlay stretches up into the midsole, making it a reliable partner for cricket players who need stability while scoring runs, or changing directions.

Nike Potential 3 Cricket Shoes
Suitable for: Batsmen, all-rounders, wicket-keepers

These cricket shoes are designed with lightweight cushioning that adds extra grip and comfort to the wearer's feet. It' s very light. It only weighs 280 gm. The outside of the shoes are made from Max PU and don't have mesh, making it easy for cleaning.
Top 5 brands that produce the best cricket gloves
• Previous review
Cricket gloves are one of the vital equipment in the sport. It is mostly used by batsmen and wicketkeepers. They are safe from injuries if they have gloves on their hands. Aside from protection, it also provides comfort for them.

Batsmen can have a controlled grip with their bats with the help of their cricket gloves. It also absorbs their sweat when they play in hot weather conditions. Wicketkeepers are also enhanced by the cricket glove to catch the ball and throw it in the cricket wicket.

If you're looking for a brand that produces the best cricket gloves, check out this list to find out.

Gunn & Moore
GM has a huge collection of cricket gloves that come with a different design. All of their cricket gloves are shock absorbent which offers comfort and protection to your hands. The key feature of this glove is its calf leather palm with a palm wear patch. It is designed to comfortably fit your hands.

Gray-Nicolls cricket gloves are ideal for junior and professional cricketers. It provides a combination of protection and comfort that enhances the batsman to give the powerful strikes that can score an over or a boundary. GN also sells a cricket wicket that is ideal for your cricket set.

SG cricket gloves are ideal for both left and right-handers. It also comes with all sizes for kids, youth, and men. Most of their gloves are multipurpose which is why it can be used by both batsmen and wicketkeepers. You can check out SG's store for more cricket equipment and gears.

This global sporting brand has a huge collection of finest cricket gloves. You can find the top quality gloves in Puma because it has a perfect style and design. Puma cricket gloves are made of authentic materials with the help of high technology. It is the reason why their gloves are flexible and durable.

Visit these brands' store to have a good look at their products. If you want to buy one at a price that you can afford, check out online shopping websites and choose the best cricket glove for you.
1 review
4 helpful votes
We got a lemon through Beverly-Hanks. We hired one of their agents and they were to look into the questions we had with the property. If they had of done their job we would not have the problems we have. We got back answers and took them as the truth on the property. Sellers say they never gave those answers. The agent also did things that we told them not to do.Refused to do as we wished. ...
1 review
0 helpful votes
It turns out these people are not legal distributors of Jessica products. The products are not working as they should so I can only assume they are fakes. Customer service is yet to respond to my request of replacement genuine products but I'm not holding my breath. They didn't come back to me when I Iast complained in July. You can't sell branded products and not sell the genuine product...

Tip for consumers: Don't use this site unless you're prepared to be dissapointed

1 review
0 helpful votes
My fiancé purchased a ring for me that I was in love with off of this website. When he proposed with it I thought it was absolutely beautiful. After 6 days of wearing the ring, one of the stones had already fallen out of the ring. I was heartbroken and both my fiancé and I sent an email. I finally called customer service because the responses were not fast enough considering there was a major...
1 review
1 helpful vote
Francis R Palmer III MD FACS voted one of "The World's Best" plastic and cosmetic surgeons, is an artist, author and creator of the The Palmer Code". Representing Dr Palmer's trade secrets, this revolutionary, groundbreaking beauty principle is applied to every aesthetic treatment, facial plastic and body cosmetic surgical procedure he performs at The Palmer Code Institute. The Palmer Code not...
3 reviews
11 helpful votes
Satisfied with my chair. Price was good and service was great. Everyone there was really nice and honest, and I didn't feel like they were trying too hard to sell me chairs like the other vendors I dealt with. My back feels great and I am happy. Would definitely buy here again
13 reviews
20 helpful votes
Results you can see. Safe and professional. Secure and good pricing. Always do research first because each person is different but over all a great experience and safe feeling while feeling amazing
Samantha W. – Beverly Hills MD Rep
Hi Alyssa, my name is Sam with Beverly Hills MD. Thank you for your kinds words! I'm thrilled to hear that you have seen the results you had hoped for. If at any time you have any questions or concerns, please email me at sam@beverlyhillsmd.com.
2 reviews
0 helpful votes
I ordered a swimsuit on 30th June. I started following up on why it wasn't received on 6th August and was told there had been a delay and it would be sent in a reasonable time frame. 5 emails later with no answer I cannot find what a 'reasonable time frame' is and I doubt I will ever receive it. These people are thieves. Customer service is a joke. They take your money and you won't see it...
10 reviews
29 helpful votes
What is it with a company that mandates you sign up and get one of their cards so you can get the sale price? I have enough cards in my wallet and having companies know what Im buying and saving that in their database and having any of my data is not very reassuring. Just look at all the data that has been stolen recently! Don't need another company doing similar things and threatening my...
138 reviews
967 helpful votes
GASP! I might have found a search engine I like better than Google, is this possible? You can open results in the same partioned window, and so much more. I've not switched as yet, but I'd give Bevyfind a run around the block. "Welcome to BevyFind! BevyFind was developed by Next Technologies Inc. and is the first consumer web product to feature Next Technologies' proprietary Bevyweb...
1 review
0 helpful votes
Lamentable experiencia! Nos cobraron dos envios por dos camisetas pedidas el mismo dia y nos mandaron una erronea en otra talla y de una calidad PESIMA. Quedaron en enviar la correcta y nada. Malisimo servicio atencion al cliente.nunca comprar nada en www.bewild.com. estafadores!
1 review
1 helpful vote
After 10 days with no response to my emails and no response to a message left on their phone, I contacted the BBB of which they are a member and had my check 48 hours later.
1 review
0 helpful votes
This website is something else. It uses some new software to read my professional cv in 3 languages. I didn't have to complete any forms like on all other sites. I logged in with my social linkedin profile and uploaded my cv in doc format. AFter that I got an awesome 3D work dna visual with all my strengths and abilities. The websites then matches my cv with all jobs online. Really cool website.
4 reviews
0 helpful votes
world peace is the main source for understanding and union between one or more people to live in harmony as it should be
1 review
1 helpful vote
Had a similar experience to most customers. This is a scam site. It needs to be taken down. Horrible sales practices. Shady deals.
54 reviews
51 helpful votes
I submitted my resume and cover letter to advertisers on Beyond and got not even one call back or interview. I am highly qualified and met the minimum requirements of all the jobs I posted to, never to hear from them again. Beyond could make it a stipulation that employers respond to all applicants of a job!
1 review
1 helpful vote
I think Elizabeth is a liar and she is constantly changing the dates and circumstances that surrounded her "accident" in San Fransisco......she neglects to mention that there were other people on the sailboat with her that day....and without their help she might have died. She also NEVER mentions that while she was "finding herself" she put her husband and daughter on the back burner and only...
2 reviews
2 helpful votes
This is just another public space that is unsafe for women who feel like they have nowhere to turn, and no one to turn to. Unfortunately, places like this that can afford advertising and brand recognition are run with the Heavy-Hand of government influences, featuring ex PMs, and Doctors; just so a country can feel like it's providing a civil-service. As someone in crisis with C-PTSD, who is...
1 review
1 helpful vote
I purchased a trip to Hawaii through Beyond Boundaries at the beginning of August, 2014. The representative I worked with was Daniel, but I also had contact with the owner, Doug Lofland. Listed below are the series of negative events I experienced with Beyond Boundaries. The taxi service claimed that the times, locations, and information provided by Beyond Boundaries did not make sense and...

Tip for consumers: Don't.