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1 review
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I purchased the basic internet plan from TWC. The tech came out and set up my wifi router. When he left I could not detect my wifi so I got on the application and they said it would be an extra charge. Why do I have to pay extra to unlock my WIFI on my router. If that was the case send me a router without WIFI capabilities don't have me pay $10.00 to install + and extra $5.00 per mo to activate WIFI on my router. I feel like I am at a internet cafe where I have to pay to use wifi when I already have internet. Long story short I did not pay the extra amount. I used one of my laptops to create a WIFI hotspot. The laptop that I used is connected to the internet via ethernet. I feel sorry for you guys who purchased plans greater than the basic because they automatically include the extra fees in your packages....

3 reviews
10 helpful votes

I don't understand how a company this bad has been around this long. They've made actual billions off the tears of their customers. There is no company more sadistic than TWC ...well, maybe Virgin Mobile, but that's a different industry so they get a pass on providing Now You See Me, Now You Don't WiFi signals and Oh, Were You Watching That? cable television, but not the Bars? What bars? phone service cuz they got that one sewn up. But I digress. I've been a Time Warner customer, in one capacity or other, for 20 years. I have hated every minute of it. The kind of hate that makes you cry ugly. They charge too much for stuff they're not actually giving you (think you're actually getting 100mbps?
HahahahaahahahaahahahaahaNO) and they know in their little black crusty hearts that you'll take what they spoon feed you. Because the alternative is Windstream or some mom and pop that still offers DSL and whose broadband cries at the sight of the Netflix logo and anything HD. Yeah you might quit them in a fit of rage at a price hike or 3 months of spotty [insert every service they offer here], but you'll always go back and they know it. They're like heroine. Or roaches.

2 reviews
4 helpful votes

TWC / Spectrum lies about its promotions. They mailed me, an existing customer, a letter saying to call a specified number and I would save $25/mo. and be provided with a higher speed internet service. After spending 45 minutes on the phone with 3 different agents each telling that they could not do what their mailer said, I achieved nothing. Save your time and money. Do Not use TWC Spectrum.

2 reviews
12 helpful votes

I have been a customer for 9 years. Well this year they wanted to increase my bill from $55 to $87 for the same services. I do not watch TV a lot so I had the Basic TV with 20 channels of which I watched 9 of them. I cancelled my cable and have internet only which use to cost $44.99 now costs $64.99.I was paying $34.99 for internet+$20 for cable. I knew once TimeWarner and Charter merged the customers would be screwed. Loyalty means nothing to this company. Once I can change my internet provider, I'm gone from this company. ***middle finger*** to you!

4 reviews
1 helpful vote

I had time warmer/spectrum at my new address for the last six months.... Yesterday suddenly my service went out... I called them up only to find out that they canceled my service because someone went down to their local office with a lease for this address to have service connected... So without contacting me to find out if I was moving my service they canceled my service... Here's the kicker... They charged me today for another month for something that's they already canceled... And I was then told I had to wait for them to pick up their equipment before I can get reimbursed.... what a joke company, so if you're thinking of getting spectrum... take this advice DON'T it will be your biggest headache EVER....

29 reviews
45 helpful votes

Time Warner Cable, first not only do you have the WORST customer of any business of which I have been exposed. NOW, you are employing the extremely poor media coverage, straight from the pages of CNN. I watched a 10 minute TWC news segment and had to switch channel because my stomach began to turn. You, TWC, are so willing to report about this group or another group who oppose President Trump and NEVER show the MILLIONS OF AMERICANS who support his direction and decisions. You work with the minority of people in the country, you do NOT represent the AMERICAN WAY. We are watching you and a boycott of your product is VERY possible. WE THE PEOPLE have had enough, start working towards a solution rather than fueling and becoming the problem. Remember this, when you are no longer in business, who's going to hear your OPINION, well truth be told we don't listen to your opinion now, looks like your on your way out.

3 reviews
9 helpful votes

We purchased a TV/Internet package for $120 or there about per month and set up payment via debit card to automatically go out each month. All good so far. 1 month in a second payment went out of our bank account in addition to the contracted payment for $89 - nowhere did this show on our TWC account, customer service were useless and after this happened three times in consecutive months - in addition to our regular contracted payment - I contacted the bank and they advised to cancel the card (at great inconvenience as we had to revise all payments to a new card). We DID NOT set the new debit card up with TWC but instead logged in every month and paid the contracted amount. Still no customer service solution but at least by cancelling the card the theft from our bank account stopped. For a few months anyway as several months later and having only used the card manually online each month to pay, the payments (now $95) started to appear again. Once again customer service useless and the rep that sold me the package hasn't solved it either in 6 weeks and so we are left to visit their office with a year of bank statement to claim back the $800 or so that they owe us. USELESS USELESS USELESS.

