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Review of MyJewelryBox

MyJewelryBox reviews

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49 reviews
Categories: Diamond, Earrings, Jewelry
12 Nepco Way
Plattsburgh, NY 12903
Tel: (866) 443-8652
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49 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
6 helpful votes

The web site is somewhat easy to navigate.

Full 360 view of merchandise not availabe, so you never know exactly what you are purchasing.

web site/registration unavailable unless during business hours (meaning orders cannot be placed; Accounts can not be updated, etc.)

Had to contact them multiple times to get progression for my order.

Only AFTER purchase transaction was complete did it notify me of the additional TEN business days it would take to deliver my order. (Not the "1-2 days" as is clearly indicated on their site)

When the order arrived, it looked tacky and cheap. Not at all how it was displayed online. Mislead to believe it was something else altogether. Incredibly smaller than expected, even after reading the dimensions, weight etc. previously.

For the price I paid it is absolutely extorntionate.
Will not be returning for purchase again.

If you want cheap jewelry for top dollar, then this is your site.

Ask M about MyJewelryBox
1 review
4 helpful votes

Excellent buying experience, bought an engagement ring and it arrived on time for a Valentines day proposal. the ring is beautiful and my fiancée absolutely loves it. she still gets daily compliments about the ring.

i did a lot of shopping around and they have by far the best value. buy with confidence!

Ask Charles about MyJewelryBox
1 review
3 helpful votes

I've never purchased jewelry online before and was very hesitant to do so. There's a customer service representative named Lee that made the process easy and pain free. He explained everything a person would need to know about diamonds, the cut, clarity, carat and color. After searching on the site for the perfect engagement ring, Lee processed my order and it arrived within days. My fiance loves the way it shines! I'm already searching through the site for a wedding ring. A+ service!

Ask Duwon about MyJewelryBox
1 review
5 helpful votes

Bought a ring from this company. Was very pleased. 2 months later a diamond fell out. I just dismissed it and blamed it on my GF being reckless. 2 months later another diamond. Again i blamed it on my GF. Sent it back to the company to repair. 2 MONTHS went by without a call email nothing. After the 3 month called the company and spoke to a supervisor who told me that the style of ring i order is no longer carried and they couldnt tell me how long it would take to repair. I ordered them to send me my ring back with a tracking number. Have not received a tracking number. I definitely feel a suit en route. What poor customer service!

Ask Harvey about MyJewelryBox
1 review
6 helpful votes

This website is great! I got my mother these beautiful earrings that ended up being even nicer than I expected. Highly recommended.

Ask Christina about MyJewelryBox
1 review
8 helpful votes

I received my ring recently and it was beautiful beyond comparison! The customer service was "above and beyond," something you often don't see these days; I was extremely impressed. The entire transaction went very smooth and I am oh so very happy with the final product- It's Gorgeous!! Thanks for everything!

Ask Alana about MyJewelryBox
1 review
9 helpful votes

The website is the best jewelery website I have seen. Everything is organized, with category, price, etc. It is very user friendly, very professional. It makes you want to buy all the products. I am saving my money so I can spend more with them.

Ask Eddy about MyJewelryBox
1 review
4 helpful votes

I placed an order a few days ago and received my package in 3 days! Much quicker than expected! When I opened it up i couldn't believe how beautiful the ring was! It is an anniversary present for my girlfriend and i know she's going to absolutely love it! I will be back 100% next time i need jewelry!

Ask matt about MyJewelryBox
1 review
4 helpful votes

I bought an Amethest heart earrings and pendant for my wife from this site. She loved the jewelry and I loved the price!

Ask J about MyJewelryBox
1 review
6 helpful votes

I recently purchased a necklace and pair of earrings from, for my daughters sweet 16. I had the package in 3 days and the jewelry is beautiful, my daughter LOVED IT!! I will be doing plenty of shopping on this site!

Ask Kris about MyJewelryBox
1 review
9 helpful votes

I ordered a beautiful Engagement ring for my girl friend 2 month ago and it was everthing i expected and more. I was hestitating at 1st to buy a $2500 ring on line but with the easy return policy i figured i had nothing to loose really. The ring came into a very nice box as shown on their site and the Gemologist Certificate which made the whole deal official and accepted by my insurance company. I would recommand this site to anyone and will definitly shop again @ :-)

Ask Aajae about MyJewelryBox
1 review
6 helpful votes

I have had 2 really good experiences with this site. Once for a mother's day gift and once a Valentine's Day gift for my girlfriend. In both cases, being "a guy", a had no clue what to choose or what my mom or GF would like. While the site is really pretty and very easy to navigate, before spending $200, I wanted to make sure. So I called the customer service number, and I literally spent 30 minutes or so on each occasion with someone who really knew their stuff. She asked me about age, size, taste, style, etc before my final selection. Once that was done, shipping was next day, packaging was really nice, and I had 2 VERY satisfied people in my life (who had no idea how much the items cost; they look more expensive than they cost!).

