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Categories: Chat, Forum, Music
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
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1 review
0 helpful votes

t's nothing but a sex addict website these guys are horny 24/7 and Jamie and Justin owners MocoSpace allow all of this $#*! to happen and they don't give a flying $#*! they're abusing their power as owners will anything happen on their so-called application website is enough to make me want to puke so parents so beware of your child account because this is a sex offender website and I'm trying to crack them and hand them over to the authorities I've been doing this for almost 12 years nothing but non-stop sexual acts and they all don't give a flying $#*! please let's come together and end this website once and for all..

8 reviews
8 helpful votes

I had Moco for a few years, then left and came back to it. I started my profile around the peak of MySpace and used it for games and chat to pass time.

It wasn't too bad, once MySpace fell off the hinges with excessive bullying and content it seemed like once MySpace cleaned that up....the crazies went over to Moco. So I left.

I came back just for kicks a few years later and the games, as generic as they were, used to be fun. But, anything goes in terms of harassment and other things.

I'm not saying I'm a nun over here and get offended by every single thing, but some people don't follow the rules, terms and conditions...which is like, why even bother having us agree to them?

A lot of the people have changed and you literally see all walks of life and low lifes. Before I deleted my profile permanently the second time, the only way I felt comfortable navigating the site was to have a bare profile. No photos, no friends, and no info.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Someone hacked into my account and did something wrong. I have contacted support 3 different times and they will not even respond back to me. I have all the proof and told them that. But still no answer from them. I did nothing wrong, yet I'm being punished.

1 review
0 helpful votes

The UK chartroom is the worst for cyber bullying and abuse, there's one user in particular called bully. This guy has a evil mouth and makes peoples time on mocospace depressing. They need to ban him, or better still just close the chatroom down!

1 review
1 helpful vote

When I first joined, one of the games I played used to be challenging and fun. A lot to overcome. Now it's a place where whiners and sissies can flourish with EVERYTHING handed to them. Wanna-be-gamers is all this site is full of. If you want a challenging game, go somewhere else. The admins are idiots who don't know $#*! about gaming. Either that or it's the developers. Thumbs down for every clown!

7 reviews
8 helpful votes

I am member in mocospace since 2007 that time was very bad now better I just came since 3 days ago after tagged make me nuts and I saw a lots improve .and I recommends to use the site but still to be caution

1 review
0 helpful votes

80% of the profiles are and designed to set you up its a site the devil himself couldn't have made better from drugs to prostitution this site should be torn down already

1 review
0 helpful votes

Wish I could give a zero. Right now there is a homosexual moderator running rampant if you disagree with others on homosexuality. They change your password. Its also a known fact that many many people have issues with buying gold. DONT GIVE THIS SITE A PENNY..IF U DONT GET THE GOLD, CUSTOMER SERVICE WILL NOT ANSWER YOU. WORST SITE EVER.

1 review
1 helpful vote

This app is pretty horrible. The blocking feature is a joke, if you block someone through the app they can still stalk and harass you in games which you can't opt out of! I've had someone call me racial slurs, threaten and harass me throughout the site and when I contacted the app through the report feature nothing was done and I didn't get any help or feedback. At the very least there should be an option to A) block people in game, especially if they're abusing game features and B) silence notifications on games you have no interest in playing. As it stands the block feature is pretty useless. The customer service is a joke and I would absolutely not recommend it to anyone.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I beleive this site is for people that have screwed up there life at some point in life and alot of it is scam now. Also for If your looking for a one night stand and plan on not seeing that person anymore. Im lucky to have not caught any diseases from moco with all the women ive been with on there. I actually tried finding a girlfriend here but it just doesnt work here.Better off finding someone in person like at a workplace or school or where your both trying to do something with your lives and you can trust eachother right away. Online has never worked for me but i met girls in person where it lasted longer and was more real.

1 review
0 helpful votes

If I could give this app a zero I would not only are the staff very unprofessional I feel as if they scam a lot of people with this moco gold crap. I've had this app for nearly 6 years I've been playing a game on this app called Street wars which is a very addictive game they advertised double gold yet when we purchased it didn't give us double at all, which was the reason I purchased So me and many others contacted them with no response. So I sent out a report with itunes then later Someone gave me the email saying they will reply to that sooner so I did that and they finally replied and fixed my gold. I then emailed them again to let them know out of RESPECT that Idk if itunes cancelled my payment but could they check so i can re issue the payment since they fixed the gold. INSTEAD of them replying back letting me know they only asked my username which I complied and then TOOK away the gold. I checked to see if i have a pending refund and nothing is pending so they took away gold I Paid for and didn't respond to me since. I was told if I keep harassing about the MOCO GOLD my page of nearly 6 years would be deleted

1 review
0 helpful votes

Mocospace is a sad place.. once a alternative to MySpace and Facebook now a same sex driven no customer support virus having weird place.. use at your own risk is all I can say.. it seems like once I decided to delete my account I got over ran by spam messages.. now I can't long in long enough to delete my account by being blocked by a choose a prize you've won message. . with nowhere to turn my account an info are at the mercy of the sea.. smh..

1 review
2 helpful votes

This site is horrible! The customer support is nonexistent! They only take your money and never fix problems... Ppl are cyberbullied on there and moco does not about it...many fake profiles and protitutes

54 reviews
136 helpful votes

It's not a dating website, but I thought I met the love of my life and she cheated on me! This social media website is 100% real, but the people you meet on here are liars, cheaters, and stealers!