1 review
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Time Warner Cable (now called Spectrum) is the worst ever! I spent hours on hold bring shuttled back and forth between departments over three days only to be told that I wasn't eligible for the Silver Package that I had ordered online as an upgrade which has tons of channels, phone, etc. for $108 mo. since I am an existing customer who pays $105 a month for practically nothing. These people are shameless. They want me to pay $160 a month for this package because I am not a "NEW" customer. They are worse than shameless, they are evil. The new company Spectrum is a joke. You should see their moronic new television commercials "over 90,000 employees trying hard to earn your business". What a load of malarkey! They only want you if you are not an existing customer! The Time Warner Customer Service guy today told me that they don't care if I call DISH. I hope they tell every one of their customers that so we can see them go out of business. I repeat, Time Warner/Spectrum craps on it's customers and they are the worst ever! Go with anyone else! I'm quite sure my internet and cable will be cut once this is posted.

3 reviews
13 helpful votes

I heard that Spectrum has packages of programming that they put together so you can bundle what you want to watch. I just bet ya that the basic pkg has all local and $#*! channels so you are forced to go with another package for double the price in order to get the programming you want. I have no faith in Spectrum. Have had to talk with them on the phone recently and they have no clue as to problems, or how to explain the packages. Asked for a pamphlet, received nothing. Ugh!

Tip for consumers: Do not get Time Warner Cable unless you want headache after headache trying to deal with them.

1 review
3 helpful votes

Time warner cable was unprofessional, they raised my bill and didn't stay with the price they said they would. I wouldn't recommend going with them if you want a good trust worthy company

4 reviews
38 helpful votes

Unfortunately, I've had some car issues that caused me to be a little late making my cable payment and I was sent a letter of disconnect saying my bill was due to be paid by 5:00 PM on the 15th so on the 13th two days before my so called disconnect date Time Warner disconnected my services anyway. When I called to find out what was going on I was told some nonsence about some bill bucket cycle that caused my services to be disconnected prior to the date on the letter sent out by their company. So naturally I asked for a manager who I waited twenty minutes on hold to speak to. As soon as the manager comes to the phone he informed me that my services have been restored miraculously and that my disconnect date will not be till the 15th again; he could not give me any explanation as to why they disconnected my services early and his customer service was ridiculously sub par, however, this is to be expected from Time Warner as I have had issues with poor customer service, lost appointments, failure to adequately post information to my account, and all of this is happening while they are publicising their commercials with the slogan "Time Warner has changed". Well they have changed several articles online have proven that charter spectrum/charter communications is buying them out. I am truly happy about this since I moved from an area that had Charter to an area that had Time Warner so if your not a fan of Time Warner a better solution is on the way.

3 reviews
11 helpful votes

When my bill was being increased AGAIN I contacted Time Warner several times on trying to lower my bill....the answer each time was that I could lower the 'tier' I was on and save a whopping $10.00. The last time I talk to a snarky CSR I said fine, I guess I'm finally going to get my Roku. The smart aleck told me to go ahead and do that and to have a nice day. That day I did it and got rid of my cable....returned the box, remote and never looked back. Saving over $100.00 a month. One of the best decisions I ever made.

5 reviews
8 helpful votes

This is the worst company I have ever come across!

They make ISIS look good.

58 reviews
129 helpful votes

Let me start by saying they are not the only provider in town, but they are the only ones that have the speed in services that we need. Internet speeds are good - cable TV, with here and there issues, but it is the cost that lowers them to 3 stars. The cost for the services is the average price to pay for a 3 bedroom mortgage here. It is a bit outrageous to think that what they offer with very bad customer service, not to mention billing you a month in advance for the services. If you have a lower cost provider, and don't need the speeds we do here, then I would say give them a try first.

5 reviews
8 helpful votes

Doesn't any of these cable companies know how to tell the truth? They quote you a price and then lo and behold they find a reason to raise it on you because somehow there was a misquote somewhere along the line (of course it is always in their favor) It is mind boggling that the public service cannot intervene or that there is no government authority to control this blatant "bait and switch" practice. If you search on the internet you will see the rampant reports of people getting ripped off by these companies and I myself have first hand experience by both time warner and the infamous Verizon. I don't know why there isn't more of a public outcry. Come on everyone..... speak up when you are taken advantage of...don't let these people get over on us. Make them give us what they promise!

3 reviews
20 helpful votes

I have spent more time on phone trying to get my land line fixed and TWC service sucks. At the end the service person was no show when I called (from my cell phone) I was told that they called my house and because no one answered they did come. Dah my home phone was the reason for service call.

4 reviews
7 helpful votes

watch your bills - they overcharge all the time. customer service is impossible to get a hold of.

6 reviews
14 helpful votes

I used them when i first moved to NYC. AWFUL! it took them OVER A WEEK to set up, and they called me right after to try to upsell me. use any other vendor in NYC you can find!

