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Suite 52, Jones Bay Wharf, 26-32 Pirrama Rd
Pyrmont, New South Wales 2009, Australia

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1 review
3 helpful votes
2/22/17 is currently in the process of scamming me from 500 USD and there is nothing I can do about it. I will probably get in touch with my lawyer becasue 500 USD is alot of money. But I doubt he can do anything about it either.
My bank-account is now at a -amount and I am so done with my life.

Or even better, close it all down because its NOT okay to do like this. They STEAL my money. What is doing is criminal.

I will update you with how this ends.

Them stealing 500 USD from me(the story is too long to be written down here) is not everything:

They draw small amounts of money from my bank-account all the time and I never get an explenation to why they do this. I even removed my credit-card from my account but they keep draw these amounts!

They take fees for EVERYTHING. If you do a deposit with money to your freelancer-account, they will make a big fee out from it. They will even give you a fee for the currency exchange that takes place for EVERYTIME you either do a deposit or a withdrawal and the currency exchange fees is more than double the currency exchange fees you have at example your bank.
If you make dispute for a project, they will make a fee out of it.
If your employer doesnt answer you, you HAVE to cancel the project and guess what, if you close a project they will take a fee from it.

EVERYTHING with is a fraud and everything they are doing is criminal. Until the AFP does something about , STAY AWAY from it.

1 review
5 helpful votes

Just hired a writer and couldn't move things forward as he felt the freelancer's fee was too high (yes it is for a newbie). So I cancelled the project and lost 9 USD. Contractor is stuck with a -33 USD balance in his account. Freelancer has been in business for long and needs to understand the pain points of clients and contractors. They have fees for everything, exams, membership, projects, uploads etc. Stop holding fees for cancelled projects. It's just not right.

1 review
3 helpful votes

This website takes your money & wont refund! Full of bots & scammers. Also there is a $#*!ing fee for even existing on here.

1 review
4 helpful votes

They will take your money and not offer a refund, fake projects everywhere on this site. A huge waste of time and money.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Its good opportunity to work from home with my own business and also you can enjoy it and you can work with happy. and also like to say this is the future in the world every thing can do via online. I like to say connect to the future today via

1 review
3 helpful votes

Absolutely infuriating!!! Be careful when pushing any action button within this site!

It's absolutely criminal how they conduct business. You would think its 2017, it's a website; it's easy, current in supply & demand.

But if you delete your post, Ahhh a fee is debited from any account you have linked. Do they tell you that? Does the site make that known in any way? Nope!!

How about awarding a project to a freelancer; pressing that button will result in a shock that comes when you have no idea it's coming. You'd think the system would simply say, project cost determined "X", fee associated "X"!! Oh no, it doesn't.

Not an email, message, advisement or communication prior to the debit. I get fees. I get costs. What I don't get is a company that would take money with no fair warning.

You just get the surprise of a lifetime by the scam of the platform sending you an email saying these funds have been debited. Not a detailed description or warning or clarification what so ever.

And if you get this radical surprise and you are in a panic, feel cheated and want to talk to a customer service person, any person who can possibly explain why this isn't communicated, why it isn't clear so you can feel confident about working with a completely virtual process, you get an equally as frustrating run around.

The button actually says "chat live with a customer service agent", yet it ropes you into a highly complex weave of Q&A having absolutely nothing to do with actually chatting with a LIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENT.

A total hoax, scam, seriously never doing business with this company ever again.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I earned approximately 250 USD on and then they took around 50 USD as "currency conversion fee" without even asking me if I wanted to convert currency. 50 USD fee for converting 250 USD sounds just way too much and it is very unfair that they do it without asking the user. They actually take fees everywhere without clear explanations. I would not recommend other people to use this website.

1 review
5 helpful votes

They took $41 from me and would not refund. Do not even try it STAY CLEAR. Its a good idea but take a HARD PASS on this one.

1 review
4 helpful votes

DO NOT USE THIS SITE. I accepted a project and the person never got back to me about what I needed to do. They took $55 from me for using their site. They take a certain percentage of what you make, but the problem is, I didn't make anything because they didn't get back to me. The only reason I bothered with this site in the first place was because I was in a tough place with money and I definitely didn't have $55 to throw around. I'm pissed and worse off than I was in the first place.

1 review
2 helpful votes


and there are many of this I've searched! more than 40s.
if freelancer(user registered user) accepts the award then it will deduct 10 percent directly from your account. LOL

so if you have nothing because your looking for a job but you loose 10 percent.
What if you have been awarded $1000, then you lost $100 from your account or you will have negative balance $-100. LOL

FAKE PROJECT JOB POST: office guys post this job offer and act as a registered real employer:

I found out that is fake from this website:

They copied it, and it was 6 years ago. 29-Mar-2011

I have doubts that only office guys make job offering post so that there website seems busy which is fake and if they are then they would appear in top 100 busiest website.

