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Review of Fuckbook

Fuckbook reviews

132 reviews
Categories: Adult, Sex
21 Market Street
Venice, CA 90291
Tel: 1-415-335-6768

132 Reviews From Our Community

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My question is...will my credit card be stolen if I become a paid member. (in 13 reviews)


It has my email address and where I live, what has happened here? (in 5 reviews)

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1 review
0 helpful votes

So say my fiancee has a profile on your site he said he has had it for years.well if that is the case wouldnt you delete his profile

Ask tina about Fuckbook
3 reviews
37 helpful votes

Even the positive reviews posted here are as fake as the profiles and photos on the website.
It is a total SCAM. These women are NOT REAL they are FAKE and the profiles are written by the website people.
$#*! YOU all $#*!BOOK scumbag scammers!
Die and rot in hell you $#*! stinking bastards!

Ask j about Fuckbook
1 review
0 helpful votes

I've had a fantastic time on f***book, good chats, good photo exchanges but now I can't access the site on my phone or tablet, got some weird error message about www.$#*! sent an invalid response. What is that about?

Ask Jackie about Fuckbook
1 review
0 helpful votes

I had a $#*!book free ladies account and chatted to a bloke a lot but then he got funny with me so I had to delete my account and start a fresh one with a new profile name. I have been enjoying $#*! book(except for all the fakes etc) met a nice bloke and chatted constant for days then Saturday they suddenly deleted my profile for no reason what so ever, I messaged support and they tell me it's a scammer/scammed account and they have reviewed my account and decided not to re activate it.
Then u can't use that email address again, so u start new email address, new account and they just keep deleting me??
I'm a real user who was actually enjoying using their site, after 10 attempts and so many user names, email accounts each time and effort I've given up!
Why oh why have u done this $#*!book??
My IP address must be banned on the system and I am furious at u. No phone number and emails with support must be automated as they always say the same old crap.
Sort your site out $#*!book else u won't be winning any awards this year

Ask Heidi about Fuckbook
1 review
4 helpful votes


Ask Jasmin about Fuckbook
1 review
3 helpful votes

I didn't have to pay anything, didn't enter any personal info, but I still feel extremely uncomfortable with this whole thing. I signed up not too long ago, and immediately got tons of friend requests and messages. Most of them are pretty obvious bots. Some things about the site seemed off to me. It was all shady as hell. I checked and I can't find my profile at all, which is kind of a relief.. I guess it's just deleted altogether. Got disabled for absolutely no reason with no explanation. No phone number to call. I should have read the reviews. Guess I learned my lesson. Judging by the reviews, they're money grabbers. This whole thing is fake.

Tip for consumers: Don't use it.

Ask Iris about Fuckbook
1 review
1 helpful vote

There is no point in using this site, as it blocks you straight away after you give someone your name or number, even in a private message. So you can't actually meet up with them or talk to them outside of the website. It also doesn't give you any chances to get your account back, and once you are blocked, they have blocked your IP address, so if you try to make a new account, that one gets disabled too even if you don't share your information. It is also riddled with fake accounts, yet those thrive and stay active for months and even years, but privately sending someone your real name gets you a permanent ban.

Ask Adrienne about Fuckbook
1 review
0 helpful votes

Disabled my account - My account was deleted for no reason. I contacted Customer support it have not recieved a single word from them about why this has happened. They leave no phone number on their site to call and get this resolved. I written several emails to get this resolved and nothing yet. I can't believe you disabled my access. My profile is still active but I can not get into it. I am a real woman and my access was blocked. I'm super duper pissed..

Ask Videl about Fuckbook
1 review
2 helpful votes

Plz quit sending me emails n Gmail thank u harold white

Ask Harold about Fuckbook
1 review
8 helpful votes

The site has nothing to do with "hooking up". Members aren't allowed to share contact information. If a member voices an opinion not in favor of the sites practices, they delete that account. The site has shady business practices with promising sex for a membership fee and with absolutely no intentions of allowing adults to exchange contact information. Does that sound like a hookup/dating site or a rip off? Not rendering services after payment is made is thievery. And don't forget that it's a reoccurring automatic payment made through a members card and the site certainly doesn't make it easy for an unhappy member to stop them from stealing that monthly prick tease fee. The site is a members generated porn site, that's all it is. You definitely "can't get no, satisfaction" from $#*!book or any of the backdoor site names going to the same site. The ratings scale should go into the negative digits for this particular crap site and all its side and backdoor site names.

