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The first thing I want to make clear because of the threats of law suits to others who have written their reviews, this is how I viewed my experience. There is much more to my personal story, but no one has time to read a novel when they're looking for a review.

The second thing I want to say is that this is just my side of what I happened. Every story has more than one side; this is just mine.

In my opinion, this programme is not worth the investment.

I made what I consider to be one of the greatest mistakes of my life when I signed up for this programme.

As the face of the Michelle Stonhill company, I can't deny that I felt drawn to Michelle's apparent warmth towards women and, what I felt at the time, understanding of what it's like to be a woman building a business, but those feelings faded significantly and quickly.

I was invited onto a discovery call June 2018 after I'd been interacting with Michelle and/or her team for a couple of months on social media. I was delighted because I saw her as a person of influence and everyone wants to be liked, right? And we are constantly told to surround ourselves with people you want to be more like... Not always the best move, in my case.

On the call with her, I recall I was told about how she was taking women from 0-10k in a matter of months and how one of her clients, a makeup artist, was making it big in the Versace mansion as a result of working with her. I told her my intention which, at that time, was to work with women overcoming depression and ready to step up to the next level in their lives. She then went on to tell me about how she'd worked with someone who was earning a million dollars a year as a live in support for celebrities with addictions. She couldn't say who this was because of the nature of their business, but I knew who the makeup artist was. I have since learned that the MUA already had the contacts for this. I can't say about the other person because I have no idea who they are or even if they exist. I have also learned in subsequent months that some testimonials were not factually correct or accurately represented which means, at least in my mind, I wasn't able to make a fully informed decision because some of what I saw, read and heard had an influence on me.

During that same call, I made it clear several times (and I also made it clear in at least one message prior to the call) that I was not currently earning money, that I did not have access to credit cards or loans, and although I would have loved to work with her, I didn't think it was going to be possible.

Against my better judgement, I paid a deposit a few days later, but I felt like I was persuaded into a programme I had no business being in. I didn't even have a semi-established business, just an idea that I didn't actually stick with because my own mental health was not in a great space, but I wanted to believe what I was being told was possible.

After signing what I consider to be a poorly written contract that only appears to protect Michelle Stonhill, I beat myself up mentally for making a terrible decision that I knew would affect my family. I was due to start the programme in September 2018.

In August 2018, two months after I signed the agreement and BEFORE I was due to join the programme, I wrote to Michelle asking if I could defer to a later date or have another way out and explained my financial situation again. She told me that reading my message helped her realise exactly why I needed the programme. I took it as her way of saying that I was broke and this programme would help me not be broke. She said I could defer and within a strict deadline, but basically because I'd signed the agreement, she'd have to speak to her legal and support team because my payments would go out automatically on the agreed date of the 12th of September otherwise. It's important to note that I have evidence to back this up, since I am trying to protect myself from more legal threats. At this point, I was given an October or November start date to choose from and I chose November, feeling it might give me more time to get my first payment together, which would be £650 (this was the amount left to pay for my first month after paying my £150 deposit). I had a strong desire to avoid any legal issues and so I told her I still wanted to work with her, despite this not being true.

Where. Was. My. Cooling. Off. Period? If I wanted out, I should have only lost my £150 deposit.

I joined the programme in November and was so overwhelmed by my situation that I began to have an emotional breakdown but I stayed silent because I didn't tell anyone that I'd signed up for this programme and because I felt so ashamed.

That shame was exacerbated as I started to go through the programme and much of the mindset work was worded in such a way that if you aren't succeeding, it's your fault. If you default on payments, it's your fault. Blah. Blah. Blah. But more than that, I was so frustrated that most of what was in there wasn't relevant to me and what was relevant, I'd already learned from my previous mentor for a fraction of the price.

I tried to participate as much as I could because I'd convinced myself I was alone in my feeling and that it must be me. But I wasn't always able to attend calls or be present because I am my son's carer and a full-time university student who spends a lot of time travelling. This is something I was called out on but I can't magic time out of thin air.

