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CellUnlocker.net has a consumer rating of 4.42 stars from 1,164 reviews indicating that most consumers are generally satisfied with their purchases. CellUnlocker.net also ranks 3rd among Unlocked Phones sites.

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This company responds to reviews on average within 5 hours

Positive reviews (last 12 months): 80%
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What reviewers want you to know

Positive highlights

  • They indicate that they send the code within 24 hours 95% of the time.
  • Great service that I would gladly recommend to anyone.

Critical highlights

  • Why is it so difficult to talk with your customer service on the phone?
  • So they say 1 to 5 hours for the code, i just past the 24hour mark and still have nothing.
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Top Positive Review

“Worth Every Penny!”

Luke A.

Worked like a charm! At first, I was a bit skeptical of this site because it's a paid service, but they more than exceeded my expectations. I got my unlock code for my Samsung Galaxy S5 Active (SM - G870A) within two business days, and it worked perfectly. I never thought it'd be this easy to unlock my AT&T-only smartphone. Very professional and very friendly customer service. This is by far the best deal out there for unlocking your smartphone. Definitely a trustworthy company.

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Top Critical Review


Flavio M.

IPHONE LOCKED I paid my ID 3339809, received a reply within 15 days stating that my iphone has no code to be passed and after I did the procedure it did not unlock, I found on another website that the device is still locked! They don't answer my emails and it shows me that they didn't act professionally and transparently! I don't want to think it's "BANG"!!

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1 review
8 helpful votes
August 10th, 2018
I read somewhere that they don't unlock US purchased phones if they are purchased after 13 feb 2013. Is it true ?
1 review
1 helpful vote
February 23rd, 2015
Overall, this is a good deal on an unlock code. However, do not use them if you're in a rush or care about customer service. My code took almost twice as long as it was supposed to, almost all emails went unanswered, and if you call them for support their automated system hangs up on you. One email reply I DID receive apologized for the delay and promised my code by the end of that day, which didn't happen. If you read their Facebook page you'll see a disturbing number of people who never got codes at all. Ultimately in my case I did receive my code and it worked.
1 review
0 helpful votes
October 17th, 2015
I have a Blackberry Curve 9320 with 'second' generation security. I first sent the company an email telling them, and asking if they could unlock the phone. They said yes and it would cost $7.99 for a code. It failed. We again exchanged emails, they said they could do it, but the second codes sent to me also failed. Finally they advised an unlock for my phone would cost $20 total to use another 'alternative' database. I agreed, paid, and the third code finally unlocked the phone. The good is that they were finally successful. The bad is that they should have been able to serve me much better because right at the start I specifically told them I had a phone with the special security requirement. They need much better coordination between 'sales', 'service' and 'technical' to avoid these frustrations.
1 review
4 helpful votes
October 1st, 2015
It's been two weeks and I still haven't received my code. I've contacted through online chatting and I am told that they are working on it and I should receive it by end of the week. Let's See!
10 reviews
45 helpful votes
March 28th, 2013
The code worked but it took too much time to send it to me, I thought I've lost indeed my money for a while.
1 review
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February 12th, 2013
"Good support and difficult time unlocking a phone"

I processed two unlock codes for two Samsung I897 Captivate.
For the 1st phone the unlock code worked right away. This experience was outstanding and I'm happy with this outcome.
2nd phone. I didn't work with the unlock code. I submitted several videos. Opted to buy the defreeze code. I got a refund for the first unlock code transaction. The defreeze code ever worked. I sent videos and the support started to send late replies. Left out with no option. I did have to send the phone to Samsung for software reflash. During that process, Samsung repaired some components on the phone and send it back to me. I had to pay Samsung about 70 USD to get it back
When I received the phone the unlock code worked right away.
I think that the fair thing to do is to pay just for the unlock code. I've ever used a defreeze code for my phone to get unlocked.
1 review
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August 16th, 2015
EDIT: I have kept my email correspondence below, because I think it is worth knowing before working with CellUnlocker. I feel this business has done lots of good work with others and would like to think my experience is a one-off. If you read the emails below, please read all the way to the bottom, as my issues and all of my complaints have been taken care of to my satisfaction as you will read.

Here is email correspondence following my lack of any help and service from CellUnlocker.net:


Email: to me, June 27th
Hello Jeremy Friesen!

