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1167 reviews
Suite 52, Jones Bay Wharf, 26-32 Pirrama Rd
Pyrmont, New South Wales 2009, Australia

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1 review
0 helpful votes
9/29/16 is full of scam policies, hired freelancer, he didn't completed my project but I have to pay full amount as I can not cancel the milestone payments, only freelancer can. If they want to trick you it's easy for them and you are helpless.

The support will ask you to file a dispute which need 5 days to complete. If freelancer respond with just one word sorry, will ask you to pay a arbitration frees of $5 because he responded, and you have to waste 7 days again. My question is:

1. Why a employer need to pay extra arbitration fees when they paid all project fees in advance.

2. Why they dont bother to see the reply of freelancer before they escalate it to 3rd stage?

3. Why cant an employer cancel a milestone payment if freelancer is not responding?

4. Who will compensate employer for time loss when project delayed by using tricks.

To me it's a complete scam site, please avoide using it.

Ask wehire about Freelancer
1 review
0 helpful votes

I had a problem with my freelancer that part got resolved. I had a problem retrieving 10 dollars back to my PayPal from a milestone . It took over a week and 13 emails later wow! Terrible site in terms of handling your disputes or services

Ask Genera about Freelancer
1 review
0 helpful votes

Freelancer is a sham business. It mostly is a huge fraud one of its kind , It disregards Australian Fair trading laws, Australian Security Commission Laws to operate a Company.
It violates all financial institutional fair practices agreements.
There has to be an official Australian Government Inquiry ,

Business Freelancer operating from Suite 52, Jones Bay Wharf, 26-32 Pirrama Rd
Pyrmont, New South Wales 2009, Australia
Should be closed down and its Managing Directors named shamed and to be black listed.

This is only possible if people who have complaints against Freelancer Both Users and designers tolodge their complaint directly to Australian Fair Trading

Ask john about Freelancer
1 review
2 helpful votes

All the bad experience review from the other users are so true. I had the same experience too. I had a dispute with the designer who did nothing and I've lodged a dispute. And I do not know why still release the money to designer who me knowing. ! You will never get any support from their customer support ! They are making it so difficult for you to get support ! This is a scam website !!

Ask Jason about Freelancer
1 review
0 helpful votes

They charge money for anything and everything! I can't believe they charged me $40 for deleting some old entries that I had on the website. I was just trying to clean up my dashboard area so that it can look cleaner. Now who charges money to delete any old entries???? This is never heard of ever in my life!!

Because they do such fraudulent activities, they don't have a customer service phone number and you can only chat with them. Chatting takes forever to convey and come to a resolution!! A 5 mins call takes 1.5 hours. STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!

Ask slim about Freelancer
1 review
0 helpful votes

This page has a terrible disorganization as customers who hire a freelancer and contests when paying. Especially in contests with the method of delivery is literally a scam ... the client disappears when one goes up the files after winning the contest. Then the freelancer ends working for free. And not only that is the problem with the page, for more ther charge a membership that I have not asked.. for one month trying to put it down and I always continued with the same then as could I call that? thieves is the only word that comes to my mind. If you want to offer a better service, have better control of employers! be responsible and pay the freelancer for those customers who do not pay and disappear in the contests. It's the least you can do as you charge a membership that is not asked. Thank you!

Tip for consumers: Beware of the client with whom you will work.

Ask Elizabeth about Freelancer
1 review
0 helpful votes

This site has too many copy and paste businesses, that does not even review your requirements. To find an actual freelancer here is very hard, and very time consuming. I have yet to have an successful project,

This site needs a better screening process for freelancers, and a better complaint function.

Ask Terence about Freelancer
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

They billed me for 5 months for a PLUS membership that i never subscribed for, and now they wont refund, i never even got a notification that that they we're billing me.
What a bunch of crooks, they resort to such scams...

Ask rem about Freelancer
1 review
0 helpful votes

Excellent work done

Ask Bilal about Freelancer
1 review
1 helpful vote

they ask me we are closing your account due to Security reason
they didnot explain me why we are closing your account i send lot of mail but they didnot reply me any of my email about closing of the account

Ask muhammad about Freelancer
1 review
5 helpful votes

First my account was disabled,
I can't login because freelancer thinks I did not use a valid ID(I send my valid drivers licensed), I only ask to changed my username from XXX to YYY for the reason the name I used when still my wife was is living, so I would like to change username(fancy reason for good name), but freelancer banned me, its better I did not ask to changed my username. But someone from freelancer as a good member of Board of Directors(I think) I meet, he helped me restore my account after explaining to him in Facebook.

