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Review of Speedy Paper: Very dishonest, low quality work
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Very dishonest, low quality work
December 4th, 2016
This is not a simple "buyer's remorse". Without taking so long, the quality initially was very good (I paid for progressive delivery). Then it gradually deteriorated to a childish English. My product with a scientific piece. Mistakes were like "cancer causes smoking" instead of saying "smoking causing cancer". I tried to highlight the mistakes. I then noted all references were randomly assigned and incorrect. Half way through the process I asked for a .doc version rather than the pdf to be able to leave all my exhaustive comments. Spent 2 hours correcting their work, mistakes were repeated. Deadline passed.
Now this is the interesting bit, when I got fed up and asked for a refund they said "your order was approved and now your order is non-refundable". I said I never approved it, "oh! we approved it on your behalf to send you the .doc file" so now it's not refundable.
Escalated to management, they agreed in an email that the paper is "below standard".
In the meantime I was getting fed up and needed the money to pay someone else to do the job, I then put a claim with paypal as they were taking so long and sending me confusing messages.
Unfortunately paypal said they don't get involved in such "quality" disputes, so left me to contact the buyer.
The next interesting bit they said oh, we are not considering it now as paypal has already decided we won, so stuff it. I then said I am putting a review here, so they said "$100 is the maximum I can offer you for removing the feedback". I insisted I need a refund, then they said, ah well you can put a feedback if you want we are not giving you any money now.

By the way, I still don't have my completed work, and they refuse to give me my money.

So in summary, very manipulative, very dishonest and above all did not deliver what I paid them for and never recognised they were already a week behind the deadline even with their substandard product.

The reply to the original review was :

You just accused me of "blackmailing"
You are truly disgraceful.
You have not even said "sorry you had a bad experience" we will try to make this better.

I never used the review as a leverage. Your manager did.
You can review it all as my case number is 900954.
Your manager offered a 100$ price for me to remove the review. The review at the time was already rejected by the other website as it did not have the order number. I continued negations for 1 week not just brief negotiations.

But you now you have the facts, let's see what you are going to do with it.
Jake K wrote: -------------------------
Dear Giuseppe,

Kindly allocate us with your order number so that we can investigate your case and react appropriately. We are looking forward to resolving the issue as soon as possible.
Thank you

SpeedyPaper Management
Jake K. – Speedy Paper Rep

Dear Customer,

We have checked the order number provided and carefully investigated the case you mentioned. Unfortunately, you misrepresented the case in your favor.
From the beginning you got drafts and could guide our writer by sending him messages, and you were satisfied with the content of those drafts.
You DID approve the order (UK time):

14/11/16 09:58 AM (you approved and sent us:
hi, I am sorry but this is confuins now it says the order is complete
my simple question was where to find the file, and if I can get it as word document not pdf
can you please change this please, now it shows the order is complete)

18/11/16 08:01 PM (you approved it by yourself and sent us:
“Client: hi, this was not aproved. I just proved it to get the .doc version, that's what your colleague advised.” (This is correct, you do not have the right to get the final paper in word.doc format without approval)

Both of your messages after approval of this order could not be taken seriously as every time you got the final word.doc version of the product.

After we completed the paper (Ph.D level, plenty of pages), you said that the references were incorrect and therefore you wanted a new paper with a new writer. You said, "None of those statements are in that documents". But the writer claims that he read the documents and referenced them correctly. Our Dissertation Manager spent hours to find out the actual reason and you simply denied everything and kept on asking for a new paper for free. We had to decline and you asked for a full refund. As the order was approved and you got the final word.doc file, we could not provide a refund as the writer needed to get compensation for the work done.
The next step you did was opening a PayPal claim on the amount paid, without notification. We were informed about that and sent our arguments to the third party (PayPal). They decided that you were not eligible to get a refund and we won this claim. Only then our Risk Manager auto-approved your order. You received a polite denial from PayPal and inferred that they authorized you to conduct further negotiations. Immediately, you placed a few bad reviews about us and as a courtesy to you and in order to save our reputation, our manager offered you to refund $100 from the amount paid, but you insisted that you needed more. We could not allow you to blackmail us with these bad reviews and refused to satisfy your demands.
We strictly follow our rules for protection of our customers and writers, and it is one of our highest priorities. We have evidence for each statement made herein and we will gladly forward it to the third party (again) if you need to publicly shame us.

Best regards,
SpeedyPaper Management

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