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Studio has a consumer rating of 1.41 stars from 32 reviews indicating that most consumers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Studio also ranks 349th among Home Decor sites. The most common issues with Studio are around customer service, which is not as good as expected by some customers.

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Positive reviews (last 12 months): 7.1%
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  • I wonder what Trading Standards would make of this.
  • Very confusing and very hard to get in touch with someone at customer services.
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Top Positive Review

“Amazing Retailer”

Happy T.

I have shopped with Studio for years and they are amazing. Every delivery is spot on and correct, returns when required were easy and complete and the service is speedy delivery, even personalised items. Payments are easy and the app and / or the website is user friendly. I would recommend this retailer to anyone's as there is such a wide range of products and items you might not find anywhere else too and they have their "wow" deals and they have various payment options that can really help if required. Fantastic company and will definitely continue to use.

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Top Critical Review

“Please don't buy this three piece bedroom set”

tique O.

Well I bought the three piece bedroom set for £159 not including postage and packaging the only good thing that came from this was the wardrobe and the chest of drawers are atrocious practically falling apart within the first two weeks of having it the bedside table is the same. I've requested for missing parts for the drawers I am yet to hear anything back from the company. It's a waste of money I wouldn't recommend it just stick to IKEA if you can

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1 review
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May 23rd, 2020
Well I bought the three piece bedroom set for £159 not including postage and packaging the only good thing that came from this was the wardrobe and the chest of drawers are atrocious practically falling apart within the first two weeks of having it the bedside table is the same. I've requested for missing parts for the drawers I am yet to hear anything back from the company. It's a waste of money I wouldn't recommend it just stick to IKEA if you can
1 review
0 helpful votes
August 18th, 2020
Firstly I would like to warn you not to buy from this company. You may think you have found a bargain but it is just so they can get your money. They have absolutely no concern about customer issues and will not provide you with a resolution. Delivery dates are meaningless to them and this alone means they are in breach of contract. Once again stay clear or your money will disappear down a black hole as you wait patiently for your overdue delivery.
1 review
1 helpful vote
April 29th, 2020
Shocking customer service. Don't expect to be helped at all if something goes wrong with your order. Would also be great if they could use some common sense and not send out severely damaged products.

Tip for consumers: Don’t use them!

1 review
0 helpful votes
July 7th, 2020
Ordered a Tens machine for my husband at the beginning of June paid £39.98, £34.99 for product and £4.99 p&p.
Took 3 weeks for package to arrive and when it did had incorrect Tens machine in it, it had a £10.99 machine delivered! Rung immediately, said they would resolve, another 3 weeks on and no package received, no refund received spoken to them just now, they said I would have to wait another 30 days whilst they investigated the missing parcel. I repeatedly advised that it was not acceptable for them to have my money for 2 months and not send me the product ordered, i insisted i wanted resolution sooner, so after much debate, supposedly they will now refund me in 3 days, we'll see! Stay away from this company, absolute nightmare - and yes I understand people are working from home and their resources might be not what it was before Covid-19 hit, but it has been an appalling experience, requiring many phone calls and emails.
1 review
0 helpful votes
September 10th, 2020
Delivery was 5-10 days, 30 days still waiting. Terrible customer service - manager will call me back - never happens they are usually ALL in a meeting all day. Laughable. Apparently I can't close my account or cancel order until they raise a complaint and look into it... I've been complaining for weeks. Shocking
1 review
0 helpful votes
July 14th, 2020
I would not use this company ever again