2nd > my account was hold, I can no longer bid projects because my previous client who pays me uses a fake credit card that worth $288(I think), and was charged to my account, freelancer says I have to pay it to restore back my account that has 15 good reviews(I think), and because I have nothing to turn around for work so I have to make another account, now I'm back to zero(0to2) reviews, it's hard to meet some clients if you have no good feedback.

and also:
They deduct amount percentage of work even the client or employer did not released milestone for payment, so instead your looking for money from their help, they're the one who grab you down.

Exchange rate is very heavy, I paid(was deducted) $48 from INR to USD.

freelancer is disappointing! I can call it a scammer also.
freelancer is a helper but a thief also, corruptionist online job.

Ask Jason about Freelancer
1 review
2 helpful votes

I had a bad experience on I hired a freelancer and his name is graphicexpert9, He could not do the job as promised, and promised me to refund me after, he didn't. did not have solution to resolve it, very disappointed. I lost some money.

Ask Raymond about Freelancer
2 reviews
6 helpful votes

I joined freelancer in 2015 after quitting my good paying company job and I curse that day.

I started getting jobs and meeting long-term clients one this "site". A few days ago while working one a project, I was notified that I need to verify my identity and it's a standard procedure. I complied with them and submitted 4 scanned copies of government issue documents, a day later they closed my account. I had a lot of money in my account and was working with a client. Those $#*!ting c**** even don't respond to my emails.
I was so naive about this site. Luckily my Upwork account is still active.

They should be convicted of these crimes. Join freelancer at YOUR OWN RISK

Ask Victor about Freelancer
41 reviews
19 helpful votes

Well organizing!

Ask Kettou about Freelancer
1 review
0 helpful votes

I was doing my job at 300 USD/month , Than i joined freelancer and i got changed my whole life. I am full time freelancer now and got great experience in, How to deal my clients and progress my qualities and skills in order to help them . I am growing day by day with help of freelancer team which is great support indeed. A complete professional career platform which can surely change your life with positive attitude and hard working , and you will surely get paid for it all ! I am very happy that i have chooses freelancer as a full time career opportunity and i will suggest all of others too , If they really want to make great difference in their lives they should join freelancer and try to get great opportunities on daily basis !
I will keep serving here As Long As i can ! thanks

Ask Muhammad about Freelancer
2 reviews
8 helpful votes

I really can't stand not having the support available the service needs so much more refinement. I have stumbled on a new service that looks and sounds great called goworkers ready for launch soon

Ask jonthan about Freelancer
1 review
3 helpful votes

I have been using Freelancer for nearly 3 years. The site has gone through a lot of changes, but the one thing that has remained consistent the whole time is how well the milestone payment system and the support staff work to ensure I can work safely with customers all over the world.

Ask Danny about Freelancer
1 review
9 helpful votes
9/4/16 doesn't protect freelancers.

This is my conclusion.

I have the great experience working with during the last 7 years.
During that period I had seen many situations and had taken a part starting from unfounded complaints to unfounded refunds.

This is normal practice for to hold or block money and get them back.
This is normal when you had taken a project and after 2-3 days of your work (spent time) you got a letter from Support that the Employer's account had been blocked and they had to refund.
This is normal that after 2-3 month any employer can claim or create a dispute on the Milestone's which had been released and get money back.
This is normal when the Dispute Team acts like a judge ignoring agreement and listing between Users.

I think many other freelancers can add own situations to the list.

The absurdity lies in the fact that if I have in the account the money I have earned for months, they can block them all and return back anytime.

Time from time I loose my money from because of their stupid policy.

At the moment I use alternative methods to find employers.

And I hope I will not be dependent on the site in the close future.

Ask Dmitry about Freelancer
1 review
1 helpful vote

Many employers publish the same job many times and says they have many users/employers and many jobs, but not all these jobs offers are real. I attached screenshots of 3 same jobs from the same person.
I tried also to register new username and verification email was not sent even i tried several days and I changed email provider and again the same.

