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4/1/16, aka, I started the signup process, clicked to uncheck the 'remember me' box, and several full screen popups appeared, both on top of and behind the page I had been on. That was as far as I decided to go. Hope that helps.

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I am using letmewatchthis over a year but now its original site letmewatchthis(.)com is not working whereas there are bundle of websites which provides same data like letmewatchthis(.)im, primewire,, newletmewatchthis etc which one is original. Apart from these sites have excessive amount of spam popup ads.

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Why isnt the site working??? I must see my movies and I love this site!! :-(

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I only found out about this website yesterday and so far have managed to watch mean girls 1 & 2 and the mortal instruments. I also wanted to watch princess diaries 1 and divergent but none of the links worked...I'm not sure if its because I'm on my tablet or nit :/ This site is pretty good for free, some of the links won't work so make sure you try them all. I always like to use the Gorillavid link as that always works for me. If any of you have anything bad to say than go and make your own free movie website, it would help us out a lot.

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will someone help it keeps asking me to download bonzuna and i have??? what shud i do

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this site is a $#*!ing scam cant get anything to play and just when I think its about to let me view a movie it asks me to download another pointless programme $#*!ing scam virus crap

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I have been using this website for about a year now and it works amazingly. Sometimes I click on a movie and it doesn't have a working link but 90% of the time it does. It is also great for watching tv shows. I don't have cable right now so I watch all of my shows through 1channel. I have never gotten a virus or anything from it and it feels very safe. I would recommend this site to anybody.

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Thay say "" is supposed to be a totally free place to watch movies. I say BULL $%^$#@%^. Every time I try to click on the green button to watch a movie/tv show or the red button to download same. I get redirected to a webpage asking for my identification in the form of a credit card saying they need to know what country I am in because some movies/tv shows are bane in some country's. And they won't charge anything to the credit card. I sent an email to "" (I got this email address from there webpage) asking about this problem I got the following back "We are not charging you for anything. You must have accessed an ad affiliate/page.". The problem persists and they won't fix it, and they won't respond to anymore of my emails. They are the only place that I have found on the internet that has "y2k (1999) the NBC tv movie about the millenium computer bug. To replace the copy in my collection that got miss placed in a move.


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Ive been using this site for a couple yrs now and have always recommended it to other people would have always given it 5 stars, however, I have noticed of recent that this sight seems to be getting worse. Almost every movie I seem to click on doesnt have a working link. Even films Ive watched on here b4 have had working links removed. Ive clicked on films that came out last year, yr b4 etc and dont have working links. I understand the site is free to use but whats the point if u cant watch the films. Im not an actual memeber of the site as dont have time to sit there talking to people about other films, I have a missus and my own friends to do that with, but felt that I had to say something. With regards to other peoples comments on here regarding bullyng etc i think thats disgusting. I was bullied when i was a kid but im now 31 and a seargent in the Royal Marines, would love them to say that stuff to my face and c how brave they r then. HATE BULLIES!!!!! Anyway thats enough from me. Stay safe

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It's a good site

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they ban and mute for no reason mojo is an a**hole they dont give you a chance if you post one UN-agreeable comment

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Great format. Couldn't ask for more. HOWEVER lurking in the forum chatbox (the caps nazis hate CAPS) there are some unruly individuals and the whole karma system is whacked.

God forbid you use caps for ANYTHING, or your asked to not use caps. I understand completely if you continually write in caps every word every sentence, but, there HAS to be a way to emphasize some things, OTHERWISE, without emoticons etc, there's no way to really get a feel for. That is of course unless your a written and oral communications major.


And as they said above, unless you kiss ass, live in everything is peachy land, where its ok to troll the people who are just being real, then it wont be long before your banned.

Fortunately for me I am points up. Only because i was nice at first, then i caught on to what was going on. And evidently the truth hurts. "Wah, my mangina hurts because you used CAPS"

If you cant figure out why a video isn't playing, go download Video Lan Player, and or DivX. If its the stupid ads, use the Firefox add-on AdBlock Plus, personally for me I use admuncher, but that costs me 20 a year. they do have a free trial, might be worth checking. (no this isn't an ad for anyone, just know what works and doesn't) I have zero problems playing anything from the site ever unless the video has been removed for infringement.

Outside that blurp above, you shouldn't need much more help, Id suggest stay clear of the weirdo clique they have going on in there. Ive used another chat program for 4 years, and yes Ive seen as much whining, but this is only my second day in on the chat and im over the ass kissers

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This site is well suited for watching movies and TV shows. Outside of that you're going to encounter, well, shall I say not so pleasant experiences. You would think the moderators would stick to the neutrality of the sites protocol and maintain a civil sense of order, although that simply isn't the case.

After being a member for over two years I've seen as well as heard through other members of the misconduct of moderators and their singling out of members, and then admitting to their behavior as if were some power play. I had thought there was a troll following me at one point, but I had come to find out it was a moderator - a-trollerater? :D

I discovered this when my comments were simply being removed (not just marked down but removed after posting). I had spoke to another member and after asking her to review my deleted comments (which are automatically recorded in "my comments section" on my channels page) she had pointed out to me who could be responsible for there removal(only moderators can remove comments). Apparently, many members had been dealing this sort of thing, and I'm referring to friendly, respectable individuals -- certainly not trouble makers.

Now if you wish to be involved on a social level by the use of this site I would strongly recommend not spreading yourself too thin. In other words, limit your selection of friends, choose wisely, keep everything light hearted in your comments. Or, do what I've chosen to do: just watch movies and shows and keep to myself -- after all that's the reason I became a member of the site in the first place.