Our records show your Phone Unlocking service has been completed, is everything working out okay for you so far?

We just wanted to send you a quick follow up E-mail regarding our Unlocking Services (www.cellunlocker.net). It looks like we have sent you the results already via E-Mail.

You can also check the results here: http://www.cellunlocker.net/order-tracking.php

Are you having any problems so far? Or is it working out fine for you so far? Have we resolved all your issues yet?

If we are still corresponding with you to resolve any issues that you are currently having, please do not worry as our staff will be working hard to resolve this.

It is important for us to know if our services met your expectations!

If there was anything that wasn't up to expectations or any concerns/suggestions at all, please free to reply to this email and we will try our best to resolve this for you and our Customer Care department will take care of you.

However, if you were happy with our services and everything worked out fine, would you mind giving us 5 minutes of your time and leaving us some feedback on a couple of sites?

We would REALLY APPRECIATE it as we are trying to build some positive feedback about our company (Just follow the links)

1.Trust Pilot
2.Review Center
3.Cellunlocker.net Testimonials
4.Web of Trust

*If you have already done this OR we are still working on unlocking your Phone's Network, please don't worry about it and thank you.

Thanks once again for your business and support, We recognize customer loyalty!

Also if you have a Business related to phones or buy phones in bulk sign up for our Cellunlocker.net Partner Program. You will receive Unlock Codes and Services exclusively to Cellunlocker.net Partners at a discounted rate.


If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact us:

Call us: *******077 (Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm PST)


E-mail us: *******@cellunlocker.net anytime.

- Cellunlocker.net Customer Care Support Team


Have a Wonderful Day!

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Email: from me, June 30th
Hello, I just got back from my trip. I never received the unlock code for my cell phone in either of my email addresses. Furthermore, my cell phone provider unlocked my phone for free. Furthermore, I was sent an email on Thursday (June 11th) stating that you would need to use another database to find my code and that that could take an additional 1-2 business days. To which I responded that I'm leaving on my trip on the upcoming weekend (June 13th) so I'd like to cancel the request. In response, you sent an email asking if I'm sure, as the timeline would provide me with the unlock code on Friday. Hearing this I agreed.

Having not yet received a code, having my phone already unlocked by my provider (which I did on June 13th just before I left), and having gotten no response on June 12th (when I was told I would have the code), I feel it is fair that I be refunded my money.

CellUnlocker looks to me like a great service that many should use, but only if they are not on a tight deadline. I think this should be added to your approach when dealing with customers.

Thank-you for getting back to me, I appreciate your correspondence.

Email: to me, June 30th
Hi Jeremy,

We sent you the code last week to this email. Did you not receive it?

Here was a copy of that:

Please let us know if you did not receive this at all. Please make sure to check junk folders...


Email: from me, June 30th
I did not receive it. I am an application developer and very familiar with both computers and how my email works. I don't know how it is possible that you have receipt of sending me an email that I never received. Furthermore, I never received this product at all, let alone on the timeline indicated. As I have not even received any code provided by CellUnlocker and my cell phone is already unlocked (by my provider, for free). I respectfully request a refund.

Jeremy Friesen

Email: to me, June 30th
Hi there,

We are all familiar with computers and how emailing works too.
We also received confirmation from our email server the email was sent.

Our refund policy can be viewed again, here:

Unfortunately we will not be able to refund this device without the video agreed upon at check out.

The most we can do is offer you a store credit of the same value for a future order.

Thank you

Email: from me, June 30th
As per your policy. Please relock my handset and give me a refund. I never received the product that I purchased, and I no longer require it.

Email: to me, June 30th
Hi there,

There are no refunds specifically for orders where the customer does not to use our unlocking services anymore after the order has been placed.

The best we can do is offer to unlock a different device, however there may not be a refund.