Ask alan about Freelancer
1 review
8 helpful votes
9/3/16 is a huge scam. I'm sure there are legitimate work opportunities on Freelancer, but that was NOT my experience. I was new to the site and still in the process of getting my portfolio set up. Out of the blue, an employer wanted to hire me for a $600.00 job for which I hadn't even placed a bid. I guess I got ahead of myself and accepted the job without thoroughly checking out the employer.

Within SECONDS of clicking the "Accept" button, Paypal notified me of a $60.00 charge from Freelancer--a fee for which I'd not even been given the chance to approve or decline. A few hours later, the employer, ableGODartistry, canceled the job and completely deleted their account. When I contacted Freelancer for a refund, they told me that the money would NOT be refunded even though I never actually did any work or earned any money. They said that the $60 charge I paid was their fee for "introducing" me to the employer. I read on another site where this is something that Freelancer does on a regular basis--they, themselves, create a dummy employer, get some newbie to accept the fake job, and then cancel the job and the account while keeping the fees that the worker had to pay up front. Even the employer's name was extremely similar to the employer who "hired" me. That can't be a coincidence.

I finally got them to give me Freelancer "credit", but I'm still waiting to see if they will actually refund my PayPal account.


Ask Angela about Freelancer
1 review
1 helpful vote
9/3/16 introduces a recruiter team which is why they charge 15% when a job is assigned to a preferred freelancer. The recruiter team tasks not only to invite but also to give feedback, answer of your any question and if you are skilled they should also recommend you or if you have some drawback they can inform that but they don't follow this.

Ask Abu about Freelancer
1 review
5 helpful votes

JUST dont WASTE your time with this website, this site is full of SCAMMER buyers nowadays. they can simply "external dispute" the project even though it's months after of completion. The site won't care much about this, and simply just deduct the disputed $$ from your balance and do nothing about this buyer even though this is completely not your fault/problem. their robot support person will just tell you about their term & conditions when you complaint about it and said they cant do anything about it. although numerous time of complaints, the site dont want to fix such loopholes and just let this happen again

think twice if you really want to start your freelancing career with this site

Ask Andy about Freelancer
1 review
3 helpful votes

I made the mistake if trying Freelancer.Com inspite of the overwhelming negative reviews. The reason I was tempted is because they were running a promotion where the freelancer would not pay any commission. Which sadly turned out to be a scam as well.

The site service itself is a bunch of fetaures loosly cobbled together with a workflow that barely works if at all. Most things have at lease 6 ways to get to them. Example payments to freelancers are done via these things called milestones. there are at least 3 different ways of accessing these milestones and depending on which method the functionality set is all different. Also with this example there is no clear navigation hierarchy to get to these. In short the portal is a poorly written almost cobbled together piece of junk.

To make matters worse the executive management who decide how to run this company have absolutely no integrity: A company that does not honor its word really has no future in the internet market. They will run promotions but have absolutely no intention of honoring that.

The following chat transcript will help you understand.
Note: for privacy I've replaced the details of the freelancer with ******

21:29 Your Question: Username: chillx
21:29 Please wait and one of our operators will be with you shortly.
21:30 You are now chatting with Lorraine A. (CX Specialist - Email Support) - Employers
21:30 Lorraine A.: Hi, this is Lorraine A. Welcome to Support Desk. How may I help you?
21:30 Tikiri Wickramasingha: Hi Lorraine
21:31 Tikiri Wickramasingha: Is this all true ?
21:31 Tikiri Wickramasingha:
21:31 Lorraine A.: Hello, Tikiri.
21:32 Tikiri Wickramasingha: Especially are these all true
21:32 Tikiri Wickramasingha:
21:33 Lorraine A.: Can you tell me what is the link all about first?
21:33 Tikiri Wickramasingha: Its horror stories about using and getting screwed over
21:34 Tikiri Wickramasingha: 800 odd horror stories
21:34 Tikiri Wickramasingha: I use Upwork for all my project
21:35 Lorraine A.: Is this your concern for contacting us?
21:35 Tikiri Wickramasingha: well I'm looking at this page
21:35 Tikiri Wickramasingha:
21:36 Tikiri Wickramasingha: yes these horror stories is one of my concerns
21:36 Tikiri Wickramasingha: "Freelancer Hire Me Program Terms & Conditions"
21:36 Tikiri Wickramasingha: Can you please let me know how it works ?
21:37 Tikiri Wickramasingha: "2. Fees Waived"
21:38 Lorraine A.: This program allows freelancers to share their unique affiliate code on their own website or email signatures through the Freelancer Hire Me Badge. When new employers sign up on the site via this affiliate code/link and hire the referrer, they can complete projects with zero project fees for both parties.