7 reviews
19 helpful votes

EXCELLENT SERVICE!!!! Time Warner does it RIGHT!!! They give you more than what you pay for. I didn't have any issues getting it installed and the connection is 98% of the time 6Mbs faster than what I'm paying for, always faster than what I'm paying for. I got so tired of checking my speed and seeing it below what I was paying for from AT&T. NOT WITH TIME WARNER!!!! If you use AT&T for internet they will run your TV signal over it and it slows it down so you never get what you pay for. TIME WARNER not only delivers they over deliver when it comes to internet. I'm guilty of only adding comments when I'm upset. If you read this and it helps you please consider returning and adding a comment when you're not upset. Basically, if you post a negative comment post a positive comment about another service provider.

8 reviews
17 helpful votes

Neve ending billing problems. Internet always slows down to a crawl during peak hours and is not what is advertised. Customer service can never fix a billing problem which is there way too often. Bad service!

3 reviews
15 helpful votes

I love this site. User friendly and never locks up. I pay my bill online and never have to go to the Post Office. I can use multiple applications on my phone. The overall service is one I wouldnt give up for anything. I have High Speed Internet that is Great for all the Wifi Devices we have. I have great Cable which allows me to set my DVR from my one or internet if I am aeay from home. This is a Lifestyle change for Home and Work.

5 reviews
21 helpful votes

The service is awful and the rates are OVERPRICED!

Always billing problems and customer service doesn't even understand the bill nor could they fix it though they promise too.

Customer service is rude and pretty much useless. WAY TOO EXPENSIVE, just get satellite.

They offered me a promo for Internet and then I signed up and I get this big bill. They said the promo they called and offered wouldn't work because I already had cable. WTF!!!

Get lost Time Warner, I just got rid off them and got satelite and I'm so much happier. Service and everything is great. Don't waste your time or energy with time warner.

Why do they charge me more for Internet because I have cable from them, if anything I would think it should be less, but it's more.

No more time for their BS, now i tell everyone I know and online to get time Warner out of your life and to switch to dish. Way better.

19 reviews
38 helpful votes

Service providers like Time Warner share a lot of pros and cons. Great in some areas of the country, terrible in others. You may have good people to handle your order and major idiots in the field or vice versa. I updated to Time Warner Cable's High Speed Broadband. The installer tested the completed upgrade on Time Warner's test site and it indicated the specified speed. Over the next several days, I saw no improvement with double the cost. I called customer service. Their representative was very helpful and understanding. He explained that the only real advantage would be for online gaming, due to the huge bandwidth draw. I had a special modem and it would have to be removed to drop back the service. I agreed and a field person did the changeover and gave me some tips and tricks to improve my efficiency. I did what he recommended and saw a huge speed improvement. My monthly fee was reduced from $99/mo to $45/mo which included the monthly fee for an added Wi-Fi modem. No service fees were applied for any of the visits or work performed.

I recently changed my phone over from AT&T to TimeWarner as well. Reasons being, excellent service experience with Internet and major issues with a long distance service from USBI (search and read review on these guys).

Maybe I'm one of the few lucky ones, but I'm very happy with Time Warner Cable. I know that in my area, Milwaukee, WI, Time Warner Cable has vastly improved over the past several years. Telephone waits are minimal and their people have all been great to deal with.

Reviewers on this site could further help each other by providing the locale of what is being reviewed.

37 reviews
319 helpful votes

I am writing this on my phones 3G hotspot, because right now, I don't have what Time Warner Cable promised.....internet service.

I had a regular internet service package with them, and although I experienced a high number of outtages, for the most part, it worked. Then one of their sales people called and offered me the "super high speed" version, with guaranteed speeds of 20mbps. I signed up for it, very excited that I was going to get decent internet speeds.

The guy they sent out was a complete idiot. I had to tell him which cable went into the router, and had to INSIST on password protection for the connection, after he told me I didn't need it, and I explained that if you don't have it, other people can steal your bandwidth.

Bandwidth at best was variable, and ranged from 5mbps to 16mpbs, which is not what I was promised. He said that it needed some time to "propagate" whatever that means.

A week later, when pages are taking forever to load, they first try to tell me it's my computer. Oh really? I have 3 windows computers, running XP, Vista and 7, and a Mac. Same problem on all of them. Then they tell me to reboot the router. No good....same problem.

Now, 2 weeks later, and they finally admit that the router settings are not correct, but they can't get someone out right away. I'll have to wait, or see if they have a cancellation. And....they won't refund the installation cost or the 2 weeks I have been without a decent internet connection, (pages take over a minute to load, and speed tests show 1.6mbps).

They are really quick to sign you up for service, but when they botch it up, they won't do anything to fix it. STAY AWAY FROM TIME WARNER CABLE.

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