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GPal has a consumer rating of 1 stars from 7 reviews indicating that most consumers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. GPal also ranks 95th among Payment Processing sites. The most common issues with GPal are around returns, which are more complicated than expected by some customers.

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Top Critical Review

“Like many people, I too have had GPal steal my money...”

Jeff Y.

Like many people, I too have had GPal steal my money by not transferring it to my bank account as requested. Luckily I'm only out about $44 on the transaction and not hundreds or thousands like some people. I emailed GPal about 6 times and never got a reply. I tried calling once, but after about 10 minutes on hold I hung up since I don't have time to waste sitting on the phone. I have filed a claim with the BBB and so far GPal has not responded to their 2 letters either.

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1 review
4 helpful votes
January 24th, 2011
Like many people, I too have had GPal steal my money by not transferring it to my bank account as requested. Luckily I'm only out about $44 on the transaction and not hundreds or thousands like some people. I emailed GPal about 6 times and never got a reply. I tried calling once, but after about 10 minutes on hold I hung up since I don't have time to waste sitting on the phone. I have filed a claim with the BBB and so far GPal has not responded to their 2 letters either.
1 review
5 helpful votes
July 19th, 2010
GPal and it's owner, Ben Cannon are not to be trusted. I haven't been able to get my money for close to a month now. Ben continues to promise to fix the problem and then fail to do it. There're probably thousands of people who are waiting for them to hand over their money. There's no end in site. If you want to make a payment for something online AVOID GPAL.NET!!!!
2 reviews
4 helpful votes
September 14th, 2010
GPAL is nothing but a scam - it been since July and my parents are out $900 and did I mention they are sell their guns because that had a fire in the business and lost everything because who can afford gun insurance..... Thank about insult to injury. No response, just some form email and after you wait on hold for 15 minutes, they hang up so they never have to talk to you. If you ever want to see your money, don't do business with these crooks! Auction Arms and the NRA - how can you stand by and endorse this - shame on you!
1 review
4 helpful votes
July 16th, 2010
Just so everyone out there is aware. Gpal is not to be trusted. I asked for our money to be transferred into my checking account 3 weeks ago. The money has not been transferred. Gpal will not answer their phones, return messages left or respond to their email sent through there support. I have done some investigating on the internet and this is happening to a lot of people. One gentlemen has been cheated out of $3700 and all Gpal has done is threatened to sue him for slander. I have filed a complaint with the FDIC, FTC, FCC, State Attorney General and the better business bureau. If anyone wants information or copies of the info from Gpal contact me right away. Below is a copy of the complaint filed with the FDIC. Beware of this company. They have caused me undo hardship by not transferring our money when requested. There own website states it takes 2-7 business days not 3 weeks. As for Gpal calling or threatening to sue us for slander bring it on. I hope Gunbroker will be open minded about my posting since I have been a customer and seller with them for many years. Complaint Filed: I want to file a complaint against a company in California called Gunpal; now called Gpal. My business used them as an electronic payment service on the recommendation of another company. They have almost $1800 of my money in an account that was opened via there website. There website says money transfers take 2-7 business days. I requested a $251 transfer to be put into my checking account on 6-29-10 and another $500 was requested on 7-4-10. As of this date no money has been transferred. I have tried to call there 1-800 support phone number many times and can not get through, get disconnected or get a recording. I emailed there support staff many times requesting contact with no response. I have since searched the internet and discovered many other people are having the same problem. One gentlemen in particular was cheated out of $3700. This company needs to be investigated immediately before many more people get ripped off. Please do something about this company asap. Please contact me immediately for copies of all the transactions and records. Thank you,
2 reviews
4 helpful votes
June 22nd, 2010
Gpal is listed as a way to transfer funds for purchases or to anyone else. I opened an account and sold an item. They collected the money from the seller but I havent been able to get anyone to transfer the funds to my bank account.. All you get on their website is a voicemail. They won't return the call. Its a rip off.
1 review
7 helpful votes
October 25th, 2010
I spoke to the organization on one occassion and received an answer to my repeated emails once. I set up one account and then another based on the promises received. However, I have received a $121 payment only to see that it was to be transferred but I have not seen it yet. Further, on the other account when I go to log in it fails on the second screen so I can't even access my account. I like everyone else have send numerous, repeated emails getting nothing but the same autoresponder. I have called, waited 15 minutes only to be cut off. This feels like a scam indeed. I have recommended many of my friends to move to GPAL and now I am seriously sorry. I also have filed a complaint with the gov.
1 review
5 helpful votes
November 3rd, 2010
Do Not use Gpal! Do yourself a favor and run far away from Gpal. These people are dishonest and will keep any money transferred into your Gpal account. I never would have believed it possible, but it happened to me. I had $200 sent to my Gpal account and I requested a transfer of that money to my bank account on the same day. That was 22 days ago and I still haven't seen my money. Here's an actual copy of a complaint that I filed with the bbb.org of California today:

On October 12th, 2010 my daughter sent me a money gift of $200.00 thru gpal.net. After gpal took their fees from the amount I had a balance of $194.10 in my Gpal account. On that same day Oct. 12th,2010 I requested a transfer $194.10 to my bank account which is on file with Gpal. GPal Transaction ID: (# omitted for privacy) According to the terms on their website: https://www.gpal.net/gp?req=withdraw-money It states that money will be transferred into my bank account in 2-7 days. It's now been 22 days and I have emailed them many times with no results, they have not and will not release my money to my account. I have tried to call them day and night for over a week and they don't answer their phone no matter what time of day it is. In fact when you dial their number, after a brief time the call automatically disconnects every time. You can try this yourself: *******725 but it doesn't go through. I have received a couple of "Automated" email responses from them in relation to Support Tickets I opened with them: Support Ticket #(omitted) (Oct 28, 2010) and Support Ticket #(Omitted) (Oct 26, 2010) on 10/29/2010 I had an actual person respond on #(Omitted) twice. Once to say they needed more info to release funds and speed the process up. (which I promptly provided within minutes). The 2nd was an email that "Thank you ma'am." And that's it! I haven't heard a word since then, and the money is still not in my bank account. I believe that this organization stole my money, and has no intention to release my funds into my bank account. I've now read multiple accounts online of Ben Cannon (Gpal Owner) keeping money that is sent through his website and never releasing it again. How can this be? Why isn't Ben Cannon in prison? I'm boiling angry and hope that something can be done to wring my money out of this guy. Because I know one thing, I'm not giving up or going away, it's the principal of the matter now. Shame on Ben Cannon & Gpal! My husband and I have been out of work for over a year and desperately need the money, now I find it's been stolen from us. After I get done writing this complaint with you, I do plan to fill out a complaint with the Attorney General. Can you tell me if I have to file my complaint with the Texas or California Atty General? Also, if you know of any Class action lawsuits against Gpal that I can join up with, please let me know. I really need your help, this organization needs to be investigated and stopped from stealing other people's money

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Are there any class action lawsuits they we can join in with against Gpal.net? I've filed a complaint with the bbb.org of California. I plan to open a complaint with the Attorney General's Office. What else can I do to make sure Gpal.net doesn't get away with stealing my money? I don't plan on giving up until I get satisfaction from this company. I and many others are now victims of fraud from this company and they need to be held accountable.

By Jodi A.

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