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These women do not have a life of their own. They live off their SO's achievements and use them to tear others down because they have no real achievements of their own. Like many other users have stated, you're either in the "in" or "out" crowd. If your facts and story is completely perfect, along with some ass-kissing, you'd be "fortunate" enough to become part of the "in" crowd and work with this crowd to tear newbies down. If your story is not perfect, and you come to the forum with relationship problems or help, they'd tear you down and convince you to break up with your SO. That he no longer loves you or he's losing interest so you can no longer have an "excuse" to be involved with the forum. That and there's too much drama. Sure there are a few good women who do offer you words of advice and encouragement when you're down, but they are few and far between. But for the most part, they are a bunch of snobby, self-entitled girls who thrive on their husband's achievements and talks about his careers obsessively. Just take a look at the banners beneath their username. "US Navy", "US Air Force"...they're taking credit for their husband's achievements and think that being married to them makes them part of the branch. On par with those serving.

If you want advice, go to or Don't go on these websites because in general, advice is not offered. It's a place for miserable girls to tear others down to feel better about themselves.

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They ladies and gents are awesome and so helpful!

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I cannot stress this enough!

If you're looking for a military forum with genuine support from military significant others, this is NOT the site for you. All negative reviews are accurate. Take notice on how each positive review happened on the same day! These are no doubt the mean girls. Women on their high horses with catty behavior who thrive on tearing others down. Do not be fooled. Sure, yes, there are maybe two or three ladies on there that seem to be OK, but the rest are utterly TOXIC!!! They will dissect your posts and find a flaw with almost anything you say. Now I know why military significant others have such a bad reputation!

1 review
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If you want support, this is not the site for you. If you want to meet good women who want to lift you up and help you when you are having a hard time with something, this is not the site for you. While there are a few great ladies on this forum, they are severely overshadowed by the group of negative, ill-mannered, self-entitled catty women that tear other people down for the sole purpose of making their sad lives seem less miserable. There is clearly a group of women that run rough shod over this site and do so by skirting the TOS. Some of the mods try to keep it under control, some of them are buddy buddy with the mean girl crew and do nothing.

If you do join this site, make sure that you have all your information straight and perfect because there are a couple "ladies" on this site that will take your story, dissect it and demand that you answer for yourself with documented proof if they feel you are not being honest. They will hound you until you do or the thread is closed for TOS. God help anyone that stands up for someone because the pack will turn their venom on that person. It's like a bad episode of shark week. I can't believe that the TOS is actually enforced because if it was some of these women should have been banned by now.

Don't believe the positive reviews you read here. They are clearly from the in-crowd that enjoys being rude under the guise of "non-sugar coated, tough love."

If you want to watch a bunch of self-appointed experts with a serious god complex act like catty $#*!es, this is a good place for you. Pop some popcorn and be prepared to be amazed at the level of cyber bullying that occurs, unchecked on this forum.

1 review
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I've been a part of this website for almost three years now. It has been a great source of information and a fun way to waste time. :)

1 review
6 helpful votes

The most recent bad review was by a young lady who asked about a problem and didn't like when she got answers she didn't want to hear.
Read for yourself:

Is the site perfect? No. Are there some complete $#*!es on there? Of course. Where isn't there?

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Judi and Decks are awesome!

1 review
10 helpful votes

I love this site! I have been on it for 4 years now, have made many a friend on it. Is it always sunshine and rainbows? No, but you hear what you need to most of the time. There are always going to be people you don't like that's life.

1 review
13 helpful votes

I love this site. It is down to earth and the ladies there will give you honest answers. You may not like them, but more than likely it is what you need to hear. There is a lot of support to be found there. It's a lot nicer there than the rest of the internet, but if you are expecting everyone to agree with whatever you say you will be let down. Suck it up buttercup...

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MilitarySOS is a great site. I've found good friends and support and a community of people that care about each other. If anyone comes into a community and insists that things go their way or they stamp their feet and leave, then they're going to be sorely disappointed.

