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There are a lot of nice people on this site but the owners and administrators, in particular Lindsay, are abusive and unstable.

The site is plastered with ads which are often moving and flashing. The site is obviously making money off the advertising but still solicits donations, which bothers me. I found another site which is ad free and prefer this.

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The site owner, Lindsay, is an abusive and unstable person. Sometimes it sounds like her sense of reality is pretty distorted, hence she definitely shouldn't be an admin on a mental health peer support forum. Misogyny is rampant on these boards, yet members asking for e.g. name change get scolded. The atmosphere was better some years ago, when there were a few sensible mods around who actually cared for the people of the community. Nowadays this site is a hellhole and I'd never recommend it to anyone suffering from a mental illness.

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I'm pretty disgusted. Certain members can post negative comments about other members, or hate on women and nothing gets done. I get a vile member who preys on vulnerable people, nearly push me over the edge and he gets protected, it is all swept under the carpet, yet his posts slandering a member stays. Very damaging atmosphere, toxic. Also no links aloud, but link asking for money for member of staff is, sounds iffy.

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This place is rampant with abuse, from the site owner, to the members to a few of the site moderators. I had a very bad experience on this site and will NOT be returning. I got in trouble for reacting to someone else's extremely rude and harsh comments towards me by a heavy handed moderator, while that person skated away scott free. This particular moderator seems to change her mind frequently and cannot decide how she wants to be. I've seen her initially support a member who is getting abused, then punish that same member for not letting the conversation die, clearly being upset about it. I had been a member a while there, and experienced toxicity from many members. It made my mental health worse, not better. They also seem to ban members they simply don't like. Unfair treatment. They make up TOS that are not even written.

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This skte is great in the setup, much of the content, many of the members of the community there and what you can do. However, the site has been around for a decade or more, a lot of the material that has been posted in that time has not been organized or edited. Just about any information you might be looking for is hard to find. Users can be quite informative, supportive, uplifting and sympathetic. However, the people who run the site ARE irrational and verbally abusive. The volunteer moderators are not getting paid and are essentially her "hench men." They are quite heavy-handed on the site and abuse their power frequently. While most of the users are pretty nice, some can be quite manipulative and malicious. I ultimately found that my mental health was better off by not spending time on the site. It's a pretty unfortunate thing. Hope this is helpful.

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I posted something on that anhedonia subforum last year. It was horrible. People there said anhedonia is not a part of depression because depressed people can still happy. That is so wrong. And some people often talk bad things about their own therapists because they think their therapists are stupid and the people on those forum are mental health experts.

Lack of supportive people on that relatively small forum, and the forum mods are not active there either. Don't trust that site, guys. There are lots of better support forums on the internet.

I go to now, they're way much better. Lots of supportive people who are willing to listen. This is not a promotion, by the way. It's up to you whether you want to check it or not.

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Beware. The top admin administrator of this site, Lindsay, is a mental psycho case who should NOT be running a site for mental health support. She clearly does not understand nor follow the simple and basic rules of mental health services herself: compassion, understanding, and support. She is abusive towards members for minor incidents, she far overreacts in situations of conflict, is not objective, and is not supportive when someone is clearly in serious need of mental health support. She clearly has some serious mental health issues herself that interfere with her ability to remain objective and compassionate towards members. She should not be running this site!!! I give one star because the members themselves are for the most part truly wonderful, along with the website moderators, but the site owner should not be in mental health services, so beware!!!

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I was a member for several uneventful weeks. That was until I posted a question about why there is no discussion on a relevant topic. A couple of persons posted that discussions about depressionforums itself was not allowed. Fine. I posted something to the effect that that is stupid, I am done, delete my account. I sent a message to the administrators to delete my account. I thought it was all over. I was in for a surprise.

I received multiple page long abusive emails from the owner of the website going into great detail about why I am the world's worst person. As a sign of peevish childishness he told me he was refusing to delete my account he will ban me instead. Fine. I thought it was all over.

