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13 reviews
59-67 High Street
Auckland, AUK 1010, NZ
Tel: +1-844-332-3427

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3 reviews
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I don't know what to believe about this site. Advisers or Zodiac can send free mintes with a scripted message that says "we see changes in your relationship",. Which can sound so fake when sent to everyone.. My friend says "hey I got the same message about my relationship"..Feedback is sometimes removed. Sometimes it is not. Which can lead me to believe that there are certain one,s Zodiac like,s and certain one,s Zodiac don't like. It seems to not have the moral compass I would like to find when using a site. Maybe they are just trying to get there act together.. Well maybe I am too..

1 review
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The site removed my ratings when I rated the psychics lower. They even adjusted my rating to a 4 when I had given a1. They also changed my comment. I'm convinced that it's a fake Site.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I was a psychic here and when it come to paying me the closed my account and have not paid me. They don't reply and just fob you off. DO NOT USE THE PSYCHICS DOING THE WORK FOR NEXT TO NOTHING DONT EVEN GET PAID!

1 review
1 helpful vote

I worked as an independent contractor for over 6 months and then they completely cut off my account with no explanation and they do not respond to messages and they have stolen the money I earned. Stay far away from this site! Don't waste your time and life!!!!!!!!!!!

8 reviews
16 helpful votes

Many of the best Male psychics are on this page. They are also good about quality and keeping psychics from establishing multiple accounts.. However customers can open multiple accounts just by using a different phone number and email address... They also do not allow self engineered feedback that is so popular on many websites.. However a disgruntled customer can always open another account and leave another bad review on a psychic if they are unhappy with... Sometimes customers will open extra accounts just to take advantage and to get more complimentary free minutes.This company can be
trust worthy and you can trust that you don't end up talking to the same psychics under different names..but customers can keep coming back under a different name. Some things are good and some things not so much. They keep changing the rules or they don't apply to everyone.. This being from another country and being fairly new they can have tech issues and payment issues..I hope they make it because they seem to be on the right track... However too many times a person has complained about not being paid. This is not good business sense..Nor is it good judgment..Some countries won't pay you if they think you are not doing a good job or they fire you.This is unlawful in the US.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I am questioning. I do know I am one of those people. Who pick up on things to quickly. one of the calls felt like she was milking me to keep talking. red flag. especially if its a hurricane victim. I am the psychic. this is expensive. calls are usually quick on other sites, and you have to build clinetele. slowly

6 reviews
16 helpful votes

Do NOT believe a word Makeeda says. She scammed her bank ( and the site and me). Zodiac was able to PROVE what a fraudulent scam artist she is. And because of that I lost my position at Zodiac. Makeeda should have been the one to be banned. NOT ME!

You are a LIAR Makeeda! Tell the truth! Admit you stole money!

1 review
4 helpful votes

Gave two stars due to pros and cons to work as an advisor. My relative got laid off and seriously needed a part-time job to pay the bills. He applied to be an advisor on this website, and was immediately accepted without going through any screening process. He later acted as a psychic basically by "interpreting" the message the website provided. According to him, when he first set off reading for people, the advisor screen side bar already showed the background info of clients. He said it was super easy to read for these miserable clients there. Sometimes the info appeared on the advisor's side bar was even excerpted from the transcript that the same client shared with other advisors in their previous sessions. When my relative failed to provide a satisfied reading, he always had no trouble to have that negative review deleted by the customer service team. Overall, he earned a good money to pay bills before got another employment. However, my relative left because this website frequently delayed the payment, and always found different excuses to deduct his earning. This is a very small psychic website and the traffic, compared to other psychic platforms, is very low. It is basically a one-person company. The owner created several accounts to play a different roles in the customer service team, financial department, and management. My relative said it was a very special experience to play as a comedian on this interesting website.

1 review
9 helpful votes

They never pay on time or care about the reader /psychic . They are Greedy people that think that they can do whatevet to people. Fact is they withhold pay snd then make the reader/psychic wait another half month after working already for their website and then threaten the person telling them that they are rude for asking to be paid .

1 review
4 helpful votes

Ive been having technical issues on this site for weeks now...ever since i was falsely accused of having my bank investigate payments to them..ever since...ive had issues almost daily trying to process payments and recieve service. Ive contacted the site and google play multiple times..and im beyond frustrated. Especially since the original accusations were never true and ive spent thousands of dollars here...i dont expect special treatment..but not having to contact support nearly everyday for the same issue would be great. Prior to this issue i would have given higher rating

10 reviews
139 helpful votes

It would be the best company out there if they did not have so much trouble getting it together. They seem to care about negativity that some can face but have also had trouble what seems to be money issues. They keep changing there minds back and forth about how they want to do things. You can not please everyone folks..I hope they do get it together because it is nice knowing the psychics I have talked too..They seem to be accurate and not spread all over the place..Trust worthy Site if it was not for the technical problems and there inability to stick to a plan. Too wishy washy. Too hot and cold. Sometimes I have been ignored by customer service but not always..

2 reviews
2 helpful votes

The page is very easy to work with and the psychic I talked to was a little hard on me.But it was just what i needed to take a better look at my love life.THANK YOU DENA & ZODIAC PSYCHIC.

Athena D.
20 reviews
27 helpful votes

I was an adviser on this site for several months. I made over $400 and NEVER got a pay out. It's owner is a crooked b*tch! Also, there is client on this sh*t site that will scam her bank and then scam the advisers. I lost my account because of this client. She lied to the owner claiming that I had scammed her. So, both owner and client are frauds. Stay away from this site. Unless if you don't mind being screwed over.

Tip for consumers: Very fraudulent site. I fought for my money, but the owner refused. Very crooked.


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Do you realize this is slander? We are paying all advisors, on time, and have been doing so for some years now. From the thousands of advisors that have worked on Zodiac, there is a handful that had issues with payments. In most cases due to Paypal or other payment method technical issues. My advice.. don't fall for fake news planted by competitors..

By Greg T., ZodiacPsychics Representative
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