By March/April time, I was in such financial hardship that I had to default on a payment and I felt suicidal because not only could I not afford to pay her, I couldn't pay my rent. Michelle was so nice about it that again I was convinced I was the problem. There must be something fundamentally wrong with me. I then defaulted a further two times because I had next to no money coming in.

I did make some money while in the programme but that was from following my own methods because I refused to follow the same guidelines Michelle uses to bring people into her programme.

I stayed in that programme for 10 months believing I was the sole problem, scoring it a sycophantic 10 out of 10 so I could keep the peace and hope they wouldn't set the debt collectors (whom I'd been threatened with multiple times, just by the sheer mention of them. I have the emails), until one day, I realised I wasn't alone and the many red flags I'd experienced weren't just my imagination.

Michelle posts a lot about having mean girls attacking her, but I suspect these mean girls' aren't actually mean and judging by the negative reviews I've read, they are simply grown women who questioned what they were getting and weren't happy. Just a guess. And today I was directed to a post she'd made - a live - where she talks about how to deal with clients who don't pay. I can't lie; I was triggered. It triggered the shame in me that I feel around my financial situation, about my debts and about how I didn't finish paying her.

In my opinion, a wealth coach for women should never make you feel ashamed about your financial situation. She commented back to someone who asked what to to if the client doesn't have the money to pay by saying something like it's not her problem.

Well here's the thing, it is my belief that it becomes your problem when you are signing people up (me, in this instance. I can't speak for anyone else) to a programme you know they can't afford. It becomes your problem when you appear to have manufactured inaccurate testimonials to convince people that you can help change their lives. And when their lives aren't changing, to shirk all responsibility is, in my opinion, abhorrent.

The short version of this review is Not worth it, in my opinion.'
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I have lost thousands of pounds to Michelle, £7750 to be exact, on a programme that is in my opinion, poor quality.

On her website she promises 1-2-1 bespoke coaching but in a whole year, you get 2 hours worth of 1-2-1 coaching time -- when paying £750 per month!!!!!

I found that the advice she gave is not always relevant, realistic or useable : her answer to making money overall seems just to be to charge extortionate amounts of money to one's clients per session, something I don't want to do. This didn't sit right.

In my opinion her marketing strategy does not yield consistent results. I noticed that women in the programme even after the majority of the year in the course were not really generating any sales or getting new clients. It only appears to have worked for the clients that she has used as testimonials from a long time ago and herself.

I sent a formal complaint and asked for evidence to back up 3 testimonials that she uses to promote the course, (testimonials that I signed up to the programme after reading) because once in the programme I realised these three women are people who are on her team; two earning money from her clients through in-programme sells and one who I believe is on her payroll and also happens to be her best friend of years. This set off alarm bells for me.

Instead of any care or respect for the fact that I am one of her high paying clients asking questions and having an issue with the quality of what she is offering, asking for validity, she thew me out of the mentorship group immediately - a course I paid up front for, without a remaining refund that I had asked for.

The contract I signed with Michelle states that claims of actual earnings can be verified and examples of actual results can be provided. Yet when I asked her to provide evidence for these testimonial I got nothing of the sort back and instead have received a letter from her legal team saying I will be pursued for defamation. I wrote in the questions below that in my experience I think this programme is a scam, meaning, I feel the value of the course is exaggerated, I feel it is misrepresented and I have experienced terrible customer care.I feel the value of the course is exaggerated, I feel it was misrepresented to me and I have experienced terrible customer care. I don't believe I received £8000 worth at all and I wish I had invested my money in a university masters instead, or on a coach with integrity, proof of concept and real results.
I tried to delete the answers below after receiving a scary message from her lawyer saying they will make a hefty claim against me for defamation and damages (to no avail as Sitejabber won't return my messages and I couldn't delete them like I could this review), but after speaking with my own lawyer I know I am simply sharing my own experience and we have freedom of speech to share an honest review without fear of even greater financial loss. I am only sharing what I believe to be true, in my experience and opinion of this programme after being in it for 8 months. Others are welcome to make up their own minds although I strongly suggest you spend your money elsewhere.