Ask KayWhy about Fuckbook
1 review
6 helpful votes

First off any website the claims that you're going to have sex with a woman tonight is lying to you. No woman other than a prostitute or a highly intoxicated girl will have sex with you without even knowing who you are. Now to explain my experience with this site. I'm not going to lie it caught my attention. So I begin the sign up process. Before I even finished creating a profile, before I could even download a picture of myself I was receiving messages supposably from women in my local area the saying that they wanted to have sex. Red flag! I haven't even met you I haven't bought you a drink you have no idea what I look like or what I'm even about. I call b*******. Regardless after receiving these messages I try to reply to the message but I can't not without paying. Okay well there's another red flag. But I'll play the game so I enter my credit card information I pay for one month just to see what's going to happen. Then guess what the messages stop coming in lol. I can't explain to you how stupid I felt knowing that it was a scam then proceeding with the whole process. If I were you I would back out of the site go take a shower but the nice clothes on go to your local bar you'll have a better chance of picking up a girl there.

Ask James about Fuckbook
1 review
3 helpful votes

appears first spam message many girls ... that is the own website that sends them ... we can not see what they say, until buy the premium. Buy the premium fine ... But now pay the premium and discover that all mesagens are fakes and are not sent by any girls ... 50 mesagens and all equal. Free account in one hour 10 visitors and 10 friend requests. Since I'm Premium makes a good time, no friend request or accept my requests ... Additionally see photos of girls in 3 or 4 accounts ... so yeah the $#*!ing worth

Ask Vasile about Fuckbook
1 review
2 helpful votes


Ask Aliff about Fuckbook
1 review
3 helpful votes

Account disabled for no reason. No reply from support in 3 days.
Started a new profile as lost hope in it being sorted. That disabled too.
Completely ridiculous.

Ask Vi about Fuckbook
1 review
8 helpful votes

My account was deleted for no reason. I contacted Customer support it have not recieved a single word from them about why this has happened. They leave no phone number on their site to call and get this resolved. I written several emails to get this resolved and nothing yet. I can't believe you disabled my access. My profile is still active but I can not get into it. I am a real woman and my access was blocked. I'm pissed.

Ask Anna about Fuckbook
2 reviews
29 helpful votes

Customer service sucks. They let all the fake profiles stay active, but delete profiles of real women. God forbid a woman wanting sex. Don't even bother wasting your time on contacting them either. They never reply.

Ask Nikki about Fuckbook
2 reviews
15 helpful votes

Fake get all kinds of messages from young nude lady's till you pay to up grade then nothing it's nothing but a money grab stay away

Ask Corwy about Fuckbook
13 reviews
33 helpful votes

are easily parted.

I mean really guys any adult site where the girls get full free access but the guys have to pay, what do you think you will find,LOL

Ask Sammy about Fuckbook
4 reviews
37 helpful votes

This is a scam. All the flash pictures are for show. Lets be real, do you think
all the model girls in there want sex?
Also, every girl on the site is an online hooker for chat purposes only.
You are made to believe that there is sex at the other end. It not
This site is designed very cleverly to have you charge your credit card then keep charging you. The cancellation is hidden so well that its hard to find it.

This and other sites like adult finder,Ashley Madison,discreet affairs etc. are a fake.

Ask rab about Fuckbook
7 reviews
47 helpful votes

slick site, if your looking to get ripped off this is the site for you 99.9% of female profiles are either site generated one called "cupids" or men using a female profile as its free and functions,( free male profiles cant read or send messages or use chat). Moderation seems more like "pimping" for the site and protecting the camwhores interestes

Ask harry about Fuckbook
9 reviews
62 helpful votes

claims its a dating site, its not. claims its a social network, its not.its a scam and camwhore site nothing more

Ask Tony about Fuckbook
11 reviews
86 helpful votes

Giant scam owned and run by first world porn industry

Ask mallia about Fuckbook
9 reviews
60 helpful votes

nothing but site generated auto-bots, pimps and cam whores

Ask blue about Fuckbook
6 reviews
58 helpful votes

Agree with 99% of reviews this site is a SCAM!!

Ask kellin about Fuckbook
6 reviews
54 helpful votes

a site for camwhores,pimps and johns

Ask shaun about Fuckbook

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