I also made a lot of research about job offers, and 60% of the jobs are fake.

Some Employers(registered person as want to hire) are fake and scammers.
Some Job Hunting persons(registered user as want a Job) are scammers too.

I therefore conclude that website is were scammers meet up. is not safe for job hiring or hiring website.

Job hunt is not easy but there are faking.
Hiring is not easy, waste of money if your scam.

if the post will be deleted it means they have read this post.

However NOT ALL freelancer(registered users job hunters) are scammers, they're are few good men who want's to help too and finished the job right.

and NOT ALL jobs posted are fake or posted by real employers, there are few real employers that are good too.

There are good and bad because we are not perfect.

Software Industry will go down very fast because of open source code, there's no trade secret after all.

Tip for consumers: Tell your real story

1 review
0 helpful votes

Somehow the progress payment went to the freelancer twice. Raised a dispute and the company sided with the freelancer so I paid double what I was quoted for the job. I suspect the company ended up with my money. I won't use them again. Be careful!

1 review
4 helpful votes

The website I used was called
First I used the website because I wanted to hire someone to help my project at my graduate school.
In the process, I saw the icon saying Guaranteed.
I often see sign Guaranteed as Money back guaranteed so I thought it was too.

Then I posted the work project, some people posted the entries.
But most of them was not related to my request, and very low quality.

Then I decided to close my project because these are something I cant hire.
First I contacted the costumer support and the person named Rochelle J said they will refund.
Then later another person contacted me and they said they cant close my project and cant refund because it was Guaranteed project.
They said Guaranteed means that it was guaranteed for the freelancers that someone get the job.

(They have "Guaranteed project" and "Money Back Guaranteed project". Which sounds confusing. They said I would have money back if I chosen "Money back guaranteed" project.)

And as I dispute my transection through PayPal , Then they stopped my account and closed my project. Which I don't get provided anything.

Even they closed my project they still have my $169.
I simply didnt receive anything from them and I paid $169. said to me that they can reopen project but I don't want to use the service anymore because the quality is very low like if 5-year-old children worked on them. Also my project is already over and I just want to have my money back.

I didn't get provide anything from them and they hold my $169.

2.. They present the word "Guaranteed" to the client in the purchasing process. Which doesn't mean its "money back guaranteed " but its guaranteed FOR FREELANCERS that someone would get hired even the client is not happy with the works. Isn't it kind of tricking or scam? If guaranteed not means to the client, shouldn't they use other words to describe? ("Not money back guaranteed" etc...) Because I thought it was money back guaranteed.
They have both "Guaranteed" (no money back) and "Money back guaranteed" (money back ) options. But isn't that too confusing?

I see many people claims online that is a scam website similar case as mine.

Don't use the website. They care scam.

1 review
5 helpful votes

This site is painfully slow to use, it takes forever to get anything done. As a new freelancer your only options are to bid insanely low on new projects - so that you make less than $5/hour for your work, or pay freelancer a ton of fees to get your "certifications" and boost your bids. As someone from a developed country, you can't possibly undercut freelancers from countries with a lower cost of living, so you can't price competitively. This also makes employers undervalue the work you do, so they end up expecting way more work for completely unfair prices. Awful site, would recommend to no one. Don't waste your time.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Found a keeper, timely, professional, good work all around. Very pleased, would highly recommend. Will use again for future work.

1 review
6 helpful votes

I am forced to write my story here ! As support giving me pre-made answers and not solution to my problem.

day before Yesterday some automatic transaction happened from my paypal account to freelancer and than payment of 30$ automatically deducted and automatically bid was sponsored to some fake jobs . It was Steal of money by them . Because they were the one were getting benefit doing this. I complaint on paypal for unauthorised transaction as well as on but they both coming up with reason that , i have billing agreement with them and that's why it happened .

how the hell on earth have agreement to steal money from account without owner consent? They have made my account limited right after i disputed the payment and not coming up with any strong solution. All they want the money . Its been happened first time in 2 year.

I am sorry but you guys have to work out on fraudulent activities like this and figure it out

Update : They took my money again of 30$ which client paid me and now total fraud been done of 60$ . This is insane . I want someone to help me out . this is fraud .

1 review
5 helpful votes

Hello Josie,

In my freelancer account showing balance is 32000/-

how can i refund money.because fraudulent deduction from my account icici bank.

i am trying to contact you.before two days but i am getting a proper answer and revert from your site. please revert back now.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I got a contract for content writing through Although the employer was payment verified by the platform, the time tracking was done by the tracker, the invoices for the project were done by the platform, I asked customer support to verify at the first sign of suspicion, I am still unpaid and says they are not willing to do anything about it.

