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Review of Banggood

Banggood reviews

1645 reviews
Hong Kong, China
Tel: +020.0086 86014033

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I would still like them to provide better customer service without having to send them videos of the defective products. (in 409 reviews)


It seems an unexperienced employee forgot about my case (despite 10 emails to the general customer support). (in 56 reviews)


The only online store that never fail to deliver the item on time and in good condition. (in 459 reviews)

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1 review
0 helpful votes

Best webshop to moment when first problem occures.
Their EU warehause is not EU Tax payed warehause, so bigger orders are stopped in customs for tax and handling charges.
I ordered from EU warehause with french express with theirs tracking number.
Tracking number doesent even work on French express but some generic tracking sites find it like asendia aramex.When shipment stopped mooving i call aramex and find out shipment was shipped by dhl weltpacket.First trace of packet was 4 day later of order in germany.So i suppose it is shipped from china and repacked in germany or from some bonded no tax payed warehause in UK.
Customer support is no help, only sorry or dear and so on.
When asking some eu tax included invoice they send you garbage.
Overpriced shipping called French Express is slower then regular royal mail and they dont care, only sorry for incovinience.They dont offer royal mail on more expensive orders so there must be some fraud with vat involved.

Ask tako about Banggood
1 review
0 helpful votes

I own a drop shipping business and have been using banggood for about a month now. Within this month I have placed over 450 orders. Not one of those orders has been delivered without a problem which has caused my business to take a financial hit. They charge you for a tracking number but give one to you anyways so I learned now not to pay for the tracking number. The other issue I have had with this horrible excuse for an unprofessional website is that they don't tell you the product is out of stock. They let you place the order and when the order doesn't arrive and you ask the LIVE CHAT customer service where is my order? Then and only then will they tell you one of two things. Either "YOUR PRODUCT IS OUT OF STOCK , SORRY" or "It was dispatched". Now I've had enough experiences with these people to know their all full of it. I have placed orders on JUNE 21st and once I ask them where my package is they will tell me that it has been dispatched JULY 5th. Now according to their own shipping guidelines and their LIVE CHAT customer service it takes 1-2 day's to dispatch an order so I'll ask them " WHY WAS MY PACKAGE DISPATCHED 10 DAY'S LATER?" and they will tell me sorry. No explanation given and when I ask again they will tell me shipping takes 7-20days , so I will explain that I understand that but you just told me that my item was dispatched on July 5th. what took so long and again all I get is a sorry. NO EXPLANATION GIVEN. So all in all it takes 10-15 day's to dispatch an order and another 20 day's to get to my customers. I have even had customers receive EMPTY ORDERS. Yes that's right EMPTY PACKAGES. When I told bangGood what had happened and asked if they could express ship the package to my customer , They told me now that I would have to pay for it. That's right I would have to pay for their mistakes I told them that my customer has waited long enough. They then told me they could cancel my order. WHAT THE HELL kind of company is this?

This website is very unprofessional, I would love to get a high position at this company so I could fire everyone who works there. Don't waste your time or your money on this HORRIBLE CHEAP COMPANY. I will be reporting this site to the right people so that it can be taken down.

Ask Paul about Banggood
1 review
2 helpful votes

I ordered 3 dresses from this company. What I received was such a disappointment! The material was flimsy and the sizes were off. Even used their size chart. No refund. Asked me to send pictures of what I received. I sent that and a copy of the order that I placed which had the dresses I wanted on it. Nothing! Save your time and money. I will never order from them again!

Ask Jackie about Banggood
1 review
0 helpful votes

i bought many stuff in bangood, the last time my charger was defective and they give me some refund, nice i appreciate and will by a new one on bangood.

I recommande


Ask lamb about Banggood
2 reviews
0 helpful votes

I have made the last 2 years 50 puchases from them.
I contacted 5 times their customer service for problema, and they solve the problems But I need to insist some times

Some products are poor . poorquality.

You must wait long time for delivery

Ask Gianni about Banggood
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered a Tablet X98 plus from this site. It arrived via simple postage from China to Greece in 10 days. Unfortunately it was malfunctioning! I sent them an email and I was "talking" with Kimchi! Thank God for him! An excellent stuff member with a true intention of helping solving my problem out. They did accept their fault and I sent them back the Tablet and send me a new one!!!!!Due to unavailability of the same Tablet that I bought , they sent me a Tablet of the same characteristics along with a small gift for the inconvenience that I faced with!

