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I brought a box set from this site and it's totally useless ,took over a month for it to turn up and then open the box , DVDs have just been burnt onto low grade DVDs.
No box set and all pirate,scam scam scam lesson learnt all ways checkout the site before you buy from it.

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Fraudulent...that is all i can say about this site and company. This has to be the single worst transaction experience i have ever been involved. don't pay for expedited shipping because they send regular mail an pocket the money. Horrible, horrible, horrible. MASSIVE SCAM!!

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I ordered a season box set. This company ( if you can even call it that) charged me and never shipped. I checked my order on their site and they had canceled. I then spoke to their site online consultant about the situation. This is the exact conversation thread that we had. I am Visitor and the consultant is Amy...

16:33:06 Thank you for contacting us. An operator will be with you shortly...
16:33:27 Operator Amy joined the chat
16:34:18 Visitor: hello

16:35:21 Visitor: hello
16:35:39 Visitor: !!!???
16:35:42 Amy: what can i do for you?
16:36:55 Visitor: I placed an order on 10/30/2012. I was charged for this order and did not receive the item i had puchased.
16:37:35 Amy: could you please give me your order number?

16:37:52 Visitor: KG12012103014481407051
16:38:04 Amy: wait for a moment
16:41:01 Amy: ALL In The Family Seasons 1-9 DVD Boxset is out of stock at this moment
16:41:38 Amy: please check if you would like to choose another DVDS for instead or we full refund to you
16:44:32 Visitor: No thank you, I only wanted that particular DVD set. I would like a full refund of what I was charged ($80.73), which included a transaction fee of $2.35.
16:45:08 Amy: but we just charged you $ 77.35
16:45:37 Amy: the bank will collect us some handing charged if you refund to you
16:45:59 Visitor: My billing statement on my credit card says otherwise!
16:47:19 Visitor: I was charged two separate transactions. the first was $78.38 and the second was the transaction fee. Where exactly is your company located?

16:49:07 Amy: but we just charged you $ 77.35

16:50:47 Amy: please check if you woulike to accept that we send you ALL In The Family Seasons 1-8 DVD Boxset and refund you the money for season 9
16:51:51 Visitor: Actually that would work for me.
16:54:26 Visitor: Do you recognize the following: SHI SHI SHI YI FU DIAN
This was the name or description of the charge made to my credit card.
16:55:05 Amy: please check if you would like to accept that we send you season 1-8 and refund you $15?
16:56:04 Visitor: Yes I accept that you send me season 1-8 and refund me $15?
16:57:19 Amy: OK. Wewill refund you and send you within 24 hours and give you the trackking number wihtin 2-3 working days
16:57:43 Visitor: Thank you.
16:58:26 Amy: usually it will take you 7-14 working days for the money back to your card
16:59:16 Visitor: Ok, that will be fine.

16:59:31 Amy: OK
17:00:45 Visitor: Am I waiting for some type of confirmation? or are we finished?
17:01:17 Amy: what confirmation
17:01:24 Amy: we have did our deal
17:01:37 Visitor: Thanks, I appreciate your help.
17:02:00 Amy: my pleasure, please feel free to contact us if any further needs
17:12:23 Visitor joined chat again
17:03:18 Operator has connection issues, we temporarily moved you to foreground queue. Sorry for keeping you waiting.
17:12:31 Operator Amy is back
17:14:06 Visitor: Hello again. I have decided to change my mind. Please DO NOT ship the last order of All in the Family Season 1-8. I would just prefer the refund.
17:14:43 Amy: But I am afraid we will collect 10% handing charges as the liquadated damages to our supplier and the third part payment platform if you want to cancel your order.
17:16:21 Visitor: I do not understand. could you please explain?
17:16:53 Amy: explain what? we will collect 10% handing charges as the liquadated damages to our supplier and the third part payment platform if you want to cancel your order.

17:17:24 Amy: please give me a quick reply
17:18:07 Amy: please give me a quick reply we are arranging to ship your package
17:18:22 Amy: please give me a quick reply we are arranging to ship your package
17:18:36 Visitor: well if the order was out of stock to begin with, then i should not have been charged in the first place. I would like my money back please promtly

17:19:00 Amy: please give me a quick reply we are arranging to ship your package
17:19:07 Amy: we will collect 10% handing charges as the liquadated damages to our supplier and the third part payment platform if you want to cancel your order.

