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InterPals.net has a consumer rating of 1.73 stars from 104 reviews indicating that most consumers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. InterPals.net also ranks 121st among Forum sites.

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What reviewers want you to know

Positive highlights

  • I've been in this site for 10 years now and I would say it's ok to pick up friends and it's free.

Critical highlights

  • Apart from getting 200 messages from scammers and perverts, there were maybe about 5 people who I thought were normal.
  • The majority of men on there don't know the difference between a penpal site & a dating site.
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Top Positive Review

“InterPals is good if used right”

Linda O.

I have been on InterPals for years. I have met many good friends American and international. It is not a good dating or language learning site but if you are just looking for casual friends to swap life experiences, it fits the bill. The trick is in the filters, be specific about the age, gender and countries you will accept. Block anyone you don't want or are suspicious of. Go to a real dating site if you want romance.

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Top Critical Review

“I'm wondering how the hell scammers from Ghana or Nigeria use pics of white girls all the time.”

Yoko L.

Where they find them? While I reported 2 cases of "white " Nigerian girls, which my experience tells me they are definitely scammers I got the following message from interpals board. Your account has been flagged for abusing the "Report to Moderator" system with excessive, frivolous or unfounded reports. This is a violation of the Terms of Service. Please note that this is a warning and any further misconduct could result in the deletion of your account. Thank you, InterPals Staff So if my assumption is unfounded you tell the first rogue user created it's account minutes before while the second had it for 11 hours. That takes me to the assumption that interpals favors or it's part of the scam. Hence the variety of pictures scammers possess. Take a hike from here.

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June 19th, 2020
I used this site for a long time (one year) and I didn't get long term friendships. Instead, I discovered both rude people (they don't answer to you), and a lot of people which are not interested in a language exchange. I also received some messages from perverts and fake profiles, and I blocked them. Many people here are not interested in a language exchange and only want to get new followers on social networks. Others try to find new "friends" since they're not able to make friendships in the real life. I didn't get my profile suspended by moderators, and I hope they delete fake profiles someday. Despite this, it's a free website, since you don't have to pay for it.
Rosy A.
1 review
8 helpful votes
February 28th, 2018
Interpals was ok as founded a good penpal. Stopped writing as she was too busy for me

Now its full on scammers, fake profiles and want people to learn English etc.....Also want more details e.g. current and past city, material status, education and what type of pen pal.

Its on top of google as they paid google, money (pay by click on the advert banner)
1 review
10 helpful votes
December 25th, 2016
I joined interpals one month ago. I met friend there. His profile name Danilescott 45 yrs old from Switzerland. First sound like good person. But finaly he was not. I suspected the pictures of him on interpals are not him. This profile operated by someone who part of cyber crime. Because they will ask money and pretend to fall in love bla bla.
They connected to network crime as immigration officer etc. Please beware
1 review
3 helpful votes
November 5th, 2017
This site is full of scammers Kurt Weller is one that keeps popping up on all the sites. He needs to be take down. He has scammed many and still at it. He uses so many different names and stolen pictures. But I have also met some very nice people on here.
1 review
8 helpful votes
May 16th, 2017
I have been a member of Interpals for 7 months now. I do think it is possible to make genuine people, as I have made 5 real people on the site since joining. One tip is to be quite specific in your profile message on your home page what you are and are not looking for e.g. you are looking for friends to engage in real conversation, and not looking for romance. I think the more things you put about yourself such as your interest, hobbies, etc, more people tend to show interest. I do agree however that there are a lot of time wasting people on the site, particularly men, who are looking to flirt, and use the site as a dating website! However there is a facility on the website to block unwanted messages and contact from particular people or countries if they are reoccurring. The thought of potentially meeting and making lots of friends from around the world, is exciting, however the reality is, that out of every 20 you contact, you probably will make one or two real friends. So it better to put your time and effort into developing friendships with a handful of people, than lots and waste your time, looking for new people every time you log on to build your circles it is tempting especially when you see different faces all the time!. The reality also, is that a lot of people have already established friendships or contact with a number of people on the site, and no matter how attractive your photo is, they just don't have the time to take on any more friends, so they wont respond. Don't take it personal, just understand. It might be an idea to search for new members, who are just starting out on Interpals, as they will be a lot more enthusiastic, and likely to respond. Also when contacting some one directly, say more than 'hi' or 'how are you' introduce yourself, give a reason why you are on interpals, and state a few of your interest and a couple of lines about yourself. You will come across as more serious, and stand out from those one word one liner messagers. If you manage to establish good trusting connection with others, rather than loose their friendship, it might be an idea to exchange email, Skype, or Whats app, once you become comfortable with each other, as this way you can maintain contact even if they stop using interpals for a while, and it also helps to sustain the friendship.