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the karma system is flawed big time.. theres nothing to stop someone from making multiple accounts and -karma point spamming someone. i seem to have run into such a person purly by chance.

i was +karma until i declined this persons friend request then magically started to gradually reduce every couple of days between 10-20 karma points when i was about +27 to begin with.

i told said person the truth i genuinely thought the person had a disturbing taste in death and genuinely found him to be an odd person needless to say ...i moved not long after i was talking to the person online (not because of him i did not know him irl i just had to move shortly) and internet and tv are the first bills to go when you can't afford certain things..

any who long story short almost 6 months later i got internet again and im magically -123 karma points currently when i haven't even been logged into the site or online for that matter in the past near 6 months... and am currently a certified troll which you get when you hit -100 points and can not post anything on the web site.

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Great site for watching new or older movies as well as television series, and it even has music (though I've never used this feature). Registration is not required. It has annoying pop ups whenever you try to watch something, but that's expected. You can just exit out of them an no harm done. I highly recommend it.

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I think this a great website. I have watched a number of movies through this website already. This website lets you watch free movies and shows through links to other websites. I have been really happy so far with this website, but I would be careful still, because some links might not be safe. I recommend the putlocker, megavideo and sockshare links because I think they are the best quality with the least buffering, and they are safe. But sometimes links are broken, which can be a bit disappointing and frustrating.

Now, I have also read the other reviews on this website, and they seem pretty unhappy with the chatroom and moderators and stuff. I haven't tried this part yet, but for the watching free movies part, this website is great.

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I am writing this review in order to highlight what I feel is an important misuse of an internet website. The site concerned allows people registered or unregistered, to watch movies and television programs for free and in this respect it is quite good. You can also talk to some very nice people from around the globe and from the UK who are interested in films, although as always, there will be the odd person, who you will not want to engage in conversation.

However, there is a chatroom attached to this site and I have been on the receiving end of some disturbing behaviour by a particular moderator. Now I know this sounds odd, but over the couple of months I have been in the chatroom, I have noticed a disturbing pattern. The first example was when someone began to site racist language. When I asked the moderator in question to please ask them to stop, I was immediately turned on and told to stop causing trouble and shut up. A number of what I believe are this persons 'followers' then began to bully me online. I was more than perplexed by this and have never experienced this in a chatroom before. As I was new, I thought that may be, there was a misunderstanding of some kind and decided to let it go.

However, I began to notice that every time I was online and this particular person was moderating, another provocative message would pop up in the chatbox. I started to put 2 and 2 together and my theory is that this person is deliberately getting others to make inflammatory comments in order to cause trouble. As I had cottoned on to this I made sure to steer clear from any argument and keep everything light-hearted. I did not take the bait and kept calm and tried to talk about movies with people in the chatroom. As she continued to goad me all I said very calmly was that they did have a responsibility to be fair, which resulted in me being immediately banned from the website.

I was also warned that peoples photographs have been taken from this site and turned into pornographic images and published online. I have no proof that this is something this person is involved in, but like I said, i have a nasty feeling that there is a very spiteful manipulative person at work here. Some people on the site will swear blind she is the nicest mod there ever was, but thats how clever she is. She will be nice to others in order to manipulate them into backing her up when she engages in cyber bullying, but if your face does not fit you will be treated very badly.

This is all highly unprofessional, but not only that, there are young people who use this website, some as young as 13. These sort of games, bullying and manipulation could be used against much younger and more vulnerable people than myself and I find that worrying.

You may join the chatroom and have no problem at all, but - and I know this sounds like a cliche - but if you are good looking/pretty, are intelligent and articulate, get along with people on site and have a lot to say about movies etc.. you may be the subject of harassment or if you threaten this somewhat insecure individual in anyway, you will be the focus of her spite.

If you read site directions e.g regarding viruses, the tone of what is written, gives you a flavour of where the people who have created this site are coming from. Its quite abrupt and aggressive. If you are banned you are told to beg for forgiveness before being let back on. Its presented as a joke but after experiencing what I have, in actual fact it isnt. I believe this mod is a founder of the website, hence her power mad attitude. I tried to complain about the racist incident and never received a reply. I think that says it all really.

Now, to put this into perspective, I am a 40 year old mother of two, who is a mature medical student. I physically train 6 days a week, play the piano and electric guitar - a bit : ) - , love the cinema, club still and enjoy a rich and fulfilling life with my boyfriend and my dogs. My point is, that Im not someone who is in need of a life and doesn't have anything better to do than to complain about things on the internet. Far from it. The reason I have bothered to write this is, that when I get a nasty gut feeling about something, it bugs me to the point where I think other people should know what is going on.

Remember, there are many faceless people on sites such as these, who hide behind avatars and who are probably not the happiest of souls. Take care online and enjoy the websites which deserve your support.


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It's a great site if you're only interested in finding movies to watch and download and already know how to do it or can figure it out for yourself. The format is outstanding.

But if you need help, like to participate in the forum, use the chat box or give honest and intelligent reviews of the movies, you better have a tough skin or be clique material.

Some of the moderators with their friends love to insult and belittle people. It's unbelievable how far they will go and say they have a right to do it because the stupid members get on their nerves.

At least one of the content mods abuses his privileges by deleting posts that his "partner in crime" if you will (robocop) when he insults people. This guy patrols and rules the "off topic" portion of the forum like he owns the site with the help of "calmlybleeding" the content mod.

They also allow all cussing, including the "F" word and sexual content in the chat box and forum and personal walls. This includes lewd and grotesque pictures that just a few years ago would have been considered pornographic.

If you post an honest opinion on the movies you watch, it better be "I loved it! it's awesome" or you will get bombarded with bad karma points and stamped an official troll below you're name. If you get too many bad karma points, privileges are taken away and eventually you will be banned.

Last but not least, now this is the truth believe it or not, you have to agree to sell you're soul to become a member.... Check it out if you don't believe me.

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