17:19:40 Visitor: yes you keep saying that. do not send or arrange any order just refund the amount you charged me
17:20:06 Amy: ok we will refund you 90% within 24 hours
17:20:22 Visitor: I bet you will!
17:20:40 Amy: do you agree?
17:20:44 Visitor: that was sarcasm btw
17:21:01 Visitor: not really, I would like the refund that I deserve
17:21:10 Amy: do you agree or not?
17:21:21 Visitor: not
17:21:37 Visitor: Please refund the full amount
17:21:45 Visitor: thank you
17:21:45 Amy: so we send you 1-8 and refund you 15
17:21:55 Visitor: no
17:21:57 Amy: or we refund you 90%?
17:22:06 Amy: please make a chioce
17:22:26 Visitor: Refund me 90%, you theif
17:22:41 Amy: OK

1 review
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SCAM!!! If I could give them 0 stars I would. I wish I had done my research before purchasing from their site. They informed me that my payment didn't go through, when if fact, I received a statement from my bank that I forwarded to them. Upon receiving the statement, they informed me I owed them an extra $1.50 for reasons I don't know. Still in the process of getting a refund I will likely never see. Bottom line - DO NOT USE THEIR SERVICES!

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Paid $40 for a season of a tv show - never got it; never got a reply from anyone I tried to contact. BEWARE - they are SCAMMERS. No question. Do NOT trust this site!!!!

1 review
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I can't begin to say enough bad things about these folks, the audio/video quality is terrible, they say they will replace the bad disks but when you don't receive the replacements they no longer reply to emails. They sell fraudulent copies recorded from TV sets.

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Total scam! DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS SITE! With all the negative reviews about this fraudulent business stemming from 2012, how are they still allowed to operate? Selling pirated dvds is a Federal crime, so why the hell aren't the Feds shutting them down?!?! Also stay away from The fact they dont have a secure site is a red flag, cant think they are any better. Stick to Amazon. At least you know what you're getting and they're in America.

1 review
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ordered once apon a time second series and drop dead diva 4th series.
they sent me drop dead diva 4th series recorded from the tv and crown of thorns. i complained and they said they would sort it out. i could keep crown of thorns thou. so now its been 1 month and they dont respond when i ask about Once apon a time.

1 review
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The charged me 88.74 for S.O.A DVD box set and I never received anything.

1 review
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Ordered Boardwalk Empire Seasons 1&2 from this site. Received DVD set fairly quickly but noticed that episodes were not in order or missing entirely. Upon careful inspection of the DVD case, noticed grossly misspelled words and realized we've been scammed with pirated DVDs. Tried to get refund to no avail. Tracking # they provided for USPS shipping is non-existent. Finally, to top it off they overcharged my credit card (and from what I read I am not the only one)! DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!

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I ordered the James Bond Collection as a Christmas present for my mom. Processing went ok. Only thing was that instead of a tracking number within 24 hours it took a few days and when I emailed them with inquiries about my shipment their response was in chinese. So, of course I started to think either I'm not getting the dvd set, or get it and be in the wrong language, or it was gonna be some other kind of movie. To my surprise I did get my set before Christmas and the box it came in was very nice. DVD art work on it was good. Best of all, all dvds worked great and were in english. Glad I didnt get scammed. But i dont know with all the other complaints I'll order again from them. Maybe I just got lucky with my shipment.

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Hello there, I just recently purchased a friends box set from hotdvdcollection for $73.21. I'm very happy with this package and would like to buy another one for my friend as a christmas present.

1 review
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Tried to buy the James Bond collection as a Christmas present. I was so excited about the cheap price, but I found out why immediately after I purchased the collection. I did the reviews after. Dumb mistake. They are a scam. Don't purchase anything from them. I quickly cancelled my purchase, but it's been a whirlwind or jumping through hoops and emails. I also contacted my bank because I had a warning pop up saying that a third party could easily read my debit card number. Awesome. My bank said they couldn't cancel the amount until it completely went through, and to contact the seller. So after about ten emails they tell me that they will cancel my purchase, but I still have to pay 10% for damage to their product. This is such crap. Do not order anything from them. If it's too good to be true it is.