I would not use this company ever again and would not advise anyone too either if you make a mistake on your order they are unable to rectify it and they try and force credit on you also you need to be careful not go for their credit option by mistake and find yourself in debt. They make it harder to pay with your own money. Worst company EVER
1 review
0 helpful votes
May 22nd, 2020
Placed a first order and they took £75 from my card. No order in my account and 17 days later no answer to my emails, fobbed off by phone and managers won't call me back. No refund and no sign of anyone doing anything about it. Reading other reviews it looks like they are about to go under and are taking payments without sending out orders. BEWARE!.
1 review
0 helpful votes
July 12th, 2020
I placed an order on 11/4/2020 that never arrived, i emailed them 4 times, finally received response to say due to time past they won't reimburse me, they haven't acknowledged receipt of my earlier emails, i screenshot the dated emails and have now contacted my credit card company.
1 review
1 helpful vote
August 1st, 2020
Appalling customer service. Have requested a returns label 8 times. They don't enclose one or make it accessible online but supposedly post them, OR DON'T! Can't get my refund as courier collection only and they won't take as not got returns barcode. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS COMPANY, POOR STANDARD PRODUCT, EVEN WORSE CUSTOMER SERVICE!
1 review
0 helpful votes
May 6th, 2020
4 weeks waiting for damaged item to be collected been given 3 dates and nobody turned up requested manager call back 2 weeks ago still waiting now its showing on my bill to be paid for what a cheek so do I pay for faulty good or not pay and get bad credit disgusting customer service
1 review
0 helpful votes
June 24th, 2020
So far I've been waiting over 10 weeks for a refund. Studio accept that the courier lost the package but still refuse to refund me.
1 review
0 helpful votes
August 28th, 2020
Placed an order and got a confirmation email that it was to be delivered in 3 days along with a tracking number. Great. After 3 days no parcel. Checked the tracking number - parcel is delayed. One week later - parcel is still delayed on no further tracking information. Called Studio 3 times - on hold for 58 minutes, emailed them, just to get told call has been escalated but nothing happens. I now have no parcel, no refund and a very large phone bill. I will be taking further action and letting every social media outlet I know of to avoid this company like the plague. I wish I'd looked on here first.

Tip for consumers: avoid at all costs. Customer service is extremely poor, and I am still fighting for a refund on goods that failed to turn up