2 reviews
5 helpful votes

I've been on mocospace since 07 it was pretty cool now as soon as 2013 came along nothing but loosers Cyberbullying each other.. Meeting up to fight..and the soo called administrators do nothing but make you click a ban button. Which doesn't solve anything xD why is this $#*! still active?? Nothing but Weed sellers & active moco users asking dtf for money..

1 review
9 helpful votes

Mocospace acts like a program that has been hacked or has a virus. It is slow and freezes up every few seconds. I have tried over and over to make contact with their customer support and keep getting an automatic reply thats basiclly telling me we dont care about your issues. Have a f'd up day. And good bye. This site basiclly just leaves everyone else open to catch a virus and the people running it dont care one bit about fixing the problem. I wish there was a petition to have this site shut down. If you dont want to get a virus or get hacked do not create a page with mocospace!!!

4 reviews
9 helpful votes

While MocoSpace is convenient it is also jam packed with those that do not fit into main stream sexuality. Use extreme caution and not a site for the young.

1 review
0 helpful votes

How can i get my profile x.tapoutx from being hack when last password was $#*!TheWorld this pass sunday on 23 it want let me in nee ya help I try msg they said i need all my information I only know some

2 reviews
3 helpful votes


1 review
5 helpful votes

In 2009 I had never even heard of Mocospace. My friend had me make an account after I had been single for "too long". Everyone that messaged me seemed desperate or creepy, except one guy.. who actually just started up a normal conversation with me by asking how my day was going. We've been married for five years now.

1 review
14 helpful votes

The only site worse than this is CRAIGSLIST. This is horrible, childish and ratchet

1 review
5 helpful votes

What used to be a great alternative to Myspace and Facebook is now a sad excuse for a social network. Its now littered with inmates and trashy people! If the userbase wasnt bad enough to deal with the staff nowadays dont give a $#*! about their own site! Mocospace has recently gone rampant with ads and microtransactions and more recently I was disgusted that they have made it impossible to access without Adblocker suggesting you pay for their "Moco Gold" membership for a fricken social network and blocking out the entire site from use if you have Adblocker on! About 5 years ago I would have happily reccomended this site but as it is now I can only reccomend that you stay far away! As for me, I'm going back to Myspace.

1 review
10 helpful votes

site has gone downhill over the last 10 years or so. Prostitution ruins the chat rooms, users are allowed to steal/ post photos in order to harass other users, and the owners don't give a flying $#*! about what happens. any suggestions or complaints will be ignored unless it can turn a bigger profit for them. I've messaged them several times, including examples of the filth we are subject to, yet they never reply (in some cases, your comment will be deleted from the forums). I advise everyone I know to stay away from this cesspool, it has nothing but a negative affect on those who use it regularly

only rating this 1 star because there is no 0-star option...

Tip for consumers: DON"T MEET ANYONE IN 'NEAR ME'....EVER!!!!!!!

1 review
4 helpful votes

In their street wars games if you are a better player than their close knit snitches then your game gets slowed and has technical issues that others don't! I even have my Verizon Tach out to check my fios and guess what? Everything is great with my end! Moco is screwing you! I have wrote Moco many times of the issue never getting one response! Business is ran very unprofessional and it appears certain players dictate to Administration ways to change the game to make it worse for others but benefit them.

1 review
9 helpful votes

I was there from 2006 and had a profile until a year ago (I only kept it to keep in touch which a few friends I made).

I enjoyed it. Was a cool way to entertain myself when I was bored. I watched it grow and there underground artists could post music. I met poets fRon all over the world and some pretty interesting individuals. I also met CATFISH.

Yes I knew a guy for years named SCRIBEZ or MR.WORDZ (I still have his fake pics somewhere) & I talked to him regularly and thought of him as a great friend. He was fake. He was having ppl send him money and everything. I didn't believe it and when I went to call him....both numbers were disconnected. I have never heard from him since.

The sad thing was he was an awesome talent. He was a poet and musician and often played for me and sent me songs (and it really was his voice). I probably would have liked him amyway.... but he lied and said he was adopted and both family members were killed.... then he had a little girl he was raising alone that he found out was not his but the girl left, so he raised her anyway.... just to find out he has cancer.... Boooo$#*!inwhoooo. Lmao.

I believed him. He even said he flew out to my state and was mad because I didn't go to meet him 1 THANKSGIVING. What a douche.

And that was just 1 CATFISH I ran across. I also met 1 guy doing life for murder.... 1 guy doing 11 years for murder since he was a kid and countless other inmates. 1 actually did 8 years and is out and happily married to someone he met on there. They live in my city believe it or not.

I actually met a few really genuine friends that I met in real life that I am friends with to date. But I will say this....AVOID THIS SITE. JUSTIN AND JAIMIE ARE JERKS. They actually gave out password info to harassers that hacked into a few accounts and could care less.

Now it's just a place where PIMPS are looking for little girls and INMATE who have illegal cellphones manage to find luv. The rest are crooks trying to scam or rob you....or the future victums of them.

I am not over exagerating. This is real. People have been murdered all over AMERICA. It's been labeled the most dangerous social networking site in America. And it's true. Between the rapes murders and robberies.... Why bother.


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