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43 reviews
253 57th St. Unit 10
Brooklyn, NY 11220, US
Tel: 855.933.8766

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1 review
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Had a great expierence with! Great prices and prompt shipping! Very happy shopper right here! I will be shopping in the near future! :)

1 review
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I like their website and it is very easy to order from their website.

4 reviews
7 helpful votes

Everything went according to plan except that the magnetic screwdriver werent magnetic, which kinda ok), but i didnt get a flat head and thats what i need to get everything off to put the screen on if i could get new parts.

1 review
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This is going to be a long review but definitely worth reading.

I don't usually write reviews about anything but I felt that deserved some recognition. I am kind of surprised seeing all of the negative comments about them, because I actually had a very pleasant experience with them. Here is what happened.

I sent them by black iPhone4 for a color swap and screen replacement because mine was shattered to pieces. I know nothing about phones and thought this was going to take at least a week. I had emailed them and a guy named Mike assured me that I will have my phone back the day after they receive it. I still didn't understand how but okay.
The next day I received an email saying that Zeetron got my phone and it will be shipped out the following day. Never the less my phone was in my hands 2 days later!
I now have a cool white iPhone 4 that all of my friends are dying for. My screen is in PERFECT condition, and my phone doesn't lag anymore. I emailed Mike back to thank him for all his help.
I will definitely be using them again for any of my "technological issues". Zeetron was incredibly helpful, quick and they have the cheapest prices I found.

If I were you I wouldn't worry about all the negativity and go ahead and let Zeetron to the work. You will not be disappointed!

1 review
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Bought an iphone screen replacement. Its Junk looks nothing like the original screen.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I spent $40 on a 3GS screen...Low and behold it stripped the digitizer. $200 later I have Siri. Amen Apple. $#*! ZEETRON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 review
2 helpful votes

Worst company ever. Don't trust them. you wil never get your phone back if you send it to them. It's a scam. I'm persuing legal action at this point.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Everything went according to plan except that the magnetic screwdriver werent magnetic, which kinda ok), but i didnt get a flat head and thats what i need to get everything off to put the screen on if i could get new parts or my money back thatll be awesom

5 reviews
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Cracked the glass on my Ipad and dented the metal at the corner. Not only did they fix the glass, but they "undented" the corner. Great repair looks like new. My only minor criticism is that they couldn't take credit cards that day, I had to run out to get cash. Other than that, the service was great.

1 review
1 helpful vote

the worst service and parts selling... DO NOT GO there...
and all the parts and services are so expensive ... NO Worth! you can find the same kind the quality and stuff from ebay or amazon with 5-10 times cheaper.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered iPhone 4 back cover glass, received in a bubbled padded envelope and it is brand new but BROKEN. I tried couple emails sent with pictures but received received no reply.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered a new iphone 4 screen and after installation it lasted about a day and quit. The girl I installed it for worked for a daycare and couldn't be without it in case they had an emergency. I didn't have a spare screen and she had to go to another shop to have one installed. I have tried to find out what I need to do to get a refund and Zeetron will not get back with me. They have ignored about three emails I have sent them. I was worried about the screen when I pulled the plastic off the back right before installing and it had a big thumbprint and glue splattered on it.

1 review
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It's a scam! The i-phone they sold me, claiming it was fixed and fully operational, didn't work for a single minute!!! When I brought the phone back, they were unable to diagnose the problem or obviously make necessary repairs. Moreover, shockingly, they refused to give me a refund! Stay away from their "repair" services!