21:39 Tikiri Wickramasingha: So what does this affiliate code look like ?
21:40 Tikiri Wickramasingha: Would it look like
21:40 Tikiri Wickramasingha: or******
21:41 Lorraine A.: You can see how it looks like by clicking here:
21:41 Tikiri Wickramasingha: Yes that is the link that it creates
21:41 Tikiri Wickramasingha: so then someone clicks the link and what happens
21:42 Tikiri Wickramasingha: A company clicks the link and then ?
21:42 Lorraine A.: Give me the username of the person you refer.
21:43 Tikiri Wickramasingha: No I'm trying to understand what the referred person needs to do ?
21:43 Tikiri Wickramasingha: besides completing that page
21:43 Tikiri Wickramasingha: The page comes up and says Pay 0% project commission with XYZ
21:43 Tikiri Wickramasingha: and then you enter the details and say create account
21:44 Tikiri Wickramasingha: That is how I signed up on
21:44 Lorraine A.: They should enter this "" when they sign up in the site.
21:44 Tikiri Wickramasingha: the link I used was******
21:44 Tikiri Wickramasingha: I am the person running the projects
21:44 Tikiri Wickramasingha: the freelancer is******
21:44 Tikiri Wickramasingha: I clicked that link and signed up
21:44 Lorraine A.: I did not see that you used the link when you signed in.
21:45 Tikiri Wickramasingha: explain ?
21:45 Tikiri Wickramasingha: ****** sent me that link on Whatsapp
21:45 Tikiri Wickramasingha: I clicked it on my mobile and filled in the form and signed up
21:46 Tikiri Wickramasingha: So what is the issue ?
21:46 Lorraine A.: These are the following criteria that must be met by the referred employer to be considered as a successful referral. See below:

21:46 Lorraine A.: -Has never visited

21:47 Tikiri Wickramasingha: yes true
21:47 Tikiri Wickramasingha: I've never used
21:47 Lorraine A.: - Doesn't have an existing account.

21:47 Tikiri Wickramasingha: Yes true
21:47 Tikiri Wickramasingha: I have never had a account
21:47 Lorraine A.: - Has joined Freelancer by clicking the referrer's badge or email signature.

21:47 Tikiri Wickramasingha: yes true
21:47 Tikiri Wickramasingha: I joined by clicking that link******
21:48 Tikiri Wickramasingha: Prior to this ****** was working for me using Upwork.Com for about 3 to 4 months
21:49 Tikiri Wickramasingha: The one and only reason for me to even try is that offer of yours where ****** would not have to pay the comission of 10%
21:49 Lorraine A.: Please give me more time to review your concern because some details are still being confirmed.

