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33 Bronze Pointe North
Belleville, IL 62226, US
Tel: +91 98282 35996

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1 review
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Where do I even begin? The Google login doesn't even work anymore because they never updated to the new Oauth standard so good luck if you never set an account password and want to get back in. Speaking of passwords I had forgotten mine and went to "forgot password" expecting to be sent a link to enter a new password. No, instead they just emailed me my password in freaking plaintext. I don't even know where to begin on how horribly stupid that is, and if the site wasn't so bad already in terms of security I could almost forgive the lack of two factor authentication.

1 review
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When I first saw this website, it was a few years ago. I thought it would be a great website for debating. But as I got legitimately involved in the community, I realized this is not a good place to discuss your thoughts and opinions at all. The moderators don't give a ****, they are allowing it to become a safe haven for trolls. Alrighty, someone disagrees with you. They want an honest and civil discussion right? Nope, chances are, they're probably going to gang up on you and try to stalk and bully you into leaving the site. And I've seen this happen too often. It's not even about debating anymore, most of the members just want a platform to loudly shout "I/WE ARE CORRECT".

Oh, and did I forget to mention that the website has more bugs than a beehive, and there is a lot of spam?

Derek v.
1 review
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At first when I saw the site it looked"normal" honest plain spoken not scholars but your average discussion forum to debate on social issues in a simplistic manner so I joined suddenly it became teenage troll heaven/ and stuffy pompous asses with degrees showing off the brain muscle power of intimidation perhaps those are two modes of getting rid of you if I wanted a discourse I would read a book on the subject so I went to deactivate bc you cant delete and where it said deactivate there was a note saying hate to see you go but glad to see you leave Castro troy face/ off 1997 spooky glad I removed myself permanently and will not go on any of them same for quora they like humiliating and mocking you oh yes the end is near bye

5 reviews
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I was told by several neocons that I don't have the right to live, and that it would be better if I could die instead. I bet some of these people claim they are making America greate again.

7 reviews
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The UN doesn't need to launch any ground troop invasions and they haven't. They have turned to the internet as their medium of choice and flood it with useless propaganda as many are brainwashed from the schools since the 1950s and 60s. Now they arefilled with more trash from sites like where it's all one sided debates just like in school if you speak up you are sent away.

I am not sure where there is going to be an escape when the chip is in place and enforced other then hide in the mountains as long as you can. This site and and others are examples of good being bad and bad being good. Just like the bible scriptures. Weird huh? We had signs in the sky literally in the last few years including last year in September.

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Since I have won a debate that has proven that families literally ate their own children as a Christmas roast after slaughtering them for not believing in Christmas, or best known as "The Roast Game," Flamers and spammers commonly raged and left DDO, but most recently, KwLm and Minddagger started this "war on the roast game" called "TARGO" or "The Anti-Roast Game Organization" to spam me off the website, I find the reviews of this ridiculous website very helpful and it has cooled me down so dramatically. These trolls that raged and left DDO after refusing to accept their noob debate challenges denying the fact, which is The Roast Game.

Link to debate:

I had many successful polls proving right The Roast Game, like asking if they agree that families, like the ones they are a part of, ate their own children, 60% said yes, and only 40% said no.

This is the worst website ever, and I wish I will never go back to that website ever again.

Tip for consumers: Don't even go to that site now or ever.

1 review
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1/2/18 is one of the worst opinion based websites from my experience.

The polls section doesn't really bother me too much, there isn't anything wrong with it, other than the fact few people use it since it is so buggy.

However, first off, the debates section is riddled with disgusting or just plain dumb debates. Many of the serious debates get hijacked by trolls. Not only this but when a user sees they are losing, they can simply just not respond and poof, the debate ends in a tie. Also, many voters will only vote for people on their side and many debates are rigged since debaters typically have a few friends waiting to vote for them, and many in the opinions and forums sections make threads just so they can insult people who disagree with them.