Also, my experience is not an isolated incident. I am speaking with many women who have had similar experiences in this programme and who feel the same. They also feel scared to come forward from fear of being pursued. That speaks volumes no matter how it is framed positively on social media by her, "behind every successful woman is a pack of haters, fact!" well that is not the kind of success that I want.

In the end I am left with the feeling that Michelle never cared about me as her client and I regret the day I paid any money to her. She is a first class narcissist and manipulator.

My final statements that sums up how I feel about this course and Michelle as a coach: "All that glitters is not gold" and "the Emperor isn't wearing any clothes." Stay well away!
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I signed up and joined Michelle's 12 month Wealth Accelerator program in November 2018 with great excitement and determination and left in March of 2019 full of disappointment and let down - this was due to huge misrepresentation on her part.

What is offered on her website is a premium one to one coaching environment, with personalised strategies to kick start your business to the next level with a hefty price tag of £9000. However, what you get is an online video tutorial environment similar to that of YouTube which one could get for free. There are group calls, but given the number of women in the program there is never any time to ask a question and every woman is at a different stage in the program, these calls are not helpful.

There are 20+ other women who have left this program prematurely! That doesn't happen without reason.

When someone's message is also constantly changing and contradicting itself, one needs to ask why. When someone's marketing message is not one of positivity but rather moaning, again one should question. There is never smoke without fire...

The two positive reviews are *, Michelle's best friend, as well as her now social media manager... and *, another friend and PR manager. Both of these ladies are a part of Michelle's team and on her payroll.

Beware of fake reviews....

*Personal information redacted by admin

Tip for consumers: Don’t!!

1 review
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Michelle has been an amazing coach! I have been on her wealth accelerator programme for almost 12 months and the help and support has been incredible! I would highly recommend Michelle if your looking for a coach.
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Wow! Where do I start? I have been in business for myself for 8 years but following some personal issues I found my business was very quickly heading for closure as I had just not got any strategy or clarity anymore.

I desperately researched business coaches as I needed help... I had a few calls with different coaches but just made an instant connection with Michelle. She is a realist! Told me she can not turn my business around over night, highlighted I needed to do the work and assured me she would be there every step of the way. She did not disappoint!

I have now finished Michelle's programme, I have a successful 6 figure business, my confidence is stronger than ever and I will never ever be able to show how much I appreciate this lady. In just month 3 working with Michelle, I had a £23,000 month!

Michelle and her programme will not disappoint and I'm eternally grateful!
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As a previous client of Michelle Stonhill, I find it difficult to put into words the gratitude that I have for this incredible woman. From the bottom of my heart, I am so thankful to have found her and for what she has helped me achieved.

I started working on my new business with Michelle in March of 2018, 30 weeks pregnant and willing to do whatever it took to not have to put my Son in childcare and get a job. All I've ever wanted is to be able to stay at home with him, and earn enough money to just cover our bills - even that would've been enough for me.

What has happened since then didn't seem possible when I started out. 6 months in, I've had my first 10k month, and I am consistently achieving things I could not have dreamed of. As well as that, for the first time in my life, I enjoy waking up in the mornings, stepping into my office and showing up for my Clients - something I could've never said in any job I've ever done.

The course was very comprehensive and as I chose the 121 shorter more intensive coaching option, I had a call with Michelle every week for 3 months. I worked through the 7 steps and attended group coaching where I could ask questions in addition to my sessions.

I'm able to be with my Son day in, day out. I'll NEVER have to miss any of his milestones. He has just turned 1, and has travelled with us to 4 different countries. Our financial future as a family is secure, and I get to be the Mummy that I always wanted to be - that to me is priceless.

Not only is Michelle an incredible Coach, she's the most genuine, kind-hearted, selfless person I know. The course was incredible value for money, nothing was over promised and I knew what I needed to do to be successful. The team were there every step of the way.

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