1 review
0 helpful votes
June 10th, 2020
Do not use this company, ordered items with there credit option and had them awaiting processing for more than 2 months. In that time I got a letter to sign and a forum to fill out for the direct debit payments each month. After sending it back they took the first payment off me and then a few days ago my orders disappeared from track order ( was still being processed). I decided to phone them to day and they told me I wasn't accepted for credit and when I told them why would they send letters out for you to sign if your not accepted and take a payment from me they hung up. Luckily I used an app on google play store call recorder to record the call and now taking it into trading standards worse company ever.
1 review
0 helpful votes
July 7th, 2020
Bought two lots of glasses. The acknowledgement said that two parcels would be delivered by Hermes within 4 working days. Hermes delivered one lot of glasses but not the second. Chased this up with Hermes who said they did not have it. Contacted Studio by email who said they would despatch the second lot of glasses again subject to a declaration that I would return the missing items if they arrived, which I provided. I followed this up a few days later with a phone call, only to be told that I had to pay again for the glasses to be sent while they conduct an investigation, which would take up to 30 days. If the investigation confirmed the absence of the missing items then I would receive a refund. It was acknowledged that the error was at their end, not mine. When I asked how to complain at a more senior level, I was told that, whilst the company is UK based, the call centre is in South Africa, and they could not provide that information. So now I am left without something I paid for due to very poor service. I wonder what Trading Standards would make of this.
1 review
0 helpful votes
December 19th, 2019
Placed an order on the 9th of December with a 10 day delivery timeframe, that date has now passed and the tracker shows that one of the gifts had not even been dispatched. A call into customer services determined that it was not even in stock so wasn't likely to be dispatched let alone, be received before Christmas. I've now wasted 10 days waiting, and guess what it's out of stock everywhere. Shocking online service - avoid
1 review
0 helpful votes
May 30th, 2020
It took 7 weeks to receive an air fryer and that was a week after I cancelled it. Got told that to send it back they are going to post a returns label which could take up to 2 weeks. The next day Hermes came to pick it up. They tried to charge for returning and when we phoned them the customer service was extremely poor. Never again.
1 review
0 helpful votes
April 13th, 2020
Absolutely dreadful customer services. No replies to continuous, numerous emails. Quick enough to take the money but not deliver the items. Avoid like the plague
1 review
0 helpful votes
August 25th, 2020
Bought a BBQ in the Kentucky Range arrived
Damaged after complaining I got £50 off.
But with hindsight I should have returned it
Not worth the Money spent.
Here we go again with the old adage buy cheap you buy again.
1 review
0 helpful votes
June 5th, 2020
I decided to open a studio account based on good reviews however do not be fooled.
I purchased a mirror which arrived two weeks later smashed back in April. As advised I took pictures I packed it back up and then had the courier they arranged to come and collect the next day.
We are now in June, studio stated they never recieved the package so I sent the reciept I was given upon collection and filled out their form for it to be investigated. I still haven't been refunded even though the mirror was collected over a month ago however they are more then happy to continue charging my account for something which was returned. Ive continuesly emailed, messaged on Facebook, messaged on instagram etc. Aswell as calling however my calls keep being cut off.
Supposedly I was meant to have a call ASAP from studio... That was on Monday and today's Friday.
Not worth shopping somewhere that causes this much stress over a situation that should have been so easily resolved, disgraceful.
1 review
0 helpful votes
December 11th, 2019
Its been 4 days and still no reply to my complaint about replacing a faulty electric police car i bought for my 2 year old kid. My kid is so upset and cries every day asking me when his car will work. How can a company survive in this day and age with this level of service. I wish i had read some reviews about this company before buying. I will also be leaving reviews on other platforms to make innocent buys aware of this fraudulent company and reporting to trading standards.
1 review
0 helpful votes
January 5th, 2020
Placed a order witch came fast every item was miss sized and poor quality so sent everything back thought there company courier and was told it was received to wait 14 days for a refund, after 14 days I called to be told the parcels was missing on there end so I would get a refund when it was found to call back, so when I did I got told it was found and I would get a refund 14 day same happend to be told it was lost Agen and I need. To fill in a form to send back to dispute so did that phoned to be told it was found and a refund would be in 14 days and when I said I wasn't accepting this as a answer as I had been told this many times, ended up on the phone for over 1 HR to just give up complete scam
1 review
0 helpful votes
December 28th, 2019
New developments. Probably after a honest bad review, and two weeks waiting for my order or my money they answer with a email asking to confirm a few points that it doesn't seem legal at all that I didn't received the order and that was pay cash that was the reason they took the money. They basically told me that to be able to order again I need to pay again? They want me to pay twice for a item that was not even on stock or dispatch? Well... Reply to this "Santa Claus"when a order its pay by card you only take the money when the order its dispatch, as you can see *******315096233)Hermes the sender it's still waiting for the order to be received so it means was never send.
So why they are asking me to confirm something that they already know.
It's disgusting... this should be a present.
I read some reviews that people were waiting for orders for Christmas that were never received on time or still waiting. Probably they are not ashame of themselves because the Santa Claus was busy with the money from this people.
I advice people to report this situations.Its simple if they don't have a order they shouldn't sell it to the customers to make sure the customers can spend there money elsewhere and avoid this situations.
1 review
0 helpful votes
December 21st, 2019
I wouldn't even give 1 star but you have to if you want to write a review! Absolute joke of a company! Ordered something to come in time for Christmas, recieved it today and they have sent me the wrong item! I phoned them and they will not resolve my issue! Told me if I re order I will get it in time for new year, i said that's why i ordered when i did so that i would get it before Christmas. They would not do anything to resolve this, kept expecting me to re order from them which I told them I wont be using them I'd rather buy it from a reliable company where I know I'm actually going to receive the right item! But they were so unhelpful, and clearly lacked any common sense! Asked if I could complain and they said I have to email or write a letter! Worse company I have ever dealt with! If your after a specific item then I wouldnt use this company because they dont know their head from their ass. Their packers are incompetent and the people on customer care are just awful.
1 review
0 helpful votes
October 27th, 2019
I ordered from studio on the 1st of October 19 and payed by (cash) of debit card. Waited for delivery nothing came, rang them payment pending even though the money left my account at this point to there's, waited another week still pending and no order, rang back numerous times since and spoke to supposedly 3 line managers, emailed 5 times and told the same script every time, demanded my money back got told to wait 3 working days for it to go back into my account, guess what no money, rang back again and told exactly the same thing, studio bought them self another 4 days and guess what still nothing in my account. How can studio get away with treating people like this and keeping money that does.not belong to them, Im sick of there games when I ring. I am now going to contact trading standards and consumer rights as this is now 28 days and nothing resolved, customer care is a complete joke
20 reviews
12 helpful votes
January 27th, 2018
Not enough review sites in the world to express how awful this company is. They take 2 weeks to answer an email, phone lines are all foreign, takes 2 months to get a credit cleared on my account. AVOID

Q&A (3)


You won't get a reply from the email. If you phone customer services you will get through and they tell you that they're chasing, escalating etc, but they do nothing and you end up ringing again and again and again

By Lynn M.
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It's a success story every time I shop with Studio, never any issues or problems.

By Happy T.
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By lesley d.

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