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Purchased "THE BEST OF 007 JAMES BOND 22 DISC SET" from this website. Needless to say, the packaging - graphic artwork and grammar was counterfeit and movies were pirated. I have submitted a complaint to the US Customs as I made numberous attempts to contact this company (by the way - SKYPE is the best way to contact them) and finally after talking via SKYPE, I was told "You no refund." Here's the link to US Customs Complaint Center:

1 review
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I ordered a box set, pic of box looked great on the site, ordering was easy, got an email confirmation with my order and a tracking number right away. That is all that went well. It estimated 10-14 days delivery, so about 21 days later I looked on the tracker and it hadn't even left China. I should have known. I emailed them and within a day or so they said it was on its way. Another 2 wks later I get the package and nothing but disappointed upon opening it. the box was cardboard with fabric inside that wasn't even glued. the CD's were in cheap fexible plastic prodectors. The there were scratches on the smooth silver side of a few of the dvds and when I put it into the dvd player, it was grainy like the resolution was bad. The website says 100% satifaction guaranteed, so I promptly wrote and asked for a refund and how to begin the return process. They would not even give me the info. After 3 emails, they only said that they would give me a 10% credit. Obsurd. A 10% credit is what they call 100% satisified I don't think so. DO NOT buy at this site...... They are not to be trusted and do not follow good business practices.

1 review
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my daughter was so excited to receive a box set of Rookie Blue seasons 1&2 only to find they were recorded off of a Detroit television station. While the packaging was awesome the contents were illegal, low quality forgeries. I am in the process of demanding a refund and ready to revoke my Visa payment. STAY AWAY FROM THIS CHINESE ILLEGAL COPYRIGHTING COMPANY!

1 review
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Great DVD,worked perfectly. I would buy again and would highly recommend this website

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Shipping takes a few weeks.
I ordered the 8th season of The Office, when it finally arrived, three out of the 8 disks were messed up in one way or another. Skipping over entire scenes, cutting out scenes. the episodes were obviously copied off TV when they aired. i notified the company, they send me the three disks again stating it was the shipping that caused the defects. three weeks later I received the three disks, to find out that 2 of them were still faulty. one of the disks was not new at all, and could tell because the bottom of the disk was obviously played many times before. i notified the company again, and they said they would send me the two disks again, YEA RIGHT! what a waste of time, they said they would refund me $3 instead of giving me the two disks. i said yea whatever. i REALLY wish i bought the season off of itunes because 1) it would not take this long and 2) there are not skipping or faulty episodes!!!! waste of time, money, i will not buy from this company again!

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I ordered a box set of 30 Rock from for my wife's birthday. It took 4 weeks to get it from China, so I missed her birthday. When I got the disks, none of them would play on any of my devices. I emailed them and told them of my problem, and they said I would have to pay postage to return them to China, and if they say they aren't bad, they won't refund anything. I'll be left with nothing and out $61.50. Here is their response below:


Thamks for your email.
You should cover the postage if you want to return them back and ask for a refund.
We will check all the disks after we received your package. If we found that all diks can play very well. I am afraid it is your faulty and we don't refund you anything, If we noticed that all disks can't play very well/ we will refund you. But you should cover the postage.

Please check if you would like to 10% partial refund to save time and money

Best wishes! "

I am in the process of responding to this, but as you can see, it looks pretty hopeless

531 reviews
1,096 helpful votes

Looks like a counterfeit scam to me. Certainly not a legit business.

1 review
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Super fast transaction, dvd's in great shape, fast shipping, would do business with again.

1 review
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Bought a DVD set from them. One minute of one DVD was viewable, skipped all over the place. Tried in 4 separate dvd players. Terrible quality. Weeks of fighting for a refund proved fruitless. They do not speak English, and when offering a refund, they offer to reimburse 10-15% of your price, and never say where to return the product. I was also offered a new box set, without returning the first purchase. I wanted a refund. No dice. So frustrating to deal with these people. Absolutely a scam.

3,841 reviews
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Internet Online Cheap DVD Collection Scam: Rogue/Fake, Phishing/Scamming, Fraudulent/Spamvertised.

This piracy operation offers to sell high quality DVD's (which they are not) at prices that indicate obvious counterfeit.

- Registrant Contact: pa ke pa ke out of Hong Kong, CH.
- Sites checkout is serviced through PayPal (ensures they get your money).
- User Agreement dated 2011-03-06 states "Welcome to Hotdvdcollecton" (their spelling).
- Site has "NO" contact information, aside from an email address.
- Associated site -
- Do not become their next victim.

These fraudsters are also in the habit of registering lots of domains with identical site contents (or a redirection to a master site), which of course sounds nothing like how a legitimate and reputable company would do business.

1 review
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the quality of the DVDS is excellent!!!!

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I'm afraid i ordered from them before reading your reviews,now what do I do?

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