Ask Kostas about Banggood
1 review
2 helpful votes

The product from my order was very bad quality.
Banggood wants pictures and videos again and again.
Bad reviews are not visible

Ask Peter about Banggood
1 review
2 helpful votes

Ordered a dress. I'm a 2x, bought a 5x, fit like a 1x. Return policy is crazy crazy crazy have to ship to China and that'll likely cost more than dress. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!!!!!!!

Ask Kay about Banggood
1 review
4 helpful votes

I ordered three different items, all shipped separately. They were delivered to Spain, Laos, and the Netherlands. I live in Canada. Canada is on the other side of the world. They took my money and gave me nothing. This is absolutely unacceptable and potentially illegal.

Very disappointing, to say the least.

Ask Jon about Banggood
1 review
2 helpful votes

So why should i pay VAT in my country when shipped from another EU country?

If you ordering from EU warehouse please be aware that banggood did not pay VAT taxes when they imported it in EU warehouse.
So you will have to pay it for them!!!

EDIT: after they tried to convince me that they will in fact pay VAT taxes they customer service contacted me and tried to persuade me to take only 10% of the price even i had to pay 25% to the customs.

And before that they sent me false invoice so that i try to trick customs. Off course i didn't do that because i would also have to pay fine for doing that. Yeah - great company :/

Ask Nebojsa about Banggood
1 review
2 helpful votes

I purchased a uni-t electrical test meter from this site , they took the payment then canceled the order saying I don't have a PayPal account ,
I made the payment through PayPal as a guest
so I asked for a refund and received a response that my refunded funds would be back in 48 hours
well it has been 7 days and no refund , I called paypal and filed a dispute and now have to wait 11 day for a refund , STAY AWAY FROM BANGGOOD !

Ask Timothy about Banggood
1 review
3 helpful votes

The item I had ordered fits my Harley perfect. I just can say Thank You !

Ask Werner about Banggood
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered a red bag. I got a pink one. Customer service is horrible and they are now calling the color "rose red." Bottom line -- stay away!

Ask Carmen about Banggood
1 review
1 helpful vote


Banggood was the best website for me, I work with them as drop shipper, but they increase shipping fee from free and 1.7$ for shipping with tracking number to 9$ without any reason, and they have to send Email for all of drop shippers to tell them that there is new cost for shipping..

but they didn't, it's the wost thing i see in business world.. now i will work with everybuying, there shipping cost not to change

thanks every one

Ask Motasem about Banggood
1 review
2 helpful votes

I purchased a pair of shoes that I thought was a good deal. Well once you receive the item you realize that you get what you pay for. No where near as nice as in the photos, smelled really bad of chemicals AND even though it was marked size 43 (my size) they were about two sizes too small. Contacted they company and they only offered me 300 point (worth only $3.00) towards another purchase - like that's going to happen. STAY AWAY - not worth the savings.

Ask Zac about Banggood
1 review
0 helpful votes

If you count on that it is China, it's quite acceptable. Long (but free) delivery times, with exception of mobile phones and tablets usually not caught by czech customs. I'm missing search by product number (when I want buy something again, selected from several similar items with varying quality and price).
When there is a problem, it gets eventually sorted out, but you have to be patient. It's a good idea to write in simple english because of extensive use of google translate on the Banggood's side.

Ask Jakub about Banggood
1 review
4 helpful votes

bought clothes there- terrible quality! I actually threw all of it in trash, return policy is as bad as their stuff. THe smell when I opened plastic bags was that bad that I had to keep them closed all the time- needless to say I would never try their stuff on. Horrible experience. If I could give them minus 5 stars- I would.

Ask elena about Banggood
1 review
5 helpful votes

Very dissapointed with my order, material is not same on they show on their web site, very cheap material, I don't encourage you to buy from them, also it take a long time to receive it, I cannot return it cos it is china.

this my first and last time I will be buying from them.


Ask Bo about Banggood
1 review
3 helpful votes

Very dissapointed with my order( shoes), item arrived not as expected, their sizes is inconsistent. Can't return the item back coz the cost to return it back to China is higher than the item cost. Will not dare to order from Banggood anymore.