1 review
1 helpful vote

it was the worst mistake I've ever made. I decided to buy a "Do it yourself kit" for my iphone 4. I paid 100$ and I received it, the color wasn't what I expected, so I returned it, after 10 days I sent them an email for the refund, they asked me for my tracking number, so i sent them a picture of the receipt and never heard from them, i wrote another email, asking why I never received my money back, and they just said they didn't receive anything. I ended up with NO money and NO kit.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I sent in my iPad after it fell and craked the glass. Till I got it back was 3 weeks or more. From the glass the broke my volume Botton. Then the lost the home Botton. I go to it up it's a black Botton. (iPad is white). Till they did me a favor after trying to get me to ok a black Botton on a white iPad which they broke/lost. Now it's all falling apart. And they only wanted cash. Now I know why. It's a waste of money to go there!!!!!!!!$

1 review
1 helpful vote

When I received the DIY kit the pentalobe screwdriver was chipped and would not remove the first two screws. I called to get a replacement pentalobe and no one would answer the phone. I sat on hold for multiple hours just to be hung up on. When I repeated this process a couple of times I finally spoke with a very rude lady on February 3, 2012. She stated that she would ship a new screwdriver and that it would arrive on February 6, 2012, today is February 8, 2012 and upon tracking the package I found out that it only left Zeetron February 7, 2012. Still no pentalobe screwdriver. I ended up borrowing one from a friend and successfully installed the front assembly just to find out that Zeetron sent me a back assembly for the wrong model. On top of this, the front and back assembly were two different colors. When I called to report that the wrong back assembly that was the wrong color had been sent I received the same run around as before. No one would answer the phone and someone actually picked up the phone and hung it up again. After lots of persistence I finally spoke with the same rude lady as before. She stated that they do not even carry the color that matches my front assembly. "There is nothing I can do" she said. She asked if I wanted to return the back assembly for a refund because they could not match the color. I accepted. What a nightmare! In the package I received there was a broken part, an incorrect part, and a part that did not match in color! Then there was no one available to help me with these problems! These problems still have not been fixed! I will NEVER order from Zeetron again and I would suggest that no one else should either. I have found a matching back assembly through another online retailer, no thanks to Zeetron.

1 review
1 helpful vote

After spending a few months putting up with the cracks in my iPad screen I figured it was finally time to take it in and get it repaired. I found zeetron through google and brought my iPad in to their store on coney island avenue. The gentleman at the store was courteous and professional, the rates were reasonable and the iPad was ready to be picked up the next day as promised. What more could I ask for?! A+ highly recommended!

1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered the blue color swap online through their website and shipped my phone overnight expecting "fastest turn around on the web" as their website advertises. They charged me $40 for return shipping which their site advertised as free overnight return. I called and they refunded my shipping cost, no problems there. Then I watched for 3 days as my order status was stuck at awaiting fulfillment. Curious I called to find out why my phone had not been swapped and returned to me. I was informed they were out of stock on the parts to do my color swap and offered me pink, to which I passed(I ordered blue for a reason). Being told they would have the parts in the following week, I reluctantly agreed to wait. After multiple calls to check the status on their parts delivery which I was continually told was on going to be on time until that day finally came where I was told it would be the next day. After hearing that 2 days in a row and 2 weeks had passed they still did not have the parts in stock so I asked for my phone to be returned to which they agreed and emailed me a fedex tracking number. Anxious to get my phone returned to me I checked the tracking number the next morning only to find out that my phone was still in their repair center waiting to fulfill my order (that I had already cancelled and asked for return of my device). After finally speaking with the owner my phone was returned and repaired for a discounted price but still black(glad I spent $30 to overnight my phone plus the cost to be repaired, when I could have had the same thing done locally and not been without my phone for 2 weeks before xmas) . I would not recommend use of this company. I was told that there were 200 orders ahead of me waiting for the blue color swap and if I had been waiting 2 weeks then how long had the 200 people ahead of me been waiting. If you're out of stock on parts then update your website to say such a thing, like most sites do. There communication was very poor, had I not been proactive with my device I'd probably still be waiting. Then after posting a review on their website its been two weeks and the negative review was not even posted after it went for review. STEER CLEAR FROM THESE CROOKS.

1 review
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I placed an order on Tuesday evening, including paying $20 for 2 day shipping. On Friday evening, I received an email that my order was ready for shipping. On Monday afternoon, I called and although it took a while, they located my order, told me it should have shipped already and they'd ship it overnight, which they did. However, they did not include everything I ordered and did include something I hadn't ordered (and didn't want). Their "live chat" has never worked for me, the login to their site to view my order worked sporadically. I have requested a refund of my shipping fee, but don't expect to receive it. I recommend AGAINST doing business with this company--they don't have their act together. There are lots of companies that manage 1-2 day order-filling--zeetron isn't one of them.