After I was banned I have still received long abusive emails detailing how awful I am. I have told him to leave me alone, never contact me again and stop the harassment. He has refused.

If you have depression that last thing you should do is go to this website run by bizarre abusive persons.

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I had a similar experience the first time I posted. I wanted to share a success story about a medication that others were interested in. Part of my post made mention of pretty bad headaches I got with draft beer and red wine. The words "beer" and "wine" got auto-changed to "alcohol" which made no sense at all! I thought I was crazy, and that maybe I was just tired and kept typing the word "alcohol"! It also confused me into thinking that the editing function was broken.

I came back an hour later and was unable to edit my post any longer. I started to ask the mods for help, and each time the story was the same: sure, I can help. Then I would give them my corrected text and they would just disappear. It's now 24 hours later and I have approached 7 moderators without success! I have now asked the board admin for help, which surely will ring the death knell for my account there.

The only useful info I have found out so far is that the forum software is set to replace the names of types of alcohol with the generic term "alcohol". This, according to site policy, is to prevent fragile ethanol abusers from hearing the trigger-word that their CIA handlers have implanted in them via mind-control techniques. Say "wine", "beer", or "Hennessy" and they will reflexively top themselves. FFS.

Update: I ended up in their "moderation queue" for being a troublemaker. As others have said, this heavy-handed approach is no way to treat people who come and give freely of their time for the benefit of other people in need.

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This website is horrible, which is a shame because there are a lot of terrific people on there who I wish I could talk to some more.

On my first day, one of my posts was moderated. I replied to somebody who mentioned they want to stab themselves in the chest. They removed any reference I made to the act. I understood this at first, because there ARE suicidal people reading who might feel urged to hurt themselves.

But it just kept going from there. Nitpick after nitpick.

Their censorship policies are also very questionable.
At one point, I misspelled "post" as "pot" and noticed it was auto-changed to "urn." I questioned this, and they said that discussion of drugs is more or less forbidden on the forums. I found this hilarious due to the fact that not only is a "pot" a common kitchen utensil (and a topic that could come up in every day conversation,) but "urn" is nowhere close to being a suitable replacement for the word, and that for some, urn could be a reminder of death and a trigger.

I got a very snarky response back, this time from the founder of the site (meaning the person I spoke with about it actually relayed it back, as if I was some sort of a problem member) telling me nobody is forcing me to use this site, and that I'm lucky my username ("joshdammit" which she let me know she found offensive) wasn't changed, and that my "demands" are "unreasonable." She explained away her reasoning behind why "urn" is a suitable word ("you can also pour water in an urn." OH YOU CAN?) and ended with sarcastic "We hope you find this definition of the word suitable. We go out of our way to make sure you are 'comfortable.'"

Inexcusable behavior from the owner of a site that encourages its users to purchase premium subscriptions.

On top of this, the site is atrocious to use, bogged down with ads and needless coding, and difficult to navigate.

I will never return to this site again.

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I have bad experience in this site too, I recieved a disappointing private message. I didn't reply to try to reason with them, coz I don't think things will get better, and also I don't want to go on and on. But instead I got a second letter from another staff, which is very firely. I was total shock that they would send me a second letter.

They falsely accuse me and blame me. But there was nothing to be blame.

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I wouldn't discuss the colour of orange juice with the admin of this website.

I was given a "warning" for daring to discuss with an admin (very clearly and abuse free) why I had started a particular thread under a particular section. When I then tried to message one of her peers about it I was sent back a "ROFL smiley" and told not to waste his time. When I told the website owner about this I was banned from the website altogether. No explanation no discussion. Poor.

You would think being a depression website they would be a bit more understanding but nope!

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the website used to be ok until they started treating their members poorly. If you are looking for support for depression and anxiety or any of the other issues they feature on the website you would be better going to a better website like

The people there are more caring and have more care for their members

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