Ask Rhodira about Banggood
1 review
9 helpful votes

I ordered a light jacket garment. I ordered an XL thinking that would more than fit. It turned out to be more fit for a 10-year-old child.
When I discussed a credit, they inundated me with measurement hoops to jump through.
I did send them easy to identify the problem photos. They lied and said they could not see the problem. The bottom of the sleeve was five inches above my wrist.
Online chat produced nothing other than we are sorry, you will not get a refund, so maybe you can give it away. I hope this review costs them more than my $15.50 purchase price.
Plus the garment must have cost them less than $2.00 to make.
Hello Amazon! No more ordering direct from Chinese companies. No service! No satisfaction! Use them at your own risk.

Ask Dennis about Banggood
3 reviews
9 helpful votes

Quite helpful site

Ask Krishan about Banggood
1 review
3 helpful votes

why does banggood item to Canada always take so long to get here ( if they come at all ) why doesn't banggood ship a better way

Ask Rocky about Banggood
1 review
4 helpful votes

We ordered a leather man bag shown in a distressed brown color for $53 but received a small tan cheap-looking "suede" bag . . . totally unacceptable. When we told them we were unhappy with the bag, they said we could return it to China it at our expense for an exchange (no refund). Since customers cannot see and feel items before they purchase them, their return policy should be better. I do not plan to purchase anything on the internet in the future because of them.

Tip for consumers: They continue to insist that they sent us what we ordered and we are responsible for the shipping costs both ways (to and from China). The most important thing should be that we don't like the bag and don't want it. Therefore, they should give us a refund . . . and we should be able to return it to somewhere in the U.S.

Ask Dustin about Banggood
1 review
4 helpful votes

So here's my journey guys:

I've ordered an action cam.
Which seems a good product for a good price.
So I ordered, and i was going for a holiday so i wanted to be express with 10 dollars extra, which is beyond good!

Then I payed with sites credit card option, because Paypal doesn't work in my country.
And I was happy.

Then i contacted them that i don't want customs to hold item.
It took 4 days for them to reply me to ask if 67 dolars is okay?
Then I said, yeah it's ok, it's under 85 USD's, will do the work.

So dispatch time for the item is 1 day, it took 5 days them to ship it.
They claim that they respond in 24 hours, and they ship item in 24 hours.

Okay then things could happen.
I waited for 5-8 days.
I wasn't aware that it was bussiness days so i contacted them with a furious mood.
They told me that it's bussiness days, and contact them after estimated time finishes if i still didn't get the item.
I said ok.

So, it passed.
In the mean time, i contacted with the customer service couple of times.
During live chat, while i was asking something about customs, "CUSTOMER SERVICE LITERALLY CLOSED LIVE CHAT TO MY FACE" for 2 times.

Then after 12 days since I ordered, item came to my homeland.
So I contacted to banggood customer service again.
They shut to my face one more time, while i was going to ask something about customs.
Then I contacted them with email for 3 times asking differen questions, THEY SEND ME THE EXACT IDENTICAL EMAILS.

The day it go under customs, i got mail from DHL saying that i need to declare item's price.
I ,again, tried to contact customer service.
I wrote that I need a proof that I bought this item under customs limits, which we talked 67 USD.
No replies.
Then I opened live chat, they say they can't help, their superior is not around.

And after that, I called DHL.
They told me item declared as 37 USD from Singapore!
And then I found out customs search for the item and declared price as 160 USD.
I purchased it for 113!

Here comes the fun part:
I asked to DHL how much will i pay for the tax + warehouse fees.
170 ducking dollars (40 for tax, 130 for warehouse, paperwork bla bla bla)

So I still didn't recieved the item.
But I payed for everything.

There's a lot more behind this story.
I'm bored at writing, and actually pissed of every time remember it.

Don't be a stupid guy like me.
Go for
Go for

Pay 3 dollars more, not to pay for more.

Hope this helped.

Tip for consumers: Just don't.
I now order everything from there.
If you are forced, buy things under 30 dollars incase you'll got scammed.
And if you say YOLO i'll buy 1000 USD thing here, don't ever buy express.

Ask Slifer about Banggood
1 review
3 helpful votes

Tracking information "not available" 7 days after order and Banggood email sending me a tracking (useless) number. I was also advised today that my credit card had been hacked and used in 3 places. Fraud reported and list of places I used the card were given to the card provider for prosecution. Wanna be it was in Honk Kong? Never again.

Ask RS about Banggood
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A: Dear Cheryl R,We are very sorry to hear that your parcel didn't arrive.Could you please tell us your order number, so we can have a check?
1 day ago
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3 days ago
A: Dear Sai A,about the details , you could have a check this link:
2 days ago
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