1 review
4 helpful votes

If you are ordering replacement parts to do it yourself, this is a good company to work with...if you are sending an item in for repair then think twice. I sent my 3gs in for a battery swap (not wanting to risk damaging the phone by doing it myself). I was told the phone needed further repair so I paid the extra $30 to have it done. CSR told me on several occasions that the phone would be fixed and returned that day. It has been over 2 months now. There have been no responses to emails, no one to call and live chat is offline. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau hoping to resolve the situation.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Great !!
I needed my 3gs fixed as soon as possible, so i decided to send it in. I got it back brand new, no problems. They called to make sure everything was done the way I wanted it done.Very professional people. No complaints and my screen is as good as new.
Thank you!

1 review
2 helpful votes

Great service! I sent my phone in with a broken screen and home button, and i get it back brand new! Thanks for everything =]

1 review
3 helpful votes

I had my iphone 4 replaced through Zeetron and I'm so happy that my experience went so great, especially because I didn't know if I should replace it or wait for the iphone 5. But my screen was cracked and Zeetron was the first site to pop up on google. I was originally going to get just a screen replacement but decided to an entire conversion to white. Long story short I placed the order with the website and sent my phone in. I recieved a tracking number right away and knew where the package was at all times. I recieved an email confirmation when they recieved the phone and when it was being shipped back. The greatest feeling was knowing where my phone was at all times and not worrying about it. PLus the phone looks amazing! couldn't ask for more. Would HIGHLY reccomend.

1 review
4 helpful votes

I recently purchased an iPad 2 dock from Zeetron through The description and images on the site were of the iPad 2 dock, which is what I wanted. However, what I received, and what I experienced with their customer service department really frustrated me. The small white box the item came in said "ipad 2", clearly a box made by Zeetron (note the lowercase "p"), but the image on the box was the iPad 1 dock, not iPad 2. Not only that...the item inside the box was also the iPad 1 dock. This tells me that they were either trying to scam me and hoped I wouldn't notice, or they don't do enough research about the products they sell, and don't know that there is a big difference between the iPad 1 dock and iPad 2 dock.

I left them a negative review on Amazon, and their customer service manager emailed me soon after to try to persuade me to take the review down. They said, and I quote, "Also, if you can be kind enough to remove the feedback, I will gladly send you another item free of charge." Any customer would take this to mean that if I take the negative review down (doing Zeetron a huge favor), then Zeetron in turn would repay me by giving them a free item from their website. After many confusing emails, I asked them to refund money, because from the way they explained it, it made sense that I would send back the product they sent to me, get my money back and then receive my free item from them. I took down the review from Amazon, and they refunded my money. They then proceeded to tell me that I would not get a free gift, because that is not what they meant. I'm sorry, but if I'm just returning the "problem" product, and a company refunds my money, that's what you call a normal deal. The fact that I willingly took off a very negative review for them means that they needed to do something extra for me for taking the review down. Since I won't get my end of the bargain, here I post.

1 review
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I originally placed an order for a part they sell on Amazon. The tracking number for it was showing a message that was very confusing, so I emailed them. Customer service responded to me within the hour on both email and livechat. They said that USPS seemed to be having trouble on their end, so I contacted the postal office and was told the address was wrong, but it wasn't their fault. Jenna bared through all my emails and happily refunded me the package when after the product warranty expired, the item was finally returned to sender. They even offered me a small discount on my next purchase. I'll definitely look up Zeetron again when I buy from Amazon.

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I believe that this company Zeetron Inc doesn't perform the way people say they do. I have had nothing but problems and lies and no answers or replies since I purchased a Iphone glass repair kit. I would not recommend dealing with this company unless you could physically walk in and purchase the product and walk out with it. This Company really needs to learn proper business etiquette.

By Rick G.
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