Ask Dan about MyJewelryBox
1 review
5 helpful votes

I am typically hesitant to purchase goods via web sites. However, I took a chance with I can tell you that besides getting the product that I wanted in a timely fashion and in perfect condition - the customer service is unserpassed for any web or brick and mortar company. Highly recommended.

Ask Stuart about MyJewelryBox
3 reviews
8 helpful votes

I ordered an amethyst ring for my best girl friend for her birthday. I "liked" them on facebook and got a 20% off coupon. It arrived in 4 days and the packaging was really nice. I didn't have to wrap it for my friend. The size was true to fit and she was thrilled with it. Overall, just a good experience.

Ask Stefanie about MyJewelryBox
1 review
7 helpful votes

Bought a ring from them, later the top diamond cracked twice, sent it in, and after a month of not hearing anything, I it's still just sitting in their warehouse. Two weeks later they ship it to canada to be fixed, then they tell me two more weeks. I call two weeks later, again.....2-3 more weeks. Finally after 2 months of them having it in their hand....I get an email saying I'm getting the ring back and it's all fixed. Ten days later....nothing! I email them for the 5th time (and multiple calls too) and ask what is going on.......again...they tell me it's sitting in their warehouse and they don't know why they haven't shipped it yet but said they told them they have to ship it today......I'm not holding my breath. I have never been treated like this before from any company! They are terrible! 2 1/2 months later.....still no ring back. A little embarrassing when people hear you're engaged and they ask to see your fiance's ring......and it's not on her hand!

Ask B about MyJewelryBox
1 review
14 helpful votes

Ordered a birthday gift for my girl (diamond bracelet) and was super happy with The bracelet was really pretty much exactly what I expected, frankly even a bit nicer. Most importantly, my girl was ecstatic. Great job guys and thanks!

Ask Guy about MyJewelryBox
1 review
13 helpful votes

I ordered my girlfriend a ring (not THAT ring yet) on the site and it was beautiful and delivered without a hitch. It looked exactly as it did in the photos. I must say I was a bit nervous ordering on line but i had strong recommendations from a few friends that have ordered in the past plus i called the customer service line and badgered them with questions. They were great and patient with this novice and walked me thru the process so i took the plunge! I could not be happier! The prices are great and the service was really fantastic. The ring came quickly and made my GF very very happy. When I do go to buy THAT ring I will for sure come back to myjewlerybox for sure... In fact I may just do that in the coming holidays! Thanks for simplifying the process for me guys!

Ask eddie about MyJewelryBox
1 review
11 helpful votes

I ordered a pair of diamond stud earrings for this website last month not knowing what to expect (since it was my first time shopping for jewelry online). I could not have been happier with the delivery time (2 days!) and with the quality of my earrings! They are gorgeous, and I get compliments about them all the time!
Definitely going to be coming back for Christmas this year for my mum and husband.

Ask Elisabeth about MyJewelryBox
1 review
8 helpful votes

I love shopping here and strongly recommend them! I honestly have no idea what these other reviewers may have experienced but I can honestly say that I have been a long time customer at with almost 10 orders in about 2 years and have only had amazing service and amazing product show up at my door! I can't find better pricing or value or service anywhere!

Ask Warren about MyJewelryBox
1 review
8 helpful votes

Don't buy anything from this company. I purchased a ring (size 5) on November 29, 2010 as a Christmas gift for my girlfriend. 2 weeks had gone by and I still had not received any shipping information. I called the company, and the customer service rep had no idea what the problem was. I was told that a message would be put into the warehouse, and he would call me back the following day. The following day, no call back. I called again 2 days later and spoke to another rep. I was told that they did not have a size 5 in stock, but they would take a size 6 and resize it for me down to a 5 and send it out promptly. I complained that they should not be advertising things on their website that they don't actually have in stock, and of course was given the runaround.