You can see the content I created here: I didnțt receive a penny out of the 1400 dollars I worked for.

2 reviews
6 helpful votes

watch out for freelancer creating unauthorized payments and milestones with money from your account.

1 review
3 helpful votes

Second time I have had trouble with these scammers. Definitely the last time. Created a contest for video editing, Some freelancers asked me to guarantee the contest. I did. None of them entered. In fact the only entry was from a guy who submitted his own logo and that was it. Contest ended but as there were no entries the only option was to repost. Thus more money. I did not want to repost and pay more money. The contest was deleted. But freelancer refused to refund me. Freelancer are quite happy to have me without the work and also without my money. Because they will disperse my money to a guy for uploading his own logo!! It would be different if the guy uploaded an entry that followed the brief a little. But this was completely ignored. Why should he get my money for completely ignoring the brief? Simply because he was the only contestant he gets the money? Freelancer customer service reps (Kathie Hartford, Gary) are equally unhelpful and even rude. They could not care less about the customer. Stay away from these scammers! DO NOT USE.

1 review
4 helpful votes

OK, I admit, I did not research before signing up. I was beginning to feel it was more just a waste of time than a scam until two days ago when I actually heard back from an employer. Since then I have had two fake projects awarded to me that cost me $50 in project fees. One pretended to want a legitimate job but then quickly asked for naked cam work. The other disappeared. Of course, crickets from freelancer about my enquiries and my account has been restricted because I queried the payments on Paypal. Urrggh! I wish - wish, wish, WISH - I had done a little research before I signed up with them.

1 review
3 helpful votes


Too long and frustrating to go through blow by blow but in summary.

Support, 24 hr wait, some things are urgent
Bug ridden app. They want us to fix it.
They claim to have Support Live Chat. WRONG
Unsolicited withdrawals from credit card
Complicated/confusing systems
Easily award your project to wrong person the app when trying to veiw their profile
Communication via text and pictures is difficult when discussing engineering concepts.
So many more problems


1 review
2 helpful votes

Yes, It's true has become the largest freelancer site but It's true too that it has the worst quality jobs available. I paid 3 months "professional" subscription for nothing.

This subscription allows you to make 300 bids in a month but I used 10 as much each month because the work is for pennies.

The "jobs" are things like "want to hire some whatever" without no more description and paying $20.

And then, works thousands dollars worth are required to do in days and at small fraction of the real valuation.

This site is more an offshoring and outsourcing job marketplace that must be reviewed and controlled by authorities.

1 review
2 helpful votes

You are charged a project fee regardless of if the project begins or not. So in essence money is leaving your account before you even or ever earn anything. If you find out that the project is not as it is described you can't get the "project fee" back. I had a situation where after I accepted a job, I was requested to do something differently. I cancelled that day and was given the run aroung

1 review
5 helpful votes

After my first job, it took three weeks to get paid (for 'security reasons' - yeah). A while later my second job was accepted, but the employer never contacted me. After trying many Freelancer emails, I contacted support (chat). They would try and send the employer an email. Never heard back The project fee however had already been taken from my VISA account. More chat... can I get a refund then? Oh no, project fees are non refundable.
In frustration I try to close my account only to find that I cannot close it due to a $0.01 balance. I need to request an international transfer for that amount before I can close my Freelancer account.
In the meantime, I find an additional entry on my VISA bill (almost the same amount as my first project fee). More chat... no - no us (Freelancer). Talk to the bank and finally decided to close my VISA account and request a new one.

In hind sight... (read the title of this review!)

PS1 go to the Freelancer website and watch the 'total members' counter. It increases every two or three seconds without ever stopping for more than three seconds - yeah?!

PS2 watch jobs like "I want to you translate something" - no other info. Yeah?!

PS3 watch jobs like "Ivan8923, I have read your profile and would like to offer you...". Yeah?!

PS4 watch jobs like "For this next assignment you will write....". Really?

There is a lot of bull$#*! going on on Freelancer - be aware.

2 reviews
4 helpful votes

No stars from me. Here I thought I had found a great writing job this past Monday and when today (Friday) comes after working 36 hours and I can't see the project I was working on or the money I made. I can still see the skype chat where I talked with the person giving me work but no body answers me. I'm just sick and crying because I really needed that money. I will put in a dispute but after reading all the complaints I wonder if I will get anywhere. I have all the emails they sent me and copies of everything so they had better do something about this. How do they get away with such fraud?

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A: yes, but have to pay more fees with limited bids.
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