12 reviews
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Before we get into the community, I just want to point out that the website is poorly set up, and it will constantly give you errors when you try to access pages. The debates section is inactive, and most of the "debates" are young members holding ridiculous contests (e.g. TV Character vs TV Character, best joke, etc) and troll debates (e.g. vi_spex and crap like "morality= survival truth"), rather than serious discussion such as religion or politics. Even then, in what is meant to be serious discussion, people will troll you if they don't like what you're discussing and votebomb you because they want their friend to win a debate, and also there have also been many instances of noob sniping in the very few serious debates (when a skilled debater challenges a noob knowing they will win it.), with new debaters flooding in from the Polls and Opinions sections. The moderation team is both strict and biased. The head moderator Airmax holds a list of favorites and refuses to ban them if they break the rules. Most of those are people who voted for him before the whole Prexit drama, and this includes active bullies and trolls such as YYW and Imabench. Voting moderator whiteflame has a dictatorial voting policy, and his strict moderation has been abused to the point in which it has hurt debate quality, since people would rather win by reporting votes than with arguments, and alot of the votes he takes down are serious votes and I rarely see him taking down actual votebombs. Atleast PetersSmith takes her moderation seriously. Most of the activity on the site comes from the forums section. Important forums such as Philosophy lack activity, and it's usually the same exact group of people in more active serious forums. The most active threads are usually playful threads such as mafia games or "last comment wins!", and many users have accounts purely to spend their time in these forums. They might as well make this a redirect to at this point. I will give an extra star for the few serious people left. In other words, the minimum amount of stars. I would never use this website if you wish to have serious discussion. There are many alternatives to which exist, and if you want a serious forum to discuss serious topics, then try out one. DebateIsland is a personal favorite. On an unrelated note, I wouldn't be suprised if "kibbelt C." is just one of their staff members writing a false review. And on another note, have you noticed that most of the positive reviews are from years ago? Exactly. This website was one an excellent debating forum, and now it's basically a bunch of kids lying about their age and teenagers spamming and discussing unimportant bullcrap.

This website is basically Sodahead, just stay away.

1 review
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The moderation on this site is poor, and it seems to attract psychopaths and sociopaths who have nothing better to do than to bully people with mental health issues. Two trolls, YYW and imabench, are particularly toxic. Imabench specifically has threatened to murder and rape teenaged girls on the site simply for having political disagreements with him, and YYW has harassed numerous members in astonishingly hypocritical and toxic ways. He even called a member creepy and said that the member made his skin crawl and probably would be inappropriately touching people at Youth groups. YYW very specifically targets people for their insecurities and accuses people of having mental health disorders, likely because he has one himself (which is why his family has cut off all contact with him, as he admits. They were so horrified at having raised a sociopath that they kicked him out of the house). Hopefully the moderators deal with these trolls so that the site can flourish.

1 review
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Don't bother with The site doesn't even load 90% of the time and there is a lot of moderation. Freedom of speech is unheard of.

2 reviews
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This site used to be cool. A place to test your debating skills and logic against people of all different beliefs, a key point was the ability to express yourself freely without having to worry about getting punished/silenced for making an unpopular opinion, as most sites do. However the moderators started to show a left-leaning biased, in the form of allowing fellow Leftists to break the rules and vote brigade, while permanently banning right-wingers for minor infractions, or just on the basis point of them being "racist". Racist being a blanket term the moderators use to ban anyone the they don't like.

Now a few years later, with honest discussion being mostly snuffed out. Popularity has shrunk, and only the leftist "intellectual" hoards / young children remain, festering in an echo chamber safe space. If you try to debate on an issue they don't like, or if you are taking a stance on an issue that deviates from the Leftist paradigm, they will troll you and downvote your comments en masse.
If you are an especially good right-wing debater, and aren't phased by the massive downvotes / appeal to authority and emotion arguments, you'll soon find yourself banned.

1 review
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I just wanted to puke when I read one of the four star reviews for this site written by kibbelt C. The brain dead idiot first said ys how the moderators are dictatorial and then goes on to lavish praises of how they are fair and open to dispute. This is true idiocy people!
I wrote a huge opinion piece on illegal immigrants in this country. No swear words - no racism. It never showed up on the site. My opinion was censored by those wonderful dictatorial moderators.
There is a quote "debate" on this site regarding whether or not we should have freedom of speech and it speaks volumes. The worthless bleating sheep who support censorship are winning this farce they call a debate! Who needs freedom of speech right????
This site is a training ground for brainwashed teenagers. Move along and don't waste your valuable time trying to debate with the narrow minded slush brains this site is infested with.