A few days later, I see shipping information for the alleged size 6 that they resized for me. The shipping information then disappeared the next day. So I called again. This was a week before Christmas now. I was told that they don't know what happened to the package that had the resized ring, which is why the shipping information disappeared. It was "lost". How does this happen? Oh keep reading, it gets better.

I tell this rep that I don't care what they have to do, but they better get me a ring by that Monday morning. And I was firm that the company is to pay for overnight shipping to guarantee that I get it by that Monday morning. The rep tried to argue with the overnight shipping, to which I responded to talk to a supervisor and make it happen. They finally agreed to send me a size 5.5 ring, overnighted. In this case, I needed to resize the ring down to a 5 myself. This is 3 days before Christmas now.

Miraculously, I was able to get the ring resized in time to give the ring to my girlfriend on Christmas Eve. I spent $50 of my own money to resize the ring because of this company's inefficiencies. So of course, when I call customer service again to request reimbursement for the $50, I was told the most they can give me is $15. Unbelievable. 4 weeks of hell with this company. NEVER AGAIN.

Folks, be wise and take my advice. Stay far away from Lousy bunch of scam artists and useless customer service.

Ask Sean about MyJewelryBox
1 review
7 helpful votes

My (eventual) Fiance and I purchased a 2c tdw. Weddning Bridal/Engagement set from this past December.

Nor the picture or the description shows that the center stone is a 4-piece illusion setting, (which it is), and they have poor set gaps in between the stones.

The picture shown on the website shows a combination of round cut and square cut diamonds in the bands, (which is why I chose it) and the actual ring has only square cut diamonds.

The claws that hold the center stones, are all uneven at different heights. The moment I opened the box for the first time, it was entirely obvious that the center stone setting was Crooked-AND-offset from the band.

We took the ring set to a local jeweller, because we weren't sure if we were being too 'Picky"....but the woman behind the counter noticed each of the flaws we did (and more), without us even mentioning the defects to her first! My ring, which had never been worn, looked like a dull, dirty, 100-year old ring in comparison to the other rings in the Jewelery Store cabinet, I hadnt realised just how dull the ring was until we wen't there.

We purchased this ring on Dec. 8th, paid for the RUSH 5-7 business day shipping, to ENSURE we received it for Christmas Day, and it didn't arrive until the 30th!!!

I opened the box for the first time, and the hinge on the back of the wooden box it came in failed instantly!

I have much sympathy for the customer service reps on the phone, because I have spoke with them at least 6 times, and they are all very courteous, and helpful; do all they can to assist, but its the company to blame. The reps are obviously not the one's 'making' the jewellery, or the boxes they come in.

Thank-God for their 30-Day return policy. We'll see if they can hold up to that promise.

Bottom line: Don't trust the photos, and DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!

Ask Bobbi-Jo about MyJewelryBox
2 reviews
11 helpful votes

Site is good - but these guys are awful in terms of order fulfillment -- I would go to before these guys -- I ordered a ring 1.5 weeks ago and they are telling me that it is still being sized ... I guess I will have to stop payment on the order -- I am not happy and recommend that you go elsewhere if you are looking for jewelry.

Ask Scott about MyJewelryBox
1 review
9 helpful votes

My first purchase from this site was pretty good, shipping was on time, etc etc... However my second purchase was not good. I ordered a ring, which should be here by now, but it isnt. I sent many emails regarding this and other problems and have never gotten a reply for one of them. I don't know what their malfunction is but it seems pretty serious and will effect anyone who wants any type of customer support.

Ask Ty about MyJewelryBox
2 reviews
8 helpful votes

This company is horrible. Nice products, but the customer service is impossible. I sent out numerous emails, and questions on their forms inquiring about product and sizing. I got one response, very late, that did not answer my question. When I returned the product that was their mistake, I received the same mistake AGAIN. When I got through, they offered to resend it in the correct size, and pay for the shipping. When I received the third ring, it was the wrong size.

I have complained to the company and the response I got was they did everything in their power to satisfy me by giving me free shipping.

Sadly, if that's the best I can do, by hardly responding to any questions, before and after receiving the wrong products, I'm terribly disappointed. I can't believe a company can send out the wrong thing three times, and hardly even apologize.

Maybe if they offered a discount for having such a bad experience, they could've kept my business. However, after a month and no christmas present still for my girlfriend because of their poor service, I am returning the product and spending my money elsewhere.

Ask Em about MyJewelryBox

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