Email: from me, June 30th
Given the conversation on June 11th between myself and a representative of CellUnlocker, I feel that this is not fair and should be reviewed by someone who can consider the circumstances.
On June 11th, I was emailed and told that CellUnlocker was unable to find my unlock code and asked for permission to search another database. I was told the search would take between 1-2 business days.
That same day I responded that I was leaving on a trip that Saturday (June 13th) and did not have time to wait for the unlock code.
I was then told by CellUnlocker to reconsider, and that the code would be provided to me the following day (June 12th).
On Saturday, June 13th (the day I left for my trip), having not received any email with an unlock code, I went to ISP to pay them to unlock my phone. To my surprise they (MTS Manitoba) said that given my contract with them, they were willing to unlock my phone for free.
I now have an unlocked phone. It did not require your product (which I have still not even received).
Here's my situation, as I see it. I have paid you for a product that:
I never received
I no longer have a need for
Was not provided to me within the timeline discussed
Tell me exactly how it is you feel, given this information that I am not entitled to a refund. I have given you money, and received absolutely nothing for it. Furthermore, even if I were to now receive your product I no longer have a need for it as my phone is unlocked and I am no longer travelling.

The email thread referred to has the Subject line "Unlock Code", sent from this email to *******@cellunlocker.net, on June 11th.

Email: from me, August 16th
Given that I have not yet received a response to this email since laying out my case, I feel I have no choice but to inform other users of the service received here. In an effort to remain fair, I have chosen to review your services on only one review site.

It can be found here: http://www.sitejabber.com/reviews/www.cellunlocker.net#1120

I would prefer to resolve this issue between us, and do not wish to bring others into it. However, no response to my final email tells me that you are not listening. I haven't forgotten about the service I've received, and do not intend to be ripped off. Should I continue to be ignored and not treated with respect, you should expect more reviews, on more sites.

When I first found CellUnlocker, I was wary of the service I might receive, so I looked at sitejabber.com to see what both the positive and the negative reviews had to say about you. It was mostly good, so I believed you were a company that would follow through on its agreements. I feel that I was mistaken and want to do what I can to make sure others are not so easily fooled.

Email: to me, August 17th
Hi Jeremy,

I'm very sorry for the inconvenience. I'm not sure why you didn't receive a response from your last email.

I do see within your email threads you did inform us you needed the code by the 13th.

Your order has been refunded. You should see the refund reflect in your account within the next 7 business days.

Thank you

Email: to me, August 17th

I will reconsider my review given this new information. I appreciate your consideration of the situation.

Tip for consumers: I have kept my email correspondence in this review, because I think it is worth knowing before working with CellUnlocker. I feel this business has done lots of good work with others and would like to think my experience is a one-off.

If you read the emails below, please read all the way to the bottom, as my issues and all of my complaints have been taken care of to my satisfaction as you will read. There are some reviews that claim this company is a scam. I would like to state that, they

Q&A (101)


Hey , If you have a order with them send them the no of your order and the issue you wanna resolve and they will respond you . I never call them just chat and emailed them and they did answer me

By Marcel M.
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You will have to set up your outgoing and incoming settings. You'll also need to find the correct APN or VPN settings on your mobile carrier website.

By darek j.
See more answers (2)

How long does it take to unlock an iPhone 11 Pro Max.

By Devon W.
See more answers (8)

All I can say is that I had no trouble unlocking my BlackBerry phone by following the instructions. They followed up on my experience the next day to see if I had any problems. You need a sim card to connect to the Virgin network. You can get this at a Virgin Mobile store or on line. You can go on line to sync your phone and follow the instructions.

By Ken M.
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I travel a lot and I have owned many cellphones. I have always found the network providers to be really uncooperative regarding unlocking "their" phones. Yesterday my sister needed her phone unlocked and we were in a hurry so I went online and found Cellunlocker. The website is really clear, it cost less than $20.00 Canadian, and I had my sister's phone unlocked in less than an hour. The entire process was very easy, I think if people are struggling, it's because they haven't taken the time to read the directions. Measure twice, cut once!! Highly recommended.

By Rosemary K.
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1 to 2 days and then a, matter of minutes

By Tiffany c.
See more answers (5)

Thank you!

By Cellunlocker -.,
See more answers (4)

you have to go to their site, where you can know if your imei is good and can be unlocked. If they can't unlock they'd refund the money back. Sure.

By besci j.
See more answers (4)

Honestly man I haven't gotten anything in the past 72hrs and I am starting to believe this is a scm.

By luis g.
See more answers (3)

Yes I agree supply and demand think of the last time you sold something if you ever have would you have asked for more if you thought u would get it....?

By Tiffany c.
See more answers (3)

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