21:50 Tikiri Wickramasingha: What does that mean
21:50 Lorraine A.: Please hold on, I am trying to verify the details that you have given.
21:51 Tikiri Wickramasingha: A screenshot of the upwork project is on update 2 of Ticket #OXF-735-14737
21:55 Lorraine A.: I have forwarded your issue to our Engineering Team.
21:55 Lorraine A.: Please Please keep this ticket ID: HFW-189-82989 as reference of the email that we have created regarding your concern.
21:56 Tikiri Wickramasingha: What does that mean ?
21:56 Tikiri Wickramasingha: Ummmmm Brian A told me the same thing yesterday
21:57 Tikiri Wickramasingha: but he obviously lied
21:57 Tikiri Wickramasingha: How do I know that you also not lying
21:57 Lorraine A.: We are trying to replicate your issue, so the relevant team can review.
21:58 Tikiri Wickramasingha: Brian A did the same thing yesterday and he told me he fixed it.
21:58 Lorraine A.: You can check the ticket that I have created as proof.
21:58 Tikiri Wickramasingha: The chat transcript is in update 3 on ticket #OXF-735-14737
21:58 Tikiri Wickramasingha: How do I find this ticket you mention
21:58 Tikiri Wickramasingha: HFW-189-82989
21:59 Lorraine A.: Yes, this is the ticket that I have created for you.
21:59 Tikiri Wickramasingha: Well I have no access to it
22:00 Tikiri Wickramasingha: Brian told me yesterday that after checking everything he fixed it. But obviously he lied
22:00 Tikiri Wickramasingha: Your telling me you created a ticket
22:00 Tikiri Wickramasingha: How do I know
22:00 Tikiri Wickramasingha: HFW-189-82989 is not accessible to me
22:00 Lorraine A.: You can gain access to your tickets by hovering your mouse pointer over "Help," then select "Get Support." Enter a topic at the "Get Help" field, then scroll down to the bottom of the page. Click "My Support Tickets."
22:00 Tikiri Wickramasingha: I am already there
22:00 Tikiri Wickramasingha:
22:01 Tikiri Wickramasingha: hahah
22:01 Tikiri Wickramasingha: the second I access that ticket it says "Sorry, you do not have permission to carry out this action."
22:01 Lorraine A.: It is there.
22:01 Tikiri Wickramasingha: and it logs me out
22:02 Lorraine A.: Check it again.
22:02 Tikiri Wickramasingha: Ok I can now open the ticket
22:02 Tikiri Wickramasingha: well here is the issue:
22:02 Tikiri Wickramasingha: This is what you have said:
22:03 Tikiri Wickramasingha: Hi Tikiri,

Thank you for contacting Support.

We understand that this is inconvenient for you. We already forwarded your issue to our Engineering Department. We will notify you once we receive a response from them.

If there is anything else that I can help you with, please let us know.
22:03 Tikiri Wickramasingha: no where does it mention what the issue is
22:03 Tikiri Wickramasingha: so the next time I speak to someone
22:03 Tikiri Wickramasingha: I go through this same process again
22:03 Tikiri Wickramasingha: FYI this is the 3rd time
22:03 Tikiri Wickramasingha: Can you please edit that ticket and put the details of what the issue is please
22:04 Lorraine A.: No, we will be contacting you regarding this. Our engineers knows already about this.
22:04 Tikiri Wickramasingha: right but your ticket is so vague
22:04 Tikiri Wickramasingha: Here is what will happen
22:04 Tikiri Wickramasingha: no one will contact me
22:04 Tikiri Wickramasingha: then later I will try find someone and give them the ticket
22:05 Tikiri Wickramasingha: then they will say what is the ticket about
22:05 Tikiri Wickramasingha: I will say what it is about
22:05 Tikiri Wickramasingha: and they will say well This ticket is something else
22:05 Lorraine A.: I keep a separate note for the engineers to see and they will know what is the issue.
22:05 Tikiri Wickramasingha: and I start the thing all over again
22:05 Tikiri Wickramasingha: Can you add to the ticket that my issue is to do with the hire me program zero commissions offer
22:06 Tikiri Wickramasingha: I might not get you the next time. I might get Lying Brian
22:06 Lorraine A.: I already add it to the note.
22:06 Tikiri Wickramasingha: Or I might get Darnell who denies that such a program even exists
22:07 Tikiri Wickramasingha: I am looking at the ticket right now
22:08 Tikiri Wickramasingha: What is the problem to add "issue is to do with the hire me program zero commissions offer" to the ticket
22:08 Lorraine A.: As I told you we keep a note there, but this is not visible to the users.
22:08 Tikiri Wickramasingha: So in other words this is what you are telling me
22:09 Tikiri Wickramasingha: You do not want to commit to anything so therefore you have created a vague ticket about some issue without specifying what it is. Therefore if I should at a later date question anyone about this then they can just say well we dont know what the issue is about on the ticket
22:09 Tikiri Wickramasingha: so in short no commital
22:09 Lorraine A.: I had put the title referral code, when they see that they will know.
22:10 Tikiri Wickramasingha: Should I be adding my experience with freelancer to the list of more than 800 on
22:10 Tikiri Wickramasingha: and many other sites
22:10 Tikiri Wickramasingha: except I will do so including an extreme amount of detail about the experience
22:11 Tikiri Wickramasingha: SO far Freelancer has been a nightmare for me.
22:11 Tikiri Wickramasingha: This chat is perhaps the best experience so far and it is far from ideal
22:11 Tikiri Wickramasingha: because at the end of the day it is clear to you that I signed up with freelancer specifically for that program
22:12 Tikiri Wickramasingha: However you would rather go through a whole bunch of unnecessary and ridiculous processes to defer and whatever
22:12 Lorraine A.: i am trying to help you the best possible way I can.
22:12 Tikiri Wickramasingha: I know Lorraine
22:12 Tikiri Wickramasingha: the issue is not with you Lorraine
22:12 Tikiri Wickramasingha: you have done everything you can within what you are allowed to do
22:13 Lorraine A.: I understand that this is frustrating, however, issue has already been escalated.
22:13 Tikiri Wickramasingha: Freelancer.Com executive management are a bunch of con artists / scams / thieves / and scoundrels exactly as the reviews say
22:13 Tikiri Wickramasingha: Many thanks for doing your best Lorraine
22:14 Lorraine A.: You have my word, we will contact you once we verify your claim about the referral code.
22:14 Tikiri Wickramasingha: Please try and find yourself another job. This company is not worth people like you
22:14 Tikiri Wickramasingha: I wish you all the best
22:15 Tikiri Wickramasingha: and hope you have a most amazing weekend
22:15 Lorraine A.: Would that be all for today?