Well I hope this helps, and good luck!
1 review
9 helpful votes
October 17th, 2017
I've used Interpals for over seven years and I can pretty much tell you this website used to be a good website to chat, talk and creat lifelong friendships and maybe meet a girlfriend, believe it or not.
Back in 2011, I met tons of people who I still talk to, few of them should I say, and back then it was nice and it seemed that people genuinely wanted to talk to you, get to know you and even learn your language, but here's when things kind of changed, from 2014 on I couldn't meet a single person, things got bored and it didn't have the sparkle anymore, you just would scroll up and down all day long and not a single soul would get back to you, which was very annoying, by the way.
All in all, it's worth trying and good to do some language exchance, but nothing more than that now, although you might be the lucky one and go past "hi, how are you?"
1 review
3 helpful votes
May 12th, 2017
Well, I have used other similar websites and apps and I have experienced the same things on all of them.

People to whom you send a message and do not answer.

People that answer just one or two messages and then disappear.

People with whom you were having a good conversation and, all of a sudden, they stop messaging for no reason.

Among other things. It not only happens on Interpals, this happens everywhere else. I guess that knowing this beforehand will save you a lot of trouble. Still, I was able to make some friends like that. It may be luck, but it is possible. You may also not make any friends, but at least this site allows you to have some good conversations with people, even if you don't continue talking with them in the long run. Just like in real life, you don't continue talking with many people even if you considered them friends.

Overall, I think the site is good if you know how to use it, despite its flaws.
1 review
3 helpful votes
December 22nd, 2015
I've been on Intervals for years! Not consistently, but I still get on every now and then. I even have became friends with a guy on the site. We have been friends for about 6 years and nothing romantic, he is married and she is very lovely. We mostly talk about life and he has helped me a lot with speaking Korean. So, overall you win some and you lose some. After, weeding out the perverts, its not so bad.
2 reviews
11 helpful votes
September 1st, 2017
I've been on and off as an Interpals member. I was active several years ago, tried returning, left, then came back more recently. Honestly, it hasn't changed as a site nor as a community, which is good and bad.

I'll start with the bad and try to sweeten it with the good.


As a woman, I can tell you that other women can and will be spammed by 80% middle easterners, Indians, Africans, some obscure countries you've never heard of, all male, with photos that often look like mug shots (they aren't but I'm talking about the quality). Am I putting these countries or people down? Not at all. This is a rough estimate based on personal experience. During my first and second time trying to use the site, it was mostly middle eastern males. At the time, I actually did have photos up, and ironically it's middle eastern men and indian men roughly around 50 years old and above. Sorry, but I don't want someone the same age as my dad or grandfather hitting on me. I also had guys from various parts of Africa and the Carribean Islands sending me friend requests with no message. Like Facebook, that's just odd if you haven't sent me a message telling me why my profile interested you. Just the picture? Hell, I don't even think I'm average-level attractive.

In my current and probably last attempt at using this site, I chose not to upload any selfies. The sheer fact that I listed myself as female made the swarm show up. I only had middle eastern guys show up this time, but I preemptivly blocked certain countries from contacting me after one guy sent me a bunch of unsolicited videos. Just youtube and nothing bad, but what the hell can't someone just be normal and say hi? I blocked him and his country.