1 review
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Horrendous. Moderation doesn't care about you unless you're among their favorites, and applies double standards (banning people for minor offenses, but letting bullies like YYW, who regularly berates people to fulfill his sociopathic tendencies in spite of his lack of reading comprehension, get off scot-free).

The "favorites" are sanctimonious arsholes, and the vast majority of the userbase incorrigible sheep who eat it up because they're too unintelligent to think for themselves. The site president is a sh1t-eating, patronizing figurehead, but people herald him as an intellectual of sorts. But he is nothing of the kind. The same goes for the site head's administrator. Both are reprehensible hypocrites, and it's embarrassing for the website that either position any semblance of "authority."

Don't waste your time. You won't find intelligent content, just a "community" of stupid kids spamming the forums and playing stupid, useless mafia to stroke their own inflated egos, which shouldn't exist because they're on an online debating website.

1 review
7 helpful votes

This is a silly site for mainly whinny teenagers who complain if you question their dishonest debating techniques, e.g., plagiarism. Plagiarism and others forms of debate cheating are rampant; but, the member/voters are too immature and uneducated to care. And, DDO does not moderate or judge the debates, it is left completely up to the voting members. So, almost anything goes, and it goes unchecked.

DDOs software does block most common swear words, as long as they are in English. However, if you want to upload a picture in a debate that has profanity on it, e.g., I throw my hands up in the air sometimes Saying AYOOO Iam a $#*!ing Turtle that is OK, which was done by Mikal in a recent debate. Airmax1227 response when this was reported was that it wasnt that important, which I am sure the owners of DDO would not agree with.$#*!ing+Turtle/

Most debates are won by in-group/friend bias, i.e., if you have the most friends, you will win most debates.

Censorship is high, mainly by Airmax1227, the head moderator or the head member of DDOs Gestapo. He was elected twice as site president and owes many favors to those who elected him. He will take sides with those members in all disputes. He will defend his favorites, e.g., Thett3, YYW, Subutai, Sargon, etc. even if they are wrong. Airmax1227 does not enforce the rules he creates uniformly. It is really a joke. His rulings are final; there is no appeal.

Ninety percent of the debates are silly debates (e.g., Rap battles, best super heroes, best Yo Mama Joke, etc.) by teenagers or younger.

The average number of voters/judges on these debates is two members; the median number of voters is one, and usually no one votes on the debates, mainly because they are silly debates. Many of these debates where no members vote are debates done by members who have no friends at the site, so nobody votes for them. Again, most debates are won by the debaters that have the most friends.

Fifty-six percent of the members that join dont fill out their profiles with their ages.

DDO claims to have 148,101 members, but have only had 37,935 debates in 5 years. And, many members do from 10 to 22 debates or more per month. Probably less that 200 of those 148,101 members are active members that debate on a regular basis. Those that do participate most frequently are teenagers.

Most of those 148,101 members are inactive members, but DDO does not publish those numbers. DDO does not purge inactive members, e.g., my wife joined 8 months ago and never posted anything. DDO does not purge inactive members because it needs to prove to it advertisers and potential advertisers that it has a high volume of members so they will continue to advertise or become advertisers. The amount of advertising at DDO is problematic and a joke. Again, DDO is not devoted to debating and having fairly judged debates.

Dont bother joining this site, you will be disappointed, unless you are an immature teenager.

19 reviews
135 helpful votes

They really went downhill. Before it was interesting, now it's close to Sodahead. Jesus Christ, dude. If I want to debate, I rather socialize with people outside. Just stay away from this.

40 reviews
131 helpful votes

This is the China of the Internet. The level of censorship is very high here. And if the moderators don't like what you said, they will edit your post and make it look like you said something stupid. I know this, I had it happen and it was highly embarassing since I couldn't do anything about it. You are not allowed to cuss, which is crap. They act like if someone cusses then all 7 levels of unholy hell will break lose and fissures will open up in the earth, swallowing cars, buildings, and people whole whilst simultaneously causing children to start dying in droves, and bodies will start blocking out the sun as disease spreads faster than an STD at a condom-free sex party.

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Because that is the true way the website can really exist, other than preventing their website from decomposition.

By Bryan M.
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