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Absolutely horrible. I went in tears left out pissed off and still in tears. Women were so many and snarky for me asking for advice got bullied and harassed and when I stood up for myself I was the one reprimanded. Completely bull$#*! wish I would of read this first. You would think the women would be more horrible just a bunch of snobby mean sorority $#*!es

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Stay far away from this toxic site.

If you're seeking support, please, by all means, go somewhere else. I saw a total of seven new members get viciously attacked over the course of a month for--get this, ASKING QUESTIONS.

I seriously regret my month-long membership, as it would have been far more productive for me to have been doing anything but trying to fit in at this so called 'support' forum.

Tip for consumers: Don't do it.

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Awful website. Deleting my account today. You'll get attacked for posting in anything other than "Newbies" where the only response you get is "welcome" and "hi" (so helpful). According to some responses on my posts in other categories, it's practically a crime not to introduce yourself formally first. MY BAD.

On top of that, prepared to get nagged at for $#*! completely unrelated to the issue you're asking about, and rest assured, it will be in the totally wrong context. Apparently the website used to have a place called The Ring where users could call each other out on $#*! and be passive aggressive as opposed to encouraging private messaging. These people have no lives and hide behind a computer screen to say nasty things to innocent strangers on the internet. It doesn't matter what you say. You're either "in" or you're "out". There's plenty of other, better forums that are moderated by people with a maturity level older than 16.

EDIT: For instance take a look at this thread.
Someone simply asks how to delete their account and get accused of looking for attention and one person claims they're "confrontational" and without even checking, people go along with it. Immature little girls.

1 review
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MSOS is only good to the "in" crowd. Newbies that come in seem to go through an 'initiation' phase where they get attacked by the "in" crowed -- if that doesn't happen, they don't take you seriously. The poor new people don't know any better so they either sink to the "in" crowd level or they leave (either by infractions or they decide to leave after being attacked). There are a few wonderful ladies on the board, but they don't post very often so finding them is hard.

1 review
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The ladies at this site are rude, unwelcoming, ungrateful and unappreciative. I initially started a thread and made a long post about militray housing, forest city and North Chicago in general. I was trying to be helpful and give fair warning to those transferring to NAVSTA Great Lakes only to be outright ganged up on and attacked by those women. Some "OKs", "thank yous", etc... would've been nice followed by some grown up discussion instead of the BS I ended up getting. They were continually asking me who I was and what my affiliation was and I kept telling them the first half of my post pretty much explained that which told me they really didn't bother reading what I initially had to say because if they had, they would've never been asking me those things to begin with. To be entirely honest, only a couple of ladies truly appreciated my post. Everyone else tried to turn it around and say I was the rude and hostile peron, not them. They even went as far as telling me had I gone to the newbies section and post a pleasant little post about who I was without going on the so-called tanget I had gone on, they would've received me differently and had given me a more warmer welcome. I told them I had no idea that was a requirement before actually posting anything and that many people just jump on in and begin posting. There are plenty of people who never really get around to actually introducing themselves, but that doesn't mean they need to act the way they do. These military SOs harbor a lot of hostility and are quite full of themselves. I highly recommend staying away from this support site (there are other better ones, like
CinCHouse and Solo-Ops, to be a part of. Forget MilitarySOS. It used to be a good commnity when Brandi owned and ran it, but after it got sold it went to pot rather quickly. I think she eventually realized the mistake she made and tried to rectify it by getting back, but was unable to. Too bad. It never should've been sold to begin with.