It might sound like there are very little pros. However, after you configure your settings and filters, you can finally start sifting through the dirt to get to the gold. One thing that really, really helps is to write out a decent About Me section. Tell just enough about yourself and what you're looking for without offering up seriously personal information. There's a box labeled Requests. Fill this out and be specific about what you don't want people to do. A lot of people are actually dumb enough to use this site as a dating site. I thought this was a Penpal site, not Tinder's Rejects. Anyway. It is possible to make friends and find people willing to be friends and help you learn a language. The key is that you learn how to properly screen profiles and get that gut feeling for when something seem 'off.'

Now, if you want a more independent, alternative review, this Reddit thread is pretty open about more of the dark side of Interpals. https://www.reddit.com/r/interpals/comments/4gnfzs/interpals_review_why_you_should_and_shouldnt_use/

Q&A (11)


No one of these conditions were available to me because I didn't receive any advice concerning spamming or anything else like that and they année me only after 3 days signing up :(

By Keryl M.
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As someone who has ised Ipals for over 7 years and is older than most posters here appear to be, I can say that it has been very useful to me. I have met many people over the years, some have become true friends and visited others will only ever be online, but áras close to me as people in the Real world. Yes there have been scammers, loads of them, even my user name came from a message from a scammer after I reported him, but that is what you do, report them! If they Really are scammers the site removes them. You have to remember this is a Free site and all the moderators are volunteers, so they do the best that they can. Also I would suggest that a lot of the people complaining here are a little inexperienced and naive., you can hardly blame the site for that. If you keep your wits about you and respond to people as you would in life, you can meet some great people that you would never meet in the real world and learn an awful lot. Also, dont complain if someone doesnt respond to "Hello" Its hardly an inspiring openong line is it? I find that the more you tell in your profile the better the response, the same for a message. How the hell do you answer Hello, especially if the progile is one line or word in each box, other than with "Hello" back and that is the end of the conversation. Its a 2 way street, you have to put in too, you cant just whinge that everybody is a weirdo. That would suggest that it is you that are out of your depth and would maybe happier on youtube or twitter. Also, as someone else has written You control who contacts you, by your settings. Of course I have no idea what goes on in the younger branches of the site, I stick firmly to my own age group, as I have nothing to say to younger ones, anymore than they have anything to interest me, but I felt I need to defend what for me has overall been a very good place to communicate.

By Shelagh M.
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9.% of those wearing a uniform in their profile pictures are scammers and fake profiles.

By Tom M.

Please be more specific about the nature of your issue. There's any number of reasons why this could be the case.

By Alexis P.

Okay. That happens sometimes

By Alexis P.

Other people can only see your messages on Interpals if they know your password. So don't give people your password and it'll be fine.

By Alexis P.

I'm not really sure. Interpals' search system has always been somewhat temperamental and kinda like a genie in the sense that you always have to make sure you've done everything just right to make sure it gives you what you want.

By Alexis P.

Hi, first usual suspects when one is being blocked/prevented from navigating onto a site can include, double check with your (internet service provider) ISP; whomever the company is that you rely upon to get online. Generally speaking, both in earlier times and still, tho nearly as common present day, so still, (a) company=ISP that is offering net access is the owner of their servers. Accordingly, again, as a general rule, As the providers, operators and owners of the servers, they customize whatever settings and the parameters therein, as they like. Other, out of the gate reasons one can be prevented, blocked, from visiting a site, 1 of the most common and still seen on a rare occasion (more so present day) may likely have something to do with the websites international laws versus some end users state, country location. Additional typical reasons, further, can be anything from a glitch? A tech error? To an oversight, say, if somewhere within the fine print there might be a proof of age needed, matter to any number of things that may also be easy to over look? To be altogether, unaware of readily. Depending on the type of website it is has the potential to cause such an issue. For example, age restrictions? (thus, there might be some documentation somewhere within the pre-intro page And mentioned in say, the fine print, so to speak. Also, the issue could have something to do with 1 or more unknown issues for the end users part e.g. unknown software issue(s) that say, may be running in the background and possibly causing the problem. Possible RESOLVES(?) Best place to start troubleshooting the mystery is definitively, to call your ISP (to include an affirmative suggestion to insist on speaking with someone in upper management (manager? Supervisor? Systems operator(s)?) and not say, first point of contact staff.

By jen a.

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