22:15 Tikiri Wickramasingha: One more thing: please let your team manager / senior manager / whatever the management structure is
22:16 Tikiri Wickramasingha: Please let them know that until they fix this and send me a written apology for the runaround I will keep using Upwork and will not bother with Freelancer.Com
22:17 Tikiri Wickramasingha: I have wasted over 5 hours of my time running around this issue
22:17 Tikiri Wickramasingha: My hourly rate is 110 NZD per hour
22:17 Tikiri Wickramasingha: AS you can see hassle just aint worth it for me
22:18 Lorraine A.: My apologies for the inconvenience.
22:18 Tikiri Wickramasingha: You have a most amazing weekend Lorraine. And I trust that your engineering team / whatever team will just keep mucking me around until I get completely frustrated and close the account
22:19 Tikiri Wickramasingha: Wish you all the best in your carreer and good night / good day
22:19 Tikiri Wickramasingha: Bye for now
22:19 Lorraine A.: I assure you that our engineering team is handling this issue.
22:19 Tikiri Wickramasingha: Lorraine it is beyond your control. You have done absolutely everything you can
22:20 Tikiri Wickramasingha: Many thanks for everything you have done
22:20 Tikiri Wickramasingha: You are amazing :)
22:20 Tikiri Wickramasingha: Thankyou
22:20 Tikiri Wickramasingha: Bye for now

Tip for consumers: Three words sum up this site / service. Those words are Broken and SCAM and Fraud

Ask Tikiri about Freelancer
1 review
9 helpful votes

I went on this website to start my work as a freelancer working on spreadsheets. They are AWFUL.

I went on and didn't have many leads, which is fine. When I finally got some work, they took out a huge portion - again, that's fine. I continued my membership, which was the cheapest one, but when I put in my credit card information, they upgraded me without my permission. It was a pain in the ass to get back my money.

Later, I put in a bid to do some work for someone. It was valued at about 200USD. I was given the bid on accident and then denied. Freelancer took their cut anyway, even though there was no cut to be had, since i never got the money from the project. I complained for at least a month, then finally got my SOME of my money back.

I ended up with a balance of +60, when it should have been +300. At that point, I was so frustrated I just decided to clear my account and cancel my membership. I COULDN'T EVEN PULL OUT MY OWN MONEY!!! They said it was tied up because I was still locked into a bid. I told them to cancel the bid and just give me my money. They wouldn't do it.... eventually I just gave up and told them to keep the money, and just cancel my account.

DO NOT GO WITH THEM. If I can save one person from signing up, I think my experience will have been worth something.

Ask Christian about Freelancer
3 reviews
4 helpful votes

it took me money from my visa without noticing, even though I removed my cart this is a scam!!!!

Ask And about Freelancer
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2 days ago
A: 1000's of employers and freelancers are charged, as if you read the fine prints it's an agreement to "subscription" and will charge you. To me it's an scam again.
10 hours ago
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