1 review
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Ugh, this place is awful. I spent about six weeks there before I was unable to stomach anymore of it. It's like an online version of Mean Girls. Snotty, immature, cliquish women (I hesitate to call them women, since most of them act like little girls) prancing around while other women kiss their asses and tell them how pretty they are. The handful that are decent just tow the line because if you step out of line, you can get yourself an 'infraction'. 4 infractions and you get banned. Might seem like a good deal if you behave yourself, but you can pretty much get an infraction for anything. Doesn't have to make sense, you could just disagree with the wrong person and they claim your 'tone' was rude and 'uncalled' for. Never mind that half the responses in the same thread are just as rude, if not more rude than yours. It really all depends on who you are buddies with.

And don't bother with meaningful conversation. You could make a thread about how you hate butter on your bread and someone will start crying about it. Not joking. The amount of "I'm so offended!" and "Omg, you're so mean!" replies people get while trying to have a discussion is beyond ridiculous. No one there wears big girl panties and the ones that do get banned pretty quickly. It's like watching a jellyfish slap fight, it's that dumb.

No, I never received an infraction, a warning, anything. I left of my own accord because I graduated high-school 20 years ago and watching grown women, many married with children, acting like $#*!y 15 year olds was enough to make me want to vomit.

I'd give this place negative stars if I could. Go somewhere else if you're looking for support and good company. You won't find it at MSOS.

4 reviews
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Website flip flops between being overly moderated and not moderated at all. Attacks are allowed to be carried out if the member in question is friends with the staff members. New members have no real protection!

1 review
7 helpful votes

I kept coming across this site while surfing the net. I decided to give it a try. That was 3 days ago and i will be deleting my account today. I should have looked at the reviews first. Everything the previous posters said is accurate. It is badly run and not to mention to delete my account i had to send the mod a request.....That doesn't make any sense. What everyone else has not mentioned is that the majority of people on this site are young girls who barely know their service member and do nothing but whine and complain. Don't get me wrong I am a young military wife but these girls are just looking for attention. There is hardly any real conversation at all except them whining and acting like children. I would never recommend this site to anyone.

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This site went through a really rough time. It was knocked down and has been working to get back up on its feet. There is a new TOS, new rules, and the mods are doing a wonderful job at trying to keep people in the loop with new things and changing things. Yes, it was a disaster after it was sold and resold and everything. But the mods and long standing positively contributing members are working hard to bring SOS back to its glory days. We have a lot of new people as well and tons of friendships and relationships are being made.

1 review
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A snotty click of women run this site just to bait in new people, like black widows, so that they can then pounce upon the new flesh, degrade them and try to make their pitiful selves feel better. In our parting words one site administrator named something like, "his *PWT* "or something like that, revealed personal profile information about me onto the public forum I had opted to keep private on my profile settings. I'm discovering too, that my personal info was pirated because too, there is no one official guarding it.

They do not want to support anyone, but more need someone to vent their rage about their pitiful lives upon. I had never yet, during many many years of being a military wife tried to go upon a spousal support website/forum and if ever I do again will be much more selective about the class level and type of women that seem to frequent such. Do not waste one precious minute upon this site!

1 review
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This site is not what it used to be. I have been a member for 2 years and it's like day and night. DO NOT JOIN! DO NOT PURCHASE MEMBERSHIPS! The new owner is sketchy. No this isn't a joke, everyone below and above me are 100% serious. There are much better forums out there to go to for support.

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1 review
8 helpful votes

This was a great website, then the website got sold. New owner started saving Opsec information/personal information and pictures, and members could not delete anything. I had a paid membership and didn't get what was promised, so I am also filing a complaint with Paypal.

1 review
6 helpful votes

this website is terrible. it use to be a wonderful place for support. now it is not safe to even login to the site. the new owner bans anyone who speaks out against her to quiet them and is collecting sensitive information from this website, which military family members are members of, and the way she intends to use this information is unknown. be wary and do not visit this website.

1 review
5 helpful votes

I have been a member of this site for nearly 3 years. After the current owner bought it, it was destroyed and is no longer safe. DO NOT JOIN THIS SITE. The creator (a wonderful woman) was banned for no reason.


Rainbow Brite.

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